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333 - How To Sell Everything For Free

333 - How To Sell Everything For Free

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My new secret formula to sell everything I sell, for free.

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Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast

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They go to buy the book, they put in step number one, shipping address. Step number two says, “cool, here’s the book for free like we said. Or you can upgrade right now and get the Funnel Hacker Black Box, which gives you both of my books, plus these other four books, plus these other cool things and it’s just $37.” So they can upgrade, which is again another irresistible offer. You’re going from this to this other thing and it’s still irresistible. So there’s the irresistible offer.


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What’s up everybody, this is Russell. Welcome back, I’m glad to have you guys here. I just got done with my daughter’s soccer practice, or not practice, it was a game and they did good. Now I’m heading home to go grab sandwiches for everybody. My wife and I took different cars because I had to film an upsell video real quick. Anyway, I got the upsell video done and then flew out here to the soccer game and now I’m heading back home.

I’m grabbing some Jimmy Johns on the way for the kiddos, some sandwiches for the adults, which will be kind of fun. So that’s what’s happening in my personal life. But I got something, I don’t normally do this, this time of day, but I’ve got something exciting I want to share with you guys that I think is going to be huge, huge, huge for value.

One of the things on my mind right now is offers. How do you create an offer that’s so irresistible that people have to give you money? There’s no logical way. One of the biggest, sorry, I didn’t finish my sentence. There’s no logical way for someone to no to you. Alex Mendosian from the Inner Circle, as we were talking, he’s one of the kings of creating offers that are so good you have to be an idiot…..he figures out a way to first off, to build gyms by giving people exactly what they want for free. But then, he’s getting paid 500 dollars to do that, don’t ask me how he does it, because it’s a little complicated to explain.

Then he got gym owners to basically let him come in and build their gyms for them, for free and in exchange they give him 50 thousand dollars. Once again, how does he do that? I don’t know how to explain it, but it’s pretty cool. And it’s awesome, so he’s really, really good at that. There’s other people who are really good at. I watch as other people struggle. They’re like, ‘Man, I created this course and no one’s buying it.” And it’s like, “The problem is you’re selling the course. That’s not sexy, nobody just wants to buy a course.” You have to understand that. To create, if you look at when we launched Clickfunnels, you look at the webinar that’s taken us to where we are today, if you

“What Russell? I thought you sold Clickfunnels, that’s how you built it up so big.” No, I didn’t. If you look at the offer, what the offer was when you buy Funnel Hacks for $997, you buy this course that’s amazing for $997, when you do that you get Clickfunnels for free for the next 6 months. That’s the offer. You look at that and you’re like, huh. Yes I want Clickfunnels for free, so I will buy the course.

So I created an offer that’s, because what they really want is Clickfunnels. I’m like, I’m going to give you Clickfunnels for free, who wants it for free? “I want it for free.” Sweet. When you invest in this training course, you get it for free. That little shift was huge for us. Before I was selling Clickfunnels, and you get this Funnel Hacks thing for free, what they really wanted was Clickfunnels, so I give them that for free when they buy the course. Shifting the offer. Same products, same deliverables, different way you structure the offer.

As I was telling you about Brendon Burchard, Brendon was showing me some of their offers and this one, I’ll kind of walk you guys through it, but he showed me this really cool process he does called the seven day launches, and I showed the inner circle meetings. I walked everybody through it in our groups. People are all going nuts, we’re about to launch our first, which I’m excited for. But what’s interesting is as I was looking at his offer, it’s brilliant because….How do I explain it?

Basically he creates a course for people live, so you get to watch for 12 hours as he creates an actual course, and you see the whole thing live. So then the average mind would say, “Okay, the product I’m going to sell now is that course.” The context of this is kind of hard, because you guys don’t have the back story, but just pretend like you understand. He creates a course, let’s people watch it live and at the end he offers a product. So the logical thing would be to sell the course, they just saw it, they want it. But he doesn’t sell the course, instead he sells a different course, gives a huge 50% discount on that course. When they buy that they get the thing that they just watched him create for free.

