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390 - 2CCX Challenge 5: Test The New Control

2CCX Challenge 5: Test The New Control

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On this episode I talk about challenge #5, testing the new control.

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I have this rule where we have a sales page and two upsells, that's what I have. I mean, that's Russell, right? All my funnels are our sales page, upsell one, upsell two, thank you page. All my funnels are four pages, that's it. Very simple. I don't want to go deeper than that. If I go deeper than that, you start offending people. They call it upsell hell. You get into this upsell hell where 5,000, that's what a lot of people do, and it annoys people. So I don't like having more pages than four, but if I can slide more offers in, in a way that doesn't annoy people, yes, all day long.


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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson, and welcome to the last and final challenge that I made to my Two Comma Club X Coaching Members that now I'm making to you as well. Hopefully, you've enjoyed the last four episodes.

This is the last in the series, and this is Challenge Number Five, which is called Testing The New Control. And I hope that you guys get a lot of value from this. I hope you enjoyed the series, and I hope you enjoy listening in behind the scenes for a special presentation I gave to just Two Comma Club X High End Coaching Members. With that said, I'm going to cue the theme song, and when we come back, you guys will have a chance listen in to the last challenge, Testing The New Control.

I got one last cool thing to show with you, guys. Okay, how many of you guys got the soft launch of the Traffic Secrets book? If you didn't then that's really weird, because literally that's what I've talked about for the last month on eight billion interviews. So when I was writing the Traffic Secrets book, half the time I was writing it I was thinking about the funnel for it, because that's what I do.

And I'm happy to report back that the new funnel is out converting every funnel I've done in the past, and there's some very specific reasons why that I believe. And so not only did we do that, we went back and we redid the Dotcom Secrets and the Expert Seekers and put those live, they're both live as well. There's some ads running to them.

We haven't starting promoting, but just the ads hitting right now, we've more than doubled the average cart value just by making these tweaks and these changes. And so, for us, in our business, whenever we're creating something, I always have a control.

So control is the current best thing we have right now, and we're always trying to beat the control and figure it out. For the last couple of years, the control for all of our book funnels have been the same. You guys have all noticed them. They were usually dark background, video, a two step order form right-hand side, and that was the control. And I know it's for my control and we tried to beat it for a long time but we hadn't been able to.

And it's funny because I've seen most people in the community have copied it and they use it over and over and over again. And so, for me, I was like, "I want to figure out an incremental change." I spent a year while writing this book researching for the book funnel, because I'm like, "What good is having the best book in the world if you haven't the best book funnel?"

And so I spend a lot of time geeking out on this. There's some real unique, interesting things that we did as a team that I want to show you guys. And hopefully it helps just give you guys some ideas of things you can test. But I'm going to show you guys our control, because again you guys can test this versus whatever version you're doing. So I'm going to show you.

I'm actually going to go into the funnel real quick to show you what we did and why. And some of these things are hacky things and it's worth figuring out how to hack them. We had Jamie Smith. I think most of the things he used to hack, he put in CF Pro Tools. So you can pay him for some of these hacks. I don't know how that all works. I don't know how he gives them or sells them.

But these are the little tweaks and things we made that. Some are ClickFunnels out-of-the-box, some of them you need to use CF Pro Tools, but they're all easy to do. Any technical person can do them. I can't do them, but you could hire any person who's one step more technical than me or you and they can do it really easily. Here are the changes for the control. Number one, do you notice it's very white?

All in the past, my book funnels always were dark background with white text, mostly because I thought it was really cool. And at Funnel Hacking Live, I was sitting behind the stage with Kern and Kern asked me, he said, "How come you do all your backgrounds black?" And I was like, "Because it looks really cool." And he's like, "You know that David Ogilvy and Ogilvy and Co have spent over $1 billion split testing white on black and black on white?

And in no circumstances ever did black background with white text ever win, ever in the history of marketing, as we know it." And he's like, "I assume that you've been split testing this like crazy and you figured out that was the big secret, that having black or white was this new thing." And he's like, "Please tell me you split tested." I'm like, "No." And he's like, "Literally, your entire community has ripped it off and everyone's doing it." And he's like, "If they just switched from black to white, it would increase their conversion."

And so I went and I found some to the Ogilvy studies and things like that, and I was like, "Oh my gosh, I never test that because I just loved the design." So when we created these ones, I told our guys, I was like, "We have to design them. Even though a lot of our messaging is dark and serious, it has to be on a white background." And so if you notice, white background, black headline. So, that's one thing I would recommend. Number two, do you notice that all of my funnels in the past were always two column, and this funnel is only one column?

The reason why is the majority of traffic today is coming mobile. And so we used to always design to desktop and then mobile optimize, where now we design for mobile and then made the desktop versus mobile as well. So if you look at this, it looks the same on mobile as it does desktop. It's one column, everything centered down the middle. There are no two column anythings.

And we've seen a big lift from that as well. This includes the upsell pages down so that everything is just one column. So nothing's got to snap into order. It's always an order, because the majority of people are coming. So we are now moving forward designing everything for mobile and not even worrying about desktop, because more people are coming mobile to desktop.

So what that means is that your design, at least for us, is shifting from two columns to one. Everything's one column. So because that, also you've noticed in the past, we always had the video and the order form on the side. Now, the order form is inside pop-ups, because I want to keep everything in column. In fact, we had one offer back in the day that had the order form in the pop-up.

