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348 - Some Ways To Promote Your Funnel

Some Ways To Promote Your Funnel

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After your funnel is live, the next question is “How do I get people to actually show up to my funnel?” This episode will give you some ideas.

Now that the funnel is ready, it’s time to ATTRACT an audience–your ideal customers–to your funnel. One of my favorite ways to get traffic to your funnel is to create anticipation and desire.

When a big Hollywood movie comes out, what happens? The movie star goes on “The Tonight Show” to talk about the movie. And then they show a cool clip of the movie to get you all excited so you WANT to go see the film! The movie star gets you all pumped up to BUY a ticket to the movie.

It’s the same with your funnel. You can create the same DESIRE and ANTICIPATION to drive people to YOUR funnel!

Want to know how to create this same “I gotta have this” desire for your product, service, or offer? Then check out this revealing episode of Marketing Secrets.

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And so same thing is true in our world. Right? When you come to building funnels, there's not like an unlimited type, amount of funnels. There's about 10. If you read Dotcom Secrets book, I show them. These are them. Inside click funnels, I see over a 100,000 funnels. Of 100,000 clients, each one have multiple funnels. It's like millions of funnels I've looked at. And the majority of almost all funnels that generate any kind of revenue are one of these kinds of funnels. Right? So it's not like we've got to reinvent the wheel, or figure out the next thing. It's there.


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What's up everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back the Marketing Secrets podcast. Hope you're having an amazing day today. Today, I want to talk about all the things you do after your funnel is finished. A lot of people create a funnel, and they're waiting for money to come. No. That's where it begins, not where it ends.

All right. So to start this one off, there's a funny quote I heard one time from somebody that said something to the effect of like, "I can't wait to get married because then I'll be at the end of all my problems." And there's this older, married couple who laughs, and they say, "Yeah, you just don't know which end it is." Is that the end? It's the beginning. And I think it's kind of funny. It's true in our world of entrepreneurship and building funnels, right.

We go out there, and we spend all the time, and this effort, and we're like, "As soon as my funnel's done, then I'll make money. And then I'll be at the end." And you get the funnel done. And I came at the end, and me as an experienced marketer who's been doing this for a long time look at you and smile and says, "Yeah, you don't know which end. This is the beginning." Right? The funnel is the thing that converts to sale. Right? But it's not the thing that gets people to come to you. Right? And so that's kind of what I want to talk about today.

And I'm going to lead back... I'm going to step back and put as a wrestling analogy because that's what wrestlers do. We talk about wrestling. So for those of you who are wrestlers, you know that to take somebody down, there's only a couple real take downs, right? There's a single leg, a double leg, and high crotch. Like that's 90% of the take downs. There's other things, but if you look at the highest level like Olympics and things like that, NCA, almost all of the take downs are one of those three. That's the majority of it. Right?

So if you're looking at it from outside, you're like, "Oh, wrestling's really easy. I've just got to learn three moves." And from the outside, it looks like that. But the reality is for each of those moves, there's a hundred different ways to set it up and get into that move. Right? So there's so many things I can do to get a high crotch, or double leg, or single leg. There's a million things to do. And these are all setups. And so the skill comes in like... What are all the set ups? How do you do them? How do you do when someone goes here, or here, or here, or here? That's where the secret sauce comes from. Right?

And so same thing is true in our world. Right? When you come to building funnels, there's not like an unlimited type, amount of funnels. There's about 10. If you read Dotcom Secrets book, I show them. These are them. Inside click funnels, I see over a 100,000 funnels. Of 100,000 clients, each one have multiple funnels. It's like millions of funnels I've looked at. And the majority of almost all funnels that generate any kind of revenue are one of these kinds of funnels. Right? So it's not like we've got to reinvent the wheel, or figure out the next thing. It's there.

And if you don't know what those are, right, if you don't know what the double leg, single leg and high crotch is for funnel world, go read the new updated hard bound Dotcom Secrets book. They're all in there. There's no secret sauce. Like, they're there. You have those, you've got everything you need. Right? And so that's the first step.

So the second step now is like, "Okay, how do we get people in? What are the setups? What all different ways that we get somebody to come in, and start buying that book?" Sorry, I'm looking at my book right now. Get them to come into my funnel, and buy whatever I'm selling. Right? So that's kind of the next step. That's what I want to talk about today, is just help you understand that when the funnel's done, now you're on the other side of it.

