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328 - My Evil Scheme To Dominate All Platforms

328 - My Evil Scheme To Dominate All Platforms

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My strange encounter at the grocery store at 10:30 at night, and what that has to do with you getting more traffic into your funnels.

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So I get stuff all checked out and all the sudden one of the workers there says, “Russell Brunson.” I’m like, “Yeah?” I assumed he was reading something off of whatever. He’s like, “How did you build such a big following?” I just froze. I didn’t even know what to say. I’m like, “Um…a lot of hard work.” And he’s like, “Didn’t you just write a book or something?” and I’m like, “Yeah, I wrote a book and I have another book coming out next month.” I didn’t know what to say. It was the most awkward thing. I was like, you know that scene in Dumb and Dumber where he comes out and says, “Hey Big Gulps huh. Alright, well….See you guys later.” That’s what it felt like.


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What’s up everybody, this is Russell. Welcome to Marketing In Your Car. It’s actually, I’m not sure what time it is for you but it’s late night for me. I’m coming home from the grocery store. And I’ve had something interesting happen to me twice today. I’m excited to talk about this because I’m not sure what to do with it and maybe you guys can help me. It also ties into my other, it’s a negative weight against the goals I’m going after. You guys are my therapy session for tonight. I hope that’s alright.

Okay, so the first thing is. It’s been spring break and my kids and wife and I have been having tons of fun doing stuff. We decided to get them some of those watches, have you seen those watches where you can, they can text me and I can text them, they can call me? When kids are gone, you always know where they’re at. There’s GPS on it, so any given time you know where your kids are at. You can call them, you can text them. It’s pretty awesome.

So we went and bought some of those, but they didn’t show up until today. Today we went to go get them from the store. We’re in there getting them all pre programmed, everything working and then I’m sitting there. And what’s funny is my wife, she has something happening this morning, so she got dressed up, she looked gorgeous. But me and the kids, the kids were all in their jammies, I was in my sweats. My hair’s all over the place and I’m just like, I told my wife, “I’m so sorry. We’re going to embarrass you going out today, but I don’t want to get ready.” So she looked gorgeous and we all looked like, we just got out of bed, because we kind of did.

So we’re at the store getting everything put together, but it doesn’t matter because I’m at the Verizon store, so who really cares. So I get stuff all checked out and all the sudden one of the workers there says, “Russell Brunson.” I’m like, “Yeah?” I assumed he was reading something off of whatever. He’s like, “How did you build such a big following?” I just froze. I didn’t even know what to say. I’m like, “Um…a lot of hard work.” And he’s like, “Didn’t you just write a book or something?” and I’m like, “Yeah, I wrote a book and I have another book coming out next month.” I didn’t know what to say. It was the most awkward thing. I was like, you know that scene in Dumb and Dumber where he comes out and says, “Hey Big Gulps huh. Alright, well….See you guys later.” That’s what it felt like.

I didn’t know what to say, I was so out of my element. It was just awkward. I felt bad because I was like, a horrible host or I don’t know what exactly it’s called. It was just kind of, I felt bad. And when I got in the car with my wife she’s like, “Why didn’t you talk to him more.” I’m like, “I don’t know. I could’ve, I should’ve.” It totally just caught me off guard. I didn’t know what to say. I felt bad, I hope that……I always want to be nice to people. I’m sure he’s like, “That Russell dude is weird. He seems really nice on his podcast and stuff, but he’s weird in real life.”

And then tonight, so it’s like, 10:30 at night and I’m at the grocery store listening to podcasts, I’m in my, once again, my sweats. I’m walking around getting stuff, doing my thing, listening to podcasts, having a good time, taking my sweet time at the grocery store because it’s kind of fun on late nights and no one’s around. I’m doing that and start checking out, so I take my headphones out because in case this cash register person wants to talk to me. I’m putting stuff on the belt thing and as I’m doing that, all the sudden I look back and there’s a guy standing behind me. He’s like, “Hey, is there a Ferrari in the parking lot?” I was like, “I don’t know, maybe.”

Then someone grabbed him, “The lane over here is open.” And he left. I was like, Okay, that guys must, I assume he knows who I am. Because I used to have a Ferrari, it was kind of awkward. It was kind of like, once again I was like, I didn’t know what to say. “Maybe….ugh.” I’m sure I sounded so stupid.

It’s funny because in the past no one ever knew who I was, which is nice. In fact, in Boise I never advertized hardly here because I didn’t want anyone to know. Because it’s kind of nice to have some normal life. And then it’s been funny, every once in a while, maybe twice in my life, I’ll be in the airport and someone will be like, “Russell Brunson!” and it’s kind of cool because someone recognizes me in the airport, how cool is that? But now it’s happening more often in my own home town. It freaks me out a little bit.

So why does that freak me out. I’m not going to lie, I’m kind of flattered by it, it strokes my significance and I like those kind of things, but it’s also like I don’t want to be on. I still like going home and not being on. I’ve been in the grocery store twice today in my sweats. I don’t like being on so it makes me nervous, I have a lot of fear about that.

