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38.1 - Bonus Episode - Behind the scenes call with Frank Kern

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Cool message I got a few minutes before starting our viral video launch event.

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And it's really cool. And I guess my point of saying all of that is man, the money's going to happen anyway. It already happens anyway, right? Like we could screw up and still make a lot of money. And that's really great, I'm not going to say that to be arrogant. So why not make it a really significant primary focus to deliberately engineer the likelihood of the ripple effect? Because you never know, right. We could help someone who becomes the next Tony Robinson, the next Rick Warren or the next Joel Ostein and really fertilize the seed of massive change.


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Russell Brunson: Hey, everyone. This is Russell and I hope you guys are doing awesome. I just wanted to do a quick bonus episode here in the middle of everything, because we just finished the viral video launch party a couple days ago.

It's Monday now and just kind of recovering from everything heading into inner circle meeting, and I've got a whole bunch of really cool things and a couple of podcasts I've scheduled to tell the story behind it, what happened, the pros, the cons, ups, the downs. Feedback on the viral video, why we're excited and a whole bunch of other cool stuff.

But right now, I'm heading actually to an inner circle meeting, so I don't have time to record those yet. But I did want to share with you something that hopefully I don't get in trouble for sharing, but the morning that I was heading out to the viral video launch, I got a text message from Frank Kern, and those who don't know Frank, he is a legend in our space.

Someone I've always looked up to and someone I've learned a ton from, and it was really cool, because he had an event the same day and Ryan Stewman also had an event the same day, and we've all kind of been friends over the last couple years, and it was just cool to send this message about the ripple effect that what we do is causing.

I just thought it was really, really neat and I just wanted to share with you guys. So I'm just going to plug the audio in as is, and just know that it was a private message to me and to Ryan.

So if anything's out of context, that's kind of why, but I think it was important because I want everyone of you guys to understand that what you do matters, and we keep score and we talk about the money, but the ripple effect that you going out there as an entrepreneur and putting your products and your services and being willing to risk your time and energy, and your money and your talents, and everything with the goal to hopefully serve people and hopefully have an effect on people's lives is amazing.

And so as an entrepreneur, as a coach of entrepreneurs, I'm grateful for you guys doing that, and I hope that this message just gets you pumped about your message, and that's it. So with no further ado, I'll let you guys listen to the private voicemail between Frank Kern, Ryan Stewman and me.

Frank Kern: Hey boys, what's happening? You know, this is for Russell Brunson and Ryan Stewman. Fellas, I think you guys know each other. If you don't, you should, you would get along splendidly. I'm making this for you because I'm on the way to teach my event. And you guys have events too, and we're all three having events at the same day.

And I want you to think about something that's really cool and I think will make you feel pretty good today. So I want you to think about the people who are helped by your work. And the first thing that comes to mind is going to be the people that are at the event, right? Or your customers. And that's cool. I mean, good gosh, talk about reach. Brunson, how many customers do you have?

You know, like seven billion or something and that's awesome and you're doing a good job of helping them and Ryan, you're doing a great job of helping your customers and they're increasing their livelihood and taking the pain out of selling and stuff. And that's great. And I'm helping people with direct response and that's really, really cool and that's good.

And we could like really feel pretty good about that, but I want you to consider the ripple effect. And this is, this really got me thinking this morning as I was getting dressed for my event. And the ripple effect is what happens when our customers go out and do good in the world.

So last night, one of my students, a long time client, a lady named Brooke Castillo comes over to my house to see us, to see me and Natalia. And she brings us a present and the present was a Chanel purse, which looks a little weird on me, but it looked great on Natalia. So I decided Natalia could have it. She, the things like five grand by the way. Right? And I'm like, Brooke, thank you. Brooke, thank you so much. You know, this is really cool.

And she says, yeah, I didn't bring you anything because you have everything. And you know, I figured, I didn't know how much happiness it brings you to give things to Natalia. So I just figured I would cut straight to the chase and give something to Natalia. And I'm like, well, you're absolutely right. And I know you guys are the same, right? I mean, we of transcended the stuff level, which is great. And we all take the most pleasure in helping our families and stuff.

So that was really cool. And I'm like, Brooke, that was a lot of money, I mean, I've bought nine of these bags for Natalia already. And it's, they're really expensive. She goes, "dude, it doesn't matter because I am rich now." She actually said that. She says, "I don't care because I am so rich," which was awesome. Right? So she, you know, we're, we are reflecting on our business and she had gone from 300,000 a year when she first met me, which is nothing to sneeze at, and now she's at 5 million and we first started working together in 2014.

