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311 - The Lost Art Of Choreographing Everything

311 - The Lost Art Of Choreographing Everything

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Some behind the scene thoughts, as I’m choreographing Funnel Hacking Live.

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Then after scouts, I’m coming back in the office after 9. So from 9 until 2 or 3 tonight I’ll be getting slides done because I have to get this presentation done tonight. And there’s a lot that goes into that. Because it's, again, it’s us showing all the new features within the context of this presentation and the choreographing of it.


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What’s up everybody, this is Russell. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I hope you guys are doing fantastic, wherever you are listening in. So today a couple of things. First off, we are 5 days away from Funnel Hacking Live and so much crazy, insanely coo, amazing stuff is all happening that I wish I could share all or just a piece of. But I’m on my way to get a haircut and I’ve got 8 minutes so I thought this would be the perfect time to hang out with you guys. And I’m actually in my car, which is strange, seeing how that’s the name of the podcast.

And also, a couple of people told me that two episodes ago where I talked about the sport we call business, talking about the playground with the athletes and the drama and the skaters, all those things. A couple of people said they were kind of offended by that. I didn’t mean it to be offensive, I meant it to be, in fact I said at the beginning there the things I learned from those guys was awesome. The collaboration I….I wouldn’t have collaborated well had I not learned that from those other groups. I’m just saying you have to understand that when you’re in a group with a melting pot of a whole bunch of different personalities that there are people who are like me, who are aggressively competing and just being aware of that, hopefully to bring some competition to you.

So if you were offended that means that it’s time to build some aggression, instead of on me do it on your competitors. Anyway, I’ll leave that there. Let’s see, I just wanted to kind of walk you guys behind the scenes of what’s happening, because it’s insane.

So the event’s happening, which means we are creating order forms to print and signs and bags and backpacks and things and then presentations and speakers slides. It’s just, it’s crazy how many things go into this. Then we had this great idea, thanks to Trey Lewellen to do Facebook Live’s with all the speakers before the event to get excited. So we’ve been doing that twice a day which has been so fun. You’re going to be so excited to come and hang out with everybody, which is cool.

And then a big part of events, I’m going to bring you in on a little secret, don’t tell everybody this. I don’t know if you guys knew this, but we actually make money at the events. So there’s the big secret, it’s out, the pink elephant is out of the room. So now that that’s out there, the event, there’s a couple of focus, one is to get everyone together and build community and culture and myths and stuff like that. That’s one thing, obviously. And another is for us to make money as a company. So that’s one of the benefits, but there’s a fine line between having an event that…..When I first got started the way that events were is you had 15 speakers, every speaker is up for 90 minutes pitching something and that’s how the event was. People didn’t mind for a while. Then they started really minding and people stopped going to events.

I’m like, if I want people to come to my events, it’s not pitch fest where everyone’s selling. But at the same time we need to sell. So how do you do it in a cool way where it’s not distracting but it adds a benefit and those kind of things. You know, a big, big, big piece of this whole pie is choreographing the event. It’d be fun to talk about the event choreography for a long time with you guys because there’s so many cool things. I think after the event, depending on what happens, I’ll share with you guys some of this stuff that’s actually happening. Because there’s the surface level, what everyone will see, but there’s stuff happening at a subconscious level that’s so cool. I wish I could share with you guys right now. But I don’t want to ruin the surprise for those that are going to be there.

But there’s stuff happening that there’s patterns that I’m using in really interesting ways that are very, very thought through. If you guys watch who’s speaking, when. How they’re speaking, what the topics are, the length of time. All those things are choreographed for a purpose. It’s not just to put a speaker in here on this day, kind of stuff. There’s a storyline that we’re telling through the event, which is why I try to make it all so engaging, so people are not sitting in the halls, because if they do they miss the storyline. There’s a very key storyline that’s happening throughout the whole thing.

Even the pace of the speakers and where they’re at has a lot to do with it. The order of my presentations is very specific. There’s hint that I’ll drop right now and share with you guys post event, maybe. Hopefully, we will.

Anyway, it’s so exciting. And it’s really fun. I wish I could explain everything. But I mean everything from how do you build a rapport quickly with the audience? How do you get rapport with the speakers and with the MC ahead of time. That’s what these Facebook Lives, it’s a big part of it because rapport is huge. How do you teach in a way that doesn’t just overwhelm people, but brings epiphany bridges, or breaks belief patterns and helps people to learn and grow and have not just like, “Oh I learned really cool tactics.” But emotional shifts that change things.

Because that’s the experience we’re trying to deliver and there’s so much that goes into that. Again, it’s being impactful and making an amazing networking content, belief transformation event that also setting us up to make money. So it’s kind of cool how things will be weaved in. And we’re making a couple of really special offers at the event that aren’t going to be available to the general public for a long time. But will be available to those who were there. And it’s going to be cool. So I’m excited.

