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341 - What Your Cell Phone And The TV in 1952 Have In Common

341 - What Your Cell Phone And The TV in 1952 Have In Common

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A cool think I learned from Gary Vaynerchuk that radically shifted my social strategies.

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But after you’ve mastered one channel, I think that everyone needs to be good at one channel if you’re going to grow. I met a friend earlier this year who is really good at Instagram, but he’s not good at any of the other channels. But he’s awesome there, making tons of money. But again, I’m a big believer in first you have to spend, I’ve been smacked too many times by too many channels.


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Hey what’s up everybody? This is a sneaky late night, I’m sneaking out of my house to go grab something at the office, Marketing In Your Car. So this is cool, I don’t think I’ve talked about this with you guys before. If I have, humor me and pretend like you haven’t because I think it’s important.

The other day, it was funny I was, an event I was at in 2015 and this guy did a pitch that was awesome from stage. So I tried to find that presentation so I could see, because I wanted to model part of the presentation for something I was doing. So yes, I’m always funnel hacking and I had these weird things in my memory where I can remember things from, I see a good pitch and it was in 2015, and I remember it. In fact, I remember a pitch from 2004, 2005 from John Childers that’s amazing too, that I went and found so I could listen to and hear him do his pitch again.

Anyway, what I was doing, is basically I was trying to find this pitch. It was an event I was at in 2015. I remember the speaker, I remember the day, everything. I was trying to find it and I was searching everywhere. I had actually purchased the recordings of that event, but the link where the recordings I’d purchased had now expired. I contacted the company, they wouldn’t give it back to me or they didn’t have it anymore or whatever. So then I was trying to buy them on EBay, I couldn’t buy them on EBay. I tried everywhere. I spent way too long trying to search for this presentation, because it was literally like a 2 minute pitch that I wanted to find. It was probably like 8 hours, the time I wasted on this thing.

But I knew that if I found that one little piece, I would know how to pitch this thing I’m trying to sell. I didn’t find it, but I did find some notes that somebody was there and there was a single sentence that gave me kind of, that reminded of what the hook was. So I am kind of re-building that pitch based on my memory and one sentence that I found after 8 hours of digging. In fact, I ended up finding the entire event, I had to pay some dude insane amounts of money to go and black market find it for me. I don’t feel guilty because I bought it before, but normally I wouldn’t do that.

So he gets it to me, sends me the whole thing. I’m like, “Oh my gosh.” All the videos of everyone in the presentation is there except for the one I am looking for. I’m like, “Dude, where is this?” and he’s like, “How do you know it’s missing.” And I’m like, “I have the notes from somebody who was at the event. The same event that I was at. These are the notes, it says the name of the presentation. This is where between this one and this. You gave me the two other ones, but not the one I needed.” Anyway, I never got the video. So there’s the sad ending of that story. But there’s a happy ending.

But while I was doing that, one of the videos I found during the thing was actually on YouTube, it was the keynote speaker at the event, it was Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary Vaynerchuk is obviously the keynote to almost every event ever, I think. I love the dude, but he’s probably not going to keynote ours, because he just keynotes too many places, so it’s not that special I think. But he’s awesome, I think he’s awesome. Anyway, I was listening to, sorry I’m at the office now. I was listening to, on YouTube while I was searching for it, I found his recording from that same event and I had missed his presentation because I was out in the hall doing whatever I was doing.

So I was like, I’m going to watch this while I’m searching. So while I’m searching I was watching this presentation. What is cool, sorry my alarm’s going off here. Good, I gotta disarm the alarm, now we’re good to go. So I’m in there and I’m watching this presentation while I’m searching for this other video and I’m listening to it and Gary said something that was like, boom. And maybe that was the journey I got sent on to try and find this one ten minute video clip that I didn’t find. But in the journey is where I found this piece and it was this gold nugget that is so good.

So Gary was talking and what he said that was profound, he said, “Our phones, the thing that’s in your hand right now probably, is the equivalent of the TV in the 1950’s.” And then I was like, what’s he talking about? And he went on to kind of explain it and he said, “In 1950’s if you turned on the TV, what was there? three channels. ABC, CBS, and NBC and that was it. So people turned on the TV and had to watch one of three channels.” In fact, that’s what Tony Robbins said to me. When I first met him he’s said, “You know when I got started there were three channels and I just advertized on those three channels and I was everywhere and we made insane amounts of money. And when media split, that’s when it became hard.” But he had a 20 year run. Every channel you turned on Tony was there, and everyone knew who he was all the time.

