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368 - Hacking The Hackers...

Hacking The Hackers...

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A really cool strategy to meet your Dream 100 and get their customers to flow into your funnels.

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And by definition of the Dream 100, the Dream 100 is somebody who has your existing customers on their list, on their social profile, their following, whatever that might be, right? They have the attention of your potential dream customers. So, I'm assuming that McCall made a list, and she put me on the list, she put Dave Woodward, she put Steve Larson, and I'm not sure who else, because she's done it for three weeks now, but I'm sure there are more on there, right?


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What's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I hope you guys are pumped and excited for today. Today, I'm going to bring you some charisma, some hacking, some excitement, and a whole bunch of fun stuff. All right, everybody. I wanted to funnel hack somebody today because what they're doing is really, really cool, and I think it would behoove you all to watch what she is doing.

The person I'm talking about, her name is McCall Jones. The story, as I know it, and I probably don't know all the details, but she is related to Kathryn Jones, who is our resident design hacker who spoke at Funnel Hacking Live this year about design hacking. She was so excited that she was going to speak on stage. She invited her friends and her family to all come watch her crush it, and she did crush it. She did an amazing job. One of her... I think it's her sister-in-law, came not knowing anything about what in the world we do, and she sat there and watched Kathryn do her thing. Then she watched the entire event, and she was like, "This is amazing. I want to do something related to this."

Now, McCall's background... Actually, I don't know all her background. I do know that she was on... What's that show? I keep thinking it's So You Think You Can Dance. That's not it. She's was on High School Musical, part two, I believe. I may quote that wrong. Maybe it's part one. I've never seen either of them, I'm not going to lie, but I think she was on High School Musical, part two. So, she's got an acting career and a bunch of stuff like that. But she's watching this, and she's like, "Oh my gosh. Kathryn's teaching design hacking. Russell's teaching funnel hacking. I could teach how to hack what I do," which is, she's, as an actress or actor... I don't know what they call themselves nowadays. I don't know what's politically correct, so I apologize to all the actors who I just offended with my unknowingness of how to say it right.

But anyway, she was like, "I can teach people how to hack charisma. How is Russell able to get on stage, and what is he doing and why is he doing it?" and all that sorts of stuff. So, she decided that she was going to become the person who is going to teach people who want to become speakers or authors or selling from stage or do webinars or Facebook Lives how to actually get charisma, because a lot of people don't have that, right? They come on like, "Hi. I'm Russell," and they're all nervous, like I was 15 years ago, right? It's scary at first. So, she's like, "I'm going to teach a framework for how people can do charisma hacking." So, that began her journey. She said, "This is my thing. This is the spot in the market that I'm going to claim. I'm going to teach people this process. I'm going to call it charisma hacking, and this is my thing." Right?

First off, everything so far what she's done is awesome, right? Same thing for you, right? You should be in your marketplace looking around like, "Where's the gap? Where are people not talking about? What can I do that can be unique? What is something that my gifts bring to the market that's going to be different than anybody else?" For her, because of her acting career and her understanding of these things, she thought, "This is the segment of the market I can carve out that can become my own, where I can become the category king in it." So, that's the first lesson.

Second lesson. Then she went out there and she created a framework and she started a coaching program. She started training people how to do it. I'm sure she did a lot of it for free. She started going into Kathryn's groups and teaching this concept called charisma hacking, where she was testing out her process and testing things out. She came in to mine. I had her do a training for our Two Comma Club X members, because so many of I'm teaching them to publish, and they're scared to death to publish. I'm like, "Hey, McCall. Can you do a training for my people, teaching them the basics of charisma hacking and looking around and finding people who are successful and modeling them?" So, she made an amazing video for our members.

So then, now, all Kathryn's members, they're my members, and other people are learning from her. She's going out there working for free, right, getting her content out there, plugging it strategically into people's coaching programs, where she has a chance to, first off, practice her material, practice her framework, essentially learning it better, and basically did all that stuff for free for everybody, right? Now, she's learning it. Now, from there, she's able to go and she's created a whole value ladder, right? She's got a core. She's got live one-on-one trainings. She's got things where she can help you, and she has a business related to that, right?

