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424 - LIVE: My Clubhouse Guests Share Their Biggest Marketing Secret!

LIVE: My Clubhouse Guests Share Their Biggest Marketing Secret!

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On this episode of Marketing Secrets Live, Russell brings on some of his best marketing friends and asked each of them to share their biggest marketing secret! You don’t want to miss out on this valuable info!

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...the very first event I ever went to 19 years ago, I heard Mike Litman speak and he said, "Amateurs focus on the front end."And when he said that it made no sense to me, but I remember hearing that and I was like, "Oh crap, am I an amateur?" I literally was focusing on the front end. And it was a couple of years later as I kept learning this game where I started to kind of realize what you're talking about now, which is like, "Okay, here's the funnel. Here's the pieces. What's the profit at each step?"


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Russell Brunson: What's up everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to The Marketing Secrets podcast. I've got something special for you guys for the next three episodes. Some of you guys know we've been recently doing the Marketing Secrets Live show because as much as I love recording podcasts, it's kind of fun when I do the live versions, which means there's different energy people come on and they ask the questions.

It's awesome. So recently we did a Marketing Series Live show, and if you want to be on the next one we do, make sure go to Clubhouse with, Clubhouse with When you go there, you can subscribe to the Marketing Secrets Live Clubhouse group. And then when I go live, you get notified. It is on the Clubhouse app, but it's fun because it pops up, we can talk, you have to just hangout, I bring a special guest, and then I talk for a while and then we do Q&A at the end.

And so some of you guys have had chance to hang out with me and get your live questions answered and so much fun. So if you want to be part of that, all you've got to do is go to Clubhouse with, it's free and we record these things live. So the last one we did, it was a little over an hour long. The first section I brought in some of my friends and guests and asked them what their biggest marketing secret was.

And these guys dropped gold. Like it was so good. In fact, one of them completely changed how I'm doing one of my funnels because of just one idea. It was amazing. And then after that I talked about some cool things I'm interested in, and then we opened Q&A. So I'm going take that live episode, we're going to break it out over three episodes. And so this first one is going to be where you have a chance to listen to some of my friends coming and sharing their biggest marketing secret.

So with that said, I'm going to jump right into the podcast. You have chance to listen in. And like I said, if you want to be on the next one, go to Clubhouse with, go sign up. Right now they're kind of sporadic. We'll probably find a date and a time that's consistent, but the format I'm really liking.

So it starts off with people coming on, sharing their number one marketing secret, then I share the thing I'm most excited by, and then I open it with Q&A. So make sure you have the live ones. With that said I'm excited to let you guys kind of jump right in here to the last Marketing Secrets Live Show we do. All right everybody, I want to officially welcome you to Marketing Secrets Live Show. I'm so excited to have you all here.

This is really fun doing it on Clubhouse. I've got five special guests who have agreed to come on today and share their biggest marketing secret before we dive into the actual podcast episode. And so I'm really excited to have you guys all on for that. In fact, one of them is the dude who actually told me to join Clubhouse back when it first came out. And so, I'll let you see him here in a minute, but I wanted to lead first off with Anthony Morrison. So Anthony is someone who I have known now for...

Before he knew me, I guarantee I used to watch him on infomercials. I remember the very first time I saw him, we were at some event and he was sitting at the table with all the cool kids and I was on the table next to him with none of the cool kids, and I was like, "Someday, I'm going to meet that guy, we're going to be friends. It's going to be awesome." And now, I think he's won like 2000 Two Comma Club awards from us. He's one of the people that has been a huge supporter since day one, super grateful for him.

He's one of our... In fact, I think he is the top affiliate inside of ClickFunnels right now. And not only top affiliate, but again, if you can see even his profile picture here on Clubhouse, he's won pretty much every award we've gotten four or five or 20 times. So with that said, Anthony Morrison, how are you doing today, bud?

Anthony Morrison: What's up, man? What's up? I'm doing good. How about you?

Russell: I'm doing awesome. I'm having fun trying to do a podcast live. So this is kind of a cool process. But I know you're short on time, so what I would love is, obviously the podcast is called the Marketing Secret Show, and I would love for you to share whatever your biggest marketing secret is right now inside your businesses having success. And with that, I'll hand it over to you.

