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399 - 3 Ways to Train the Subconscious Mind

3 Ways to Train the Subconscious Mind

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Cool things I learned from Stacey and Paul Martino at the Breakthrough in Paradise retreat.

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Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast
Marketing Secrets podcast

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And one thing that Stacy said over and over and over again and said, "Be careful of what you're so certain with." Be careful, "I already know this, I already know this." Be careful what you're so certain with. Because if you think you already know it, you probably don't. At Least you don't know it to the level you need to, to have actual mastery.


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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. Today, I want to teach you guys three ways to train your subconscious mind. All right, everybody. I hope you guys are doing amazing? So my wife and I had a really cool experience. Some of you guys who've been to Funnel Hacking Live, or you've been to Two Comma Club Live or been around our community for the last couple of years, you've probably heard me talk more than once about a really unique, really cool couple, and their names are Stacey and Paul Martino. So they came into our world, they had a message, "They were trying to change the world." They had figured out a process to make relationships better, specifically, like the relationships with your significant other. And they are amazing people. In the last, "How many years they've been doing this work," I believe they saved over 10,000 marriages. They have a less than 1% divorce rate of people who've gone through the program and it's amazing.

So, as someone who loves my wife and never wants to get divorced and is always trying to figure out ways to make everything better, the personal development nerd inside of me. After I met them, I was like, "I'm going to go through your stuff." I've been their marketing coach on the outside, so I've had the fun opportunity to be like, "Hey, you guys need to launch a podcast, "Hey, you need to write a book." "Hey, you need to do these things." So, some of them are selfish things for me because I wanted them to create a podcast, so I could listen to their podcast. I want them to write a book, so I can read their book. They haven't written a book yet, but they're working on it.

Anyway, I'm telling you this is because if you want to go deep with them, they've got an amazing podcast. If you search Stacey and Paul Martino, they have an amazing course, they have a quick start, they have a challenge, they've got a bunch of things, but I went all in, struggled through their content. Collete and I went out to their live event, and then we signed up for the high-end coaching and this year we had a chance last week to go to their Breakthrough in Paradise retreat in Jamaica, which was really, really cool. And it's fun because obviously, what Stacy and Paul do is different from what I do, but there are similarities. They've got their frameworks and they're teaching. They're awesome with what they do.

So they've got their frameworks and they teach them. They teach them in their podcasts, teach them on their Quick Start, teach them in their webinars, teach them in their challenges, teach them at their live events, they teach them at their mat… They have these frameworks and they teach them over and over and over again. And what's cool is I had this breakthrough as I was sitting there because I've gone through most of the stuff that they've taught multiple times now and obviously, I'm still trying to figure things out for myself, for my family, for my relationships with other people, my relationship with my wife, with my employees, with just all the things. I'm still trying to learn and figure things out, but what's cool is that I'm at Breakthrough in Paradise. It's like their top-end thing. This is the back of their value-add.

And they started the event off, talking about, "There are three ways to train the subconscious mind." And it was interesting because one thing is that they talked about and said, "You know, a lot of stuff we're going to be teaching at this event, it's not new stuff. You've probably heard us talk about this more than once. And the reality is our job is not teaching new stuff all the time. Our job is to give you a level of mastery of the stuff we've been teaching you so far." And she said, "You know, right now, a lot of you guys have cognitively," Hopefully I said that word right. "Have heard us say the things like, 'Oh yeah, I know that. I know that. I know that.' And they started saying, "Our job is not to get this into your interior, your front of your mind, it's to get it into the subconscious mind. The subconscious mind is where this stuff becomes mastery, we're just doing it because you understand it at a deeper level. Not where you're trying to think, 'How does this work? What's the first step?'"

And it was just cool, and so, as they started teaching this, they said, "I want to make sure because, if we don't pre-frame this, a lot of you guys are going to discount the stuff like, "Oh, I've heard that before. Oh, I already know that" Oh, where, they said, "The job is not for you to also get a new thing. It's for you to internalize this and to master this so that it becomes something that you have forever." And so that was the pre-frame.

