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335 - Email Swipe File And A BIG Secret

Email Swipe File And A BIG Secret

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I’ve been working on an assignment with the 2CCXers, and I want to share one of my big takeaways that I had last night.

I want to share something with you that I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. We just launched our new Two Comma Club X coaching program a couple months ago, and one of the first things I asked everyone in the program to do (almost 400 coaching students)… Was to TRASH their current email address!

WHAAAT!!!! 😲😲😲 I know. Scary, right? Why did I ask them to do this? 2 Reasons…

1. Because it’s a DISTRACTION to productivity.

2. Use the email inbox to create a revenue-generating SWIPE file

Listen in to find out more!

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Anyway, so as I was going through this exercise, I was realizing that I haven't retired my email address in a while, and I try to retire it every, I don't know, year to two years or so because it just gets so overwhelming that I can't handle it. So I set up a new address two or three days ago to do what I'd been telling everyone to do. And I started over, I started building my folders and stuff, and I started re-opting-in everyone's lists and getting all the forwarding in place, and it's been fun watching it. Every day you login, it's like, "Oh, I got three more emails today. I got five emails." It's fun to watch in real time as your email swipe file is getting built up.


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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. Today I'm in my car, heading downtown to the penthouse to record videos with Jay Shetty's company, we're going to do some cool stuff and I'll tell you a little more about that when we come back from the intro.

All right, everybody. Hope you guys are doing awesome. Like I said, I'm heading downtown Boise right now and we hired Jay Shetty's company to make some really cool videos for us. And if you haven't seen Jay Shetty, obviously he's got a huge following, tons of viral videos, and what's cool is the way they do their videos is very interesting. A different way than I've ever done it before. They figure out a story from your life that's like, "Here's the moral of the story." And they script out the story, and then they film you talking to camera, which, we've done a ton of things like that. But then what they do is they hire actors to act out the actual story, and then they weave it together between your voiceover, you talking to the camera, and then actors acting out this part of your life.

So anyway, I'm doing it with them. We hired them to do, I think, eight videos for us. So yesterday, I was downtown filming the first ... I think we filmed five of the stories yesterday or six, so I have three or four more today, and then they're going to go back to LA, where they're from, and they hire actors to act out my life.

How crazy is that? I'm so excited and so nervous to see my life acted out. Oh man. But it'll be fun. It'll be kind of fun to see what happens in these videos and how it all goes.

So anywho, that's what I'm doing today. And as I'm driving downtown, I decided to come hang out with you guys today. I miss podcasting. It's been a little bit since I sat down, and I wanted to share with you guys something that I thought was kind of interesting today. So as a lot of you guys know, we launched the new, updated Two Comma Club Coaching Program a couple ... Man, about a month and a half ago during the Two Comma Club Live Event, and we got about 250 new people that came in the program, which is awesome, so we're taking them all through and the existing members and everyone else in this new process and it's really, really fun.

And week number one, I gave them all an assignment, which was to retire your old email address. I'm like, "You're just getting too much crap. It's too much distraction. This is why most of you are not having success is because you can't even control your email boxes. Everyone, I want you to retire your email box." So I had everyone retire it, I showed them how to do it, and in the whole process, you don't miss out on any important emails. But then I said, "When you're setting up your new email address, I want you to do it in a very strategic way." And so what I showed them how to do is how to create labels and folders for every single newsletter. And I was like, "Every ad you see, you need to go opt-in to the ad. Every ad." No longer are you like, "I'm annoyed by all the ads on Facebook." You realize the only purpose of Facebook is for you to click on ads. That's it.

So I'm like, "Go follow everything you're interested in, in your market, and then every ad you see, every ad, not every once in a while, every ad you see, you click on it, you go to it, and then you opt-in. You have to." And then I said, "When you put your email address in, they're going to start sending you emails, and then as soon as that first email comes in, you set up a filter and say, 'Okay. Every email like this, skip the inbox and go directly into this folder.' And then what happens is you start building up all these folders with all the newsletters in your industry." And I said, "This becomes your swipe file."

And what a lot of people don't know is that, people are always asking me, "Russell, how are your emails so good? How do you get such high conversion rates?" And blah, blah, blah. It's because every email I send out, I have a dozen or so of my favorite emailers throughout time, and I open up my folders with all their emails in it and I go through and I just look at all their subject lines. That's literally how I figure it out. Everyone's already found out the best open lines. I don't recreate, I just scroll back through 10 years of emails and I'm like, "Oh, that one caught my attention. Oh, that one caught my attention." And I use those. And that's been my big secret is I funnel hack people. What? What, Russell? You practice what you preach? Yes, I do.

Anyway, so as I was going through this exercise, I was realizing that I haven't retired my email address in a while, and I try to retire it every, I don't know, year to two years or so because it just gets so overwhelming that I can't handle it. So I set up a new address two or three days ago to do what I'd been telling everyone to do. And I started over, I started building my folders and stuff, and I started re-opting-in everyone's lists and getting all the forwarding in place, and it's been fun watching it. Every day you login, it's like, "Oh, I got three more emails today. I got five emails." It's fun to watch in real time as your email swipe file is getting built up.