Now, this is where most people mess up. They create the framework, they create the product, and then they're like, "How do I sell this thing? Ah." And they're like, "I don't know how to sell it." Obviously, there's a ton of funnels they can sell. I'm not going to talk about that, but I do want to talk about is what McCall is doing now. I just keep being more impressed with her every time I'm watching what she's doing. What she started doing three weeks ago is this thing where, as a way to get lead gen, to get people in the door, and also as a way to connect with her Dream 100. So, I'm assuming... Again, I'm not behind the scenes of all this, but I'm assuming she built out the list of like, "Okay, who are my Dream 100? Who are the people?"

And by definition of the Dream 100, the Dream 100 is somebody who has your existing customers on their list, on their social profile, their following, whatever that might be, right? They have the attention of your potential dream customers. So, I'm assuming that McCall made a list, and she put me on the list, she put Dave Woodward, she put Steve Larson, and I'm not sure who else, because she's done it for three weeks now, but I'm sure there are more on there, right?

So, what she's been doing is what she calls her charisma hacking weeks or charisma live or something like that, right, where basically what she's doing is each week she picks someone who's on her Dream 100. The first week was me, and she said, "I'm going to charisma hack Russell every single day for this next week." So, every day she went live on her Facebook page and said, "Okay, here's one of Russell's videos. Let me charisma hack him." So, she pushes play on my video and she pauses and talks about what I did and why did it and goes through that. First, she broke down one of my Facebook Lives. The next day she broke down one of my ads. The next day she broke down another thing. And she did that for five days, showing people how I use charisma and how they can model what I'm doing to be successful with theirs, right?

Now, what's cool about it is she's tagging me in all these, so I keep seeing it. As her Dream 100, I keep being aware of the fact that she's talking about me, which is flattering, like, "Oh, this is cool." So, I watched a bunch of them, but then also, by tagging it, a lot of my people started seeing it. A lot of my people who are watching started tagging my customers and tagging people and bringing them over. So, by doing this, she's getting my attention, but she's also getting the attention of a lot of people that follow me, right?

Now, obviously, right now I'm doing a podcast talking about it, so it's bringing more people to it, right? But it's smart. She's splintering off the market and saying, "Let me do five videos breaking down Russell, what he's doing, and that's going to bring his people in." Right? And the next week she picks Steven Larson, same thing. Me, Chris next, Steven Larson, and she did a Facebook Live he did, and then an ad he did, and then this and that. She broke that down and she tagged Steven on it and brought people from Steven's world into her world. Now, this week, she's doing Dave Woodward. Next week she'll do someone else, right? So, each week she has this consistent publishing process where she's out there publishing, bringing people into her world.

Now they can come in, they can get into her value ladder, then they can start sending up through the products and services that she's selling. Okay, what she's doing, is she's taking this thing that she's teaching, taking her framework, and showing how it applies to other people. What's interesting is, I did something very, very similar when I launched ClickFunnels. Okay? I did the same thing, where I was out there and I started showing... It's funny, I still remember this because Lewis Howes, I used to love his website. I still love it, but I used to love his... I remember seeing his site and being so jealous of it, and I found out the company who built it is Digital Telephony,I think. Anyway, I can't say their name, but the company, and I went to try to hire them to build a website for me because Lewis's looked so freaking cool.

They wanted to charge me... It was 30-something thousand dollars for them to design a webpage for me, and I was like, "Oh." I'm like, "You guys are good, but you're not that good." Right? So, when ClickFunnels came out, I wanted to show people... I was like, "I want to show you this process." So, I took Lewis's page. I remember I had my monitor. I had Lewis's page on the left-hand side and ClickFunnels on the right-hand side, and I said, "I want to show you how I can build Lewis's $30,000 webpage inside of ClickFunnels in less than 10 minutes." I went through and I literally built his webpage side-by-side until it was done. And I was like, "It looks just like his, right? It didn't cost me nothing. I did it in 10 minutes because I understand these concepts of funnel hacking." And if you were to ask Kathryn, it would be designed hacking, right? How do you model something that's already successful? So, that's what I became really, really good at doing.

