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329 - Stop Stepping To Your Vision

Stop Stepping To Your Vision

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Episode Recap:

Here’s an answer to another great question sent in by Rachel Pedersen. On this episode Russell answers a question from Rachel Pedersen about how you create your vision without moving just one stair at a time. Here are some of the awesome things to listen for in this episode:

-- Find out who told Russell about surpassing everything they thought was possible, so they are trying to enjoy everything in the moment.

-- See how Gene Simmons of Kiss taught Russell to think about things differently to be able to strategically skip some steps.

So listen here to find out Russell’s advice on creating his vision.

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Best Quote:

But anyway, at dinner I asked JP, “So what’s next for you? What’s the next plan?” and he kind of smiled at me, he looked so content, something that I’ve never been in my life, and he was like, “You know what, so far everything that’s happened to me has surpassed what I ever thought was possible. So I’m trying to just enjoy it, and just enjoy the things as they come and be grateful for them.” And I was like, “Oh my gosh. That is amazing. I need to learn how to do that.”


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What’s up everybody, this is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I’m excited to be hanging out with you today. I’m actually driving, I’m back in the car like how this show started way back in the day. I got a Vox from Rachel Pedersen, one of my favorite people in this funnel hacking community, the other day. She asked a really good question, so on this episode I’m going to answer her question.

Alright everybody, so most of you know Rachel Pedersen, she spoken at the last two Funnel Hacking Lives, she’s amazing. She’s also the queen of Tik Tok, and my daughter is her biggest fan. It’s just, anyway, she’s actually coming to Boise and my daughter is so excited to Tik Tok with her, which is going to be so fun. Anyway, she’s amazing and the other day she voxed me over a really cool question about taking things one stair at a time and how you create your vision and how you bypass things, and all that kind of stuff. So I’m going to play part of her vox right here, so you can hear her question and then I’m going to come back and answer it.

Rachel: Someone called me out today and they were very spot on. They said, “I feel like you are taking the stairs one stair at a time when you are destined for greatness.” So my question to you is this, how did you create a vision? Did it fall into your lap? Did you read a book? How do you create a vision for your life and your business that keeps everything going? You know, like the infinite game from Simon Sinek? Thank you so so so much.

Russell: Okay, so I think it’s a really good question and it’s interesting because I think for a lot of us we get into this game and we don’t really know what’s possible or where we’re going or any of those things. I definitely didn’t know. I didn’t know what’s happening today was possible by any stretch of the imagination. So I think sometimes you bypass your vision. In fact, it was kind of a really cool, one of the really cool experiences I was…some of you guys remember the Clickfunnels start up story with Mixergy at this place in Utah called the Dry Bar Comedy Club. And I had JP Sears come and just roast me for an hour before we did the interview, and it was so funny.

But anyway, at dinner I asked JP, “So what’s next for you? What’s the next plan?” and he kind of smiled at me, he looked so content, something that I’ve never been in my life, and he was like, “You know what, so far everything that’s happened to me has surpassed what I ever thought was possible. So I’m trying to just enjoy it, and just enjoy the things as they come and be grateful for them.” And I was like, “Oh my gosh. That is amazing. I need to learn how to do that.”

So there’s that piece of it, right. I think us entrepreneurs struggle with it sometimes because we’re always looking, it comes back to my last podcast episode talking about, we’re so tied into achievement, achievement, achievement, we forget about the fulfillment part. So there’s that one part. But the other side, which I understand more, is this goal of achieving and trying to take over the world and stuff like that.

You know, I remember at the very first live event I ever went to, I remember I paid $1000 to go to it, which is like the first step for me. I’m like, “Oh, it’s so much money.” I was stressing out. And the speaker was talking and I saw people selling different things and I remember just, I was like, ‘I could never afford this thing for $2 grand or $5 grand or $10 grand or all these different things.” and just being kind of bummed out about it. And I remember I met this kid, and the kid was, I don’t know, maybe a year older than me or maybe my same age. I was probably 22 at the time, he might have been 23 or something. But we were about the same age.

