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318 - Topple The Dictator

318 - Topple The Dictator

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One of the steps in starting your revolution.

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The reality is that’s, if you’re going to build a revolution and a cult-ure and all these kind of things, you can hide behind it and not talk about it, or you can make it a big deal and bring your community in on it, and I think it’s more fun to do that.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell, I want to welcome you to Marketing In Your Car. I hope that everyone is doing amazing today. Tomorrow is my birthday, which I’m really excited about and at the same time I’m a little nervous, in a good way. For those of you guys who were at Funnel Hacking Live, well let me step back.

I talk a lot about this, I’m a big believer in first off, competition, which I did a whole podcast on that a little while ago. Most of you guys liked, I had one or two of you who were a little offended, but you know, whatever. But I like to compete. If there’s not something to compete against, then it’s not even fun for me. So it’s like, I gotta find somebody and go and compete towards that, right.

We also talk a lot about the attractive character and creating an us versus them and creating things like that, and it’s funny, last week I was at Dean Graziosi’s affiliate mastermind so everyone who sold his book got to go to this mastermind. Ryan Levesque and I were talking about building mass movements and cult-ure and those things we talk about and he was asking me if I had heard about, I don’t remember the guys name, I’ll have to go back and look at it. I was like, “no.” and he’s like, “you should go study his stuff on that. He talks all about 12 phases in a revolution.” One of them was topple the dictator, that’s a big part of it.

For us it’s like, alright so we can either be nice and just you know, not compete, or compete secretly, or we can bring our entire community in on this and make it a big deal. So of course, I decided to make it a big deal, because that’d be more fun. So the goal in the step here in us building this revolution, the Clickfunnels revolution is toppling the dictator. Who’s the dictator? For us, we had to find a common enemy and it really, right now, which it won’t be after we pass them, but for now it’s Infusionsoft was the common enemy.

At the Funnel Hacking Live event we did, I did a presentation called Follow-up Funnels and we talked about trying to get everyone to be all in. In fact, we bought as the domain name that everyone goes to, to say “I’m all in.” And when they’re all in, it means using Clickfunnels and Actionetics, and you’re getting rid of Confusionsoft and Lowkey Pages and all these other things, which is kind of a joke for those who were at the event.

So it’s been fun. What was interesting is that most of the people at the event, most of you guys know, you ran in the back and said you’re all in. You got the t-shirt that said, “We’re not Confusionsoft”, you got the temporary tattoos, you got the “I build funnels” stickers, all these amazing cool things. So while that’s awesome, we wanted to keep that going so tomorrow, on my birthday, we’re going to be doing, we’re going to actually take the presentation from the event and we’re going to Facebook Live it. So not just the 1500 people who were in the room, but potentially hundreds, hopefully at least a hundred thousand people or more are going to see that presentation in the next week or so, which will hopefully get a whole bunch of people to go all in, in Clickfunnels, upgrade to Actionetics and stop dinking around with all these other crappy tools and just using what we’ve built for them.

I’m excited for that, but at the same time it kind of makes you nervous because you’re like, “We’re putting it out there, we’re putting Lowkey Pages and ConfusionSoft out there and I know…..” well, I’m interested, I know I’ll get some annoyed people, especially some of my friends that own these other businesses, and I’m curious what will happen, if they’ll leave and blow it off or if they’ll contact me. Who knows.

The reality is that’s, if you’re going to build a revolution and a cult-ure and all these kind of things, you can hide behind it and not talk about it, or you can make it a big deal and bring your community in on it, and I think it’s more fun to do that.

So anyway, I’m excited for tomorrow. If you haven’t seen that yet, stay tuned and I’m pretty sure I’ll put it on or, somewhere that presentation will be in case you want to go see it, in case you missed it. You’ll have a chance to see what follow-up funnels are, how it’s the future, we’re no longer talking about email funnels, that was an old opportunity. The new opportunity is follow-up funnels and what’s possible inside of Actionetics, is second to none. So that’s what we’re really excited about.

I’m excited to show it to everybody. With that said, I’m at the office but the other cool thing today is I’m filming. We sold Fill Your Funnel, and I wanted to comment one thing because the podcast I kind of did to recap the event, the one for 40 minutes or something, I talked about how some of the things, follow-up funnels did better than I thought, but Fill Your Funnel didn’t do as well as I thought, it didn’t do bad, for all intents and purposes, it did really, really good. But obviously I always have big goals for myself and what I’m expecting and things like that, and I don’t think it was executed perfectly on my side, which I take total, it’s totally my fault and I’m okay with that. But what’s cool about it is that we still sold over 100 people that got into Fill Your Funnel, which is our new traffic course.

