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344 - The Magic “B” Word...

The Magic “B” Word...

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The one word that changes EVERYTHING

When you understand and execute the magic “B” Word, you can have more success in your life than you ever dreamed of. Not understanding or executing on The Magic “B” Word can have unfavorable consequences. So, what exactly is the ‘B’ word? It’s BELIEF.

Want to know how to EASILY adopt an attitude of BELIEF that can catapult you to success faster than you thought possible? Listen to this episode of the Marketing Secrets Podcast so you can get to where you’re going FASTER no matter what stage of growth your business is in.

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Anyway, I remember that the people that are successful ones are like, "All right, I'm here. You're the person I brought in, my coach. I'm just going to believe whatever you say," and they just do it. They don't ever come back like, "Oh, I heard this," or "What about..." and the different things. And I promise you, if you come into this challenge skeptical, if you come in not believing, it's 100% going to keep you from having success. If you come in like, "Look, I'm not going to understand this stuff. Sometimes Russell's going to talk too fast..."


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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. All right. Hopefully you enjoyed the last episode. I gave you guys one of the pre-trainings from the Build your Brand Challenge with me and Dean and Tony. And today I'm going to give you guys the second one. It's funny. I actually did this training at my in-laws house in front of a tree in the only spot in the yard I could get good enough internet to do it. And while I was doing this, just to put the perspective, I had my son with a BB gun, pretending to shoot me in the face right behind the camera. In the middle of it, my pop socket popped off. And one of my kids, my 10 year old climbed up on the roof of the house. I'm doing, while I’m doing a live, I’m watching things in the background, trying to not be distracted. But in this we talked about the magic B word. What is that B word? Well it's the one that's going to determine whether you're successful or not. And so I want to share this episode with you because, again, I think it'll help shift your mindset and it's one of our pre-trainings we did for the Build your Brand Challenge. I hope you enjoy it. We'll queue up the theme song. When we get back, we'll jump right into that training.

What's up, everybody? This is Russell, and I'm going to be starting here in a couple seconds. Just wanted to jump on real quick and say hey to everybody. How excited are you guys for the Build your Brand Challenge? How excited are you for Monday? It's coming very, very soon. I hope that you're half as excited as I am. I know me, Dean, and Tony have been going crazy getting this ready for you guys. And I'm pumped to spend some time with you guys today. We got 10 minutes for some pre-training, get you prepped, get you ready, get you emotionally ready for this moment, this time, literally like a date with destiny over the next week that's going to have the possibility of shifting everything for you.

I'm actually on a family vacation right now. Last night after a long, hard day, we decided to jump in the car and drive a couple hours and come to a rodeo, which was so much fun. And now we're at my in-laws house. I'm in the front yard. It's the only spot I could find that had good enough internet to go live with you guys. I hope you forgive me then because you probably hear some lawnmowers in the background and kids running around, and so I apologize in advance for that. But I'm here because we've got 10 minutes of pre-training to go through, and I wanted to get you guys excited.

So first off, before I get too deep into this, we've got different levels of people coming in here. We've got people who are the dabblers who are like, "Oh, I'm just checking out, seeing what's happening." I got those who are insane, who are all in, who are going to go a million percent no matter what. So I'm curious, if you're a dabbler, write "Dabbler" down below. If you're like, "I'm all in," write "I'm all in" down below because I want to find out exactly who I'm hanging out with, who I'm serving today because I don't deal well with dabblers as you'll probably ness. I like hanging out with people who are going all in all the time. So if that's you, then down below, let me know.

Okay. All right. Awesome. Okay, we got a bunch of guys coming in right now. So as we were preparing this week... Next week we've got so much cool stuff prepared and lined up for you guys. And Dean asked me ahead of time, he's like, "Hey, if you were to talk to people before the training starts to help them, to get them inspired, get them excited, get them to break down the barriers, anything that's going to hold them back from success, what would you tell them?" And so we started kind of talking through some topics and some ideas, and one of the things that I wanted to share with you guys, which is right in my first pre-training, was talking about the transition from growth to contribution.

