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324 - Behind The Scenes At Grant Cardone's 10X Event

324 - Behind The Scenes At Grant Cardone's 10X Event

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Here’s an update at what happened at Grant Cardone’s big event.

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Then I started going through my slides and I realized they were using the wrong slides. These were not the slides that I gave them. These were not the slides I spent four hours on the day before on the plane and in the hotel room, getting it tweaked for these guys. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, what do I do? Do I just keep going, or say something.” 


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Hey good morning everybody. This is Russell, and it is a little bit rainy and kind of nice today. I’m heading into the first Inner Circle meeting of this year, actually. It’s kind of cool. And it’s the first Inner Circle meeting from the new office, which is even cooler. So I’m definitely looking forward to that and it’s going to be cool.

I just got back from, if you’ve been listening to the podcast in sequential order, you know that last week we went to speak at Grant Cardone’s event, which was pretty cool. So I’m just going to give you a quick recap on that because it turned out pretty awesome.

Basically, I was doing an event out there, but I couldn’t go the whole time because I love my kids and my wife and I wanted to be with them, but also there was a whole bunch of buyers in a room. I was like, “I want to go speak to them, ask them for money and get them into Clickfunnels.” So Friday morning we jumped in a plane, flew all the, it’s crazy going east. From Boise to the East coast, we flew all day long. We left, we almost missed our flight actually, but then we left here at 8am I think and we landed on the east coast at 7 or 8 pm. You lose all the time, and the layovers and all that kind of stuff. So the whole day is shot.

So that was then, then the next morning I woke up and I was, there was one person speaking before me and then I was up. So that night before, I always get nervous until I see the room. So I’m freaking out nervous, and I go see the room. The room was huge, it was really long. Funnel Hacking Live we do it width wise, so I can be closer to everyone, this was long. Anyway, super long room. There was a little over 2200 seats that were there.

So I’m looking at the room, this is going to be awesome, so excited. So I went there that night, worked on my slides, made tweaks and changes. To make this match more stuff for his audience. I went to bed and woke up in the morning and it was game time. So I went down there to the event. The room was packed, tons of energy, tons of people. It was so fun. Obviously, slightly nerve wracking as well, it gets me nervous.

What’s kind of frustrating is we had all these things for them, this is how the room needs to be set up, we need to have tables, sales people and all these things. I don’t think they believed us. They didn’t give us any sales people to sell. We had luckily, two of our inner circle members, Alex Hermosi and Layla were there. So they came to help us sell. Dave Woodward was with me, so we had three people and they were trying to find other people from the audience. So we had 2200 people and basically 5 sales people. They didn’t have any tables, so we kind of brought some tables in to take sales from.

So it was not an ideal situation at all. But whatever, you do what you do, right. So I get on stage, it was fun. Grant got up the first morning he spoke, and I’d never heard him speak before. It was fun to see him, he’s all exciting. Then they had a lady spoke right after me. Then I got to introduce him on stage, it was nuts how big the room was. I felt kind of nervous at first, I started speaking, and I got, kind of a jumbled mess at first if I’m completely honest.

Then I started going through my slides and I realized they were using the wrong slides. These were not the slides that I gave them. These were not the slides I spent four hours on the day before on the plane and in the hotel room, getting it tweaked for these guys. I’m like, “Oh my gosh, what do I do? Do I just keep going, or say something.” So I’m even more flustered and I’m like, “These are not the right slides. Can you change them real quick?” I was freaking out. But luckily, pretty quickly they changed them out. I was like, “Thank heavens.”

So I start going on my presentation, and as I’m doing it, again at the very first it was kind of weird. I switched one thing around, I had put Garrett White’s testimony, if you guys have seen the webinar, I moved it up earlier in the presentation, but it was too early. So I showed the video and usually at that point in the thing people are laughing, but I showed it and it was kind of flat. I was like, “Oh crap.” I jumped a little too early. I changed it after I got back in the plane, for the next presentation. Shifted some things around.

But by the end, I started getting into my pitch and Grant Cardone is sitting on the front row. And I see him, every time I’m doing something he’s taking notes as fast as he can. Taking notes, taking notes. I’m like, “This is kind of cool. The dude who teaches sales is studying my sales pitch.” It was pretty cool. So I do my whole thing. Boom, we get a table rush, people running to the side. I finished the presentation and I go back behind the stage and Grant came up to me, “Dude, that’s why I’m not able to sale on stage. I’ve never done it the way you just did it.” And then all his team were like, “That was the best sales pitch I have ever seen.” Over and over and over again.

I was like, this is coming from these guys. It was very flattering. I was patting my own back, not going to lie, which was pretty cool. So then, when all is said and done, I went outside and took a bunch of pictures with everybody and then our guys, our four people in there taking sales, with an audience of 2200 people, four people taking sales, which is crazy.

After the break, comes back and I walk over to Dave and he’s got this huge stack of order forms. I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” At the same time, we had to check out of our room, we were passed our check out time. And we called for an early checkout and they told us no, and we’re like, well we’re going to be down there anyway, sorry. So we went back to the room, Alex and Layla came up with us and started counting order forms. I’m packing my bags and trying to get ready so we can leave.

This is crazy, and this is considering the fact that we only had four sales people and not things ideal for selling. Had we had like 20 or 30 sales people, I think we probably could have doubled this. If we would have had a couple of things tweaked around. But regardless, the number of sales we made were, and I was selling a $2000 product. It was 300, I can’t remember. When all is said and done, actual money was about $750,000 in sales. So three quarters of a million dollars, from the activity.

Remember two podcasts ago I was like, “Basically I’m going to be flying down to Florida and picking up a check and flying back.” And that’s kind of what happened, which is cool. The way it works, so you guys know how the event seminar world works. The promoter gets half, so we’ll be processing orders this week and then we’ll send them a check for half of that, then we get the other half, and we get a whole bunch of members and hopefully we inspire people to use Clickfunnels, even those that did sign up, it was cool.

The funny thing is in presentation I talk about how we used to charge people 100 grand to set up a funnel and 10% of what they make, but we stopped doing that, because I don’t have time for those right now. I had two or three people, I had two people for sure and one person in between that came up like, “Okay, I want the 100 grand deal. Where? Do you want a check? You want me to wire the money?” We’re like, “I don’t really do that anymore.” Anyway, it was kind of funny.

But that’s about it. So there’s a recap of what just happened. And it was fun and thankful for Dave Woodward, and Alex and Layla for helping get the sales, making it happen. Those guys closed more sales in a 20 minute period of time than probably anybody on planet earth. It was awesome.

I’m at the office now, I’m going to go get things set up for the Inner Circle, I will talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody.


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