Anthony: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, look, I've got a few things obviously that I'm working on, and I think trying to pick which one is always my thing, right? Like, "Which one is going to give the most value to the people listening here?" And I think maybe for me, it's probably still kind of going back to... I know a lot of people, Russel, that are following you, that are part of the ClickFunnels community. I mean, most all of them are creating a product, they're creating their own informational product, they want to get it out to the world and they're using funnels to make that happen. And so I'll tell you my most successful funnel. How about that? Would that'd be good?

Russell: Yeah, that'd be awesome.

Anthony: Okay. My most successful funnel for the past three years, and it's interesting because some of the guys up here with me, I know Perry, Keyala, Kevin, these guys have also been kind of instrumental in giving me tips and strategies and stuff for the last three years that I've implemented in this funnel. But it's a funnel that sells a product for seven bucks. So it's kind of against the grain.

I know that we often hear so much about how we always want to sell for more, sell at a higher price, make higher ticket sales. For me, what I did was I kind of went against the grain and I created a $7 product. It's called Partner With Anthony. I don't suggest any of you go and buy it, but you can go look at the sales page and check it out and see how we've set it up. But the cool thing about this is that I started thinking about how Russell set up these funnels, right?

And it's with the intent of the minute that somebody hits this page, we want to essentially funnel them, right? Into becoming a buyer. Right? And so what I thought about, Russell, was why do we stop the funnel there? Why can't the education also be a funnel? Why can't we have an educational funnel so that once they buy through your sales funnel, your education also becomes a sales funnel.

And so what we did with this product was we said, "Hey look, let's get as many people as we can into our ecosystem by selling something for seven bucks. And then once people get into the education, once they're in this educational platform, let's create the education in a way that kind of is broken down almost like you would do..." I mean look, you do this at Funnel Hacking Live, and I know everybody else that does events, you do this long three-day event.

And at the of that event, there's a sale. But all the information in the previous two and a half days was designed to help create the desire for people to buy that thing that's being sold. And so that's what I do inside of the education. The education is designed to create content for purpose.

So that's what we really do. And the purpose is to deliver the value and on the promise that we made. So if we teach people, like in the Partner With Anthony program, we're teaching them to become affiliate marketers. We're showing them how to be affiliates, right? So we want to make sure that is up. You're not paying attention to everything you're hearing, because you're also looking for, "What's he going to sell me? What's the price going to be?"

All that stuff. But when we transfer ourselves out of that and we put ourselves into the education that we've purchased, we let our guard down a little bit. We quit being so closed off. We quit looking for red flags. We quit looking for, "What's going to cost me this, and what's going to cost me that?" And we really start to consume the information that we've bought. And when you do that, when you have a person in that environment, it's much easier to sell them, right?

Because they don't realize they're being sold, you're selling through education. And so that's what we do with this little $7 funnel. We push as many people as we can into this educational sales funnel, if you will. And throughout that education we sell, and a lot of people ask me, "Man, how am I the number one ClickFunnels affiliate?" I don't ever run specific promotions.

You don't ever see an ad for me on Facebook that says, "Here, come buy ClickFunnels. It's awesome." It's always sold through education. That is how I've sold all of these ClickFunnels accounts. I'm selling through education, not necessarily through my sales funnel. And so Partner With Anthony is one of those things that allows me to sell ClickFunnels through my education. So I would say one of the things you ought to start looking at is don't stop your sales funnel at the end of the sales funnel.

Just transfer that selling into your education and start creating this educational sales funnel, so that once somebody comes through, now you continue to sell through education. That funnel, man, is doing seven figures a month for our company at a $7 price point. It's actually more successful than pretty much any funnel I've ever run.

And it's been successful on every platform. We find high ticket, low ticket, all these, they work in different platforms. I mean, we're able to have positive return on investment from Facebook, from YouTube ads, from YouTube Organic and pretty much anywhere and everywhere we promote it. So maybe just don't always look at the highest ticket item.

If you really want to create a company and a business that's going to thrive and going to continue to grow, in my opinion anyway, you need buyer velocity. You need a lot of buyers. You need a lot of people coming into your ecosystem so that they're introduced not only to your brand, but also all of your products, and this little $7 funnel is how we're making it happen.