And then they start talking about, "Three ways to train your subconscious mind." It was really cool. It's the number one. The first way to train your subconscious mind is through repetition, hearing things over and over and over and over and over again. It's the repetition that's the key, which is why it's so important. The second thing is immersion. It was a five day event in Jamaica. It was a three-day event that we went to earlier. These immersion events where were there for a long time, because if you're just dabbling in, "Oh, I got a little piece here and a little piece here." And you're not getting immersion, you're just dabbling and it's hard to get that into your subconscious mind where it becomes mastery. And then third way is hypnosis. And she said, “At this event, we're not doing hypnosis, but we're doing repetition and immersion, repetition and immersion because we have to let this sink into your subconscious mind."

It can't be like, "You and your spouse get in a fight and you're trying to think now, 'What was that thing again? Let's see, okay, they taught us this thing.'" It's like, no, you have to get it into your subconscious min so it becomes habit. So it becomes something that you can use. And as she was saying that, I started thinking about myself, I started thinking about wrestling. And I remember having this aha towards the end of my high school career. I wrestled in high school and in college. But it was toward the end of my high school year. And I was someone who became obsessed or stressed with wrestling. So I was wrestling during practice, before practice, after practice, I was doing summer camps. I was like, as much as I could, I was wrestling. And I remember, because you'd go and try and learn the new move, the new move, the new move, or, they teach you the same move and help you do it over and over again.

And I remember I found this to be true. I would drill a move a hundred times in practice, but it wasn't my move until I hit it once in an actual match. I remember having that, epiphany, "I can train this thing a hundred times until I've actually hit it in the match where it's... Those who have ever competed at any high level when you're competing, it's not your conscious mind out there where you think, "Okay, what's the first thing, I'm going to shoot here. I'm going to grab his arm here. When I step on the mat and I shake their hand, it's weird that everything disappears and you just go, it's your subconscious mind taking over. So it's like all these things you've been drilling over and over and over again.

So it's not me consciously, "Oh, I learned, a single leg, there's a single, I should go grab it." At that point, it's gone. Like I missed it. The mastery comes back, feeling it, "When this person moves this way, this is where my body needs to go and how I need to shift, and the angle I need to take." and so I'm drilling it over and over and over like a hundred times drilling it, you start feeling it. But then it wasn't until I hit it in a match. As soon as I hit a once in a match and not I tried in the match and I missed it, it was if I hit it once in a match and I executed on it, my body would remember that.

I remember telling some of my teammates that, during my senior year, this move I would drilling it until I hit it in a match. It's not mine. And they, they didn't understand that. I said, "Yeah, like I can drill this a thousand times. But until I've, until I've used it in a match, like, I don't know how to explain that, but not mine." I know I understand this, it's because it was deeper than just the consciously me knowing how to do the move, it was subconscious where my could just hit it. And so what I would do is I would go out in my matches where I knew I was wrestling someone who was easy, someone I knew what I was going to beat. My job was not to do the moves that already knew. The job is I have to hit the moves I've been learning.

The ones that aren't in my subconscious mind yet. Once I'm trying to train to get back there so I can feel it and it just comes up. Those are the ones I need to hit during my easy matches. So, that way they become my moves. Because, it's not my move until I've executed it at least once in a live match. And so I would do that say, "Okay, this week I've been drilling this, this, and this. So during this match, I'm not trying to do the moves I know, I'm going to be doing these new moves because I need to execute it live in a match. Because then it's in my subconscious mind and I've mastered it. And now I can bring that out, whatever I need to. But until then, it's not mine. It's just something that I've taught my head that I know how this thing works.