Those who are coming and watching, pay attention. I would say, if you buy stuff from me, buy slowly because everything that we’re doing is thought through. It’s not just, oh let’s blah. It’s all very, very well thought through. But one kind of cool thing, doing a presentation of the morning of day two, which in our past events we always called the Clickfunnels state of the union. We talk about all the new features and stuff like that. It was really good, but also was…the energy on that session always felt wrong. It wasn’t …..I wanted it to be like Steve Jobs thing, where he’s up there and everyone goes crazy. And it’s never quite been that.

So I wanted, how do we choreograph this in the right way? And I’m really proud of what’s happening. I started on this presentation yesterday, about twenty four hours ago. I spent the entire first 24 hours on two things. One is choreographing the presentation, number two is figuring out the title and headline, which is crazy. I’m not going to share with you guys here, because it’s cool but I literally at ten o’clock last night is when everybody else left the office and I was trying to figure out a name for the presentation.

Because I had a name initially and I was just like, it’s good but it’s not great. Most people would have done it, and it would have been fine. If we used it, it would have been fine. But I was like, I need something that has enough emotional impact that it makes you be like, “what? What is that?” So I literally sat there going through books and books and books of swipe files, trying to find a word.

From 10 at night until about 2-2:30 in the morning, so four and a half hours. And I didn’t find it. Then in the morning I woke up and I was stressed out, so I voxed everyone on our marketing group like, “Hey everyone, this is my dilemma. Give me your thoughts.” So everyone was giving their thoughts back. And then I came back and spent another two or three hours and then finally Stephen actually had the epiphany. He was like, “What about this?” I was like AHH! Angels from heaven singing. That is it, that’s the one. Yes. And we were freaking out and we got it.

Then I spent the next 7 hours trying to come up with the sub headline, which is crazy because all my slides have to be done tomorrow if they’re going to be in the booklet. So I’m on this huge time crunch but I still spent 7 hours on the sub headline. And then we got it. And it’s perfect. And it’s, it will cause the emotional response, number one. But it’ll cause the belief pattern to shift in people’s minds.

Because I look at people that are succeeding with funnels and those who aren’t. The difference between two comma members, who are making a million dollars in funnels and those who aren’t. And it’s a belief pattern in one thing, and if I can smash that belief pattern it’ll shift everything for them. That’s the key of this whole thing. I’m so excited to give this presentation now. Except now it’s 5 o’clock and I’m getting my haircut and then I’ve got scouts tonight, so I’m doing scouts.

Then after scouts, I’m coming back in the office after 9. So from 9 until 2 or 3 tonight I’ll be getting slides done because I have to get this presentation done tonight. And there’s a lot that goes into that. Because its, again, it’s us showing all the new features within the context of this presentation and the choreographing of it.

So the things I wanted to share with you guys because I know it’s kind of vague today, but I want you to understand the concept of choreographing things. The perfect webinar is a choreographed presentation that does a very specific thing. Those who were at the FHAT event last week saw it in very intense detail, more than I’ve ever done before. What I’m choreographing, what stories are where and why? What belief patterns are supposed to break at each point? The Expert Secrets book will go deep into that as well, but it’s the choreographing of the sales message.

Same thing is on this event. The choreographing of it, when I give presentations it’s the choreographing of that. How do we, what are the beliefs they may have and what order and how do we structure this stuff to fit within that? So I spend insane amounts of time. I spent probably 12, actual thinking time, probably 6 hours to get the title of the presentation. And then another, what did I say? Another 8 hours or so, 7 hours getting the subtitle. It was just insane. I gotta get 5 hours to get the rest of the slides done. But that’s how much thought goes into it sometimes.

So if you’re working on a presentation or a sales pitch or something, you spend 30 minutes on a headline, and you’re like, “ugh I can’t get it” and you’re frustrated and walk away. Know that it happens to everybody. It happens to the best of us. But the one’s when you get it right, that’s the difference between, again, a 5 or 6 figure campaign and a 7 or 8 figure campaign is getting that right. So don’t be afraid to put the time and energy and effort into that because it’s worth it in the end and hopefully it’ll be worth it for the attendees. You guys will have to let me know afterwards.

Again, I will share with you. After the event is done I will walk you guys through the choreography, the what and why and how it all worked. What worked and what didn’t work. So that’s all I got today. I’m at the haircut place, two minutes late. I’m going to bounce. Thanks you guys for everything. I can’t wait to see you guys at Funnel Hacking Live, those who are going to be there. Those who can’t make it there, please come next year. I don’t put out half a million dollars or more in cash from my pocket just for my health. It’s to serve you guys.

So take advantage of that, it’s worth the $1000 bucks and the couple grand for tickets and hotels. Because I’m spending 50 times that much on investing into you guys. So make sure you invest that back into yourself as well, because we do care and I do know that this stuff works and it can change your life. So if you’re on the fence thinking about next year if you’re going to come or whatever. Just remember you guys, you’re just one funnel away. I cannot wait to help you implement and create that funnel. Alright guys, talk to you soon. Bye everybody.


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