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351 - RANT: How Are You Still Missing It?

RANT: How Are You Still Missing It?

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If you’re only listening to what I say and not watching what I’m doing, then you’re missing the point.

In this age of Covid, my team and I decided we wanted to give you an AMAZING ClickFunnels experience, like we do at Funnel Hacking Live. We asked ourselves… “What is the BEST step by step strategic process that will offer the most benefit to everyone?” So we came up with the Two Comma Club LIVE Virtual Conference.

We laid it all out so you could know and INTERNALIZE exactly what to do from beginning to launch, in the right order, to ensure your success.

Now, I didn’t do this all on my own. I could’ve easily taught this stuff for 3 days all on my own, but why do that when there are SMARTER people right inside the Funnel Hacker community who can teach and explain certain core concepts and frameworks WAY better than I could?

So that’s what I did. For each step of this 3-Day 2CC LIVE event, I brought in the experts. I orchestrated their presentations in the framework I laid out, and plugged them in. And the feedback for this virtual conference has been INSANE!

Except for this one guy who said “I’m really disappointed because I already saw these presentations at Funnel Hacking Live. And a lot of the stuff in 2CC LIVE is in your books. Why are you repeating this stuff?”

This comment drove me NUTS! Why? Because this guy missed the whole point of the “Two Comma Club LIVE” Virtual Event.

Tune into this episode and I’ll reveal exactly WHAT I did, WHY I did it, and how it can directly affect your results…

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Best Quote:

Number one, the first thing, repetition is the mother of learning. Okay? Repetition is the mother of learning. You have to learn something over and over and over again for you to internalize it. Right? So, that's number one. So, just because three years ago you sat in an event and you have notes on this topic does not mean you know it. Maybe you've heard it and maybe you have notes on it, but have you implemented it? Is it part of your repertoire, right?


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What's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. I hope you guys are excited for today. I'm excited and I got something really important I want to share with you. For some of you guys, this may be one of those things that's kind of hard to hear, but if you listen and you pay attention and you internalize it, I think something could change your life forever.

All right, so I am about to start day number three of Two Comma Club Live, which I am extremely excited for. This is the second time we did a Two Comma Club Live event and it's something I want to start doing probably once a quarter. And just some background context for this is when Coronavirus hit, we decided we wanted to do a live event, a virtual event, and so, we made this Two Comma Club Live and I thought, well, how do we do this the most amazing way possible? I can sit on a stage and teach for three days, but I was like, what would be better strategically, what is the step-by-step process somebody needs to come through to have the best experience inside ClickFunnels?

I started mapping out, okay, the first thing they have to understand is they have to understand frameworks, then from there they have to understand the four levels of value. Then from there, they have to understand the value ladder and the yellow brick road and then from there ... And I mapped out here's all the core concepts and principles people need to understand in the right order to do it. Right? And I looked at that and said, "Okay, based on that, these are the eight or nine different presentations I need to create." So, I made these new presentations that I'm really, really proud of, right? And then inside that, I was like, well, at Funnel Hacking Live three years ago Stacy Martino gave this presentation on the yellow brick road, which complimented the value ladder, it was one of the best presentations ever.

So, instead of me just teaching the value ladder, let me teach my part of the value ladder and then grab Stacy Martino's presentation. We'll plug it in here. Right? And then summit funnels, right? I can go talk about summit funnels, instead, two funnel hacking lives ago Bailey Richard gave the most amazing presentation on some of the funnels ever. So, instead of me just re-teaching it, let me grab that presentation. I'll plug it in. And I kind of mapped it out. Right? And so, what happened is we orchestrated and choreographed this three-day event that is literally insane. I think it's one of the best things people could possibly go through, right?

Now, obviously, for some people, if you've been to all the Funnel Hacking Lives, you've seen some of the presentations before. If you've read my books, I'm teaching the same core principles and things I do. I'm just teaching it in a different way. And for the most part, the feedback has been amazing, but it was interesting because I'm one of those guys who I love to see the comments. And so, I'm looking at the Facebook group and reading people's comments and for the most part, everyone is really, really excited. But there was one comment that got under my skin and not because ... I'm cool with taking criticism, I don't really care. I'm very confident in what we do. I'm very happy, but his criticism, I wanted to grab him and be like, "You missed the whole freaking point."