How many of you guys had a chance to watch that video, me talking about growth to contribution? Okay, I'm asking because since I've done that video, over 50,000 people registered for the challenge, so tons of you may have missed it. So make sure you go back to the announcements. And my biggest recommendation between now and when we go live on Monday is go watch all the pre-training. We designed these things and structured in a way to help break through false beliefs, get you motivated, get you excited, help you see the future, help you see the vision, where we're going, what we're doing. And so if you haven't, go watch that, okay? Make sure you guys are watching that.

But my first thing I wanted to talk about was that transition from growth to contribution because that's everything. That's why we do this. That's the why behind it for me, and hopefully it becomes the why behind it for you. That contribution is the thing that's going to change your life more than anything you've done up to this point. Okay? So that's the first part of it.

The second thing I want to talk about... Man, the guy lawn mowing the lawn is getting closer and closer. Hopefully he runs out of gas soon. The second thing I want to talk about is something that I call the magic B word, okay? If you saw the description, magic B word. So what is the B word? And I want you to understand this because in my belief, in my understanding is that this thing, if you understand this, if you execute on this B word, it'll give you the ability to have success in anything you do in life. Okay? If you don't, it'll guarantee you fail at anything in life. Now we might be, "What is that? What is that thing?" and the B word that I want to talk about is simple. It's the word belief. Okay?

It's interesting. I've been doing this game now for 18 years, this online marketing game. A lot of it I've been doing teaching and coaching and stuff, and I've seen in this much time a lot of commonalities, and what's interesting is that there's always people that come into anything we do, and they come in and they're skeptical. So what is a skeptic? A skeptic's someone who comes in and they want the result, but they're skeptical, which means they don't believe that you can give it to them, right? So they come in, they're skeptical, looking around, and the whole time they're looking at me like, "What's wrong? Where's the hole? What's the gap? What's broken? What's the wrong thing," right? They're looking for the problem the entire time. And as they start looking for the problem, guess what they always end up finding? The problem, the reason why they cannot be successful. Despite the fact that hundreds or thousands of people around them are having success, they're able to say, "Oh, well, Russell talks too fast so I can't have success," or "Oh, Russell, Dean, and Tony, they sell something, therefore they've got to have ulterior motives. They're not here to try to help me."

Everybody's got these different things, right? And it's like the skeptics never have success, right? Ever, in all things. This isn't just in business. This is in sports. I'm a wrestler, and so as a wrestler growing up, I remember we'd go to practice and my coach would say something. I was just like, "I'm here. He's my coach." So anything he said, I just did. And other people are like, "Well, I tried that one time. It didn't work. Oh, well. Oh, well. I'm not very flexible. Oh, my arms are shorter. Oh, I'm not faster." They always had some excuse about why they couldn't do it. They were skeptical. They were always looking for the reason why they could fail because they wanted to be able to blame it on something as quick as humanly possible. They didn't want to take personal responsibility for it, okay? And so if you don't come into this through the lens of belief, I guarantee 100% that you will fail this person. 100%. Now if you are someone who traditionally in your life is more skeptical, it's going to be tough for you. And my guess is you've probably struggled with a lot of things in life because you come in skeptical.

This is what I want you understand. When I first got into sports, I remember my coach, the guy who was my coach, I was like, "This is my coach. He's amazing. Therefore, anything he says, I will believe no matter what. Even if doesn't make any sense to me, there's a logic, there's a reason he tells me, I'm going to believe it." And so I remember coming in, my coach was like, "You need to do this." I'm like, "Okay." And he'd tell me how to do a move or what to do or whatever, and whatever he said, I just believed it with 100% certainty. I was like, "This is the coach. This is the person who I got to be my coach, therefore whatever he says, I will just do. I believe him 100%." And as I did that, guess what? I became a better wrestler. I didn't have excuses about why I was going to fail, why I wasn't good enough, why I wasn't talented. I could have been... There's so many things. I saw so many people... my teammates who fought every single thing. But instead I said, "Okay, okay." I didn't talk back. I didn't fight back. I just believed.