And I saw the presenter sold this mastermind group and he ran up and signed up for it. I was like, “Dude, how do you afford that?” I couldn’t figure it out. How do you afford that? And he’s like, “Oh, there’s two ways you can get to the top. You can either work your way in, or you can buy your way in. So I just buy my way in.” I’m like, “Whoa!” First off that was this leap in thought that I had never crossed my mind before. I’m like, okay, that’s pretty cool.

And then I started asking some more questions, like “How do you afford this.” And he’s like, ‘I’m actually in, I think like 12 masterminds at the time.” I was like, “What? How’d you do that?” and he came back and said, “Well, what I did is I went and I wanted to go to these things but I couldn’t afford it so I found a group of people who I kind of trained and taught stuff to. I said, I want to go to all these mastermind groups, obviously its going to be expensive for everyone to pay for you for, if you guys want to go to all these as well, it’s going to be really expensive. So if you’re interested, if you pay me $10 grand and I get 20 people, so I’ll have $200,000 I’ll go join all of them and I’ll come back and tell you the cool stuff that I learned.”

And he got all these people to pay $20 grand and he took the money, or 10 grand, whatever it was. I don’t know, and he joined all these mastermind groups and he bought his way in, and he built this company very, very quickly. And I thought that was just a strategic thing.

You know, I remember Celebrity Apprentice, if you watched Celebrity Apprentice in the past, the first 3 or 4 episodes, people did things as like fund raisers, “Go raise money.” So they’d go out on the street and they’d try to sell lemonade and all these things to raise money. It wasn’t till, I don’t know, 2 or 3 seasons in when the dude from Kiss, yeah Kiss, Gene Simmons…Gene Simmons was on it, and they do this fundraising thing, and everyone goes out there and they’re trying to raise money, they’re hustling, and he just sat there, picked up his phone, made a phone call and got a check from his buddies for like half a million dollars and he destroyed everybody else.

And I remember looking at that thinking, he’s just thinking at a different level than everybody else. It’s just this thought difference. Everyone’s like, here’s the task, I must do the thing. And jump, jump, jump, step by step by step. Whereas Gene Simmons came back and said, “Look, I can do that. Or I can just do this and we’ll jump a thousand steps past everyone else.”

And I think, I remember watching that and just having this aha and just like, I gotta start thinking more strategically. I think so many of us think tactically, which tactics are so important, that’s how we get the thing done. But it takes us stopping from it and stepping back and looking at things more strategically, of like, okay, instead of just here’s the next step and the next step, if you really want to jump 5, or 10, or 20 tiers, it’s not going to happen by you doing the next step. It’s stepping back and saying what’s the next thing? What’s the big domino, the next, I don’t know. There’s different ways to phrase it, and I’m not sure the best way. But conceptually it’s stopping the tactics and stepping back strategically and thinking different.

When we launched Clickfunnels, I had so many amazing strategic conversations with friends and people that weren’t like, “Just launch a software company.” If you read the Expert Secrets book, we talked about movement and finding a future based cause and all these things that weren’t tactical, like here’s the next step. But it’s like, how do weave these things into our culture? How do you do these things that cause these incremental big shifts, as opposed to just increasing your ads by 10% or just creating another front end offer.

It’s like, how do you create things that have mass shifts, you know, mass changes and things like that. I think it really becomes stepping back away from the tactical, which means getting out of the day to day, which means taking a vacation, which is hard for us. Or doing a strategy meeting with your team and just saying, “Look, for three days we’re not going to work, we’re just going to talk about what’s possible? What’s the future? Where could we go? Not, what’s the next step? But like, what if we just destroyed these steps and had a whole new thing? What would that look like and how do we get there?”

You know, pull a Gene Simmons and instead of going out fundraising you just pull out a, you just pull out your phone and call a buddy and get $500,000 in 5 seconds. You know, that’s the power of it. So anyway, I hope that helps. I know it’s not a full answer, but hopefully it gets the wheels in your head spinning.

And for everyone else who’s listening, I hope that helps as well. I appreciate you all, t hanks for listening to this episode of the Marketing Secrets podcast, and if you’re enjoying this or any of my episodes, please take a screenshot on my phone, or on your phone and then tag me in and post it on Facebook or Instagram or wherever you post things, and tag me really, really cool. Thanks so much and I will talk to you guys all again soon. Bye everybody


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