So I've been doing this... And I talked about during, I think the last podcast episode, us launching the summit, which has been so cool. And it's been doing really well. We launched on the first day. We hit the 1 Comma Club on day number one. And my partners then started freaking out, they were so excited. And it's just... it's fun seeing it all come together. Right? And then... So what was fun is the summit launch. And they went to all the speakers, they promote it, a bunch of speakers promoted it. And then they're like, "Okay. Day two. What do we do now?" And I'm like, "Yes, you were at the end of your problems, but it's the beginning end. It's that end of it. Right? Now, we've got to figure out how do we keep promoting this? What are the things that we do?"

And so... And again, there's tons. If you've read the Traffic Secrets book, you've seen I go through tons of different ways to do these things, right? And the reality is that the number of setups for a single leg are unlimited. The setups of the way to get someone in your funnel are unlimited. And you guys start being creative, start thinking about it. What are all the different things? Obviously, can go buy Facebook ads. You can buy Google ads. You can do those things. You can do things with like... they start getting creative. And so what I told our people, and so I'm giving you guys this as an idea, right? I said, "Okay, now a lot of speakers have promoted it. The next phase is how else we get them involved in this promotion? Like what other things we can do?" I said, "The first thing to do is we should interview them, right?"

Like when a big new movie comes out in Hollywood, what do they do? They don't just go buy Facebook ads that tell people, "Show up." The actors who are in the show, they go on the road and they start going on the talk shows, right? They're on the Today Show, and the Tonight Show, and Good Morning America, telling the story of the movie, why it's going to be so good. They show a little clip of it, and get people excited. Right? It builds anticipation and desire. I said, "We've got to do the same thing with our summit, right? If you want people to come in, we've got to do the same thing. We've got to build the anticipation and desire, and get people fired up."

And so my next assignment for Mike and Mandy was like, "Okay. Go back to all the speakers and say, 'Hey, can we do a Facebook Live on each of your fan pages?'" We can do the Facebook Live. And they said, "Sweet. What do we do on Facebook Live? Do we do another interview?" I'm like, "No, no, no, no. You're not doing an interview. You already did the interview. That's the content. That's what we're giving them. We don't want... The goal here is not to give people more content. It's to create the desire for the content. Right?"

Think about like when you look at the Tonight Show and Robert Downey Jr. is coming to talk about End Game, he's not showing you the movie. He's not giving you the content. He's creating desire for the content. He's going to tell you some funny story about what happened while they were filming it. And he's like, "You guys want to see clip of it?" And he shows a little clip, and people are like, "Oh, I must go see the movie." Right? You call all your friends, like "Cancel all your plans," and you buy your tickets, and you're there. Right? Because it created a desire for the movie. Right?

So all these setups, right, this set up is for single leg, this is the setup for your funnel. They're all things that create desire for the thing that's inside of your funnel. Right? And so I said, "When you do these interviews, they're not long, the short that's three, five minutes max." Right? And maybe 10, if you really want to go along, but I don't think it needs to be that long. Right? And so it's three to five minutes. And the question was like, "Hey, we're here today with so, and so. They're part of our summit. We're so excited. And a really quick, this guest, they specialize in blah, blah, blah, blah. And do you want to tell us really quick, why you got excited about this?" And the guest comes on like, "Oh yeah. So I got excited about this because blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." Right? Cool.

"Now inside the summit, obviously you told us all your secrets about how you do blah, blah, blah, blah, blah. But tell us what's one quick thing that they're going to learn when they have a chance to listen to your presentation." Right? And the person's like, "Okay. Well, we went deep, but one cool thing they're going to learn, they're going to learn how to do blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." Okay? Notice this, the person that said, "Let me walk you through the process." The person said, "In the summit, you're going to learn this thing." Right? So it's creating desire, is telling them what they're going to learn, not how to do the thing. Right? It's just like, "Here's what you're going to learn." So it gives them that little thing. And now they've got the hook.

And then the last thing is for the host to be like, "Okay, now my favorite thing about your interview is blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." Right? And then everyone... And then they have a call to action. Like, "Okay, if you guys want to hear so-and-so's interview, go to" And that's kind of how it was. Right? So I told them, "Go to all speakers and do that." And hopefully we can do it on their fan pages because if it is, then all of their fans are going to see this cool interview with that person pushing them back to their thing. Right?