And same thing started transitioning into business. When I got into business, I remember I started finding different coaches and mentors, and I would join different groups, I'd be part of stuff like this. Not at this scale. I've never been part of a group that's this big. But I would get involved in stuff. I remember the coach or the teacher, whoever started teaching me something. And I would watch as other people in the audience or the people who were in the Facebook group, whatever, who'd be like, "Well, I heard so and so said this," or, "Oh..." And there was all these different things. I remember I was like, "Dude, I'm paying this person to tell me what to do. Therefore, I'm going to believe everything he says, or she says, whatever it is." And I just believed him. When I hire a coach I do the same thing. I just believe him. And because of that, I have success. Okay?

So the reason why I'm telling you this is because you came into this game, right? You came to this Build your Brand Challenge, and you said, "Look, there's three people who have had insane amounts of success." You got Tony Robbins, who arguably there's probably no one on this earth that's been more successful in so many things than Tony, right? You got Dean, who's been doing this game for a long, long time, right? When I was in high school, I used to watch Dean on infomercials. This is how much of a nerd I was. I would watch his infomercials, I record them on VHS, and then I re-watched them and I take notes on how he sold. That's how much of a geek that I was in high school. And I've been doing this game now for 18 years.

I know a lot of you guys don't know me yet, we haven't met, and we'll get to know each other a lot more of the next five days. But I own a company called ClickFunnels, and in the last five years, we've helped over a thousand people make a million dollars. Okay? We've done this. This is not our first rodeo, right? Yet, there's so many people who come into our world... Sorry. The neighbor's car is backing up. Those who missed it, I'm at my in-laws right now. We came to a rodeo last night and I didn't have anywhere else to stream. So apologize for any lawnmowers or people driving by, or my kids going nuts.

Anyway, I remember that the people that are successful ones are like, "All right, I'm here. You're the person I brought in, my coach. I'm just going to believe whatever you say," and they just do it. They don't ever come back like, "Oh, I heard this," or "What about..." and the different things. And I promise you, if you come into this challenge skeptical, if you come in not believing, it's 100% going to keep you from having success. If you come in like, "Look, I'm not going to understand this stuff. Sometimes Russell's going to talk too fast..."

It's kind of like Mr. Miyagi. You remember Mr. Miyagi and Danielson when he's like, "All right, this is the deal, Danielson. You want to learn how to fight? This is what we're going to do. First thing you do is you come in here and you're going to wax the car. Wax on, wax off, wax on, wax off." And Danielson's like, "All right," starts waxing, he goes, "No, no, no, no, no. Grab again. Wax on, wax off." And Danielson's kind of like, "All right." So he starts waxing and eventually waxes like 30 cars, right? He comes back, he's like, "All right, Mr. Miyagi, I'm ready to learn to fight." He's like, "No, no, no, no. First, we must paint the fence." Takes him over and starts painting the fence, and Danielson's like, "Paint the fence?" He's like, "Paint the fence," as he's forcing him, he's all mad and angry. He does three or four chores like that and finally comes back to Mr. Miyagi, he's like, "Look, dude..." This is me paraphrasing because I haven't seen the movie in a little while. But he's like, "Look, dude, I came here to learn how to fight. I'm not doing all your chores for you anymore."

And then all of a sudden, Mr. Miyagi throws this punch at him... and instinctively Danielson does what? Wax on and blocks the punch. He's like, "Oh." And then Mr. Miyagi kicks him. He's like... Paints the fence and blocks the kick. And all of a sudden, he's like, "Oh. That's why he had me wax the car and paint the fence, to learn these things." There are going to be things over the next five days you're like, "Why in the world is Russell talking to us? Why did Tony tell me to do this thing? Why are they asking me to do these things that are so uncomfortable? I don't want to do this. That was so painful. Why must I wax the car? I just want to make money. I just want to build my brand. I just want to change the world. I do not want to be waxing the car. I don't want to be painting the fence. I don't want to be..." fill in the blank, whatever the thing is, right?

