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358 - Let Me Show You The Impact of This One Man's Life

Let Me Show You The Impact of This One Man's Life

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Recently I had a friend pass away, and I was grateful to be able to visually see the ripple effect that his life had on the world.

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Because what's interesting is it's never just the people we're called to serve, right? It starts with them. But then it bleeds into their families and their kids and then their kids' kids and then their communities and like the ripple effect. We can never see it. We can never track it on our own. Man, how cool it'd be someday to be able to sit with our maker and he shows you like, hey, this is the ripple effect that your life had.


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Hey, everybody. This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today, I want to talk to you a little about legacy and what that actually means. I had a friend who passed away yesterday, and still kind of dealing with it. But because of the legacy that he's created and what's happening, that's the thing that's helping me to process this and to be okay with it. And I want to show this to you and hopefully it gives you guys some meaning for the work that you do as well.

All right, everybody, yesterday we lost somebody who, honestly, one of the people... I didn't get to know him super well. I talked to him a few times, watched him speak, and then had messages back and forth through Instagram and things like that. Someone I have a ton of respect for. His name is Collin Kartchner some viewers may have heard of him before.

First time I heard of him it makes the kind of Boise, Idaho, he did an assembly at our kid's school, talking to them about the dangers of cell phones and social media and TikTok and Snapchat and all these things. And man, one of the most charismatic people, funny, like just awesome. He Was able to connect with kids at a level that they had. It's just amazing.

And ever since I follow him on Instagram, it's funny because he's got, tens of thousands of followers and they're all kids and he only follows one person, which is his wife. He's like, I know it's ironic that I'm on Instagram with all these things, but I'm trying to save the kids from these things. And at Instagram he posts these pictures of people who hear him at assemblies like, I was planning to commit suicide today, I came to assembly though and I realize now it's because of social media. I deleted these apps. I changed my phone, got rid of my phone and just like person after person like, if you want to go to Instagram and see what legacy looks like, go read through his posts and see the tens of thousands of lives that he's affected because of his message.

And I watched him as he did this, like when he came to Boise, he spoke our schools, needed an event. We all went to it and a bunch of other things and trained parents. And I think as he got paid, I don't know, two or 300 bucks to come and do his thing, like almost nothing, but he had a mission. He was called to serve a group of people. And for him, he was called to serve children to serve teenagers. And to help them, to help protect them from the damage that social media is causing. And he'd always used the #SavetheKids, #SavetheKids. And like, man, he was just, and he was consistent. I saw him traveling from school to school, city to city, state to state, making almost no money because he loved the people he was called to serve. How do I save these kids? How do I do this in a way where I can motivate them, inspire them.

And he had to go through all the things that you guys are going through as business owners. He had to learn how to find his voice. He had to learn how to craft a message, how to keep people's attention, how to find it, like all the things he went through because he had a mission and he knew it and he knew the people he was called to serve.

And now it's just so sad. Like he's 40 years old, passed away and a couple things are interesting. And I've been like all day and all night, just reflecting on this. Like, I can't imagine... My wife and I were talking like, what happened if I was dead or she was dead what would you do? And especially when you're out in the public eyes so much, there's, I feel bad. His wife, obviously tons of texts and messages and she's posting like, no, we're not fine. No, yes, it's true. You know? And like, so hard. And then somebody, I don't know, a friend threw up a GoFundMe page less than 24 hours ago. It's less than 24 hours to go through this, GoFundMe page. And you know, I've donated a lot of GoFundMe things. I've never, I ended off from, I went and I donated, I shared on my page and then I just kind of watching it, as it's grown.

And right now it was created 20 hours ago. And it is about to pass $200,000 in donations. And this is not like a whole bunch of $10,000 donations. This donation of by 3,300 different donors. 3,300 people, when they heard about this tragedy came to this page and donated their 10 their 20 their 30 bucks to show Collin and his family, how much he meant to them. And again, we're 20 hours in, my guess is within, a week or two it's going to be 40 million half who knows. But man, what a Testament to the work this man did. Right? And I saw one of my friends posted, the thing and said he only dedicated his life to saving the children. And now his children at home without a father and we need to help save their children.

