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347 - What I'm Doing As I Start Over Again...

What I'm Doing As I Start Over Again...

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I’m launching a new company, here is the step-by-step of what I’m doing and why.

A couple of months ago, we launched Two Comma Club LIVE, where you can get the virtual experience of all the INSANE goodness from Funnel Hacking Live right in your own home.

For the Funnel Hackers who took advantage of our ‘2CCX’ coaching that we offered on the Two Comma Club LIVE event, I also included an opportunity to watch me build an entirely new business from the ground up!

A TON of people took us up on that crazy offer BECAUSE they get to see me create this brand new business and launch it IN REAL TIME! You get to watch me take an idea and make it a reality…how it’s done, in the order it’s done, and everything it takes to make it successful. From ZERO to Profitability!

Want to know what this new business is and what’s coming next? Then check out this new episode of the Marketing Secrets podcast.

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And some are like, "But I don't want to publish. I'm selling physical products. I'm selling supplements." I'm like, "It doesn't matter. You've still got to publish. I don't care what business you're in, publishing is the key to winning this game longterm." So I made them all start publishing.


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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. If it sounds kind of funny right now, it's because I am in my sauna and there's a little but of noise in here. But I thought now is as good time as any to record the podcast, hopefully before the temperature gets too hot, that my phone dies. But I wanted to share with you guys, tomorrow we're actually launching a brand new company that I'm working on behind the scenes for the last 90 days or so, and I want to tell you what I'm doing, why I'm doing it, how I'm doing it, the order I'm doing it, and hopefully give you some insights on whatever your startup is you're working on right now.

All right, everybody. So, tomorrow's an exciting day. We've been working on this new idea for the last little while. And first phase of it's going live, which is exciting. And it's actually kind of fun. Some of you guys saw our Two Comma Club live event that we did almost three months ago now. And when we did that event the very first time, one of the things I decided to do was I said, "Hey, when people sign up for coaching at the end," (we have our Two Comma Club X coaching program), and I said, "Hey, when you join the Two Comma Club X, I'm going to not just tell you the theory of how to build a business, but I'm actually going to do it with you guys. So I'm in the trenches and you're going to see me doing it. It's going to be a brand new business that I'm not in currently new market, new everything, and I'll show you what I would do in the order I would do it, and you guys can follow along."

So that was the offer, and luckily for me and for them, a lot of people took us up on the offer. And it's been fun the last almost 90 days, going through this process with them.

It was cool, it was actually the end of this month, depending when you're listening to this, we are doing Two Comma Club live again. It'll be very similar to the last one. A couple of things different, but for the most part it'll be a similar event.

Because I feel it's my foundational event. It's the first thing that everyone needs to go through when they come into my world. So if you are new to my world, go through that event. It is something you should do in the first 90 days after you get to know me. It's awesome. You can go to and experience it. Like I said, the next live one is happening even to this month.

But anyway, like I said, last time we did it. At the end obviously we sell our coaching program, and I told people I was going to build this new company. So, the only thing I knew the time was it was going to be called, And it was going to do with personality profiling. Now, I'm going to give you guys a piece of it right now. I'm not going to tell everything because it's not all done. It hasn't been revealed to the world yet. But there is a software component that we're working on that I'm really excited for.

There's a bunch of other things. But even though I'm launching a software company, the first phase is not launching the software. This is so funny to me. I get people all the time come to me, and they're e-commerce people and they want to know how to launch it. And I start telling them the process I would go through. And they're like, "No, but we're selling physical products. We wouldn't do this for us." I'm like, "You guys are missing the point. If you want to scale a company big, there's things you do before you launch the product."

Same thing if you're in software, if you're doing whatever. If I was doing supplements. No matter what business I would go in, there's foundational stuff I would do first. All of the businesses that didn't do the foundational stuff, I always capped my about kept myself about one to three million dollars a year. I could never get past that ceiling. And so, the companies that have grown to eight figures a year or nine figures a year, all were built on a more solid foundation.

So, this first 90 days coaching program and what we've done so far has been foundational. So you may be asking, well, what are the foundational things, Russ, that you do in the first 90 days of the business? So let me tell you. And those who are in the Two Comma Club X coaching program, they've seen in depth. Every week I give them a whole new module, which each module is like its own training course. It's not for the light of heart.