There's going to be times it's not going to make sense and you're going to be confused, you're going to be frustrated, all these things. But I want you to believe. Come into this through a lens of belief. Believe that Tony, Dean, and I have your best interest. Believe that we want you to be successful. Believe this is not our first rodeo. I went to a rodeo last night. So that's why I'm using that analogy. This is not our first rodeo, okay? This is not my first time I've taken a group of people through a process like this. It's not Dean's. It's not Tony's. We've done it over and over and over again. And we know how this works. We know the process. We know what will give you success. And we're going to take you through that process. We're not going to lead you astray. We're not going to tell you anything that's not going to work. If you've joined this challenge, you've entrusted us with that. You said, "Look, I trust you, Russell. I trust you, Dean. I trust you, Tony. Please take me on this path."

So that means you need to come into this with full belief. Do not come in skeptical. "Oh, well, what if this doesn't work? What if that..." Blah, blah, blah. Those are the things that I guarantee if you follow those, if you get into that trap of skepticism, you will fail. 100% failure rate if you have skepticism. But if you come in believing, that's how you're going win. And I can't guarantee your success, but I can guarantee that if you come in with a lens of belief and you follow the process, you do what we say, and you just believe that we know what we're talking about, at the end of it your chance of success is much higher than if you come in through the lens of skepticism. You will not be successfully coming through skepticism. So that's the kind of game plan. I'm pretty set. Should I go buy some some wax, car, and paint? It might be a good idea.

So I wanted to just kind of lead with that because... I don't know. I know these things. I've been in this process. I'm on my own side, right? There's things I'm really good at. I understand this is a business game. It's fun. I understand it. It doesn't stress me out. There are other parts of my life that freak me out that I step into and they're scary and they're not comfortable. Day two, Stacey Martino is going to be coming and teaching you guys. You're going to love Stacey. She's helped over 10,000 people save their marriage. And doesn't just help save marriages, but also make a marriage great.

And so my wife and I went to her event. I was like, "I want to experience this with my wife and myself and our family and the relationships I have." And I went to that event, and for me, that was very uncomfortable. I don't like going into a room with people talking about our feelings and our emotions. So for me, I've been in that same zone you are. But I said, "Look, Stacey's going to be my coach in this thing, so I'm going to do what she says even if it makes no logical sense." And there's a lot of stuff she told me that makes no logical sense to my mind, yet I believed her and I did it, and holy cow, it's worked in my relationships.

Anyway, so I want you guys to understand that as you're coming into this challenge because so many things are going to come up. There's going to be times where you're like, "This is over my head. I get information overload. I'm overwhelmed." Or you're going to come in at a point where you're like, "Man, Russell and Dean want me to go live," or "They want me to go do this thing. They want me to push a button and put my face out there. They want me to make a video. They want me to..." There's going to be parts you're just like, "Ah!" Your skepticism mind's going to look for every possible way that it can fail. It's going to be shifting around, like "I can fail there, there," and it's going to be like, "Yes, yes." And for some reason we want to fail because we don't want to have that fear of "Ah!"

We want to be able to blame it on something, so your skepticism mind's going to try to... And I want you to just put on blinders and say, "Look, I don't know. It doesn't make sense. But I believe. I believe that Russell, Dean, and Tony have my best interests in heart. I believe they're taking me on this journey. I believe them. We're going to do it." And if you do that, you follow that process, you guys, that's where we can help you. That's where we can change your life. That's where we can give you the transformation you need, okay?

So how many of you guys are up for that? How many of you guys are up for 100% belief in the process, in your mentors, in everything we're talking about? If you're in with 100% belief, in the comments down below say, "100% belief." I want to see that from as many people as possible. 100% belief. I want to see like a hundred of you guys. We got almost 600 on right now, so as many as you guys can, 100% belief, tell me down below because that is going to be the key to your success. Okay? The skepticism is going to be the key to your failure.

