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388 - 2CCX Challenge 3: Do 100 “Speeches” To Other People’s Audiences

2CCX Challenge 3: Do 100 “Speeches” To Other People’s Audiences

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On this episode I talk about challenge #3, doing 100 speeches to other people’s audiences.

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Spend 20 minutes publishing something daily to your existing audience and then go out there and do at least one presentation a day to get new people into your audience so they can see the stuff you're publishing every day." Promotion, publishing. Promotion, publishing. Okay? They're hand in hand. I think I've done a disservice on telling you to publish, publish, publish, and people are like, "I'm publishing and nothing's happening." It's like, "Okay, now, you've got to promote what you're publishing. Getting people in and out.


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What's up everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. I hope that you've enjoyed the last two episodes. Challenge number one, we talked about simplifying your business.

Challenge number two is talking about publishing daily for existing audience. And now, challenge number three is called, do a hundred speeches to other people's audiences. Now, these are all parts of a special presentation I gave them at Two Comma Club X high end coaching members earlier this year and I wanted to break it up and share it with you guys because I thought there's a lot of value in it.

Hopefully, it'll get the wheels in your head spinning about how to have more success with your online business. With that said, we are now going to cue the theme song. When we come back, here's a listen-in on challenge number three. Now, I want to go to the next step. Next step is send an email a day.

These are people that are already on your list, right? The definition of you sending an email a day to your list is, they're already on your list. Now, we're talking about, how do we get more people onto the list? Okay. I think that for the most part, most of you guys here in the community, you get good at publishing, but for the most part, publishing happens to your existing group, right?

The podcast, it's going to the people who are on my podcast. If I'm doing a Facebook live, it's for the people who are on my Facebook live. If I'm doing an email on my list, it's for people on my email list, right? It's targeting the people who are already following you and the more you do it, the more people will come and follow you but what I want to challenge everyone to do is, how do I amplify the number of people who are on my platform? How do I get more people coming to me so that when I'm doing a podcast, I'm doing an email, more people see it?

I want to show you guys a story of something cool that I saw one of my friends, his name is Eric Lofholm and January 1st this year, he posted something on Facebook. At first, I was like, "Huh? Interesting." He posted this, he said, let's see if I can pop it here, he said, this is on January 2nd. I think January 1st, he said, "I have a goal. I'm going to try to do 550 speeches this year.

January second, he gave speech number one of 2020, shooting for 550 speeches this year." I was like, "Huh, that's interesting." I'm like, "I wonder where this is going to go. I'm really curious." Then, the next day or January four, two days later. "My goal this year is to do 550 speeches. So far, I've been posting my year to date results. I had two people reach out to me to book me. Yay! No speeches today, I'm at seven for the year so far. A few people asked me my definition of a speech.

Here it is: a talk that reaches two or more people." Okay? The definition of the speech: a talk that reaches two or more people. That includes being a guest speaker at sales meeting, delivering a seminar, being on a podcast, delivering a webinar, delivering a keynote or a corporate training.

Anyway, that's what he defines that. As long as two people are listening, he considers it a speech. Okay? All right. And then, January 6th, "I'm off to my goal of 2020. Here are my results today. Delivered five speeches, had nine coaching calls, booked two speeches, created four pieces of content delivered one sales presentation at two members of my team.

My speech goal was 550 for the year, I'm at 12 speeches so far a year today." That's January 6th, so his average is basically two a day since the beginning of the year. "January 8th, three speeches so far today. Reached about 300 people this morning, 2020 goal, 550 speeches, 18 speeches a year today so far. January 9th, three speeches today, 22 speeches a year today. January 13th, six speeches today 32 speeches a year today.

January 14th, eight speeches today, 40 speeches a month to day. January 15th, three speeches today, 43 a year today, 550 is the goal. January 16th, five speeches today, 48 a year today, 550 is the goal. January 17th, two speeches today, 50 ..." and it keeps going on. "January 20th, five speeches today. January 21st, 62 a year today.

January 13th, 68 today. January 22nd, 65. January 24th, 74. January 27th, 78." He's one month in, he's got 78 speeches he's given all pushing people into his funnel. He's not pitching to his existing audience. We talked about publishing to your existing audience and most of you guys are doing that.