You think about that as you get better and better at any kind of sport or any kind of thing, like in wrestling, my moves, the ones I'm amazing at, I can still to the is day hit them perfectly like I've done some so many times. I don't have to think, "Where must I hips go? Where's the pressure?" It's just my body. So, it's so deep in my subconscious mind and it's there and I've got it. And how that happened, repetition, repetition, repetition, number one, immersion, immersion, immersion. Doing wrestling camps, long things and lots of practices like immersing yourself so it becomes a part of mastery. And actually used to do some hypnosis as well to help master those things. So those were the three ways to train subconscious mind, repetition, emerging, hypnosis.

Okay. And so a couple of things that Stacy and Paul taught that was really, really cool. The first question was, "How many repetitions do you think it takes to reprogram? We don't know it's going to take a lot. It's not just you hearing something once. If you're a second timer, third timer, fourth timer. For wrestling, I would drill the drill, hundreds of times of repetition before it was reprogrammed and into my conscious mind. In fact, it wasn't, I actually live in a, in a, an experience where, it became my own move. Okay. So how many repetitions do you need to reprogram your subconscious mind? A lot.

Okay. That's why it's like this event that we're going to teach the same things I've been teaching over and over, over. And because the repetition will try and get this into your subconscious mind so you can use it. So it becomes your move. It becomes your default. So instead of going to the trigger and you normally go to, this is the new trigger that comes up, Number two, things she said that was really cool. She said, "Resistance, means it's not yet wired into your nervous system." So if you hear something in your defaults like, "I've already heard this before." Boom, that is the tell-tale sign that you have not mastered it yet. Okay, because if you resist it, it means you conscious mind says, "I know this, give me the next thing." Okay. So if you're resisting it, like, "I already know this, I've heard this before. If you're resisting, it means you're not yet wired into your nervous system. That's like the tell-tale sign.

Okay. If like, "Is this my nervous system? No." Okay. If you're resisting it, you're like, "I've heard this before," it means it's not in your subconscious mind. Okay, that leaves number three. Number three is when it is in your subconscious mind, and when he is in your subconscious mind, you'll actually be excited to hear the repetition. Can you guys benefit if you hear me tell the story for the 18th time and you are like, "Oh, this is annoying." And when you hear it and don't say anything, that means you're excited. That means it's in your subconscious mind. So, that's how you know.

Okay. So as you're learning something, number one, the repetition is important. Number two, if you're like, I've heard this before. It means it is not in your subconscious mind is a tell-tale sign. If you're like, "This is awesome." I've heard this before." You start looking at it differently, you start seeing different intricacies, start getting to a deeper and deeper level, then you notice in your subconscious mind, okay.

Those are the things. And one thing that Stacy said over and over and over again and said, "Be careful of what you're so certain with." Be careful, "I already know this, I already know this." Be careful what you're so certain with. Because if you think you already know it, you probably don't. At Least you don't know it to the level you need to, to have actual mastery.

Okay. And so, as they were telling this, I was just so fascinated. I'm thinking about it. I start thinking about from my wrestling background, like, "Oh my gosh, this is so true." Let's start thinking about it for my business. If you look at what I do, I have handful of frameworks that I've been teaching for almost two decades now, which is crazy, and some of you guys have come into my world and you've read the DotCom Secrets book and you learn them. Then you read the Expert Secrets book and then the Traffic Secrets book, then you listened to 400 episodes of my podcast, and then you did the 5 Day Lead Challenge and you did The One Funnel Away Challenge and the Two Comma Club Live, then the Funnel Hacking Live One, and number two and number three and then you keep experiencing this again and I keep hearing these things over and over and over again. That's good. That's the key to mastery. It's the key to understanding these things. Okay.