So, the criticism this person posted was, "I bought everything Russell's ever said about every book. I've been to every single Funnel Hacking Live and this is the first time I've ever been disappointed ever." And they went on to say, "The reason why I'm disappointed is because I've seen all these presentations before. I went back to my old notebooks from Funnel Hacking Live and I already have notes on these presentations. Why is he sharing them with me again? And a lot of this stuff he already talked about in his books." And that was his criticism and said, "This is the first time I've ever been not happy with a Russell Brunson purchase." By the way, I want to remind you that this event is $0. You put your credit card in and there's $0. And after the event's over, if it's worth it, you pay 200 bucks. 200 bucks, okay? Literally almost nothing for three days with the training. Nine custom presentations from me and then the best presentations for Funnel Hacking Live put it in the right strategic order. Right? Anyway.

And so, I was thinking about it and there are a couple of things that I wanted to share and hopefully this human, I don't even know who the person's name was, I was just reading the comment and just all night long just been irking me. Right? But I wanted to share a couple of things because I want to make sure that you get this as well. Okay? Number one, the first thing, repetition is the mother of learning. Okay? Repetition is the mother of learning. You have to learn something over and over and over again for you to internalize it. Right? So, that's number one. So, just because three years ago you sat in an event and you have notes on this topic does not mean you know it. Maybe you've heard it and maybe you have notes on it, but have you implemented it? Is it part of your repertoire, right?

For 15 years of my life I was a wrestler and used to go to wrestling camp over and over and over again and they teach the same moves over and over and over again. Right? You hear Vince Lombardi talked about the very first day of every single football practice coming to his team and said, "Gentlemen, this is the football, right?" These are people with the highest level, the best team ever and they're going back to the fundamentals. Right?

I did a podcast two or three weeks ago about Alex Hormozi. Alex Hormozi who's arguably one of, if not the most successful person here inside the ClickFunnels community. Right? And I asked him, "What books are you reading?" And he's like, "I don't read a lot of books. I just read one book a lot of times." And he said, "Your new Expert Secrets book is insane." He's like, "I've literally read it eight times." He's like, "I start at the beginning. I read it. When I get to the end, I flip it back over and I start over and I read it again and again and again." Right? And my book, Alex, you already read it. You already know it. Plus you were at the fat event the first time I taught these plus you've been to every Funnel Hacking Live, plus you've consumed every one of my courses. Why would you keep reading this? And he said, "Every single time I get something new. So I read the book, I flip it over and I get it over again."

Now, what's interesting is that Hormozi had never actually done a webinar. He read the book three times, wrote his webinar page, so he got a $5,000 offer and crushed it. Right? And then guess what he did immediately after he crushed his webinar? He flipped the book back over and started at the beginning and read it again. And he's like, "Oh my gosh, I missed this, this and this." And then he shifted the webinar, did it again, boom. And then guess what? Since the webinar, he did it again, he flipped the book over, read it again and did it again. Eight times now he's read this book in the last four months. Every time he does a webinar he rereads the book and comes back and tweaks things again. Reads the book, tweaks thing again. Okay?

Now, I want to tell you this because Hormozi again, is I think he was a week away from passing the Two Comma Club C meeting, over $100 million in sales in a market that's gym owners, right? It's not a huge market. Anyway, it's amazing. And this new webinar that he has now, based on his conversion rates and his numbers will be an eight figure webinar, at least, and probably a lot more than that. Okay? And so, I want you to understand this is the dude at the top level, the top of the top levels, and guess what he's doing? He's reviewing the things and going over it and understanding it better and understanding it at a deeper level. Okay?

