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369 - Why I Throw Out So Many Hooks… (Revisited!)

Why I Throw Out So Many Hooks… (Revisited!)

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Have you ever wondered why I’m always creating new offers and products when it would just be so much easier to sit back and relax? Enjoy this episode from the archives explaining why I keep throwing out so many hooks!

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So for me I feel like that, that’s really part of this business. The money, and if you guys aren’t to this point yet, I’m just going to break it to you, the money is not that exciting, moving forward. There comes a point where your house is paid off, everything is taken care of, it’s just not exciting, the money part. But the impact fires you up.


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What’s up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I learned something really interesting about myself tonight and I wanted to share it with you guys.

Hey everyone, I hope everything is going amazing for you guys. Friday, I did a training. So the training was for everybody who had gone to the 10x Growth Con event, Grant Cardone’s event. If you guys were there you saw at the event, I did a presentation and made 90 million, excuse me, not 90 million, that’d be cool, 3 million dollars in 90 minutes, setting all sorts of records and it was really, really cool.

Then the next day I got up onstage and we did a bonus where if anyone signed up before I left, basically we were going to let them, I was going to do a workshop where I walked them through exactly what I did and how I did it and all that kind of stuff. So that workshop I actually did on Friday, which was really cool. I thought it was going to be about 3 hours long, I ended up going for 6 ½ hours. I don’t know, I just get excited and I can’t stop talking and sharing and it’s just a lot of fun. Hopefully you guys are okay if I over deliver. But it was cool.

And then obviously, immediately afterwards I’m all excited to go and try to turn this into an offer and to sell it, and I bought, and I’m like, “I’m going to put this in the offer, and this and this, and the training….” And my whole brain is going crazy with this whole process. And then part of me is like, why am I doing this? Why am I creating another offer, a new front end, another product?

Maybe it’s because I have a problem, I got a funnel addiction, maybe a little of all those things, I don’t know. But what was interesting, I actually this weekend thought a lot about that. It’s fun, I love reading the Facebook comments of people in our groups and especially just hearing people’s success stories and stuff.

And there’s this really interesting pattern this weekend for me, as I was just scrolling through stuff. So many people told me, “Oh for me Russell, it was when I read the Dotcom Secrets book, that’s when it clicked.” Or “Oh for me it was when I was at this event and you said this, and that’s when everything clicked.” And “For me it was when…” people are sharing what it was for them that made it all click for them, and when it clicked the business took off.

And it made me start thinking, what were the pivotal parts in my journey where something clicked and it was like, transitional shift and shift and shift and shift. Twice this week I did trainings for the Two Comma Club X coaching program, where I shared something that had been shared other places, just had been shared differently and had different stories around it and stuff like that. And the same thing, people were like, “Oh that time it clicked. Now I understand where I’m going.”

So you never know when, like when you’re sharing message which one’s going to click with which people. That’s why I keep telling my stories and my things over and over and over and over again, because you never know when it’s going to click for that person who’s there. Sometimes it’s repetitive for some people and sometimes it’s like the thing that makes it click.

And I started thinking about this, I’m so excited to create this offer and then I was bummed about it because I was like, why am I doing this? The last thing in the world I really need right now is more money. I’m like, what is the reason? Why am I so excited about doing this? And then it kind of hit me, I think the reason why is that I know that, that training was the newest one I’d done. It was 6 ½ hours, I put my heart and soul into it because I wanted to over deliver.

It was really cool actually. I actually went through and I taught the foundation of offer creating, because that’s the key to the webinar. Then I taught the Perfect Webinar, and then I went through the actual presentation from 10x and then I pushed play and watched and paused, “This is why I did that.” Push play, pause, “This is why I did this.” Just kind of went through the whole thing.

It was interesting, I even found out a couple of new nuances to the Perfect Webinar that I didn’t ever realize until I was like pausing myself and I was like, “oh wow, I did that thing. I didn’t even realize that.” So I was sharing those things, talked about the price marinade, a whole bunch of cool things I’ve never really talked about before.