We call it the 1% crazies, because you got to be intense to even be part of this group. So each week I give them a brand new module, which is like an entire course. They go through it, they implement it, they do these things, and it's awesome. So, that's what's been happening. So I'm thinking you guys obviously a lighter version of X. I can't go into 30 hours of audio on this one podcast, but I want to give you guys a glimpse. So the first thing that I made everyone do is build up their Dream 100 list. That was phase number one, week number one.

People are like, "But I'm not trying to get traffic yet." I'm like, "this has nothing to do with traffic. This has to do with you figuring out ecosystem, that you are trying to build a business in. Who's already there, who are the players? What are they doing? What's your unique advantage? What is everybody else's unique advantage? What does that look like?" So the first week we built out everyone's Dream 100 list in Trello, which is really fun.

From there, I said, "Okay, the next role, now you've seen the marketplace, you understand the players and the people, number two is you have start publishing. And we made everybody start either a YouTube channel or Facebook Live, a video or a podcast or blog. And we give them intense training on all three, whichever one they want to start with, but they had to pick one platform to publish on.

And some are like, "But I don't want to publish. I'm selling physical products. I'm selling supplements." I'm like, "It doesn't matter. You've still got to publish. I don't care what business you're in, publishing is the key to winning this game longterm." So I made them all start publishing.

And then as you start publishing, I said, "The next phase is when you start building relationships. I want you to start asking some people of this Dream 100 to be on your podcast. Ask them to interview you. Go interview, get to know a couple of people." So they started doing that and started building some relationships. Then I said, "Okay, now we've got this publishing platform, then we continue publishing. Now that we have it in place, they build a consistent schedule. If it's three times a week, If it's once a week, whatever you're able to do.

If it's every day. Just pick a consistent schedule, and you cannot deviate from that. You have to keep it happening. That's the next phase of the process. Now they've launched a show and they're consistently publishing. Okay, now the next phase for me is I start at the bottom of the value ladder. If you've read the new updated Dotcom Secrets book, you know there's four tiers in the value ladder. And the first tier, we use their lead funnels to get leads in. Then the second tier we run boxing funnels and webinar funnels and phone funnels. But the bottom tier is lead funnels. I said, "There's a lot of lead funnels you can do. And you can just go build a lead magnet and launch it, which is a good strategy.

But what I want to recommend to everyone in this coaching program specifically to do is I want to challenge everyone to do a summit funnel. And so many people gave me resistance, like "I don't want to do summit funnel. I sell this. I sell this." I said, "This is not about what you sell. This is about a couple of things. Number one, it's about building relationships with your dream partners. Who are your Dream 100? Summit is the best way to get to know them, to interview them, to find out who they are, to get to know them."

They get face time with them, so you're building relationships with your dream partners. Number two is you have a chance to interview them and to sharpen your own saw, become better at what you're doing, and understand at such a deeper level. So that was the second phase, is getting people all to do their summit. And so there's a fork in the road, where they could go and they could do our secrets training if they wanted to, or they could go deep into the summit.

And I proposed everyone go to summit. And so for us in this little new startup, we have to understand, the first thing we did is we launched a podcast. So if you search for the Understanding Personality podcast. You'll go and you'll find Mike and Mandy. They are the gurus for this new business. I'm not the face of it. They are, and they've launched this podcast and they've been very consistent in putting out episodes. And then I made them go and do a summit. And it was so funny how nervous they were to go call people and set up the interviews and do the things.

And after the first interview, they're like, "Oh my gosh, that was so fun. I see why you want us to do this, Russ. We know that person now, I can call them, we're friends, we got to know each other." I'm like, "Exactly." Then they'd do the next person, and the next. By the time they were done, I could see this fear in their eyes when they first started has transformed into faith of, "I understand. I got to know the people, the players in the market who are making money, who have podcasts, who have books, who have these things. I've interviewed them, I get to know them. I have relationships with these amazing people now."