And then, I’ve done a whole podcast before on how media splits and turns into more channels and cable and soon it gets really, really hard because it’s all fragmented. What’s interesting is that, he said, “Our phones are like TV in the 1950’s because that was the thing in 1950’s, three channels. Right now on your phone, there’s 3 or 4 channels that actually matter. There’s 2 or 4 channels that everybody goes to get all their entertainment and their information and those kind of things.”

If you think about it, think about the typical app, there’s the app store or whatever you want to call it, it’s insane, there’s millions of apps. So you think it’s this huge flooded thing, but the reality is, think about your phone right now and your habits. How many apps do you go to every single day consistently? And probably like 5 or 6 times a day. I was thinking about that and thinking about myself and there’s definitely a pattern. When I’m bored I open up the social tab and I go to Facebook, Instagram, messenger, Snapchat, anyway there’s 4 or 5 things I go to. When I’m done, I close it down and get back to my work.

When I get bored and get stuck or whatever, I come back and open up those 3 or 4 channels to see if anything interesting is happening on any of them and then I come back and I leave. And that’s what TV was, right. When he started saying that, he’s like, “If you understand that, everyone’s got these phones and there’s only 3, 4 or 5 stations everybody’s listening to.” So what are those channels. Facebook is a channel, Instagram is a channel, Snap chat is a Channel, YouTube is a channel. What are the channels that are there? There’s not that many, there really isn’t. There’s only a handful of them. And when he said that I was like, “Oh my gosh.”

And I’m really good on one channel. We’re good on Zuckerberg. We dominate Facebook, but we haven’t been good at the other ones. So we started, if you’ve been watching, I’ve been really working hard at Instagram lately, it’s been growing and actually doing really well for us. If you’re not following my Instagram, please follow my Instagram. I think you just go to, I think. But I’m not sure.

So we’re starting to do stuff on Instagram and on YouTube we’re actually on Monday launching our big YouTube channel. On each channel we have a different strategy. For me, the ones we’re trying to dominate are Facebook, Instagram, I kind of gave up on Snapchat, if I’m completely honest. Instagram is just easier and better, I think. So we’re doing Instagram hard, Twitter, we ignored Twitter for our entire lives and then it turned out we’re getting insane amounts of traffic from Twitter. People are talking about us and we didn’t even know. So now we’re like, crap we should do something in Twitter. I’m going to go learn how to tweet. So I’m starting to get into that again. And then YouTube.

So there’s the four or five channels. We’re not trying to be the biggest dude on YouTube, but I’m trying to get, so my audience when they pull out their phone and are searching the four or five channels, they’re going to see me on everyone of those channels. I started looking at that and I was like, holy crap. I always thought the internet was so big. We’re trying to advertize everywhere. But if you flip it like that, all the sudden it shrinks it down. This is your mobile experience. This is your phone, there are four channels your people are on. How do you get in front of your people on those four channels? That’s it, and it’s really not that hard.

So that’s been, that’s my strategy and you’ll see that happening more and more over the next few weeks as we’re rolling out each channel more aggressively. And then we’re having a strategy and putting people in place to make it consistent and cool. And I’m not talking about, a lot of people go and make a video and then rip the audio and put it on 30 different places. I’m not talking about that. I’m talking about understanding the intricacies of each channel and making unique, cool stuff for each one. Some of you guys are just beginners and you’re starting. And if you’re starting don’t do this yet. I’m in 14 years and I’m starting to do this kind of thing.

But after you’ve mastered one channel, I think that everyone needs to be good at one channel if you’re going to grow. I met a friend earlier this year who is really good at Instagram, but he’s not good at any of the other channels. But he’s awesome there, making tons of money. But again, I’m a big believer in first you have to spend, I’ve been smacked too many times by too many channels.

But I think starting at one and mastering it and then after that’s in place, then going and mastering the second one, third one. With that said, we’re at the point now we’re kind of mastering the other ones and plugging things in. That’s what my goal was, to really be dominate in the 4 or 5 channels on everybody’s phone in my marketplace. So whenever they get bored they pull it out and I’ve got something interesting and unique in each one.

Who’s doing this successfully right now? The only people I know who are really doing it successfully in all of the platforms…oh and speaking of, also podcasting. Podcasting is one of those ones as well. Gary Vaynerchuk is fantastic, he’s the best one I’m watching to model. He’s the one that kind of brought this idea up. He knows something and I’m impressed with that. I’m impressed with, he saw it, because I didn’t see that until he told me. Now I see it. He saw it, he gets it. So watch him close, watch what I’m doing closely.

Go to each of these channels and not many people are on all of them, but find the people you connect with, who are good in each one and model those people, funnel hack them. That’s what we’re doing, we’re looking at what kind of images are other people doing in Instagram? What kind should we be doing? What kind of posts here? What we’re modeling in funnel hacking all the time.

