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341 - How To Paint Your Vivid Vision (Revisited!)

How To Paint Your Vivid Vision (Revisited!)

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The POWER of words!

I had a chance to take a look at this Penthouse in this amazing building in downtown Boise, Idaho… Just because I thought it would be pretty cool. That’s all I wanted to do...just ‘see’ what this building was all about.

So my beautiful wife Collette, and two of my partners, Brent and Dave, met at the penthouse. I walked around the desk and sat down and looked out the window.

And then Dave said something that was so simple and so powerful a single moment… Totally changed my mind from, “There’s no way I’m buying this office” to: “I’LL TAKE IT! This is where I BELONG! Where do I sign?!”

Want to know the simple words that Dave said to me? Then you have to tune in to this crazy-good episode of Marketing Secrets.

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Best Quote:

And so that was what I wanted to share with you guys today, the power of painting a vivid vision for your people to dream about. Why should someone invest in your product or service? And we have all these things we do, all these techniques, all these strategies, and I talk a lot about these on the podcasts and the books. And all of them have important things. Like telling stories to break people’s false belief patterns to trump their story. That’s such a powerful tool for sales. Using urgency and scarcity is so powerful.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Right now I’m driving in downtown Boise, to the Penthouse and I just had an interesting thought I wanted to share with you.

The reason why I want to do this podcast right now is because there’s a really interesting psychological self strategy that was used on me to get me to invest in this penthouse, and just some context. I haven’t talked a lot about it, I think I’ve mentioned “I’m going to the penthouse” But I never talked about what exactly it is. And I’m not going to go into a ton of detail, but basically downtown Boise, we purchased a penthouse.

It’s kind of insane, but it’s beautiful. I went to look at it initially because I thought it would be fun to go look at a penthouse. And we got there and it’s like on the top floor of this building and you see all of Boise and it’s beautiful, it’s super cool. And I’m looking at it like, “This is so cool. I love this thing.”

But it never once crossed my mind that I would ever actually buy it. It wasn’t even like, I totally went just because I thought it would be fun to go see it. And we walked in, walked around, saw all the rooms, I was like, ‘This is so cool. I can’t even imagine living here and how cool that would be.” And all the thoughts that kind of go with that. And then we walked in this one room, and it was the office. And it’s not a huge office, it’s a little office and it overlooks the entire city of Boise. It’s beautiful. And they had a desk there and a chair and stuff like that.

So I walked in that room, I was there with Dave Woodward, my beautiful wife, Collette, and Brent Coppieters, and the real estate agent. I think that was everyone that was there. Anyway, I walk in there, I’m sitting there in that room, I sit behind that desk and I’m looking out over the whole city of Boise and Dave said a phrase, he said, “Can you imagine sitting in that desk writing the Traffic Secrets book.” And for a second I imagined it. And I was like, “Oh my gosh, how cool would that be? Sitting here and writing the book and looking over the city and daydreaming and figuring out concepts and writing them, all those things.

And that was the seed. That visualization of that experience is what made me desire this penthouse. It increased the desire so much so that we ended up buying something that logically makes no logical sense whatsoever. But because of the vividness of that vision, I heard someone call it before a vivid vision, because of the vividness of that vision it caused me to do something defying all logic and completely go with an emotional sell and buy it.

And so that was what I wanted to share with you guys today, the power of painting a vivid vision for your people to dream about. Why should someone invest in your product or service? And we have all these things we do, all these techniques, all these strategies, and I talk a lot about these on the podcasts and the books. And all of them have important things. Like telling stories to break people’s false belief patterns to trump their story. That’s such a powerful tool for sales. Using urgency and scarcity is so powerful.

But when you look at those things tied in together, I think one of the most powerful things, that I rarely talk about, probably because I couldn’t articulate it until really this experience with myself, how do you paint a vision in your potential customer’s mind. Not just a vision, but a vivid vision that they can feel, they can taste, they can smell, they can see, they can experience in their mind, so much so that they put themselves in that spot. Like I experienced that, I need this, I want that feeling again.