And it helped them shift from this fear-based thing to faith, of this is amazing. And so it's been so fun as we've been putting the funnel together and getting it all together. And tonight they're sending emails to all the speakers saying, "It's launching tomorrow. Here's the links if you'll promote it," and getting all excited. And it's just fun seeing this project come to fruition. And so this is the first phase, and we're launching it. And hopefully in the next 7 to 10 days is the launch. And then afterwards, the summit starts happening, people start getting the interviews and that'll be phase one of the business. And what we have at the end phase one now is a couple of things. We have somebody who's the face of our company publishing consistently. And that publishing channel will grow over time.

Publishing is one of those hard things. It always start slow. It's not like the big product launch, you make a million dollars overnight. It's one of those things where if you publish consistently for a year, it transforms your business forever. So the publishing is in place. It's consistently happening. It's number one. Number two now, we have leads coming in. Leads are coming in and we have relationships with our Dream 100. That is the foundation. That's the foundation of the business. Now I've got something amazing I can build on. I've got partners, I've got a subscriber base, and I have people know who I am. I have a voice in the market where I'm publishing, and my own unique ideas. I'm feeling the pulse of the marketing, what are they interested in, what are they not interested in?

What gets them excited, what things are boring? What things are exciting to us, where do we fit that's different than everybody else? All these things start coming to your head and all these answers are coming in as you figure out this first phase of publishing. And so that really, you guys, is what we've done in the first 90 days. Like I said, the summit launches tomorrow.

Which you guys, if it has launched by the time you guys get this, if you want to go see it, if you go to, I'm sure there will be a link to it there. You can go and register to see the summit. But again, that was the foundation's business. Now the first 90 days are over, inside the Two Comma Club X coaching program, there's three phases, there's Ignite and then Nail It and then Scale.

So this first phase is Ignite. It's all the foundational things you need to have to be able to grow longterm and consistently. And again, I told you guys the things, right, publishing, building relationships with your partners, building a following, building a list of subscribers. All those things happen in the Ignite phase. And then we transition everyone in the coaching program to phase two, which is now called Nail It. This is where we started going up the value ladder to our funnel. We have to figure out which funnel we're going to create. We're going to nail it. We're going to get traffic to it. We're getting it working, converting.

And then from there, they transition to the third phase of the coaching, which is called Scale. So ignite, nail it, scale it. And that's where scaling's offered. Anyway, but I'm excited because the first 90 days is officially almost over, and the funnel is launching on our site. And so many people inside of our group who I've watched as their summits have launched, some have killed it, some have made insane amounts of money. Some have made almost no money, but they had their first couple hundred subscribers. Everyone's in different spots, but it's exciting. So, anyway, I want to share with you guys, because I know so many times in the last class, "Russell, if you were starting your business over from scratch, what would you do?"

And so this is the practical application. You are seeing exactly what I'm doing. I'm showing everything that the Two Comma Club X coaching students, letting them see behind the curtain what's happening and why. And then they're just modeling it. They're given all the resources, to share funnels, the templates, everything I'm doing. So it's like, "Oh, I can just do the same thing." It's like, "Yeah, that's what I'm going to do."

I have a couple of new businesses I want to launch over the next couple years, and all of them will start with the same foundational methods. So, I hope that helps. And again, if you haven't come to Tacoma Live, I'd recommend coming. Again, it's the end of this year. If you go to it's spelled out T-W-O,

It's a three-day event that I do live from our offices here in Boise. And you don't have to pay. You can pay basically sign up and pay for the ticket afterwards if you like it, which is kind of cool. And then if you're interested in joining the Two Comma Club X coaching program, the only way to do that is from within either a Two Comma Club live event or a Funnel Hacking Live event. So, I'd recommend if you want to do the next 90 days with us, after the event goes live we will open the doors again, for usually 24 hours, and then we'll let the next group of people in and we'll take them through the Ignite 90-day process.

So if you want to do this with me and with us, please make sure to take advantage of that. Just go to, register for the live event, and then during the live event, take me up on the Two Comma Club X coaching picking. Anyway, I appreciate you guys. Hopefully it gives you some ideas for foundation. And with that said, it is like 150 degrees in the sauna, my phone's going to die any second now, so I'm going to leave. Appreciate you all. Thanks for listening. And I will see you guys all at the Two Comma Club live event coming up here very, very soon. Bye, everybody.


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