It’s funny because this year the book’s coming out and the book is like mass market. I think it’s going to do well, hopefully. And we’re going to try to do an infomercial with it and if we do that it’s going to be on TV, we’re doing radio ads, so it’s going to be on the radio. It’s going to be out there. And then Clickfunnels is continuing to grow and there’s a lot of cool stuff happening and I’m trying to get me and the message and all that stuff out there, but then I had this nervousness of the more I’m out there the more people might know who I am, which I guess is okay, but I don’t know. It adds another layer of what makes me nervous and all that kind of stuff.

With that said, I’m going to tell you what was really fun about today. A couple of things, first off, it’s general conference. So for the Mormons out there, you know what it is. For those who aren’t, twice a year we have what we call General Conference, it’s two days. Saturday and Sunday where basically the leaders of our church, the prophet, the 12 apostles, a bunch of people all speak. We get donuts and we sit at home with the TV and watch church on TV with the kids. It’s pretty fun. That was today, Saturday and then tomorrow we have that again.

So after the conference, I went to Best Buy and I bought a blogging camera, I bought some other stuff. And basically I’ve been thinking a lot about this, one of my things I’ve been digging and drilling deep in the Inner Circle members this session has been diversity. I’ve been around now for 14 years, and I know, I remember what happened when I got slapped by Google, a lot of times, paid, then free, then free, then free, I got slapped a ton. Facebook got slapped a year and a half ago, and luckily we got through it. Facebooks been really good.

In fact, I feel like we penetrated Facebook. We kind of were all over it. I’m sure that if you ever have been on one of my pages, you see my face every day and I apologize I’m not better looking because you have to see my ads all the time. But we’re pretty much dominating Facebook, we’re everywhere. It’s fun and we’re having great success with it and it’ll continue to grow. But we’re doing really, really well there. But I hate putting all my eggs in Zuckerburg’s basket. So we do a lot of other stuff. Like Dream 100 and we have partners, so we’re growing there. But I’m also looking at what are the other core platforms, because we’re not doing great in the other platforms and I want to go deep into each of them.

I tried Snapchat for a little bit, I was pretty consistent with it too, but we just can’t. …Snapchat is hard to grow. I think I’m moving off Snapchat, so I’ve decided to give up on that platform. But I’m really excited about Instagram. Instagram is cool because it’s actually better than Snapchat, plus, easier to grow an audience. I started doing Instagram whatever it’s called, Instagram lives this week. And I already get more viewers on Instagram live than I did on Snapchat. I’m like, crap I should’ve been doing this for the last year.

So that’s been kind of a cool thing. So I had a chance to meet a dude who’s the number one guy in my industry in Instagram. He’s got a huge 3 million person following. So I’m friends with him and we’re paying him to help us grow ours and promote us. So I’m trying to go deep into that channel. So I want to just, again, it’s all diversity in platforms and channel and people. So I’m trying to go really deep into Instagram. Then my next big play is Youtube. We’ve never had an awesome YouTube and I want to own it.

So we’re launching, some of you may know if you’ve been listening to the podcast, Funnel Hacker TV, which is going to be all on YouTube, obviously on Facebook and other places, but I want to force the audience to go to YouTube to consume and grow it. So we have a lot of cool stuff happening in YouTube right now, but it’s just not growing that big. But I think Funnel Hacker TV will be because it’s actually a TV show that’s going to be awesome.

But then with that I want to, we have 10 episodes that we’ve recorded that are being edited and are mostly done. When the book launch ends, so are we six weeks away, well book launch is two weeks away, so six weeks away from launching Funnel Hacker TV. Funnel Hacker TV episode one will launch as soon as the book launch is over. And then basically once a week one will be coming out. So those will be really cool. But to stimulate those, because those take a lot of energy and effort to do it. I’m starting a Funnel Hacker TV behind the scenes, which is basically going to be me doing a daily vlog. Casey Neistat style. Yes, I have been watching a lot of Casey Neistat, I’ve been geeking out on him, he’s really cool and I like him a lot and I like what he’s doing. I may be trying to get him to speak at Funnel Hacking Live, which would be cool. So lately I’ve been watching him and I was like, “I want to do that.”

He’s awesome, he has all his own camera’s, videos himself, and edits it all and I don’t have any skills like that. So I found a guy in our community who is posting in our Facebook group. We have like 50 people asking to help edit videos, but there’s one guy that for some reason I really just liked him a lot. So he’s doing the first test when we’re starting next week. Basically I’m going to be video blogging this whole behind the scenes thing and then each day he’s going to take all the footage and dump it all in a drop box the next day and take it and try to make a video blog, Casey Neistat style, and it’s going to be living on YouTube and that’ll be kind of its home. It’ll be what, I don’t know if it’s the right word, but it’s going to help boister up the funnel hacking show. My goal is to go deep into YouTube and dominate and to own it and just figure that out.

So we’re going to be hiring all the best YouTube people in the world to get to understand it and know and spending a lot of money and energy and effort. So we can dominate that platform so that it’s a big platform as we have on Facebook. We’ll have the same thing on Youtube, the same thing on Instagram. Just keep going to the core of the platforms that our people are at. Same thing I want to master TV, I want to master radio and potentially direct my own magazines too.