She joined the mastermind group of mine and I'm like, this is really cool. And it is really cool, but what's cooler is what has happened to the world as a result of her being helped because she helps people. And she helps a lot of people overcome really, really bad stuff, such as over drinking, which killed my dad. So, that definitely counts as a really, really bad problem.

She's helped people, she currently helps people overcome overeating, which causes a wide range of health issues, of course, bad self-esteem problems and things like that. And she generally helps people just live a happier and more productive life. And when I say people, I mean to the tune of thousands of people. So I'm thinking about this concept of a ripple effect. I helped her and that's really cool and I helped this front line of people and that's really all I ever see, you know?

And then it dawned on me last night and it has dawned on me before, but it kind of came back home to the front of my mind last night that man, some of those people go out and they help a lot more people than I'm helping with on my own, so to speak. So it's kind of like a one plus one equals 10,000 type of equation. And then I start thinking about you two this morning because I was thinking how cool it was that we're all doing an event at the same time.

And I was like, man, all right. So I've helped those two guys. And I know I'm not the only person who's helped y'all so that's not the point of the conversation. And then you guys have gone on to help God knows how many people, right? I mean just Russell alone. Good Lord. It's ridiculous. You know, and Ryan, you helped me. People like overcome the worst part of business possible, which is this incredible pain of selling one to one, and you really help them align with that.

And that's a big deal and I help them with to take the fear out of marketing and help them turn advertising into profit. And that's really a big deal and that's all well and good. And then I'm thinking about you guys and your ripple effect, right? So it's like, for example, Russell, I know you've helped, you guys have all, probably have these ripple effect stories that can come to mind.

But the one that came to mind for me this morning was, Russell, you probably don't even really think about this as much, or maybe you do, but you've got that couple and I can't remember their names, but they wanted to work with you and they didn't have the money and you gave them some advice and then, a year later or something, they come back and they're like, "yep, we're making a million bucks now, it's amazing." And we're like, "yeah, that's really cool." You know, it is really cool. Well holy crap, dude, think of the life, the quality of life that they have and their families and all this stuff. And that's amazing.

And then I'm listening to this story as Russell's telling it, and these guys are in the health and fitness world, right? And they're spreading that message to people every single week, to God knows how many thousands of people, and they're getting enough customers to make seven figures. So clearly it's not an insignificant amount of customers. And think of the effect that those guys are having on the world in terms of eradicating the pain and suffering of disease and eradicating the pain and suffering of not being fit.

And that would've never happened if Russell hadn't given them that advice. And so, as I'm thinking about this, I'm like, I'm going to talk to these two through this voice memo thing, which is now seven hours long, and point that out and kind of issue like a request to both of you guys today. Man, I'll make a commitment to you as well.

So here's the request to my commitment. My request is that you deliberately hold this concept of the ripple effect in the front of your mind, as you're doing this event, like just let it like plant the seed of this and your subconscious and be like, "I want to let this event cause the greatest likelihood of ripple effect the currents as humanly possible." And then let's see what happens. And then I will commit to do the same thing as well.

So like, obviously we're going to get paid for doing the events or whatever, but dudes, you and I both know we can get paid the same amount of money using the skills that we've been blessed with through hard work, by the way. We paid the same amount of money, the skills we've got to sell plumbing, or tires or cars or roofing or anything, it doesn't matter. I mean, the fundamentals of what we know are applicable to every single monetization method in the entire world, but we've chosen to apply these skills to helping people advance towards what they really want.

And it's really cool. And I guess my point of saying all of that is man, the money's going to happen anyway. It already happens anyway, right? Like we could screw up and still make a lot of money. And that's really great, I'm not going to say that to be arrogant. So why not make it a really significant primary focus to deliberately engineer the likelihood of the ripple effect?

Because you never know, right. We could help someone who becomes the next Tony Robinson, the next Rick Warren or the next Joel Ostein and really fertilize the seed of massive change. So, that's what I wanted to share with you two. I hope you guys have a great event. I'm going to, for sure. I hope you break the world's record for bubble soccer, as well.

And what's really funny about that is if there is an existing world record for bubble soccer, it has to point out that we live in the greatest and most prosperous time in history because enough people have time to play bubble soccer to create a world record. Anyway, boys, that's it, man. You guys have a have good...good luck over the next couple of days. I know you'll do great. And here's to the ripple effect.


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