And so that's kind of the next phase of promotion. Okay? Again, those are all different setups, right, to get somebody in the leg. Now, you start thinking, "Okay. How else how can we amplify this? How else can we boost it?" And so my next thought is something similar to what we did when I did my interview with Tony Robbins, right? When I launched the Expert Secrets book, I was lucky enough to have Tony Robbins interview me on his fan page. So his fans saw the interview, which was crazy. But then when it was done, we called Tony's team, like, "Hey, a ton of people saw the interview. Can we get access to your ads account? And we'll actually pay for the ads to promote this interview to your people." And Tony's people were like, " What's in it for us?" I'm like, "Well, we'll pay for the ads, and you'll get affiliate commission. So there's there's money in it for you, and all this stuff." And they said, "Sure."

So they let us have access to the ads account. We promoted Tony's interview to Tony's people. And that video ended up being seen by over 3.5 million people. Right? Another setup to get more people now to watch the presentation, which gets them then to come to the funnel. Right? So it's just like always taking it to the next step, and the next step, and the next step further.

And so that's the next step for us. It's like, "Okay, now, after we've done the interview, let's see if we can promote that to their following and get more noise out there to create more desire for people to come back into our funnels." Okay. And so again, this is just one little strategy. There's a million of them. I just want you guys thinking differently, right? I want you guys thinking differently, besides just, "Hey, my funnel's done. Now what?" Like... Okay, now it's done. What do they do in Hollywood? They take the show on the road, the actors, the people so if it's your product, you should be going on the road, getting interviewed, doing things like that. If there's people in your product, you should be in their fan pages, and getting... interviewing them on their fan pages to get people to come back.

There's so many things you can do. If you've got success stories, if you've got students who had success with your product, you can go on their fan pages, their personal pages and interview them about their success story. And then use that as an ad. I remember when Kaelin Poulin was building LadyBoss, I remember she told me she was like... There's a segment of the market that loves her. Right? They're like, "I love Kaelin. She's amazing." And they just listen to her. But she's like... Because you know... If you know Kaelin, this is getting back when she was first getting started. She had her nose pierced, tattoos, she kind of had this edgy feel. And so some people loved that, but she was like, "A lot of the moms didn't connect to me very well."

And so she's like, "I understood that. So I was like, how do I open up my, my business to those... I want to attract those people, and I can serve them, but they just don't connect with me as close as you know right now." And so she said, "Well, who of my customers are moms who'd gone through the program and had success?" And she found a couple of them. And she said, "Can I interview you about your success story?" And they said, "Yeah." And so... it's kind of a cool story. She actually went through the Expert Secrets book and took the Epiphany Bridge script questions. And she sent it to all of these women, and said, "Okay, I want you to write your story, answer these eight questions." Right? And took the eight questions from the Expert Secrets book, and filled them out. So like, what's your backstory? What was the... blah, blah, blah.

They filled out the questions. And then Kaelin got on the interview, and interviewed them on Facebook Live, asked them the questions. The women got them emotional, and all of a sudden had Kaelin interviewing a mom who had gone through a program that had success. And then Kaelin interviewing a guy who'd gone through it. Maybe that wasn't true. I don't think she lets guys in. Anyway, but you know what I mean. All these different people in different segments that weren't Kaelin. And then they took those videos of the interviews, and those became ads that targeted that demographic. And all of a sudden that demographic was like, "I know I may not connect with Kaelin, but man, I connect with the person that Kaelin helped, and because of that, now I connect with Kaelin." Right? And it starts opening up this huge, new markets, new doors for you.

So I'm telling you this because I just want you guys thinking differently. Right? There's so many ways to do this. It's just being creative and starting to have fun with this. Okay? There's the art and the science of funnel building, right? The science is like, "This is the funnel structure." Dotcom Secrets is like, "Here's the science. You build the funnel distractions. It's how it works." Expert Secrets gets into the art of like the messaging inside the funnel, and Traffic Secrets is the art of how do you get the ads out there? You know? And in Traffic, there's art and science. There's how do you do the placements, those kind of things. But there's the art of how do I create things? How do I find things that are interesting? How do I get people's attention? And that's where it gets fun.

So, anyhoo, I just wanted to share some of those ideas with you guys, mostly to stimulate your brains today, and get you guys thinking differently. Okay? Because if your funnel's done and it's launched, you're at the end of all your problems, but you're about to find out it's the other end. It's the beginning. And it's time to start learning the traffic side of this game, and start having fun with that as well. So with that said, that yes, I appreciate you all. Have an amazing day, and I'll talk to you again soon. Bye, everybody.


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