So, first, for that person it's like, the reason why I'm doing this is because you need to understand it deeper. You're missing parts of it. Okay? If you're coming to this event, it means you're not happy with where you are therefore, there's something you're missing. Okay? So, that's the first thing I want to say. Number two thing. Okay, this event, I always say there's two things you learn from me. Number one, is if you buy one of my products, you learn from the product. Number two, if you observed the sales process, a lot of times that'd be worth more than the actual product you purchased. Right? Like when I was doing the launch for the Traffic Secrets book, I told everyone, when you go to and you buy the book, buy it slowly. Sorry, there's a motorcycle in front of me and he's so loud. Hopefully, you guys can still hear me.

But I told them, I said, "When you buy the traffic secrets book, buy it slowly." I'm like, "Half of the education will come from you consuming the sales process." Okay? That in and of itself is worth more than the ticket price of any of the products you sell. Right? I literally spent 18 months thinking about, brainstorming, crafting, funnel hacking probably a hundred plus different book funnels, figuring out the copy, the tweaks, the upsells, the downsells, the conversion, everything. So just you going through and buying the Traffic Secrets book or the Dotcom Secrets book, the Expert Secrets book, that in and of itself is worth more probably than you actually going through the product. Now, the product I try to make as amazing as possible, but the sales process is the key. That's what I teach. That's what you guys should be watching. That's the art that I'm making every single day. Right?

If you look at the Traffic Secrets book funnel of probably, I don't know, 30, 40 different free plus shipping funnels that I've created in my day, this one out converted all of them. Our average cart value was in the $70 per book funnel, per book sold. Okay? Which is unheard of. I don't know anybody who's got average cart values that high on a free plus shipping offer? Right? So, I share that because I always want to tell you the Two Comma Club Live event, okay, the event's amazing. Okay? Very, very proud of it. One of the best things I've ever produced and put together and choreographed and I'm so, so, so, so proud of it. Okay? But as you understand, the Two Comma Club Live event is also a sales tool. Okay? Watch the funnel.

The first time we did the Two Comma Club Live event, we made six plus million dollars from that funnel. That's why I'm doing it once a quarter now. Do you understand? Because six times four is a lot of money. So, I should do that every single quarter. Okay? So, last time it made me $6 million. Okay? Even if you come to the entire event and you've heard every single word and you've perfectly learned and listened and executed every single thing in the process, just watching the sales process is the key. You guys understand this? You pick up what I'm laying down? That is the key.

The sales process. That is worth as much, if not more than the entire event. Okay? Watch how we did everything. Watch the ads that got somebody to come to the webinar, watch the email sequences that got you to register for the event, right? What do we do? How do we do it? There's very strategic, every single word and every single email, every single ad was crafted in a certain way. Then you come to the landing page, watch the sales video. I had someone who just sold their company for a billion dollars watch the sales video and said, "That is the best produced video I've ever seen and I've been doing live TV for 20 plus years and sold my company for a billion dollars. That was the best produced video with the most powerful script I've ever seen in my life." Okay? Did you watch it? How many times? Did you transcribe it? If not, what are you doing? You're supposed to be a funnel hacker. Watch what I am doing. Right?

And then look at the offer, how'd the offer work? It was $0 up front and you pay $197 after the event, right? Or you can pre-pay and get the replays for $147. 60% of people are prepaying. Look at this business model, look what's happening. Why do we do it? What did we do? What was the upsell? This time we had an upsell we didn't have last time. Okay. The new upsell right now, the upsell alone generated almost six figures in sales, which more than covered the entire ad cost of the event. Plus, the people that are upgrading the event, most of them are coming from the people who paid for the VIP package. So, there was that. Did you watch that? Did you understand it? Did you see it? That alone was worth the price of admission or more. Okay?

Then watch the event. Not only was the event orchestrated and choreographed to get people the maximum amount of understanding and knowledge in the shortest period of time, right, the entire timeline is built out that way. It was also structured in a way to sell our Two Comma ClubX coaching program. How did we do it? What was the structure? I had people who paid me $50,000 for me to map out how we do our live events. What's the strategy on presentation number one and two and three. And what's the strategy about lunch and then after lunch and then dinner and then the round table, everything you do, what is the reason? $50,000 people paid me for me to walk them through how we choreograph our live events. Okay? If you were there, you paid $0 up front and you're having a chance to sit through the choreographed live event. Do you understand that? People pay me 50 grand for me to walk them through, but you can watch it.