And as I was contemplating this, in fact, it's over, I think it's still there, perfect webinar secret stock, this is an old, old, old funnel, but yeah, it was the only one that we put the pop-up inside. And so I had our guys run stats, and it turned out this having the order form in pop-up versus having it side by side, this version, even though it's ugly and old, we never even looked at those numbers, but people that fill out step one and people that finished the step two, having it in pop-up in line like this, this one, beat out all or all three of the book funnels we had where we had side by side. So, anyway, little thing, order form inside the pop-up.

And the next thing, this is the Jamie Smith hack. Videos used to auto play, I love that. Now, they don't. We use Wistia, because Wistia made a really cool where you could go and watch a video and it would loop like this, then you click play, it would start over. Wistia's the only one that did it. But Wistia is so insanely expensive. Our Wistia bill was getting to be $40,000, $50,000 a month, I was just like, This is insanity." So we switched everything to Vimeo, and then Vimeo doesn't do that cool thing that Wistia does. And so Jamie Smith made a little hack on here.

So now if you look at it, you come here, it starts playing the video with no audio. And if you click on this though, the ones that work on the box, when you click on it, it starts playing the video right where you're at. It's like they missed the whole sales pitch. If I click right here, you missed the most important part of my message, which is the beginning. So the way that this little script works is you click on it and, boom, it pops the video back to the very beginning so you get your full sales message.

So, that's the thing there. So these are the core things, we've got mobile, white background, video auto play, order form pop-up. Those are all the core new things on our control. Oh, the other thing. He doesn't work in ClickFunnels by default, but it was another Jamie Smith hack I think you can get with CF Pro Tools, but having dual order form bumps. I'd never done it before. We did an order form, right now we're getting about 35%, 36% of people taking the audiobook, and 10% of people are saying yes to the $97 order form bump, which is insane.

That's higher than when we used to have use to have an upsell one that was 97 bucks, we would get, I don't know, 4% to 8%. We need 10% to take it here, and it's a whole other upsell that we snuck in there. Our average cart value, we're 30,000 plus books sold in and we're still in the $60 average cart value. That's with half our funnel hackers buying 18 copies of the book, because they're buying from everybody's bonuses. And not buying the upsells, even with that, our cart value is high.

Again, it's 60, 65 bucks or something, 63, 65 bucks last I checked. And it's because these little things like this. A second order form bump, just free cash sitting there, you just grab it. And it's insanity. All right, I'll show you a couple of pages in the funnel. So then OTO number one, again, notice mobile optimized, video player, the same thing. We come back down and then we have the offer.

But then check this out, this is the offer they added, and then we added an order form bump here in the upsell, which we'd never done that before either. It's the order form bump. And both of these are doing amazing as well. So an order form bump. Again, notice, mobile optimized, video players, same way, and then order form bump on an OTO. Who's ever seen an order form bump on an OTO before? Ah, we've never done it before. Jamie Smith, I love that man.

He was like, "Hey, do you want me an order form bump on your OTO?" I'm like, "You could do that?" He's like, "Well, not by default, but we have tools to do that." I was like, "Boom, free money." Again, one upsell turns into three without annoying people. Every page you have, every new page in the funnel, will annoy a new percentage of the people and they'll drop off.

And so, for me, I have this rule where we have a sales page and two upsells, that's what I have. I mean, that's Russell, right? All my funnels are our sales page, upsell one, upsell two, thank you page. All my funnels are four pages, that's it. Very simple. I don't want to go deeper than that. If I go deeper than that, you start offending people. They call it upsell hell. You get into this upsell hell where 5,000, that's what a lot of people do, and it annoys people.

So I don't like having more pages than four, but if I can slide more offers in, in a way that doesn't annoy people, yes, all day long. So we do that. And then Funnelytics is our second OTO, which pushes people to this. Boom. And same thing, notice, mobile optimized, coming down, video player. And then same thing, we have the core offer. And then there's also the upsell box here, which has also been good.

And then we take them to the thank you page, which basically thanks them for buying, tells them they're the coolest in the world, because they are, gives them access to the downloads. Then from here, we push them to ClickFunnels trial. And then here we also push them to the Marketing Secrets app where they can get there. And now I can text people. I'm getting people on text lists as well so I can text some stuff. So that's the funnel and that's the control.

So, again, if we went back now, here's the Dotcom Secrets book. Guess what we did? I'm like, "Hey, there's a new control. Go back to the old pages. Let's update the controls." So there, boom, all the elements are here as well. It looks very similar. Different message, but the control works. But I'm all for you guys, by the way, I'm all for you guys modeling this. Don't copy it. It drives me crazy how many people's book funnel looks identical to Expert Secrets.

They have a purple book and they're using the same color scheme. Show your designer, "This is Russell's. I want something similar." Don't go in and, "I'm going to use Russell's bullet points." Look at it as a model and then make your versions of it. Anyway, I hope that makes sense. Use your coach and use your headlines, use your things. Be creative, but it's those little things I'm talking about. It's understanding the four or five things I showed you guys.

So my last challenge for you guys today is to test a new control. Take whatever funnel you have right now that's working the best in your business and make and control some of these elements. Centered, mobile optimized, order form inside of a pop-up, adding an order form. Do that and then AB split test your current one versus the new one, and then see which one wins.

I appreciate you, guys. I had so much fun. I wish I could do this all day, every day. This is really, really cool. But I appreciate you guys letting me jump on here. Hopefully, this gives you guys some ideas and some things to think about.


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