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391 - NEW SOFTWARE: The Only Other Software I Use EVERY Day

NEW SOFTWARE: The Only Other Software I Use EVERY Day

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This is my new favorite software for creating products, order form bumps, upsells, and more.

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Then he demoed himself using it. It's so cool. He opened up this grid and then you drag the grid and you create a little blocking. Oh, what you want in this block? You want text or video or a headline or a checklist or whatever, and then you drag another block and really quickly, in like five seconds, I watched him build out a SWAT analysis one-pager and then he did another one.


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Hey, what's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, I welcome you first off to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I'm excited to be hanging out with you guys and I'm thinking about doing some upgrades to this podcast. Which makes me sad, because part of me loves the way it is now, but part of me keeps thinking like, "What could we do to make it amazing?" Anyway, keep paying attention, because there's probably some cool stuff coming really soon.

But Today I want to talk about something that is really cool, that is here today that I am freaking out about. And yeah, it's by far my favorite new tool that I've been using. Yeah, so you excited to hear about it? It's going to change everything for you.

All right, so, I got to tell you guys a story. I remember... So, my first mentor in this business, his name is Mark Joyner. And I remember, if you don't know, it's Click Funnels and we had it live for, I don't know, maybe two years or something. We actually had Mark fly out and I got to build the funnel for him and it was really, really cool.

I remember we were sitting there and I'm building his funnel and having so much fun, and he says something to me. He's like, "Man, I've never seen somebody who's really that excited about their own product." I was like, "Oh yeah, I'm obsessed with ClickFunnels. I'm here every day for hours and hours and hours every single day." Oh, I wish ClickFunnels would log time, like how many hours you spend in there. Because I guarantee, I think I spent more time inside of ClickFunnels than any other human on this planet because I love it.

And how cool is it to be able to create a product and use a product you love so much, you use it literally every single day? There's not many people that can say that. In fact, I guarantee you that none of my competitors, the founders of the company, used their own product a fraction of what I use our own product because I use it every single day. Every day we're launching new funnels, we're testing new things, we're checking our stats and our ads and we're making split tests and tweaks. I'm obsessed with it, as you guys know.

But it's been a long time since something like ClickFunnels has come out that I've been excited for, and it's actually interesting the backstory behind this. When we first launched ClickFunnels, there were three partners. The first it was me and Todd Dickerson, and then we brought in a third co-founder, some of you guys know him, his name is Dylan Jones. And Dylan was the one who built the original ClickFunnels editor. He was part of the team for a couple of years, and then eventually we ended up buying him out and he's been off on his own, having the time of his life for the last couple of years.

Recently, he started just playing around with some new ideas and he wanted to get back to coding and creating and stuff like that. He messaged me a little while ago. He was like, "Hey, I have this new tool that I created. I want you to check it out." I'll give you the tool upfront and I'll talk about what it does.

It's called one-pager. So it's So, if you want to see what it is. But it's this really cool editor that makes these one-pagers. They're called one-pagers, right? At first, I was like, "Okay, I don't get it." He's like, "No, it's really cool. You can use it for making lead magnets or creating process flows or everything." I still didn't get it at first, right? I was kind of struggling

Then he demoed himself using it. It's so cool. He opened up this grid and then you drag the grid and you create a little blocking. Oh, what you want in this block? You want text or video or a headline or a checklist or whatever, and then you drag another block and really quickly, in like five seconds, I watched him build out a SWAT analysis one-pager and then he did another one.

I was like, "Oh my gosh, this is cool." I'm like, "Let's do a one-pager for a concept inside my books." He's like, "Well, give me a concept.", so I'm like, "Okay, here's my storytelling framework." He looked at my storytelling framework and within five minutes he built a one-pager for it.

That was insane. We're like, "Literally I could use it as a lead magnet", I said, "Hey, give me your email address and I will give you this one-pager, which is going to teach you my story framework" or I could sell them and give you the episodes and be like, "Hey, you bought my book, if you want here's my six one-pagers for me showing you all the processes of the book, section 97 bucks." I created an upsell for it in a heartbeat. In a few minutes, I created an upsell that fast from my book, or I can make an order form bumps or I can make... Oh, there's so many things. And I became mildly obsessed. I say mildly obsessed because I know to this day, there's nobody who spent more time inside of one-pager than me.

I have built out now... I found out about it right before we launched the five day lead challenge, somebody has asked us to do the five day lead challenge. And in that challenge, I was teaching people to make lead magnets. I'm like, "Okay, everyone use one-pager." In fact, I got Dylan to go and create it so that everyone could create their first one-pager for free. So I was like create a one-pager and use that as a lead magnet. So in the five day lead challenge, we taught... I think we had 45,000 people registered for that, I taught them all like, "Hey, here's how to make a one-pager, go use that. Now you have a lead magnet you can go give away." And so I had everyone go create a one-pager lead magnet. And then we did the one funnel away challenge. I structured it where every single day I taught a principle, but I made a one-pager out of that principle.