All right. We've got to coming in. We've got the belief. We've got the belief. Oh, man, I'm so excited. You guys, this is going to be so much fun. For those of you guys who have... If you've ever struggled business in the past or building a brand, all these things we're going to be talking about, if you struggle with that stuff in the past, I'm hoping that this is going to be the thing. All of us had that. Before I got successful in business, I spent 18 months... I tried thing after thing, after thing, after thing. I tried everything. Then it wasn't till something happened where I had my shift and all the sudden I was like, "Oh, it all makes sense now. I can run. I can go. My goal... I want to give you guys that shift and that transformation this week because as soon as you get it, then it becomes fun.

Last night we were at the rodeo, and one of the guys who's at the rodeo here, his name is Tyson Durfey. You can look him up. He's a world champion calf roper and one of the coolest guys I've ever met. So we had a chance to watch him compete, and we hung out afterwards, and he's been starting his own business and building his own brand. It's funny because he told me, he's like, "I struggled. I struggled. I struggled." Then he's like, "Then finally I got it." He's like, "This is the most exciting in the world." Now he's got his course online. He's making... I don't want to do any income claims. He's doing really, really well with it, though.

And last night he told me. He's like, "It's crazy." He's like, "Now I understand." He's like, "I see it everywhere." He's like, "I've got a buddy who's an ex-football player. He's a world champ or a Superbowl champ and MVP at Superbowl," all these things. He's like, "I can take what I know now. I can help him to do the same thing that I just did in the rodeo industry." I was like, "I know. Isn't it crazy? I was the same way. When I first figured this stuff out I was like, 'I have to tell everybody.' I was just so excited." The last decade and a half of my life has been dedicated to that because it's so exciting and it's so much fun. So if you failed in the past, if you struggled in the past, it's okay. Don't put that pressure and stuff. Come in with a clean slate, having belief, open-mindedness, jump into this, having so much fun. And I promise you that if you do that, we can give you the transformation. Okay? So that is the magic B word, belief.

Now I want to go one step further, okay? It's interesting because right now the biggest goal is for you to believe in the process, to believe in your mentors and to go all in and do it, right? But after you figured out, you're like, "Oh, this is actually super easy. Why was I stressed about this? You're going to have success." And then what's going to happen is you're going to start building your own tribe. Your own people to be coming in. You're going to be serving them and helping them and what you're going to find out is your number one goal, your number one job when you start bringing people in and you're serving them and you're changing their lives, your number one job is to get them to believe. It's crazy.

People ask me all the time with ClickFunnels... For those who don't know, my company's called ClickFunnels. We've got 120,000 active entrepreneurs who use our platform. And people always ask me, "Russell, what's your job at ClickFunnels? What do you do?" I was like, "I've only got one mission at ClickFunnels, my only goal. My goal is for people to believe that this works for them. That's it. That's what I do." So all my books, my Facebook Lives, my courses, my challenge, everything I do is to get my people to believe because the process isn't hard. You just do it. I've done it so many times. It is not difficult at all. I can do it in my sleep. Oh, there's an ant running up my leg. Sorry. Anyway, I can do it in my sleep. You give me any product, any business, I know the process. I'm not scared of it. I know it.

And so my job is not... The teaching part's important and it's there, but the framework's, it's not difficult. It's not that hard. My biggest thing is I have to get you to believe. That's what I've got to do, Tony's got to do, Dean's got to do. We got to get you to believe. And when you get your people in whatever it is you're doing, your same job is you've got to get your people to believe, okay? Believe the process. You become the belief cheerleader.

I want you guys to understand that because for a lot of you guys it's going to be uncomfortable right now to get that belief out and to be able to do it. It's going to be uncomfortable. I want you to remember that feeling because as you start serving your people, they're going to feel that same thing, as well. And so you can go back to that place, like "Man, I remember this one time I took this challenge that was uncomfortable for me. It was uncomfortable. Dean and Tony and Russell were telling me to do these things and I'm so uncomfortable, but I believed them. And because of that, here's the breakthrough I had, here's the transformation, here's why I'm able to serve you now." And then for them, whatever the business, the industry, the brand that you're building, that's your job is you become the belief cheerleader for your customers. That's it. If I can get you to believe, the process is not difficult. Making money online is not hard. Building a brand's not difficult. Getting you to believe that you can, that's the hard part. Somebody who's like, "Well, I believe it works, Russell. It works for you. It works for Tony. He's a giant, for crying out loud. Of course it works for him, but not about me. It's not going to work for me," right? That's the thing. That's what I got to get you to believe.