So if you look at me, that’s my, in fact, I wish all you guys were in Inner Circle, if you were all in my Inner Circle, this would be so much easier, I could show you all how to step deeper. But at Inner Circle meeting I was showing people, my first 8 or 9 years of my business was all about creating offers and we’d jump from offer to offer to offer. We got stuck at 3 million bucks a year. And then as we figured out which offer was our best, which was Clickfunnels, then we shifted into instead of creating a bunch of offers, we kept one offer but then we created, I used my creativity on different front end offers to get people into Clickfunnels. My webinar, my books, all these things are creative things we’ve created to get people into the one thing we’re trying to sell, which is Clickfunnelsl.

So there’s little nuances, when I go from zero to 3 million dollars, I got stuck there for 5 or 6 years we couldn’t break past that. I was focusing my creativity on lots of new offers. When I shifted my creativity from instead of creating a bunch of offers to how can I sell more people into one offer? That’s when I went from 3 million to 30 million. And my goal to go from 30 to100, shift my creativity from different offers to mastering traffic. So my creativity is going to be focusing for the next year to two years on traffic. Does that make sense?

So in my early life it was like every month we’re launching Neurocel is our supplement. Our thing in the weight loss market, Body Evolution. Then we’ve got the thing with dating market. Then we got this thing in the couponing market, and every month was rolling out our new offer. Again, that’s where we got stuck at that level. And then when we focused everything on one offer, Clickfunnels, first it was the webinar, promote that. If you listen to the podcast, every single week for an entire year, nothing but the podcast, then we added the book funnel in there. Excuse me, the webinar and the book funnel both pushing into that. Now I got the next book, the perfect webinar script, a bunch of front ends that all lead to the thing that’s all we’re really focusing on selling, Clickfunnels.

When we focus on one singular thing, it went from 3 to 30, then we go from 30 to 100, I think we’ve got enough front end offers, I don’t want to create anything new. I just want to focus on creativity within traffic. What are all the ways we can get traffic into it? So it’s mastering all these other platforms and getting creative and figure out how we can be the best in Instagram, the best on TV, the best… and really spending the effort and energy to do that, and that’s really how we’ll scale to the next level.

So anyway, as I was showing the Inner Circle members, this is a million dollars businesses, creating different offers figuring out what people like. You go from a million to 10, to 20 it’s like, now you figured out what people like. Now focus on things, front end funnels to get people into that offer and then going from 10 million to 100 million is now focusing on creativity in the traffic.

So for me it’s like that. But the thing that sucks though is for me to go and do that and get them more traffic, what do I gotta do? I gotta put my face out there and then what happens? Its 10:30 at night and people are asking me if I have a Ferrari while I’m checking out at the grocery store. That’s my fear. So there’s the conundrum. But it’s all good problems to have.

Anyway, I just more wanted to catch up with you guys because that was funny. But a lot of times we have a goal that’s pushing us one direction, but then we’ve got our fear of something else pulling us the other way and it keeps us in the middle, and I just don’t want that to happen to me. I thought if I confessed it on a live podcast, I guess it’s live right now but it’s not live when you listen to it. If I confessed it on the Marketing In Your Car podcast then I gotta forsake it. I don’t know. I don’t know how that all works.

Alright guys, I’m done. Take the groceries in and get to bed. We’ve got a long day tomorrow watching conference in our jammies, eating donuts. It’s going to be amazing. Then Monday is when I have to repent of my sins. Monday I’m doing a week long juice fast because I’ve eaten enough carbs in the last 48 hours to basically be all next week and the week on. So I’m going to jump back into normal life mode. Plus I’m going to be vlogging, which is fun. One of the cool things about vlogging, is that it makes my life not boring.

Which is what is kind of fun about Snapchat or Instagram. It forced you to realize if your life is boring or not. It’s documenting all these things throughout the day. And if I don’t do anything, it’s going to be a really boring show. The next four days is actually insane. I may or may not have purchased a full custom fit batman suit that may or may not have showed up yesterday. So that’s going to be on episode number one. Because I gotta open it, reaveal and show JV videos behind it and a bunch of other stuff. That’s insanely cool.

Then we’ve got a whole bunch of other things. Anyway, you have to watch episode one, if and when it ever gets done. So anyway, that’s the plan, but it’s going to be fun. So I will share you guys a journey of what we’re doing to dominate all the platforms and if you were at Funnel Hacking Live, we sold a course called Fill Your Funnel that will eventually be at, but the live training actually starts on Monday, which is kind of cool. But we’re taking people through this journey with us over the next year, how do we scale traffic. It’s going to be kind of fun. So we’ll probably open up registration for it in a couple of weeks, if you guys are interested. Go to get on a waiting list and you can get your funnel filled with prospects who want to give you money. That is my focus at least for the next 12 months and probably on.

With that said, appreciate you all, have a nice day. Have a nice night and we’ll talk to you guys soon. Bye everybody.


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