And every day they learn a principle from me. And then they get a one-pager with all the stuff in it, right? And the day two, day three... So I built 30 one-pagers for the one funnel away challenge. I did five one-pagers for the five day lead challenge. And now it's like every thought I've ever had, every concept, everything, every framework I've built, every principle, every everything I've ever created or dreamt of I'm turning into one-pager. That's how obsessed I am because it's taking these things, these concepts and it turns them tangible. It's hard to explain what a one-pager is until you actually see one. But it takes something and it makes it tangible, where it's like, "Oh, now this framework, this abstract concept you shared with me, now I can actually see it, I can touch it. It's a thing that I can actually... It's a one-pager." Ah, it's so insanely cool.

And I'm excited because I literally have been using this tool every single day. And as I looked over the last literally 45 days, there's two products I've used every day. And that's Monday through Monday, seven days a week and that's ClickFunnels and it's one-pager. And I have to... In full disclosure, I got so obsessed with one-pager I asked Dylan if I could buy into it, become a partner and so now I am. So, yes, I do have ulterior motives to tell you about it. But the reality is these are the only two products that I use every single day, every single day in my business. That's it. Like, there's other ones I use every once in a while, I log into my odd responders, I log into my analytics. But the two things I use every single day are ClickFunnels and one-pager. And that's pretty cool.

How cool is it to create products that you use every single day? Not just like, "Oh, this is a good idea. You can use it once." Like, every single day. Every day I'm in one-pager and now I'm going through everything I've ever taught. All my books, all my speeches at Funnel Hacking Live, all my projects that got partially done but not finished, I'm turning them all into one-pagers. One-pager after one-pager, I'm building lead bags, I'm building order form bumps, I'm building courses, I'm building everything with this amazing new tool called one-pagers. So, anyway, if you're not staying on one-pager right now, you don't have a poll. You should pull over the car, pause the thing, go to

And what's cool about it is you create a one-pager and you can give it to somebody, right? So I give it to you and you can go take it and you plug it into a one-pager account and you give a free one page account. Because it stores all the one-pages people are giving you, right? So you can have all the content, the curriculum, the things you're learning, and they're all stored in your one-pager account, which is cool. And then had Dylan set up so the very first one-pager, you get one for free. So you got one, you can give away for free. You can make a lead magnet, doesn't cost you anything. Then obviously upgrade, you can create unlimited and it's insanely cheap, the software. We're going to be raising the price soon. But right now it's really, really cheap.

And then you can start creating these things. And Dylan is in full out creation mode. He's adding all sorts of new things to it. He's adding new elements, just new stuff. That's amazing inside of it. He's working on membership modules and things like that, where you could have password protected one-pagers and you have all... Anyway, once they get unlocked, when somebody buys from you. And the future is really, really cool, but literally the product's been live to the world for 45 days now and I've used it every one of those days. And so, anyway, it's not that often I get excited about a tool. In fact, I have not been... I told Dylan this, before we became partners and before I bought into the company I said, "This is the most excited I have been to buy software, it's ClickFunnels. That's it."

And he got pumped and I got pumped and now it's part of my daily routine. I'm in one-pager every single day. So if you're a creator, if you're a designer, if you're thinking about things, if you're trying to create products, if you're trying to create lead magnets, you're trying to create order for bumps or courses or whatever, you should go start using one-pager. If you're a speaker, if you're a presenter, if you're... Whatever you are, one-pager is amazing. It's one of the fastest ways I know to create a product, fastest way to get an idea out of your head, fastest way to get a tangible thing. So, anyway, you should all go to and just go get a free account and just played with it, it's seriously that cool. Anyway, so I'm pumped. Like I said, it's not very often that I use a product every single day. And the only two products I use every single day right now are ClickFunnels and So, there you go.

And also, just to add to that, there's one other product that we're working on right now, that I can't tell you what it is yet, but it is amazing. I do think it will be the third product I use every single day. So, we're probably three months out, frankly didn't talk about that one, but it's cool too. So I'm sharing this for a lot of reasons. Number one, I want you guys to go sign for Number two, I want you to think about what is it you could create for your marketplace you would actually, legitimately use every single day. Because if you're going to use it every single day, there's a good chance that your market will as well. And so it's just kind of a test.

In fact, I can tell you in the past, I created software in the past that I sold, but I never really used it myself. Like, "Oh yeah, it does this one little thing." But it wasn't something that became a staple in my life. Do you create something that literally you can't live without, where you're using it daily? Man, how powerful is that? Then your customers start using it, they're using it daily. It just changes everything. So anyway, hope you guys check it out, Have some fun with it, play with it. And like I said, I'll talk to you all again soon. Bye everybody.


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