And I just like in tears, I'm like, Oh my gosh, like this man who dedicated and donated so much of himself to save kids. And it's like, what's the least we can do. Right. But again, sorry, like I keep thinking about this. I keep thinking about like, the legacy like, it's so sad and it's so horrible, man. This person is a 40 year old. Did this thing put this thing out there. And how many, like the ripple effect of this one man's life, like what's going to happen? Like how many other kids that are going to be affected and then their kids and then their kids and generations will be served because this man was on earth because he followed the calling. He heard the voice, right? He was called to serve a group of people. He did it with his whole heart, his whole soul.

And it's just interesting. You guys seen the movie It's a Wonderful Life where at the end, Jimmy Stewart goes and... Or at the very beginning, Jimmy Stewart has a chance to his life was like what the world would be like, he wasn't born and you see this like, happens to Bedford Falls and it's just horrible. It's, and then he comes back and his life. You see like how great things are because he hit that one person who was on this earth.

And I think, I hope that someday when we all have a chance to meet our maker, that he sits down with us and says, I want you to see the ripple effect that your life created. And I hope I pray, I think that'll be the greatest gift any of us could get, is to be able to see like the opposite, kind of like Jimmy Stewart, a little bit different, but like here's the lives that were affected because you came to earth because you followed your calling because you were willing to step up amongst the heat and the pressure and the stress and all the things and, serve the people you were called to serve.

Because what's interesting is it's never just the people we're called to serve, right? It starts with them. But then it bleeds into their families and their kids and then their kids' kids and then their communities and like the ripple effect. We can never see it. We can never track it on our own. Man, how cool it'd be someday to be able to sit with our maker and he shows you like, hey, this is the ripple effect that your life had.

I think in a small way with Collin Kartchner's Memorial fund that they went up 20 hours ago, we're able to see this ripple effect through 3,300 people in 20 hours have donated 10, 20, 30 bucks to raise almost $200,000 so far for this amazing family. And anyway, it's just one thing that's been sad for us and our family, but then man, I just hope that things I'm doing that someday, I have this kind of legacy. Not that I want you all donating to my kids when I die, but just the impact, right? Like this one man's life had on the world. And I hope that he is having that chance right now, sits with his maker and be like, and having a chance to really understand what he did, and the impact it really does have.

So anyway, I guess I'm sharing this with you guys, because I know that a lot of times this journey is lonely, it's hard, it's frustrating. But it wasn't supposed to be easy, right? It was easy then how would you have the impact, right? The difficulty of it is I think how you're prepared for it. It's how you prepare for the calling.

Like I wish I could say that, this click funnels journey has been all sunshine and roses. It's been brutal yesterday and yesterday I got beat up bad by four five different places where I was just like, why am I doing this? You know? And then to hear Collin's thing. And like, I think the only thing that can be through yesterday was like looking at him like, Oh my gosh, look at the impact he's having like someday. I'm hoping that people say about my life, about my work and by the things I've been trying to do, as imperfect as I have been in and I will continue to be, I've done my best to try to follow what I believe is right. And so hopefully it gives you guys just, I don't know. I just it gives me hope, gives me excitement gives me purpose. I hope it does for you as well.

So with that said, I think Collin Kartchner for his impact on the world, and I want to thank you for your impact on the world. Don't ignore your callings. Don't ignore that voice that tug that feeling. It's just like, I got something in here. I need to change someone's life. I know I got something don't ignore that. Don't walk away from that. That's something that's real, it's there, right? In the scriptures it says that many are called, but few are chosen.

I think about that a lot. Like I think all of us get the tug. We all get the prompting. We all get the, whatever you want to call it, right? Where you're like, I should go help this person. I should be doing these things. I should be creating this stuff. We all hear that we all feel it. Many are called, but few are chosen because most people don't listen. They don't follow through. You're chosen by your actions. If you heed the call and you move forward and you do the thing then our maker gives you a little bit more, he says, Hey, this person is a good steward. And I gave him this idea I gave him this inspiration. They were a good steward of, let me give you a little more ideas. Let me give you another idea. And as you keep doing that and keep doing that, gives you the ability to have this huge impact on the world.

So anyway, hope this helps for somebody who's listening out there. I appreciate you all. I appreciate the opportunity I have to serve you guys, and I hope I'm doing it right. I'm doing the best of my ability. I promise you. I can't tell you of the sleepless nights, I have just trying to figure out how to make sure I'm doing the best things for you guys and the community. A lot of hard decisions, but it's worth it. So I appreciate you guys keep fighting, keep having the impact and someday you'll have a chance to see the ripple effect that your life had on so many people. Thanks again. And I'll talk to you soon.


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