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319 - The #2 Way To Grow A Business - Ascension

319 - The #2 Way To Grow A Business - Ascension

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Let me show you behind the scenes of what I’m doing on my birthday launch.

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So now, as we’re moving into two and a half years, moving on three, one of our big conscious decisions is, everything’s working well, we’re still getting a lot of new customers, that’s under control, it’s working, it’s growing. So the way number two now is to get these customers to buy more. More customers, get them to buy, then get them to buy more often. Those are the three ways.


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Good morning everybody, this is Russell and guess what today is? Today is my birthday. I’m an old man. Everyone’s like, “Take the day for yourself.” And I will be, but first, what good is a birthday if you can’t use it as a way to sell a whole bunch of stuff. Come on now.

So I’m heading to the office for the next two hours because we got a cool promotion happening and I want to explain the what, the why to you guys so you can see what’s happening.

Alright, so how do I start this? Let’s see….When I was first learning marketing and all this exciting-ness, almost 14 years ago now, it’s fun because I’m learning all these things and I thought they were so cool but I didn’t have a chance to use it. Now I have this cool chance to start using everything.

So Jay Abraham said there’s only 3 ways to grow a business. Way number one, get more customers. Way number two, get those customers to buy more. Way number three, get those customers to buy more often. For me, the first two or three years of my business was all about number one, get more customers and it still is, I’m not, not trying to get more customers. In fact, I’m trying to get a lot more customers. But the primary focus of our business for a long time was way number one, get more customers.

So now, as we’re moving into two and a half years, moving on three, one of our big conscious decisions is, everything’s working well, we’re still getting a lot of new customers, that’s under control, it’s working, it’s growing. So the way number two now is to get these customers to buy more. More customers, get them to buy, then get them to buy more often. Those are the three ways.

I’m driving to my office and the school bus is coming and all these kids are running out into the street. Sorry, I just gotta make sure I don’t hit any little kids. Oh, they’re so cute.

Alright, that’s our focus. For us, how do we get our customers to spend more on everything we’re doing? Obviously more often, that’s creating more courses and products and things getting them to buy more often. So that’s always kind of in the mix as well, but its not the core thing. The core thing is number two, getting them to spend more. So for us it’s all about ascension now.

So for those of you guys at Funnel Hacking Live, you saw when I did the Follow-up Funnel presentation, what was the strategy behind that, do you think, outside of just it was really fun and we got to make fun of Infusionsoft, or Confusionsoft and Lowkey pages, we got to take some swings to try to topple the dictator, which I talked about yesterday, which was really fun.

But the main thing was we’re trying to, there’s a lot of things, watch the presentation, there were a lot of subtle importance. Number one is to cause a seed of doubt in any other system besides ours. Number two is show people that email auto-responders are the past. And the new opportunity is Follow-up Funnels, to show them that we are the only people that control the funnels, so that all the stuff we’re doing, that Actionetics is doing. We’re the only company that can do that.

We’re trying to do a whole bunch of things, but when all is said and done the real major goal of that entire presentation was to get people to start spending more, to ascend. To move from a $97 a month plan to a $297 a month plan. And if you look at the last 2 ½ years $97 a month plan is way more money just because the volume of people. I think we’re at 33 thousand active members, we passed this week. So the majority of them, obviously are paying $97. In fact I think 10% are at the $297 level.

So the goal is getting that 10% to 20 and then 20 to 30 and getting people to spend more, Jay Abraham 101. Rule number two, get them to spend more. So that what’s this presentation was about. We did it at Funnel Hacking Live. I think most of you guys were there, saw it. It went crazy and we made a special offer for if you went all in. You can go over there and upgrade. They get a shirt that says, “We are not confusionsoft”, they get stickers that say, “I build funnels.” They got temporary tattoos, they got funnel hacker stickers, they got 15 follow-up funnels, share funnels with their account. A really good offer. And all they do is upgrade.

But what is cool. We did it all on their phones, we had someone at the very beginning of my presentation had everyone hold up their phones, and login into their Clickfrunnels account on the phone. And then when they got to the end pitch, it said, “Hold up your phone again and go to” and they go to and what happens is there’s a button that says, “Here, see if you’re all in.” and if they’re not all in they saw a picture of Macauley Culkin from Home Alone slapping his face, saying, “Ahh, you’re not in. Click here to upgrade.” They click the upgrade and it automatically upgraded them from $97 to $297.

If they were all in it took them to a page that said, “You are all in.” and they get a bunch of really cool stuff. So that was basically the offer. And we got the majority of the room to go all in, into upgrading and to become full members of our cult-ure. And it was awesome.

So today for my birthday, what we’re doing, we’re streaming that live for the entire world. That presentation, we’re going to try to get everybody to go all in. In fact, this month, even without this promotion I think this month will be the first month that our 297 dollar a month members are worth more to us than the $97 a month. And still it’s a fraction of a percentage, but each member is worth three times as much to us. Maybe it’s after this promotion, anyway, we’re getting close to crossing that, which is one of our big goals, obviously.

So today what we’re doing, we scheduled a Facebook Live on my birthday, starting in 25 minutes, from right now. And in fact, I’m in the office sitting in the car telling you guys this because I’m getting excited to go in there and get all this kicked off. Basically we’ve been promoting, Facebook Live let’s you schedule events now. So you schedule it and promote it and people can subscribe to the event. And I don’t know what happens, I’m assuming Facebook texts you or messages you or something to let you know it’s going live, I hope. So that’s the plan. We promoted hard yesterday, I did a Facebook Live pushing, a pre-facebook Live. I sent emails. Everything trying to get people to subscribe.

The only thing, it doesn’t show you how many people have subscribed unfortunately. Anyway, we’ll figure that out. So we’re going live, and he’s what’s going to happen. I’m going to go on first and we’re using OBS, some new Facebook Live software. It’s basically, hold up a camera and I’ll be talking for 10-15 minutes first, and then I’m going to click play and we’ll play the actual video from the live event so you’ll get the same energy and emotion and everything of us on stage, and then at the end I’ll come back on and make a special offer and push everyone to go all in.

In fact, if you’re listening to this and you want to go in, go to Isn’t that a cool domain name? We had to pay a pretty penny for it., pretty cool. And then everyone can ascend and upgrade. But I recommend watching the Follow-up Funnel presentation, in fact if you want to just see the presentation I posted it on, you can go there and actually watch it if you miss this, if you want to watch it in the future. Watch the presentation, see how I did, see all the subtleties of what I did and how I did. Why we’re creating an us versus them, how we’re getting people to want to upgrade. We’re causing seeded doubts in all other options beside us. We’re showing, again, it’s not an improvement offer. Notice how we structured it, it’s not improvement, it’s all about new opportunity.

Anyway, there’s a lot of cool things we did, and we’re really proud of the presentation. Even if you don’t go all, which you’d be insane not to. But even if you don’t you’ll learn a lot from watching the presentation and seeing what’s possible. So that’s the game plan. I’m going to go in there and test it out. And hopefully we get half of our members to go all in today and to ascend up and I’m excited. I’s going to be a lot of fun.

And that’s all I got. I appreciate you guys, I’m going to jump in here and go live for my birthday. Then when I’m done, my wife and I are going on a hot date and I’m done for the rest of the day. Then I’m going to pick my kids up from school and we’re going to goof off and eat junk food and it’s going to be amazing. Then I gotta do scouts tonight. Oh, scout leader. Anyway, it’ll still be fun. So that’s my plan today. All of you guys have a good, celebrate my birthday fun, come hang out with us, come watch our stuff, and we’ll talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.


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