But I was thinking about this, between our email lists and everything, there’s over a million entrepreneurs that follow me, right. And when I put something out, my job as a marketer is like, re-engage them, and then re-commit them, and hopefully this time give them that aha. So I re-engage them by making a new hook. I talked in the last podcast about hook, story, offer. So I need a new hook to get them re-engaged. Because if I just keep selling them the exact same thing, it’s going to be hard to keep them in.

But if you look at this, think about this. I have, which is like the script and the cd of me teaching the Perfect Webinar right. Expert Secrets is me teaching the Perfect Webinar in way more detail.  Secrets Master Class, which is part of Two Comma Club X, the old FHAT event was me teaching the Perfect Webinar. This was me teaching the Perfect webinar. It’s me teaching it, but it’s like the concepts, the contents not the same, but it’s similar. But it’s repackaged in different ways.

Where it’s like, The Perfect Webinar, that was the thing, that was the hook that will get them. Expert Secrets, I talk about that way, that’s the hook that will get somebody. 10x Secrets, we talk about how Russell made 3 million in 90 minutes, that hook will get a lot of people. It’s sexy, it’s interesting, it’s unique. The hook will grab a different segment, or re-engage people.

Then, I honestly wish I could, that six hour thing, I wish I could stream it to everybody for free. The problem is I know that if people get it for free, they won’t do anything with it. So that’s why we make an offer, that’s why we make a funnel. Because then I’m hooking them first, then I’m charging them, and the physical act of them pulling out a credit card recommits to themselves that they’re going to go down this path again.

So I hook them, recommit them, and then hopefully this time I give them the aha, the thing, that’s the one that…how many times have you gone and studied somebody’s stuff two or three or four times? Like you go to church every Sunday for 20 years of your life and all the sudden that Sunday, that person, whatever it was, you were ready right then.

So for me I feel like that, that’s really part of this business. The money, and if you guys aren’t to this point yet, I’m just going to break it to you, the money is not that exciting, moving forward. There comes a point where your house is paid off, everything is taken care of, it’s just not exciting, the money part. But the impact fires you up.

So it’s like, I’m hooking them. I have a million plus entrepreneurs, plus everyone else on Facebook, plus the entire world, throwing these offers out trying to hook them and get them to make a commitment. They commit themselves by actually paying for something, and my goal is for this time to give them the aha, the thing where they’re like, “Ah, this is the one.” And I know that 10x Secrets is going to do that for some people and I’m excited.

The only reason why we charge and do funnels is because we can get to more people. We can pay for advertizing and that hook gets out to more people, which hopefully grabs people, gets them in, get’s them to commit to themselves and hopefully that will be the one that gets them. It re-engages people, re-ignites people. People who have been on and off, on and off, on and off, hopefully this will be the one for them.

Anyway, that’s why. It was kind of cool. It gave me comfort, oh it’s okay for me to do this. I’m doing it for that reason. I want more people to be like, “10x Secrets, that was the one that gave me the clarity that I needed and the permission to do my thing.” Or maybe it’s Ignite Your Funnels, that’s coming out later this year. Or maybe it’s the next thing.

That’s why I keep doing it. In case you’re wondering. Why I keep putting out offers, because I’m trying to hook people, get them to recommit to themselves and hopefully have that one be the one that gives them the aha that makes them move.

So I’m curious for you guys, when was it? Which was the thing, the product, the idea, the thing that gave you the aha where you’re like, “That was the thing.” Or have you had it yet, are you still looking for that? Was it a video, a YouTube video, a podcast, a product you bought? There’s a reason why I’m preaching like crazy around the clock to you guys, it’s because I’m hoping and waiting and wishing that each of you guys will get that aha from one of these things. Give you the thing you need to like, “that was the piece. That was the piece I was missing.”

So if you wonder why I publish so much, that’s why. I love it, and the feedback. I literally just scroll through the Facebook feed and I’m just liking everything, it just makes me so happy to see all the positive stuff. Anyway, appreciate you all thanks so much. Talk to you guys soon. Bye.


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