Russell: That is awesome. I think it's interesting too, especially the way you do it because the education is not free, it's $7, but then inside of education, you recommending the tools and the things like that. And so I think some people may be nervous like, "Oh, well, what if they feel like I'm upselling them on the next info product?" Or whatever. But it's like, you're not only selling the info, but you're selling the tools that you need to implement the thing that they just learned. Right? Which I think is, it's fascinating to think

Anthony: Think about in college, right? This always amazes me. So people always say, "Well, wait a minute, people are going to get mad when you sell them something." Well, I know people... Look, we all know this, if I go to your website, Russell and I click buy, and then right after I clicked buy and I put in my information, and then you have a little video that pops up and says, "But wait, you can upgrade and get all this better stuff." People are like, "Oh man, I'm so mad. Why didn't you just tell me everything upfront?" Right?

We hear that, people don't love upsells. But here's what's interesting, when the upsell is within the education like this, and it's not positioned necessarily as an upsell, but more so as either an essential tool or an added benefit, something that can help you grow within this course, people don't feel the same way about it.

And if you think about it, it's a lot like college, you pay all this money to go to college, the minute you sit down in a desk, they give you a list of all the books you've got to go buy and they charge you thousands of dollars for these books that are 20 years old. And then they say, "Hey, you've got to have a specific calculator, and you've got to..." And people go and buy all those things, and they're not mad at the college. They don't go screaming and hollering at the college saying, "You didn't tell me I needed a calculator and these books."

You know what I'm saying? So, once it's something that you're using I guess to consume and implement the education that you've purchased, I think that that disdain for the upsells kind of fades a little bit and it becomes more of like, "Hey, I'm going to do this because I've already bought into this. So now I need to get all the tools, resources, and help that I can to make this work."

Russell: Very cool. Well, awesome, man. I appreciate it, that's an awesome tip. We could teach the whole three-day course on that concept alone, but hopefully everyone who's listening like "There's a nugget, there's a marketing secret." That you guys can all look at as like, "How do I build a front education system that sends people to my other products and services or the ones I affiliate for, and then selling it for $7?" You can get as many people in as possible. It's awesome. So, thanks, man. I appreciate you sharing that marketing secret.

Anthony: Absolutely man.

Russell: Very cool. All right, with that said, we'll move on to our next guest. We've got five total here. So let me see, number two. Let's see. How about we bring on Kevin David. So Kevin, I actually met Kevin for the very first time at Funnel Hacking Live when he was on stage getting a Two Comma Club award. And then I met him the next year getting a Two Comma Club X award.

And anyway, someone who's been just killing it. He's got a huge YouTube channel. He's got a bunch of other stuff, won a whole bunch of awards from us, dream car winner, a bunch of other things. With that said, Kevin, how are you doing today?

Kevin David: Hey, what's up Russell? I just want to take a minute to appreciate Anthony's…. Okay. Awesome. I just said I wanted to appreciate Anthony's profile picture. For people who are on the podcast not seeing it, he's literally standing in front of every award that ClickFunnels has ever created. And it's just an epic picture. So I should repost that somewhere. But yeah, no, it's funny. I told the story a lot of times, Russell that...

The first and only two times we've ever met in person were getting in to Comma Club and then me on stage telling you I'll be back next year for the eight figure award. And I actually forgot to apply for the 50,000,000 one. But maybe I'll get around to it this year. Russell: You better hurry. We're 105 days away from Funnel Hacking Live. So you've got a little time to get it in, but you've got to hurry.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Russell: Very cool. All right.So with that said, I'd love if you want to share your number one marketing secret with anyone who's listening right now. Be awesome. Kevin: Yeah, for sure. I mean, I'm going to give two, and I'm kind of going to assume that your audience is a little bit more advanced, right? For a lot of the introductory stuff, people can find it on YouTube and blogs and things like that, but kind of the stuff that's much more difficult to find is kind of the more advanced stuff that happens more so for the kind of marketers that are really doing things at a large level, spending millions of dollars and things like that.

And so, I've talked to Anthony and many people about this, and a lot of the guys kind of coordinate and figure out what works and what doesn't. For me, I'm going to give two simple ones that are really immediately implementable. So on YouTube, you can actually do a variety of different types of targeting, right? You can do keywords, you can do in-markets, topics, and target specific things like that.

A lot of people try to get super over complicated and put these huge thousand keyword lists into YouTube to target them. But what I've found is you can actually target people on YouTube from what they've searched on Google in the last seven days.