I promise you as many times you guys have heard me talk about these things, I've said them 10 times more than that. Which helps me master it. I've done it a hundred times more than that before I ever shared it and so these are the keys to mastery. And so if any, you guys are in a spot like, 'Oh, I've heard this before. Oh, I've done this before. Oh, I already know these things." You're at this, this level where it's in your conscious mind, but it's not mastery. It's not your subconscious mind. Okay. Cause resistance means it's not yet wired into your nervous system. You step back, and when you get the point where it becomes part of you, like that becomes your move where literally right now, if I'm going to launch a book, I don't think about it consciously. I don't think, "Oh, what's a book photo going to look like?" I've done it so many times I've mastered it.

I can sit down. I can teach a two day event on a book, funnel without any notes, any preparation, anything because I know it. I understand I have perfect mastery of it, and that's the key. One thing they said at the end, which was kind of cool, "When you finished with this work, you're not finished until you become the solution. So in their relationship program, when you, the point where your relationships are perfect, where you, you become the person that you're trying to be, where, they asked you a question, you get a, you get into an argument or a fight or something triggers where your default is, the right reaction. That's when you're finished. That's when you become the solution. Right. In marketing. When you can look at any situation, you know exactly what to do, then you become the solution.

That's the key. So you're doing this until you've gotten mastery. I thought it was such a cool pre-frame for their event. And the more I thought about it, the more I've seen that in my life with wrestling, with business, with things that I've achieved mastery in. It's so true. Right. I think about Tony Robbins, like I've been to Tony Robbins events lot. I've been to UPW a ton of times and I think the second UPW, I do remember, I've heard this, I've heard this before, which is funny. And then I went to a third time, a fourth time and fifth time took my kids to it. And the more times I hear it, the more I'm like, okay, cool. This is always talking about this. And I'm like looking for different angles and for ways to understand it. And if a ways to like, "How do I apply this to my life? How do I make this? So that it's my move, right? Because until it's your move, it's just something that you practiced.

Okay. And practice is good, but that doesn't make mastery. Mastery comes from repetition, immersion and or hypnosis. It's doing it so many times now it becomes your move. And when it's your move, then you own it. Now you've become the person you need to be. You become the solution. And so, anyway, I hope that pre-frame helps and I hope it gives you some purpose now, "Ok, I'm going to go deep on Russell stuff and I'm going to really study everyday that's not my goal, but, but for some of you guys, that's what it is, you constantly understand marketing, but you don't understand it at a level of mastery, which is why you're still struggling.

So keep going through it, repetition immersion. If you're not going to Funnel Hacking live yet, you're insane. If you haven't been to the Two Comma Club Live Virtual Event yet, you're insane. Like giving them the One Funnel Away Challenge the new one, you're insane. Keep doing it until you really understand that you've mastered it. And then that's when you become the solution. You'll know because now you're having success. Right. And the relationship game, like when, when every situation I get in my subconscious mind knows the right way to do it, when I've mastered the, frameworks and mastered the processes where I don't have to think about it consciously, It just subconsciously happens. That's when I can stop doing the work. That's when I become who I need to be. Right. The same, thing's true in your business. And so I hope that helps again.

It helped me in my wrestling and I wish I would understood these things when I first started wrestling. But by my senior year, I was, I was realizing I was, I was seeing that I was seeing the man, I can practice the practice, but it's not my move until I've hit it subconsciously in the live match. And so let me force situations. I have to do it subconsciously.

Let me get, in the beginning situations where I need to use this thing where I'm not using my conscious mind, but I'd have to hit it subconsciously. That's when it became my own. And so, anyway, I hope it helps you guys. I appreciate you all. Thank you so much for listing and a couple of things. Number one is again, become immersed in my world. If you haven't yet, it's time. Start with the One Funnel Away Challenge. From there, coming to Comma Club Live Virtual Event, from there come to Funnel Hacking Live like immerse yourself. And if you want to learn more about how to use this stuff in relationships, go check out Stacy and Paul Martino, is their site and I would just jump into podcasts and start immersing yourself. You'll love them, they're amazing people. Yeah, help me turn in my life. I think they can help you as well, but that's it guys, appreciate you all. And I'll talk to you all on the next episode.


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