Now, this is going outside, doing speeches to other people's audiences to bring people into your world, sucking them in the lead magnet. If we're not bringing new leads, new people in, then our funnels, our publishing wells will eventually start drying up. Okay. "February 3rd, 98 a year today. February 14th, 127 a year today. February 24th, 148 today. February 28th, March 4th, March 4th." It keeps going, "March 19th, 202 speeches today." All right. It keeps going on from there.

Do you guys see what he's doing? Obviously, publishing daily to his own audience, he's going to have to figure out, where can I go and I can give a speech? He devises a speech to somebody else's audience to get more people coming in. Okay. My question for you guys is, again, instead of focusing on building the next new funnel, it's, where can I go to find people to bring people into my funnel?

How can I do more of this? Okay? And by Eric putting out this intention of, I'm going to do 500 speeches on other people's fan pages, other people's podcasts, other people's things this year, it's more than one a day. It's forcing me to do it and you look at, the momentum is slow at first, slow at first and the more he did, the more he booked and now, March 19th, he's two months into the new year's, he's got 202 already done of his 550 goal.

If he keeps consistent with these, he probably could 2,000 or 3,000 and winning is going to happen to his business, because of that. How many leads and customers and people are going to come into his funnel because he's out there doing presentations to bring people into his world. All right. I was talking to Stacy Martino yesterday and she's like, "Hey, I want to put you on our podcast or do a Facebook live to do your book. I've seen you a lot." I'm like, "Yeah, I've done a lot." In fact, how many of you guys have seen this? I've been doing, on average right now, I'm doing eight a day.

I'm doing eight speeches a day, 30 minutes speeches to other people's lists. Okay, I’m in quarantine, I got nothing else to do. Eight a day, I do 30 minutes speeches and I'm doing eight a day right now. Last week, we did eight times five so I did 40. This week, I took Friday off to hang out with you guys but pretty much did almost 35, 40 this week. And from that, we've sold over 30,000 copies of the book. I'm going out there doing the thing, doing the thing, doing the thing.

The question then obviously is, "Where do I do speeches to?" I don't know, and it comes back to the foundation of what we've been talking about and teaching you guys for years now, it's the Dream 100. I want you to look at this from a different lens. I think a lot of times, people build this Dream 100 list and they sit on it waiting, "Well, someday I'm going to send them a package with my box" or "Someday, I'm going to do it."

And I'm like, "No, no, today's the day." This is how I want to challenge all of you guys to do this, is come back to your Dream 100 list and say, "Hey, on Facebook, who are the people that I could potentially do a speech on their fan page to?" And then, list out those people. "On Instagram, who are the people I could potentially do a speech to their audience with?"

And list out the people. "Who are the podcasts that I could potentially speak on a podcast? Who are the YouTubers I can make a YouTube video with? Who are the emailers with emails? Who are the bloggers who have a blog?" And making that list and then, it's not to wait until someday your thing's ready, it's today.

Send an email and say, what I recommend is email and Facebook to say, "Hey man, I'm a fan of your Facebook following. I have this really cool free report I wrote called 17 Ways To Do Awesome Stuff and I have a presentation that I can give and I can go anywhere from 10 minutes to 30 minutes, it's going to help people to be more productive. And then at the end of it, I'll give them a free copy of my PDF with 17 Ways To Be More Productive. Can I come and do that presentation to your audience? I think they would love it."

And you asked first person. Send an email, second person, "Hey, Joe. I'm a fan of your Facebook page. Love what you do, I watch all your episodes. My favorite one has been this. I have a question for you. I have a really cool report I wrote right out called 17 Ways To Be More Profitable In The Coronavirus Thing and I would love to come and give a 10 to 15 minute presentation on your fan page with you where I can go through these things and then give people a free copy of the thing. Can I do that? Would you mention me? I'm doing a speech for free to your people."

Cool. Next person, next person and just emailing them, one at a time, one at a time, one at a time. If you email 10, 15, 30, a hundred people, how many speeches do you think you could land? My guess is, if you email a hundred people, you'd lend a minimum of 10 speeches. And I guess it's probably a lot higher, but you get 20 or 30 of them. I don't care who you are, if you've got no name at this point, it doesn't matter if you got a sexy hook, something that's timely for their audience, a free presentation you normally charge for you give for free to their people, you'll be able to get people right out to come and play. Come on.