What is Russell doing? Why is he doing it? Why is this presentation first and second? And then why are we watching this documentary? And then what's the sales pitch? I just watched the sales pitch and made $6 million. I should dissect that. What was the offer? What'd the offer looked like? Why did it look like that? Why did it include this? Why did it include that? Okay. We're in the middle of the Coronavirus, what tweaks and changes did he have to make because of the pandemic? How did that work? Right? And then afterwards, how did he do the re-pitch? What did that process look like? How'd the countdown clocks work? How did all the pieces ... All those things are so strategic and if you're missing them, then you missed them.

So, for someone to come back and say, "I've learned everything Russell said. I was at all these events. Why is he replaying this? It's not worth my $0." You missed it. On two levels. Number one, okay, think about Hormozi. Think about the number one money earner in ClickFunnels, what's he doing? He finishes the book and he flips it over and starts over again. Okay? It's something that if I was you, I would go through every quarter if you guys have the opportunity. Okay, go through it again. Go through it again because you're going to pick up different things every single time, different understanding. You'll be at a different spot each time. Right? Throughout this event I go through each of the tiers of the value ladder. Some of you guys are past tier number one, you're in tier number two. Some of you are past two, you're in tier number three. Some of you guys last event were at number one and now you're trying to get to number two.

Every single time you get something different because you're in a different spot in your life. Okay? Four years ago when you're at Funnel Hacking Live and Stacey Martino talking about the value ladder, you might not have been ready for it and now, maybe you are. Okay? That's number one. Number two, is watch the process. We're funnel hackers. Okay? If you knew how much time and energy and effort and stress went into the choreographing of this event, to make a virtual event and make us $6 million in the middle of the Coronavirus lockdown, you'd be shocked. And right now, our numbers are higher than that for round two. Okay? So, we're tweaking, we're testing, we're figuring things out. So, watch the process, see what we're doing. Okay? So anyway, I want to share that for anyone who's missing the point. Okay?

I used to always sign up for every coaching program. I think I paid a coaching program, one of them I paid $100,000 for this coaching program. I remember sitting through it and some people were thinking $100,000, they need to entertain me every second of every day for the rest of my life. And I was like, "No, no, no. All I need is just one idea. One little idea. If I get one tiny idea from this thing, it was worth a hundred grand," right? I used to go to tons of events when I first got started in this game. I went to every single event. Every single month I was going to some event and I'd sit through all of them. Three events, I'm just looking for one thing. I just need one little nugget. What's that nugget?

I hear presentation one, two, three, four, five, six, seven. All of a sudden, presentation number eight, three fourths in the guy would drop something. I was like, "Boom. That's how I was looking for." Where he'd say something, he'd do his close a certain way and I didn't learn anything from his presentation, but I watched how he closed the sale and I was like, "That right there was worth 50 grand to me." 100% I would pay 50 grand to learn how he did that, how we closed the sale. Right? How his body movements were, how he anchored the stage, you're studying all the different pieces, right? You as a marketer, the content you're buying is only half of it, the other half is how do they sell it? How do they produce it? All those things. I want to make sure guys aren't missing it. Okay? I think sometimes you guys get so much in the consumer phase of things you're missing the orchestration of what you're trying to do. Okay?

Watch what I'm doing. That's literally my favorite thing about our business is the fact that I get to sell you guys stuff, but then I can teach you later how I sold you stuff. It's so much fun for me. I could literally do a course tomorrow for a thousand bucks and show you how we choreographed a $6 million virtual event in the middle of Corona. I can sell it for a thousand bucks all day long or you could just watch it, just consume it. Watch the process, see what's happening.

Anyway, I've got to bounce. I'm at my destination. If you enjoyed this episode, please take a picture of it and tag me on social media. I thank you so much for all you do. I love you guys. Thank you for listening. Hopefully you enjoy Two Comma Club Live and after you have a chance, go to the next one, make sure you do it. With that said, thanks everybody and I will talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.


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