And that's really, really powerful because in-stream marketing on YouTube is actually much cheaper than Google keyword marketing. And so instead of trying to get all fancy and do these big thousand keyword long tail lists, what we've found is literally just uploading a single keyword, one keyword literally, into those in-markets, excuse me, into those in-stream segments actually works extremely well.

So for example, we might upload an entire audience as a one keyword list just for the word money. Another example is we've proven and found that the keyword "business business business", literally that word three times is actually 20X profitable for us. And it has been for years for whatever reason.

And we found that just by putting the word "business" as a broad match keyword campaign, and then Google actually auto-populates multiple variants of that based on "business" and then adding "business business" three different times, even though that seems ridiculous, that particular keyword, "business business business", has made us tens of thousands of dollars over the course of however long we've been doing things.

The second one that I'll give is kind of a little strategy for people that kind of run Typeform Funnels, or any type of funnels that have purchases. What we've found is instead of having just a single "Thank you" page, we actually differ… find people similar to those higher qualified leads, which just makes everything so much more profitable and so much more successful on paid media.

Russell: Dude, that's awesome. Very cool. I lost some audio on my side for a second, but I got most of it though. That was awesome. Hopefully I don't... I think it was something on my phone, so I think everyone's got it. So very, very cool. Anything else you want to share with people before we move on?

Kevin: I mean, not really. I just... Every time we get to talk, Russell, it's always an honor. You really helped me a lot. And so the people listening to Russell's podcast, you guys are listening to one of the best, if not the GOAT in marketing. So I just appreciate every time we get to connect brother.

Russell: Very cool, man. I appreciate you. Well hopefully some day we'll hang out in real besides just on stage, but we'll see you in a couple of months on getting the next awards. Thanks so much, man. I appreciate you coming on.

Kevin: Absolutely.

Russell: Very cool. Hey Yhennifer, before we go onto the next guest, do you have any announcements that you want to make sure that... I'm sure I'm forgetting some of the things I'm supposed to be doing? So as a newbie Clubhouser, let me make sure I'm doing this right.

Yhennifer: All right. Awesome. We're going to reset the room really quickly here. I just want to send a reminder to everyone that we're recording for the Marketing Secrets podcast. Also, you see that little plus sign at the bottom? Ping your friends, add some people into this room that you feel will get tons of value from this podcast episode. And one more thing, make sure that you click on that green little house, Marketing Secrets Live on the top of this room and follow the club for more episodes. Take it away, Russell.

Russell: Awesome. Thank you,

Yhennifer. Okay, our next guest, I'm excited to bring on. The next guest is someone who literally... I'm reading through the bio here. The first year of using ClickFunnels at over eight figures, multiple eight figures actually very first year, which is crazy, has gone on to do a whole bunch more cents then, and excited to bring our next guest. Who is Keyala. How are you doing man?

Keyala: Whoa, buddy. We've never even met and you said my name right. Kudos to you my brother.

Russell: I'm not going to lie, I'm a little nervous. I was making sure I got it correct. So I nailed huh?

Keyala: You know that you did a good job, and first I just want to thank you for having me out. You have some all-stars on the stage and you even invited Perry too.

Russell: Shots fired.

Keyala: Shots fired. Yes.

Perry Belcher: Remember, I know where you live.

Keyala: That's a true story. All right. So marketing tip, Russell. I'm going to give something that's a little advanced, I think.

Russell: Okay.

Keyala: So the question most often, right? Is so when we... I started out, to give you some history, I started out as an affiliate marketer. And at the end of 2016, the last week of November, 2016, I launched our courses and coaching business, teaching people affiliate marketing, and within four months we got to seven figures a month. Over the next year and a half or so I had 80 million views on my top performing YouTube ad.

So kind of the question that I get most often is how did I ramp up growth that fast? And it really comes down to this concept, which is I think simple but often overlooked. And that concept is knowing your numbers. So for me, the game of scaling is just a game of mathematics. So what do I mean by that? So knowing my numbers means that I knew that the reason that I was able to scale so quickly is because I knew what every customer was worth.

So I was running a funnel, a webinar funnel, where somebody could buy a low ticket sub $100 front end, and when they bought that low ticket sub $100 front end, they would then qualify to speak to my sales team. My sales team would then interview them. If they were a fit, we'd make a 10K offer.