But what's interesting is I started being frustrated because I have a decade worth of emails that I couldn't see anymore because I'm just getting the new ones in my thing and I was like, "Ugh." So I was trying to go to my old email and forward all the emails from the past and I couldn't figure out how to do it and there's no easy way to do it, and I was kind of frustrated. And eventually, after 15 minutes of trying, I found some software, I don't even remember what it's called, some Google plugin, that will allow you to forward emails from one inbox to another. And I started freaking out because I think it was $150 for the software, so I bought it and I tried it, I did a test on it. I went and I said, "Okay, for my old email address," which, I have an email address that I've had for, I think, 15 years, I said, "Okay. I want to forward every single email from Frank Kern into my new inbox, skip my inbox, but put it all into this new Frank Kern folder."

So I set it up, clicked a button, and took an hour or so, and it forwarded every email that Frank Kern has ever sent in the last 15 years into this folder. And I was like, "Oh my gosh, they're all there." And then I put in somebody else instead. I started looking at all my favorite emailers and I did that to all their lists, and suddenly, my new email address, these folders are full. And I was looking this morning, and one of them has got 2,500 emails in it, one's got 1,700 emails, one's got 1,500. It's just kind of fun. So I have this huge swipe file being built up in my new email address, so that way, when I'm checking my email, I have access to all the greatest newsletters.

And the other thing that was fun is I started doing this and I started realizing, I've had tons of old email addresses throughout time. So I started logging in to all my old email accounts and started setting up these folders. Anyway, I'm such a nerd. I'm going to have the greatest email swipe file of all time. But emails from the last almost 20 years now are all being forwarded into this one box from all my old email addresses, and it's really cool.

So I'm telling you this for a couple reasons. Number one, you guys should all do this. Even if you don't want to retire your email address, you should start setting up the folders in your Gmail and then start setting filters for every email that comes in and filter them into these different newsletters. That way, you can say, "Hey, here's every email Russell's ever sent. Here's every email that so-and-so's ever sent." And you can start seeing you those and it gives you ideas for swipe files, headlines, subject ideas. Just tons of stuff. So that's number one.

Number two, and this is a big aha I had. I was moving all these people over and it's funny because there's people who I've known who they are the longest, for a decade or more, the most prolific people, and as I was looking at it, some of these email boxes, I had 1,500, 2,000 emails in there. And at first, I was like, "Oh, that's awesome." And I was like, "There's got to be more. There's got to be more." And then I started thinking, "1,500 emails. If they sent one email a day, that's 365 days, that would take almost an email a day for a decade to get 2,000 emails." And I was like, "Oh my gosh." The people who I still know today, the people who are still relevant today, the people who still have their companies today, were sending on average, I would say, three to seven emails a week.

And I still look at these other people who I knew were good emailers back in the day, but I haven't heard from them, they're no longer relevant, I don't know what's happened to them, and I was looking at them. As I imported them over, I might have 100 messages over the last decade. And I'm like, "Oh, they were sending maybe an email a week or maybe one or two a month." And it's interesting because they're no longer relevant, they're no longer around most of them. Even some of these ones who were amazing emailers. So my big epiphany again was, I know there's always this conversation of, "How much email is too much? Do you send one a day, one a week, one a month? You send two a day?" And there's all these different things. And I think that the reality is that the people who are the most ... Who we all know, the people who have been around for the longest, they send a lot of emails. I would say on average, about one a day or more.

So I'm telling you that because I want to give you guys permission. If you want to be relevant, if you want to be around a long time, you probably need to send more emails to your list. I'd say a minimum of one a day. And I know it sounds like, "Ah, people are going to freak out if I send one email a day." Like, "That's okay if they freak out. They're going to leave. That's not a bad thing." But if you're not top of mind, you're not top of inbox, you're not there, you're getting drowned out by all the other noise. I have one friend who, he used to email nine times a day, which is ridiculous. But he's in the how to pick up chicks market, he's like, "Look, all I know is that some days, their heart's going to be broken and I've got to make sure that the second their heart's broken, that I'm the first email in their inbox." So he's like, "So I send out a lot. And when they're dating and they're in a good relationship, they might read my stuff because it's entertaining, but they're not going to buy my stuff. But the second their heart's broken, I need to be the first email." So that's why he sent out so many emails.

Anyway, interesting mindset. I don't agree with the nine emails a day. I have two friends who specifically focus on two emails a day and they swear by it. It's how they built their companies and they wouldn't do it any other way. So anyway, just to kind of think through, but like I said, doing this little exercise and pulling all these emails in and realizing the people that are most prolific, the people who have been around for a decade or longer are all sending out a lot of emails, which is why their email subject lines are so good. They test it every day. They have a chance to come up to bat and try again, and try again, and try again, and it's because of that, their emails are getting better, and better, and better. So I think it's a skill set that all of us need to refocus on and get better at.

There you go. Couple big takeaways from today. The email swipe file, send more emails, and there was probably something else cool in there, I can't remember. Anyway, I hope that helps. Appreciate you guys all, thanks so much for listening, and I'll talk to you guys again soon on the next episode of The Marketing Secrets Podcast.


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