I don't have to get you to believe the process works. I know you've seen it. You've seen it over and over and over and over and over and over again. I have to get you to believe that you can do it. That's the hardest job that we've got. Okay? So if you come in and help us by getting that belief, coming with 100% belief and not coming in skeptical, not coming in looking for what could possibly go wrong, but coming with belief, it'll change everything. It makes our job easier, and it's going to be huge. And like I said, I'm going to be over the next five days your guys' biggest belief cheerleader on the planet because I believe in you. I know that every single one of you guys has a message. You have a mission. You've got something that can change the lives of the people you've been called to serve. Okay? I know it. I've seen it over and over and over again. And so if I can get you to believe that you've got the capacity, the ability, the tower of things to do it, it's not that hard. The process is not hard. The tactics are not difficult. It's just the belief, between your ears. If you can believe it, we can achieve it.

So anyway, I appreciate you guys. This is going to be so much fun. I hate when there's 600 people hanging out with me to end anything, but I want to be respectful of your time and let you guys have the weekend to get prepared and ready for the challenge. Again, we start Monday. It's going to be so much fun. If you're not sure what to do, I would recommend a couple of things. Number one, go back through all the pre-trainings that me and Dean have been doing. Those are worth watching. These are mindset shifts we need to give you to help you be more successful in getting it. So number one. Number two, if you haven't got a trial to software, you don't have to have it to be successful, but we created software that's going to be amazing. We're giving you a 14-day trial just to play with it... Excuse me.

We'll also be doing the challenge. You can do it on your own paper or whatever, or you can plug it in the software as we're doing it, which is going to be a way better experience for you, way more fun. So there's a link, and I think it's There should be link above or below me where you can go try it. It's a dollar trial. We give that dollar, all that money goes to feeding kids. And then you have 14 days. 14 days does not start until Monday, so you got 14 days from Monday to use the software. If you don't like it, cancel. If you're like, "I can't afford it," cancel. But it'll help make the process of this challenge way easier because you'll be able to have this tool to plug things in and be able to see it, and yeah.

So anyway, that's it, you guys. I appreciate you. Thanks for hanging out. This is just the beginning. This is pre-training. Training did not even begin yet. Monday it starts. I think Monday is going to be a really fun day. You got me, Dean, and Tony going live. I'd block out at least two hours for it. And then we're going to give you a homework at the end. And again, the homework's going to be uncomfortable and you're going to be like, "But I don't want to, Russell. Dean, don't make me. Tony, why are you so big and tall? I feel like I have to do it." But you're going to do it. And when you do that, you're going to get more belief. And then you'll be like, "Oh my gosh, I did it. I took this uncomfortable action. I believe I can do it." You're going to believe the next thing and the next thing and the next thing. If you give yourself that permission just to try, even if it doesn't feel comfortable, very soon I promise you guys it'll be worth it.

So anyway, appreciate all. Thanks so much for everything. Oh, Sharon said, "I bought software, but I don't have the download link yet." Yeah, the software will open up on Monday. So that's from the 14... Sorry. My pop socket just popped off the back of my phone and that's why I dropped phone. Anyway, but there should be download links and stuff in there. If not, message our support. They can help you get everything.

All right. That's all you get, you guys. I appreciate you. Have an amazing weekend, and let's get started. Monday it all begins. Monday is your day with destiny. This is where your life shifts, when you shift from growth to contribution. If you don't know what I'm talking about, go watch pre-training. You're going to make the shift from growth to contribution. You will grow more. You'll learn more. You'll feel more. You will have more life-changing experiences than you've ever expected or had at this point because you're making the shift, and I cannot wait for you guys. I appreciate you. Thanks so much for everything and I'll talk to you guys all soon. Bye, everybody. Let's go.


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