Well, I knew every time I got somebody to spend $99 on our front end product, I ultimately would make a thousand dollars within about 60 days, because I just followed the numbers as we were scaling up the campaigns. Once I knew what that customer was going to be worth to me in 90, sorry, 60 days, I was then able to go into... And this is an advanced strategy, but negative customer acquisition. So a lot of marketers that I've talked to are trying to break even on day zero or day one. Right?

Russell: Yeah.

Keyala: And in contrast, I was spending sometimes as much as $500 acquiring a $99 customer. So why is that significant? It's significant because whoever can spend the most in the marketplace on customer acquisition is going to own that marketplace. So engineering my YouTube views on my YouTube ads was the simple fact that I was willing to, because I knew my numbers so well, I was willing to spend more than my competitors were willing to spend.

And we have a method in our media buying process we call The Bully Method, which I actually took the term from Tim Burg, where we would go in and we would just outbid everybody else who was... So we would manually bid an outbid everybody else in our space. So we would take what we're paying for a CPM, cost per thousand impressions, and we would 10X that amount just to force our ads into the feed, because I knew that I could outspend all of my competitors, right?

So I was able to engineer through that process, through knowing my numbers, I was able to engineer that growth, and that's how we were able to hit those seven figures per month within just four months of launching.

Russell: That's awesome.

Keyala: And when you know your numbers, it really gives you a level of freedom. So as an example, when I sat down... February of 2017, I sat down with my team. We were looking at what the numbers were trending for over the past 90 days of running ads. And I said, "Listen, so next month, we're going to hit a million dollars a month. And here's how we're going to do it." And I broke it down for them. I said "In order for us to hit a million dollars next month, we need to have this many appointments on the calendar for our sales team. In order for us to get that many appointments on the calendar, we need to have this many front end buyers."

Not every front end buyer would book an appointment on the calendar. I knew exactly what the ratio was. "In order for us to have that many front end buyers, we need to get this many people registered for the webinar." Because I knew exactly what percentage of registrants actually converted to a front end buyer. And then I said, "In order for us to be profitable on all of that, we can't pay more than 12..."

It was roughly about $12.50, somewhere in that ballpark, per registrant. "So, marketing team, can we do that? How do we engineer so that we're driving up X amount of registrations a day, at or below $12.50 so that we can hit this seven figure, this million dollar mark, the following month in March?" And we ended up hitting it about three weeks into the month. So oftentimes when I'm talking with marketers at masterminds or at events, they'll be asking about how to grow their business, how to scale their business.

And a lot of it had to be... To be mean, it's just a lot of pin the debt... Pin the tail on the donkey tactics, right? They're kind of running blind, because I'll start asking, "Well, what does every customer that clicks the buy button, what are they worth?" "Well, I don't know." "Oh, what does every person that speaks to your sales team worth?" "I don't know." Or they'll say things like, "Well, the average customer... Our most common product is this product."

And I'll say, "Well, that's not what I'm asking. I'm asking you the moment that somebody gets to your order page and submits that credit card information, ultimately, what does that customer worth to you?" And if they don't know, then they are, to a degree, running blind, right? They're trying to scale their business without having the metrics to know how to scale it. And therefore, playing pin the tail on the donkey. The good news is I love math, so it works out really well.

But if you don't, there's data analysts out there that you can hire that will come in and run that data for you and help you figure these numbers out, which will give you a game plan that you can follow. It's a treasure map to the promise land, so to speak. So that would be my number one tactic.

Russell: That's awesome, man. I appreciate. I remember the very first event I ever went to 19 years ago, I heard Mike Litman speak and he said, "Amateurs focus on the front end."And when he said that it made no sense to me, but I remember hearing that and I was like, "Oh crap, am I an amateur?" I literally was focusing on the front end. And it was a couple of years later as I kept learning this game where I started to kind of realize what you're talking about now, which is like, "Okay, here's the funnel. Here's the pieces. What's the profit at each step?"

And a hundred percent, since we were able to figure those things out and we knew, "Oh, we can spend, again, $70, $80 to sell a free book, or to give away a free plus shipping." Or whatever it was, because we knew to value everything. And then that's when we started scaling as well. So I think that's awesome. I appreciate you sharing that for sure. Very cool. This is fun. I'm actually really enjoying this. I'm getting good ideas on my side. If you guys like it as well, let us know. Okay. We've got one more guest speaker.