Today I’m actually all dressed up. I’m about to go into the studio and start recording a lot of the products and stuff for that, which is going to be pretty cool. Anyway, I got an email yesterday because I notified everybody that we had a Facebook group and let everybody in and somebody messaged me and said, “Hey Russell, I’m excited for Follow-up, or follow-up…..” Too many funnels, fill your funnel, follow-up funnels, funnel hacks, funnel hacking, funnel hacking live. I gotta get different names. Anyway, they said how excited they were. “Sorry you didn’t sell as many as you hoped for, but we’re really excited to be part of this.”

And I kind of thought for a second, I didn’t want anyone to take what I said as that. That I didn’t sell as many as I hoped for, because that wasn’t what I was frustrated about. I was frustrated about myself and the fact that the presentation was good, but it wasn’t great yet. The cool thing about this, this is why I preach this all the time to everyone. We do our presentations over and over again. That was my first time ever doing that presentation and from it I intimately, when you’re standing in front of 1500 people doing a presentation, you feel the energy of the room really fast.

So I know what parts were slower and sticking points that didn’t get people to move. I know what things did really, really well. And from that I know what tweaks and changes I need to make. So for me, it’s actually a really good thing. I did it and now it’s like, now I did it, now I know what changes and tweaks I need to make and then that presentation, after I perfect it, that’ll be something we use for forever. It’ll bring hundreds of people a month for hopefully the next ten years or more.

So don’t feel bad, it was a learning experience, I was just frustrated at myself. But now that I’ve done it, now I can perfect it and I can change it. So for a lot of you guys who, I think a lot of us get stuck in the fear mode. I’ve gotta bad habit that has helped me, luckily, serve you well. I’m not that good at planning and preparing something like that, so usually I set a deadline and then all the sudden it’s like, “Oh crap, the deadlines here, we gotta go.” And then I’ll pull an all-nighter and we just do it. And half the time it doesn’t do well and half the time it does awesome. I say it’s more than half the time. The majority of the time it doesn’t do well the first time.

But what’s cool, I just did it. It’s like I just jumped off the cliff and then on the way I’m building the parachute trying to figure it out and then we land and we’re like, “huh, that hurt. I broke my leg, but now that the parachutes built I can go do it again.” Then you jump off and you perfect the parachute every single time. Does that analogy make any sense? I don’t even know if it does.

So that’s kind of the concept as a whole. Hopefully, don’t anyone feel bad for me, but hopefully it motivates you to be like sweet, I can do that. I’m going to jump off a cliff and my first webinar is going to crash and burn or it’s going to do okay. But I can’t fix it until I know what’s wrong. So I have to get rid of that fear that’s holding me back and just run off the cliff and jump. The better you get at that, the better you’ll be in life. The better your business. If you look at everything that’s been meaningful in life.

I think about my marriage, yeah that was scary to get married. But I was like, I love her so, alright let’s go. And we ran and jumped off the cliff. Maybe this is, in Mormon time it’s a little different, but I met my wife on Halloween, so October. We hung out at the house a few times, and then in January we went on our first date. April we were engaged, and August we were married. So it was less than a year from meeting.

And I was so annoyed, the timeline. Because I was like, I went on a date in January, by March we should be engaged or something, what’s taking so long? It wasn’t until April until it was like definitely. On my side it was like, “I’m ready to jump off the cliff.” And she’s like “I don’t know. You’re a kid.” It’s funny, she asked some of my friends, “Do you think Russell will be able to support me if we get married?” It’s kind of funny looking back now.

But there’s fear right? So most of have so much fear, we wait and wait and wait and miss out on these amazing things and it’s like, I think I’ve become really good at like, “I want that thing. I’m scared, but I want it more.” So I just run and jump. I don’t know if any of you guys have ever cliff jumped or whatever. It’s like the longer you stand up there the harder it is. It’s easiest to get up there and be like, “I’m scared…” and you just jump. I think in most things in life, that’s what we gotta become better at. Just letting fear go away and just looking at what we want and then running and jumping.

And typically you’re going to get beat up and bruised from the fall, but after you made that jump you’re like, “That wasn’t that bad. My parachute’s half built now. I’m going to do it. This time I’ll actually be done by the time I’m finished.” And then it just gets better and better and better.

So that’s what I got today. Hope that helps you guys. I’m going to go in and film some stuff for our Fill Your Funnel members. We’re going to start filling our funnels with amazing prospects of people who want to give you money, who you can serve and it’s going to be awesome. Thanks everybody, we’ll talk to you soon.


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