I hope you guys are funnel hacking and modeling me. You should be. I’m on a path trying to figure this stuff out. Not everything I do is right but if I do it consistently, it means it’s working. Know that, model it, funnel hack it.

Anyway, so those are the channels and one other twist. And this is something that I am excited for. On top of that, we’re going to try to create our own channel. And I’ve got a play that’s halfway in play right now, I’m excited for it. I’m not going to ruin it or divulge too much yet. If it works, it’s gonna, for my community, for my tribe, for you guys, it’s going to add one more layer of awesomeness. It’s going to be this really cool tribe app thing that brings us all together into our own distribution channel. Our own media network. Our own TV show. Whatever you want to call it. It’s going to be cool. You’ll see it. Stay tuned and pay attention. You’ll see the cool stuff that’s happening.

Anyway, that’s what I want to share with you guys today. That mindset, I heard it from Gary, took me about a week to internalize it. Now you’re hearing it from me, I hope you guys think about it and internalize, because I think it’s something really good. Alright I’m walking out of the office.

You guys want some updates on stats. I’ve got a big monitor in front of me showing me all the stats. So as of today, actually let me refresh this because it might be better than this. Unless it automatically refreshes on its own…as of right now, sorry this monitor is kind of weird, I’m trying to figure out how…there we go, reload.

Okay, book sales, we’ve been live a little over two weeks so far. So there’s a couple of cool metrics I’ll share with you guys here. If I can get it to work. Alright, so as of right now we have sold 30,503 copies of the book, which is amazingly exciting. I think so. If I break that down, 23,834 people have taken the Expert Secrets book. 6,692 have taken the Black Box. Also have, if you want to know, lets see. Okay, so the….sorry, the metrics, I can’t…we shifted some of the funnels so some metrics aren’t perfect. But that’s okay.

Upsell number one 7.84% of you guys are taking that, which is either the MP3 player or the audiobooks, of both the Expert Secrets and Dotcom Secret, which is cool. 3.22% are taking Expert Evolution upsell, which is new and we just rolled out last week, which is really, really cool. And then our average cart value right now, from the whole campaign, $32.40. Our total collected money is $989,095.30. So probably by tomorrow we’ll pass a million dollars collected on this funnel, which is cool and gets me excited. To have a new funnel inducted into the two comma club. I’m going to do one more thing. I’m going to reset the stats on here because I want to see……

Okay, so we’ve made some changes to the funnels, so I wanted to see a couple of other metrics, based on that. Sorry, you guys are geeking out with me in real time. Hopefully the suspense is killing you though and getting you excited and not annoying you. If it’s annoying you I’m sorry. You can skip to the next episode, but if you like suspense that’s good. So our actual cart value since we shifted the funnel over $33.29, which only seems like a small update, but it’s actually really big. Because when we first launched our average cart value was really high because all of you hyper active guys went and bought a ton of them. And it dropped dramatically afterwards. So it’s actually up 7 or 8 bucks from the normal traffic.

So the order form bump is at 13.65%, which isn’t bad but it’s not….I wanted it to be closer to 20, so it’s not bad. And this is interesting, so if you, look upsell number one is the MP3 player, there’s three options on the page. You can either buy the physical MP3 player or the digital audiobook files or you can get both. And both for the same price as one, so it’s kind of a funny thing. But 81.56% took just the digital audiobooks, 15.64% took the digital and the physical. And then 2.79% took just the physical, even though it’s the same price. That was the decoy offer, yet they still took it, which is kind of funny.

Anyway, those are the metrics, hopefully that’s kind of fun for you guys. Anyway, it’s been fun. I love this game, it’s a fun little game. So we are in the process right now of tonight actually at midnight, we switch over from our normal affiliate commissions to $20 CPA, so hopefully tomorrow everyone’s going to start promoting like crazy for the last 7 or 8 days of the launch, which is really fun and exciting. We’re going to sell some more books, our goal is to get that about double where we’re at right now and then we got one more fun thing that we’ll be executing at the end of the book launch which will make everybody, all the affiliates a lot of money. And it will serve all the people that bought books, help get them to where they want to be, so I’m excited for that.

Setting the alarm, back in here, I’m going to head back home. My parents are actually coming to town tonight. Howard Berg, the world’s fastest reader is coming in town tonight. And then tomorrow we’re filming a bunch of videos with him. So we’ve got a fun journey happening in the next day or two and I’ll be sharing it with you guys. With that said, have an amazing night you guys. And I’ll check back in with you soon. Bye everybody.


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