Before we do, I'm going to pass back over to Yhennifer to make sure that we've got the room set up for everything before we move on to Perry Belcher.

Yhennifer: So I'm excited to have all you guys here. Thank you for being in this room. Just again, another reminder we are recording here for the Marketing Secrets podcast. Make sure that you click on that little green house at the top to follow the club so that you can get notifications when Russell goes live again, we're planning to do many, many more of these. And also ping, some friends in the room, invite some people so they can come in here and join us for this awesome conversation. Back to you, Russell.

Russell: Awesome, thank you so much. All right, so my last special guest today before we transition to full podcast, is someone who I have been a friend and an admirer of for, man, as long as I think of, 10, 15 years. He's one of the co-founders of Digital Marketer and about a million other things. Probably the greatest storyteller I've ever met. One of my favorite people to hear speak and teach and listen.

And he's the person who told me to get on Clubhouse initially. So all of those people, if you put them all together is Perry Belcher. So Perry, thanks for jumping on today, man. I appreciate you.

Perry: All right, man. Well, let me start off by griping a little bit. So number one, with the exception of Kevin, who's a really nice guy, I went to his place. I ate good food, he was nice to me. I don't really like anybody else on this whole panel. Morrison in front of his fancy schmancy wall of awards. And I've got a bone to pick with you, Russell.

How much stuff have I sold on ClickFunnels? You sent me nothing. I got nothing. I get no respect here. I got stuff on the wall from ClickBank. I got stuff on the wall from YouTube. I got stuff on a wall from everybody. I got nothing from ClickFunnels. I'll tell you that. I get no respect.

Russell: Have you filled out the form that says, "I apply...?"

Perry: Whatever. Forms shcmorms, whatever. Keyala know-it-all, talks all the time. These guys, I don't know where you find them.

Russell: Well with that intro, man I...

Perry: What can I do for you? Can you get me to help you pick better panelists next time? I'll tell you…

Russell: That would actually be super helpful.

Perry: These guys, I don't know. Not all of these guys obviously. But I do think we ought to make Morrison box up half of those things and send them to me. It's only fair.

Russell: It's only fair. Anthony: They can't get 18 wheelers down my street. So can I send you a 10th of them? Russell: Oh, that's awesome. Well, Perry, you've done pretty much everything in this business from physical products to info products, to coaching, to flying to china... Everything I think people could do to make money, I think you've done it three or four times. I'm curious, right now through the lens, what would be your biggest marketing secret you could share to people right now today?

Perry: Actually I was thinking about this because when I talked to, I think it was Miles the other day, he kind of gave me a prompt what the question was going to be. Really two things, and one's extensive, and that's learning to tell a really good story. I think people really don't... Most people have no clue how to tell a story about themselves, their company or their products, or what they do. And I think I've been really good at that.

I kind of had a natural talent for, but I've gotten really, really good at over years. And I think that's been a big help for me. And the trick or the cheat on top of that, if you're not good at it or if you are, it's even better, is something that almost nobody does but me. And that's physical premiums. I use physical premiums in every marketing campaign that I have, and Morrison and I were talking the other day, I kind of know some of his numbers, but I got a $7 offer like his now, and my CPA yesterday was $22 because I gave away a $5 hat, you know?

And his is I think considerably more than that I'm guessing. Anthony, is that still true? Anthony: Oh yeah. It's definitely a lot more. Perry: Yeah. I just love physical premiums and I use them all the way through the funnel. I start with a physical premium. When I go to the upsell, I add another premium and go to the next step sell, add another premium. And people just really don't understand the leverage that a physical premium gives you.

I'm not talking about a book, I'm talking about something that somebody wants. Not something that they need, but something that they want. And really, all right so what's a premium? What is that? It's a gift that you give somebody for taking a certain action that you want them to take. Like Russell, you've got a beautiful wife and when you proposed to her, I'm guessing that you had a premium in your offer. Didn't you?

Russell: It wasn't me. Yeah. I was the afterthought.