Especially since I have this community, can you network with each other, can you guys do speeches to each other's lists?? Now's the time to start getting out there and sharing your message. Now that I'm in quarantine I'm doing it as well. Usually, I'm so busy I'm not able to do presentations, but man, I've been doing all my crazy and what's happening? We're filling our funnel with brand new leads, brand new people every single day. Okay? I want to challenge you guys to do a hundred speeches to other people's audiences over the next 12 months.

The rest of this calendar year. Okay? That means it's one every, every other day, every third day or something like that. Basically, make a lot at first but if you're like Eric Lofholm, I just showed you guys, it starts slow and as you do one, it opens the next one and the next one and the next one and it'll be able to ramp up over time. But this is how you're getting new people in so this is different than publishing daily.

Yes, I said, "Spend 20 minutes publishing something daily to your existing audience and then go out there and do at least one presentation a day to get new people into your audience so they can see the stuff you're publishing every day." Promotion, publishing. Promotion, publishing. Okay? They're hand in hand. I think I've done a disservice on telling you to publish, publish, publish, and people are like, "I'm publishing and nothing's happening." It's like, "Okay, now, you've got to promote what you're publishing.

Getting people in and out. It goes out to going to the different audiences in your Dream 100, doing presentations, doing speeches to everyone and call them to get people to hear a lead magnet so they can hear your publishing and you can sell them the one thing you actually tried to sell them at the end. Do that makes sense? Yeah. Coleen said, "At first, sometimes, it seems hard, but then it snowballs and everyone wants to have you on their show."

Yes, yes. Yes. Someone said, "How do you find these audiences?" It's easy. Let's say it's podcasting. You're on a podcast app and I go ahead and I'm like, "Okay." I scroll down to where it says Top Shows, I click on Top Shows. Right next to Top Shows, it says See All so I click on See All and it's showing all the top shows and at the very top here, it says Categories. What category am I in?

I click Categories and then here's all the categories in iTunes. There's news, comedy, sports, history, true crime, social culture, arts, business, education, fiction, government, health and fitness kids and family, leisure, music, religious spirituality, science, technology and TV and film.

There's the categories in iTunes. If you're like, "My business doesn't fit in those categories," you may not be in a good business because if there's not people podcasting about the thing that you're selling or the market you're in, it may not be a big enough business to really focus on. Your business should fit into one of these categories. I'm going to be like, "Okay, let's say I am a health and fitness," I'm looking at the fitness.

Boom, it shows me the top podcasts in health and fitness, the top 200 podcasts. I just gave you, if your health and fitness, there's 200 Dream, 100s so you already doubled how many people you need to have. I'm going to go to every single show host, I'm going to contact them and be like, "What's up, dude. I see that you run the Adaptive At-Home Workouts. I have a finished product. I would love to do presentation showing my number one best workout blah, blah, blah, blah, blah."

Okay? And then you go through person by person by person. The next question is, "Russell, how do I find their contact information?" I don't know, you just start clicking around. So click on this right here, it says Sometimes Everyone Hears Things. There's no contact so listen to the podcast and see what do they pitch at the end, what website they sent me to. Then, you go to the website URL I look for contact link. It's just doing the research, doing the homework.

Okay? Now, there's 200 people on Podcasters. Now, those are the top 200, but the good news is there's even more. In fact, the Marketing Secrets Podcast gets 15,000 downloads per episode and it's not even in the top 200 in the business category. There are tons of big podcasts you can be on that aren't in the top 200.

Then, you can just go to the search bar here and type in, "health and fitness" or in a keyword, type in, "biohacking." I'll type in "biohacking" and I click on it and biohacking may not be the top 200 in health and fitness, but holy cow, there are probably 50, 60, 70 different biohacking podcasts here. Biohacking. Then you go there. There's just podcasts alone.

Then, go to Google and type in, "biohacking blogs, biohacking YouTube channels," go to Facebook and start searching biohacking, you start searching it and you go on that thing and you start finding just swarms of people that you could challenge to do with. Cool? Does that help you guys? YouTube, same thing, YouTube, same with Google. They're everywhere. All right.


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