And it’s just something interesting to think about, because it just got me to spend a ton of money. And thinking about that with Clickfunnels and my business, I think unknowingly Ive done that a lot of times. I try to paint a vivid vision for the funnel hacker community, and for our people, and for everything. And what’s possible, what it could look like, what the future could be if you were to have a funnel, all those things. But again, for me, every time you see, when you become aware of something, aware of the pattern, the concept, the idea, then it’s easier to amplify it.

So tonight that’s what I want to share with you guys. What’s the vivid vision you’re trying to cast for your audience. What does that look like? If they were to experience whatever it is you experience, like the business or relationship or whatever it is you’re selling? Imagine at the peak, the best possible experience they could have in that moment, what would that look like and how could you paint that in the minds of your prospect.

You know for me, it was Dave sitting there and saying, “Man, can you imagine sitting here and writing the traffic secrets book, looking out? That’s the background that you’re writing this thing on?” And I did. I saw it, I felt it, I tasted it, I smelled it, I experienced it. And it was so real and so exciting and so, I don’t even know the words, so much so that I wanted, I fought on my side to make that possible. I went out of my way to convince myself and everyone I love, and everyone around me, I must get this thing.

As opposed to the real estate agent trying to close me. The real estate didn’t do anything. They didn’t need to do anything. Just someone was there who painted the vivid vision. So that’s my question for you guys, how do you paint that vivid vision in the minds of your customers?

Part of its story, but it’s even more so than that, it’s experiential. If you listen back to any of the episodes about storytelling, or read the expert secrets book, they talk about one of the biggest things with story is you have to get into the modalities. It’s not just like, “I went to the store and I felt good.” That’s how most people tell stories right. “I went to the store and I was walking in and I felt this weird tingling down my spine and as I walked through I felt this burst of cold air on my skin. And it broke me out in this cold sweat because of the nerves I had as I was going through. And my hands started sweating and I walked through and I could feel my heart start beating faster and faster.”

You tell a story like that, you start bringing in the visualization of what you’re actually experiencing, the mind, the body, the gut, the feelings you feel as you explain those things, people, it becomes more real for them. Like for Dave in that moment, because I was sitting there and I could actually experience it, it was more powerful. I don’t need Dave to go into the whole details of like, ‘Can you imagine the smell of the wood.” Because I’m sitting there, I’m smelling the wood of the desk, right. So it’s so much more powerful when it’s in person and you’re able to see it and feel it.

But when you’re not in person and you’re on a webinar or a podcast or whatever, how do you paint that vivid vision in such a way that people experience it? And it’s coming in and telling the story and explaining the senses and what they smelled, felt, what they experienced, all those things. You’re plugging those into the description as you’re explaining it, and that’s what gets people to feel it and experience it before they’ve ever had it.

And when they experience that vivid vision, that’s the secret, that’s when they start coming to you. And they will start convincing themselves and everyone around them that they need to buy your product and they will come and they will sell you on why they need your product, because they want it so bad.

I hope that helps. Put that up on your boards, paint the vivid vision, what’s the vivid vision you’re going to pain for your customers? And hopefully this episode helps you guys.

If it did help you at all, please take a snapshot of it and post this on Facebook or Instagram or wherever you post stuff. And tag me on it, I’d love to see it. @RussellBrunson on Instagram, and @RussellBrunsonHQ on Facebook. And then use the #marketingsecrets, and I would be greatly appreciative. And also, if you’re listening on iTunes, please take 5 seconds on go to iTunes and tell the people over there in Apple Land that you like this podcast, if you like it. If you hate it, just delete it, you don’t need to listen to me. But if you got any value and you’ve never left a review, please go rate and review me, that would mean the world to me.

With that said, I appreciate you guys and I will see you guys after the penthouse. Maybe I’ll drop a podcast there tonight or tomorrow. We’ll see.  But I appreciate you guys listening and we’ll talk soon. Bye everybody.


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