Perry: Yeah, it's called a diamond ring. You've got all of us... Got to hock that ring, and you've got to give them the premium because they know they're going to get some old guy that sits in a recliner and farts for the rest of his life. So the big prize ain’t that great. So you got it. But seriously though, I've worked on campaigns for LifeLock and we gave away shredders and built all our campaigns for survival preparedness, and now I've got that hat that I got on, the CEO hat, is my newest premium.

And for my CEO journal, CEO 5,000 club. And I can acquire really great business buyers who are very aspirational for 20 bucks to cold traffic. That's a 19.4% front end conversion rate yesterday. It was insane.

Russell: Is the offer actually... They had the offer for something else when you're attaching a hat to it.

Perry: The offer is the hat in the beginning, and the upsell is a five day CEO challenge that comes with a big framed certificate. I give people awards. I do. I send it to them. If they're good people, I send them a freaking award. I'm not like some people that I know who just, "You fill out the form..." You know what"

Russell: That second step is hard. Step one, earn it, step two, ask for it. So I get it.

Perry: Yeah right. But anyway, I'm joking. But yeah, the second step is challenging, and because if I didn't have the framed certificate there, which is a very nice premium award, we would probably only get a 15, 20% take rate on the upsell, but instead I get right now in the neighborhood of a 42% up-sell rate on the $47 challenge. And then there's a VIP registration after that, I think it's about 30%.

And I think I'll increase that this week, because I didn't have a premium attached to it. I'm going to put another premium that I give them when they buy the VIP for another a hundred bucks. And a good premium, Russell, only has to be something someone wants. It doesn't have to be something they need. For years and years banks gave away toasters when you opened a bank account.

The toaster didn't have anything to do with a bank account, but everybody wants a new toaster or a set of steak knives or whatever. You just find something that somebody wants an ideally, if you're using the premium at the front of the funnel, like I am with this one, you want a premium that identifies the market that you're looking for. If you've got a fishing club or a fishing stuff you want to sell, then you need a fishing hat or a fishing t-shirt or a fishing rod.

Something that identifies that front end buyer, that low dollar front-end buyer as having a certain aspiration or interest. But I don't think anybody understands the leverage of it. You'll get in the math... So what people do that screws them up in the head. And I know Morrison and I've talked about this. He still ain't done it. Right? They get to think, "Well, I got to ship a thing. That's going to cost 10 bucks."

Yeah. But your CPA advertising costs is going to go down by 70. Right? So why would you not do that? But that's okay if nobody ever wants to do it, it's good with me. I like being in this ocean all by myself, right? But seriously, you'll never give away a physical gift, a good one that's thought about, thought through, that will increase your cost of delivery more than it will reduce your cost of acquisition. I've never... It's never happened.

Russell: I'm freaking out on my side, because I'm thinking about we have our book funnels all the time, but I was late for the Dotcom Secrets book. If I gave a t-shirt that was like, "I Build Funnels" that came with the Dotcom Secrets book. Right?

Perry: Then I'm going to rat out my best partner. So Ryan brought out his book, The Invisible Selling Machine. Remember that?

Russell: Yep.

Perry: So we sent that to the digital marketer list who love him like a fat kid loves cake, right? And that offer went out and he got a 3.9% conversion on it. And he was so disappointed. We were all disappointed. We put a digital marker "I'm smarter" t-shirt with it, conversion went to 11.1%, on a bundle. So you're talking about a $5 shirt, you know…

Russell: 3X the conversion

Perry: Well, you can say it increased the version, which it did, but it also reduced the cost of acquisition by three fours.

Russell: Yeah.

Perry: So whether you're... If you're buying media to it, it's emphatically important. And as we put more and more premiums down funnel, we see the same thing happen where the down funnel sales double and triple, and you just keep increasing the value of the premium as you keep increasing the price of the down-funnel products for sale.

I'm into it so much I bought a... I've got a 24,000 square foot warehouse here now, where we make and print and embroider all of our premiums and we do it for some of our other people. But I got so into it that I wanted to be prime on it. So we make all of our own stuff now. It's a big deal.

Russell: That's killer. Dude, Perry, thank you for sharing that. That was a big one for me. I'm sure it's awesome for everyone else.

Perry: No problem.

Russell: Very cool. Well those were our guest speakers for today. So I want to thank all of our guests for jumping on and sharing their biggest marketing secret. I got a bunch of notes to myself for myself here, which is exciting, which is awesome.


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