So it’s shifting the offer, which is the magic. So as I’ve been kind of thinking through this, I was launching, we’re launching the Expert Secrets book in a few days, and today I came in the office and the funnel I had was good, they were all good offers, but a good offer doesn’t make you tens of millions of dollars, like an insane, irresistible offer does. So I kind of took our existing funnel, scratched all that and said, ‘we’re starting over.” And I shifted the whole thing and we changed the funnel and the offers and now it’s insanely good.

Should I walk you guys through the whole funnel? I have a little time, okay we’ll do that. So this is what’s going to happen in the funnel. Somebody will come to the page and you’ll notice all the ads about free book, free book, free book. Why would I do that? Irresistible offer. Free book, you cover shipping. The message is always like, I’ll pay for the book, you pay for the shipping. That’s the message, irresistible offer, “Okay I want the book.”

They go to buy the book, they put in step number one, shipping address. Step number two says, “cool, here’s the book for free like we said. Or you can upgrade right now and get the Funnel Hacker Black Box, which gives you both of my books, plus these other four books, plus these other cool things and it’s just $37.” So they can upgrade, which is again another irresistible offer. You’re going from this to this other thing and it’s still irresistible. So there’s the irresistible offer.

Then there’s an order form bump, which again is another irresistible offer. “hey you’re going to get blah for free when you buy this training course at a huge discount.” Or something like that, I haven’t figured that one out exactly yet. But there will be a training course there, which is awesome. Then the upsell.

The upsell was going to be, I recorded both Dotcom Secrets, and Expert secrets audiobooks, I was going to sell that. My hard cost is kind of expensive. It’s about $40 for me to have these MP3’s that are shipped. They’re not Chinese ones, they’re actually American ones and they’re more expensive, but they’re really, really cool. You can do double speed on the MP3 player and a bunch of other cool things. So it’s a really cool offer product. I was going to sell that but I’m like, Okay, my hard costs are I think close to, I can’t remember exactly, I think close to $40. So I was like, what if I sell this for $100? But I’m like, I have to pay affiliates 40% commission, it gets really expensive really fast. So there’s not very much margin there, but I need the margin in there to be able to do what I need to do. I need the margin to be able to buy ads and all those kind of things.

So I’m like, what would I do? So I said, what if we do this, what if we increase the price to $150 for the MP3 player. And then its expensive MP3 player. I was like, wait. What if we shift the offer. So we shifted the offer. So what I’m doing now instead is like, “Look, if you guys want I will give you this MP3 player for free. You get it completely free. But to get it for free you have to invest in this course right here which is A Perfect Webinar Secrets training course. The training course sells for $297 but what you’re going to do is you’re going to get, because you’re on this page, you get a 50% discount. So you get the entire course for $147, you get half off, if you buy right now and you get the MP4 player for free.” Boom.

Boom, did you guys hear the bomb drop? Boom, irresistible offer. Because who doesn’t want the MP3 player for free? You want it and you’re like, you only get it when you buy this course, but you get a 50% discount on that course and all the sudden it’s an irresistible offer.

I look at my other courses I’ve done in the past, usually like $197 to $297 offer, I’m getting 5-7% that take that. I’m excited to find out what the percentage is on this. My guess is I’ll be in double digits. We’ll be hopefully at least in high double digits. That’s kind of cool. We’ll find out, time will tell.

I remember a long time ago, Anik Singal and Mike Filsaime put out a product called Launch Tree, and I remember one of the things they said in there was, “You want to say the word free a million times on the upsell page.” For example let’s say you sell ten CD’s on the upsell page, you want to be like, “You get these 9 CD’s for free when you invest in this one right here. You buy this one here you get the other 9 for free.” Try to figure out how you make your offer free. It’s all about how you make it free, free, free.

Now I’m giving away a free MP3 player, when you get 50% discount on this course you need anyway. So that’s the irresistible offer. And then if they say no to that, the down sell is like, “okay, how about this, if you don’t want the MP3 player, it costs me $50 to ship it to you anyway. How about this, it’ll save us both money. I won’t ship it to you, you get the digital copy, it’s only $97 dollars.” So we drop sell that and then I’m going to do one other cool thing on the down sell. You get the digital whatever or it’s like, “How about this, or if you decide to actually get the MP3 player, I’ll throw in these other cool bonuses as well.” To push you over the edge.

