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313 - #Character

313 - #Character

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A quick little rant after I woke up this morning.

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If you’re in a room and everyone is making fun of people behind your back, I don’t care if it’s the internet or offline or whatever, just know when you’re not in that room those same people are making fun of you. That’s called lack of character. If you have character you treat people the same no matter where you are.


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Good morning Funnel Hackers. So today we’re home with my little Norah here. She’s holding me. She’s a little sad because she wanted to go and say bye to the kids at the bus stop, but instead we’re hanging out and we’re going to do a podcast because, in fact, I’m going to do a big update on Funnel Hacking Live because I know a lot of you guys want to know what happened behind the scenes, all the cool stuff. Conversions, numbers, metrics, all the nerdy stuff we all care about.

But today, I’ve wanted to do a podcast this morning on something, a little something I like to call character. I’m sitting here because I’m a little upset this morning. Upset as I can be because I’m usually pretty happy, but definitely just kind of annoyed and wanted to share this with you.

Yesterday was Sunday, I was home, I went to church, hung out with the kids, having a good time. Then I jumped on the inter-webs because, honestly because we were selling Funnel Hacking Live tickets for next year, and we were looking at numbers and stats and went to Facebook to see if people were talking about it and what was happening. And then in the middle of my news Facebook feed I see a big old video from my buddy Caleb Maddix, now Caleb, if you don’t know him yet, he’s 14 or 15 now, amazing kid. He spoke at Funnel Hacking Live on stage and crushed it. One of the best presenters we had by far and he’s a 15 year old kid and just one of the most talented, amazing humans, individuals I’ve ever met in my entire life so far on this earth. And Caleb is so cool, him and also Emily Shay, we had both of them speaking at Funnel Hacking Live.

Both of them actually came out here to my home in Boise and helped share with my kids. Right now, my kids are part of the Maddix book club,, where every morning they get a text message from Caleb with the video, he’s got them reading books and all sorts of cool stuff. It’s the coolest thing in the world. He’s inspiring kids, changing the world, he’s able, as a 15 year old kid, he’s able to stand up in front of 1500 people and control the audience like no one I’ve ever seen. Just one of the most amazing humans I’ve....on earth.

Anyway, he’s got so many talents and so much drive and he’s a hard worker and just awesome. And his dad who is an amazing human as well. Just can’t …..there’s no way I could think more of them. They’re just so amazing. Everyday I’ve actually had with Caleb has been super professional, super polite, just love that kid.

So I’m on Facebook, I’m scrolling and I see this big video of Caleb. I’m like, oh it’s Caleb’s video. And above it I see some moron posting something about why…something about this kid and blah blah blah, making fun of him. And it was in a marketing group that I’m part of. And this marketing group……It’s one of those groups that they got in there because they’re all marketers and then they all like to make fun of everybody. They make fun of Gary V. they make fun of, they probably make fun of me. If I wasn’t in that group, I’m pretty sure that I’ll get kicked out eventually and then they can all make fun of me. Whatever.

And I don’t really, whatever. It doesn’t really bother me that much. But I saw Caleb sitting there and they all started making fun of him and they all started going and at first I just read them and I was like, whatever these guys, that’s what they do to whatever. So I just kind of ignored it and then for the next hour it just bugged me. I was so visually bugged. I’m playing with my kids and I just had this annoyed feeling. I was like I gotta go, if I was at an event or sitting somewhere and a bunch of people were saying things like that about someone I love and respect and is a friend, I would stand up and be like, I’m going to go and just…

So I go back to the group, find the post, I just posted some really simple, I don’t remember exactly what it was but it was like, “Hey, Caleb’s awesome. He came out to Boise and trained my kids, he’s got my kids off video games. Right now they’re reading and they’re writing and they’re learning. He’s amazing. It’s interesting to me how many haters….” It drives me nuts because Caleb has tons of, you see his videos, tons of comments from jerks. People who just have to put in their two cents because they feel like they’re tough because they’re behind the computer.

So I said, “Caleb has tons of haters, but it’s typically from people who are double his age and making half as much money as him. There’s two ways to build the biggest building in town. One’s to actually work hard and become better yourself, and the other is trying to knock down the other buildings around you.” I just posted that and left it there.

So they get some people coming in like, “oh yeah, Caleb’s cool.” So at the playground, someone’s getting bullied until one cool kids stands up and says, “Oh yeah, he’s cool.” So all the sudden all the people who were too afraid to say anything come out, “Oh yeah, Caleb’s cool.” That kind of made me happy.

So this morning I woke up, and this one drove me nuts. This morning I woke up, in this thread where they’re all picking on a 15 year old kid, who is a thousand times more talented than any of them, by far. Some guy comments to me and says, “Hey Russell, don’t you think you were kind of harsh on so and so? Especially considering the room that you’re in.” I was like, “Okay. You guys are bullying a kid behind his back in a Facebook group and then one guy comes and sticks up for that person and teases there person who makes the post because he’s half as successful as this 15 year old kid and now you’re mad that I’m bullying that guy that made the initial post?” I was like, “Are you kidding me?”

So I wrote a comment back, I just said, “You know I try to treat all people the same no matter what room I’m in #character” and I left it there. Anyway, that was how my morning started this morning, and I thought it was interesting and funny and I just wanted to leave a message for you guys.

First off, a couple of things. So number one, if someone is a thousand times more successful than you and doing their thing and having fun with it, it doesn’t help you to cut them down. If you’re feeling insecure because they’re doing that. That means it’s a problem about you. And posting trash about it is not going to help you. Looking at that and inspired will. That’s number one.

Number two, I don’t know about you, but what my parents taught me and what I teach my kids and I hope that you will learn as well is that you should treat people the same no matter what room you’re in. That’s ridiculous that, oh we’re in this room so we’re okay picking on a 15 year kid behind his back. No. What kind of character do you have? If you think that’s okay, that is ridiculous. That is insane.

If you’re in a room and everyone is making fun of people behind your back, I don’t care if it’s the internet or offline or whatever, just know when you’re not in that room those same people are making fun of you. That’s called lack of character. If you have character you treat people the same no matter where you are. I don’t care if you’re…….it’s just ridiculous. I feel like I’m working with my 11 year old twins. This is not something that an adult should still be struggling with. If you have any character at all, that’s how you treat people the same. Especially people……just ridiculous. #character, my new slogan for today.

That’s kind of all I wanted to share with you guys. Seriously, what’s that thing they say, if you’re pointing outward at somebody, there’s 4 fingers pointed back at you. That’s the reality you’re in. That’s what you need to feel good about yourself. Then there’s other issues.

Alright, that’s all I got. Me and Norah are going to go eat and later on today I’ll do a podcast recapping the whole event. Let you guys in on the behind the scenes of it all. But I just wanted to drop that really quick because I think it’s important and says a lot about who we are as human beings. I don’t know about you but I’d rather be friends with Caleb Maddix than any of those people talking trash about a kid in a Facebook group. Grow up and have some character. With that said, I appreciate you guys. Thanks for being funnel hackers. Thanks for doing the right thing. Thanks for being people that I would like to hang out with. With that said, I will talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.


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