There's the first practical... The thing that I was doing, I was doing that for a lot of people. I would go onto to Tony Robbins pages and other pages. We used to do Facebook Lives every single week. We called them the Did You Know Show, like, "Did you know you can do this on ClickFunnels, and this and this?" And we'd show off features while I would be basically rebuilding other people's funnels inside of ClickFunnels to show them how we could... and anything else we could build in ClickFunnels as well. And that's initially how I got so much of my momentum off the ground, is by doing that, right?

Anyways, I was watching McCall do this. I'm like, "Oh my gosh, this is brilliant." So, for you, I want you to think about this, think about your framework, right? What is the thing that you're teaching, right? Look at that. You've obviously got your product and your courses, and I'm not talking about that, but I'm talking about, how do we fill our funnel with people who are potentially going to buy that thing from us, right? How do you get the attention of your Dream 100? How do you start getting the traffic and the leads and the people coming in, right? This is all the traffic secret stuff we talk about. It's coming back and thinking about that, and then say, "Okay, how can I apply my framework to show how my Dream 100 is doing something correctly," right? "Here's how some of my Dream 100 is building a funnel. Let me show off their funnel. Here's how somebody over here is doing this, is using charisma. Let me show it. Here's how someone over here is using design hacking. Here, someone over here is using..." Fill in the blank, whatever your product is, okay?

The nice thing that's... I had to talk with Dana Derricks about this one time. The coolest thing is, when you create a framework, but you name it, it becomes yours, right? So, for example, Dana is big. He teaches everyone the Dream 100, and Dana didn't come up with that. I didn't come up it. Chet Holmes was the one that introduced it to me and to Dana, but Dana's made that... His business is the Dream, the Dream 100, right? And he says, "What's cool about it," he's like, "I can now go, and when I see anybody doing any version of the Dream 100, even if they don't call it that, I can go and say, 'Hey, let me show you how Rachel Hollis used the Dream 100 to make her book the best selling book of all time...'" or of last year, right? And then he can go show that and like, "This is her process, how she did it."

And even though she didn't call it the Dream 100 and didn't know, but he was able to say, "This is my framework, how she applied it. It was the Dream 100." And all of a sudden it gives all the credibility now to his framework, even though she didn't exactly know what it was, but she was still doing it, right? Or, "Here's how Tom Bilyeu uses the Dream 100. Here's how so-and-so, how so-and-so..." and start showing people using the tool, the thing that you're trying to do, right? And that is the strategy. That's the big aha, the big secret.

Anyway, so think about that. What's your framework? Who are the people, either your Dream 100 or people in the media or whoever, who are unknowingly using your framework or parts of your framework that you can show and you can case study, and putting those out there as videos, as Facebook Lives, breaking them down and showing people, and people start seeing it over and over and over again. That's going to get their attention. That's going to increase the desire, and it's going to make them want the thing that you've got. Okay?

Like I said, McCall Jones is doing such a cool job of it. If you go follow her on Facebook, you can see it. You can start seeing what she's doing and why she's doing it, and watch the process. Again, I'm a nerd, where I spend more time watching what people are doing than actually listening to the thing they're teaching me, right? So, with this, with McCall, I'm watching what she's doing, and I'm like, "Ah, this is brilliant. This is so smart," and I hope you guys are watching as well.

Anyway, with that said, I'm at the office, I got some fun stuff to do today. I'm pumped. A lot of exciting things are happening. I can't tell you about them all right now, but the next three to six months inside ClickFunnels is going to be crazy, and I cannot wait to show you guys all the stuff we're doing. I'll reveal as much as I can behind the scenes here on the podcast, but with that said, appreciate you all. Thanks for paying attention and listening, and I'll talk to guys all soon. Bye, everybody.


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