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339 - The Big Secret That Most People Don't Know About Expert Secrets

339 - The Big Secret That Most People Don't Know About Expert Secrets

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Two cool things you probably didn’t know, that should help you with whatever it is you’re trying to sell.

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If you have the art, it looks good but doesn’t make any money. If the science structurally is right, but there’s no money. It’s gotta have both. We talk about increasing the sex appeal, making things exciting, that’s the art side of this business. But then there’s the science part, which is funnel structuring.


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Good morning everybody, this is Russell, welcome to Marketing In Your Car. I hope you guys are awake because today is certified partner day. We’ve got almost 40 certified partners in Boise at our new office, which is exciting. So I’m going to head out there and in 9 minutes I’m gonna…holy cow 9 minutes, I gotta speed. Always late for everything. The good news is they can’t start without me, I hope.

So I just had a quick message for you guys, because I thought it was interesting. It’s been fun as I’ve launched the book I get to do tons of interviews and podcasts and all this stuff. So people ask you questions, and some questions people ask are the same ones every single time. But other people ask questions that make you go hmmm..How does that song go? Things that make you go hmmm.

So a couple things got me thinking and I’ve got some cool ideas. So I want to share with you guys two things. Number one, it came out of one of the conversations. It was funny because it was someone, I can’t remember even who it was, they were drilling me about, “Why in the world would you write another book? I thought you hated writing books?” I’m like, “I do, it’s so hard.” And then I was like why, why, why and then finally, it’s weird how when you’re on the spot live and you can’t edit and all the sudden magic comes out. I started thinking, I always tell people that this business there’s an art and a science to this business and the problem is the people focus too much on the art, or too much on the science.

If you have the art, it looks good but doesn’t make any money. If the science structurally is right, but there’s no money. It’s gotta have both. We talk about increasing the sex appeal, making things exciting, that’s the art side of this business. But then there’s the science part, which is funnel structuring. I was thinking about it, Dotcom Secrets is the science part of this business and Expert Secrets is like the art. It’s what you’re putting on top of the pages and the structure that make it work, they make it convert, make people interested and engaged and keep coming back to you.

As I said it, I was like that’s so cool. Dotcom Secrets is the science and Expert Secrets is the art, and you gotta have both because this business is a business of art and science. That’s why a lot of people struggle with it. They’re either really good on the technical side or really good on the artsy side, it’s a blend of the two, which is why I think most people should have partners because it’s hard to have everything. No one’s got everything, well maybe a couple of people but not everyone.

So that’s number one cool thing I thought was cool. Number two, if you guys came to Funnel Hacking Live, Todd Brown got up and spoke and shared an example of two books. One was how to outsource your business for profit, or something like that, and one was called the 4 hour work week. And obviously, as you know the 4 hour work week made Tim Ferris famous, and rich and a whole bunch of other cool things. But it came because the hook was right, but both of them are teaching outsourcing. It was the same concept, just the way they packaged it was different.

I wanted to share with you guys something that some of you know, but most of you don’t. This is a little top secret just for you guys who are hanging out on the podcast. I’ve had a lot of friends who are copywriters. It seems like every copywriter wants to go and launch his own copywriting course, and guess what happens to almost all of them? They all bomb, and you know why? Nobody wants to buy copywriting. It’s not exciting or sexy or anything. It’s bleh.

I remember watching, I mean I love John Carlton, but I remember watching the first time he launched his Simple Writing System, I’m like this guy’s the best copywriter in the world, I went to the page and I was like, “Huh.” How do you sell copy? It is not sexy or exciting or anything. I always thought that was interesting. I’ve had so many copywriting buddies go and launch copywriting courses. I’m like, “ugh, Nobody wants to buy copywriting courses. There’s a few people, but not many.”

So what’s interesting, this is my little hint for those who are paying attention. Expert Secrets is my copywriting course. I didn’t call it copywriting, but what’s the book about? It’s about finding your hook, finding your angle, finding your offer, finding your market, creating an actual offer, telling stories, breaking belief patterns. It’s copywriting, but I didn’t call it copywriting.

That’s what I’m going to give to you guys. Think about that. Think about how you position your offers because it’s the difference between making a little bit of money and making a crap ton of money. It’s all in the actual positioning of the offer. Make sure you don’t call it something like How to outsource for fun and profit, because nobody wants that. There’s a few people, but not many. They want a 4 hour work week. That’s what they want. So understand that, understand that it all ties back to what you call your product.

In fact, we’re about to launch our new coaching program. We had two different names for it, both were cool names that people would not give us any money for. We sat there in a room on a whiteboard, actually it was a blackboard with white markers, but that’s beside the point, for like 4 or 5 hours. No not that long, 2 ½ hours, trying to figure out the right hook for it. All the sudden it came out and it was like the angels in heaven were singing. We’re like, “That’s what people will give us money for.” So we changed all t he branding and everything because of it.

Alright guys, I’m walking in, the certified partner meeting is literally happening in 4 minutes. So I gotta go. Talk to you all soon, bye everybody.


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