That’s going to be kind of cool. Then the next page I’m going to thank them and then I’m going to say basically, “It’s time to start your education and this first three chapters of the book are about building a massive movement. This is a 90 minute presentation I did at Funnel Hacking Live about building a mass movement and I want you to watch it now.” And then they watch the video, which it helps understand building a mass movement, building a culture, attractive character, all that kind of stuff that builds out the first three sections of the book. They watch that and then they bought after the video, tells them to go register for the Funnel Hacks webinar, register for that. It’s an auto webinar and it puts them through to sell them the thousand dollar product of Clickfunnels.

So that’s the first part of the funnel, the first point of sale. So they go free book, or they can get the black box, then they get the order form bump, then they get the MP3 player for free, basically everything so far has been free for the most part. And then they get the get the training video for free, they get the webinar for free. And if they buy funnel hacks they get Clickfunnels for free. Everything I’ve sold so far is free, yet my average cart value, my potential average cart value is like, 15, not quite that, 1300 bucks so far, which is awesome.

Then after the webinar funnel ends seven days later, so this whole funnel, point of sale is 7 day follow up on the webinar, and then what’s exciting is….what was I going to say? What’s exciting is then, after day seven then I transition them to I don’t know if I told you guys this when I was hanging out with Brendon, I might have told you on the plane. But he did a big product launch for, it was a $2 thousand course and he sold like 2200 copies and then the week later he sold the swipe files to that launch where it was like the sales videos, the transcripts, emails all that kind of stuff. For $97 he sold 6500 of those, something crazy like that.

So what I’m going to do is at the end of the funnel, like a week later be like, “Hey you just went through this cool funnel. It was a book funnel, plus webinars, a whole funnel stacking thing. What I’ll do is if you want, I’ll give you all the swipe files, the emails, the everything for free, once again it’s free if you join Funnel University.” Boom, get them into Funnel University. And when you join Funnel University you get my Funnel Stacking book and a bunch of other things for free.” So it’s free but they pay me $97.

So it’s coming back to how you make things free, even when they’re paying. So they get that whole cool thing for free when they join Funnel University. And then for 2 days I’ll be pushing that offer then we’ll down sell, if they don’t want to pay $97 a month, which is what we’re raising the price to, they can get a trial, but they don’t get the free things shipped out to them. Boom, the next three days and from there we transition into the seven day launch, Brendon Burchard, I’m messing up his name….his style funnel, which is basically training for free for three days. And then giving that thing that they just watched you record for free. They get it for free when they invest in your next thing and then the next thing is going to be our Secrets Master Class or the FHAT event. And that’s kind of the funnel. That’s the first 14 days.

That’s kind of what’s happening. I know it’s hard to see that visually as I explain it, but hopefully you’re getting the concept, you’re understanding how you make everything for free. That’s the key I wanted to share with you guys today. Making offers so irresistible that people have to say yes.

I hope that helps, I hope it helps to start thinking through your offers. If you’re selling a course for a thousand bucks, that’s just a course, it’s going to be hard to sell. But if you sell your sales scripts for $997 and they get the whole created course for free, then it becomes, you know something like that, then it becomes an irresistible offer. They’re like, “I need the sales scripts. I’ll pay $1000 for that because I want the other stuff for free.” How do you structure that. What do you have and how do make that offer as sexy as possible?

I think I did a podcast a couple of months back about turning up the sexy on your offers. It’s kind of something similar. But just thinking about that. How do you add free into everything? Hopefully it gives you enough case studies and ideas and examples. Worst case scenario, if you don’t understand what I’m talking about then on April 18th or beyond, probably by the time most of you guys hear this, it’ll be live. Go to, get your book and watch the process in motion. Buy slowly so you don’t miss any of it. I hope you guys enjoy it. Appreciate you all for listening, subscribing and hanging out with me all the time in the car, or wherever you may be right now. With that said, I’m at Jimmy John’s right now, I’m grabbing some sandwiches, go feed the kids. Then I gotta get back to finishing out this funnel so it’ll be ready for you guys to see. Alright we’ll talk soon. Bye everybody.


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