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427 - Return of the Two Page Bridge Funnel

Return of the Two Page Bridge Funnel

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And a bridge funnel is, basically, when you're trying to bridge the gap between what somebody wants and what somebody needs. Right? For example, everybody in my world needs click funnels. Right? Sometimes it's hard to sell click funnels because it's like, "Well, why do I need software? What's a funnel? I don't even know." Right? So I had to find what's something they want that I can give them right away? And then, by doing that, I can then bridge them over to what they actually need.


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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. Today, I'm on my Onewheel, driving to the office. Hopefully, the wind's not too loud. I'll try to talk loud, but forgive me if there's any sound noise. But it takes longer to drive on the Onewheel, so maybe we'll get a longer episode today. I got some cool things I'm excited by, things I want to share with you guys. Yep, there's a car driving by.

If you have been long-time listeners, you know that when I first launched this podcast, it was called The Marketing in Your Car podcast. We call today The Marketing on Your Onewheel. With that says, let's keep things going. We'll be right back.

All right, everybody. Well, hopefully, you can hear me. The wind hits every once in a while. I'm doing my best. Anyway, so today's episode, what I want to talk about is something fun that I'm geeking out on right now. There's a principle. There's a concept that we've taught over the last, man, 10 ... longer than that, long, long time called the bridge funnel.

And a bridge funnel is, basically, when you're trying to bridge the gap between what somebody wants and what somebody needs. Right? For example, everybody in my world needs click funnels. Right? Sometimes it's hard to sell click funnels because it's like, "Well, why do I need software? What's a funnel? I don't even know." Right? So I had to find what's something they want that I can give them right away? And then, by doing that, I can then bridge them over to what they actually need.

Whoa. Some guy just drove by in an original Hummer. Sorry. That was really cool. All right. So that's what a bridge is. Right? I'm trying to draw a bridge between these two different things. And I used to share the example to explain this back in the day, back when we were doing more business opportunities stuff. I talked about if you would go to ... let's say you went to the food court at the mall. Right? And at the food court, there's all these people are eating. This is pre-COVID, so there's tons of people eating and tons of noise.

And if I sit up on a chair in the food court and I yelled and said, "Hey, everybody! Look over here." And they look at me and I'm like, "Hey, who here wants a funnel to grow your business?" Of everybody in the food court, what percentage of people would raise their hand? And the reality is probably very, very few. Right? Probably nobody.

But if I was to stand up on the thing and say, "Hey, who here wants to learn how to make money on the internet." Right? Like two-thirds of the room would raise their hand. And then I can say, "Okay, cool. Come over here." And then I could pull people aside and say, "Okay, the way that we make money on the internet is through this thing called a funnel." And I'm like, "Who here wants a funnel?" And now I can obviously sell them the thing that they actually need.

And so that's the concept of a bridge, is you're taking this thing that they need that they may not understand yet, and you're bridging them through something that they do understand. Right? And so, for a long time, we used to do bridge funnels a lot. But over the last few years, as we've grown click funnels, we've done a good job of building a brand and making the popular rising ... I hate to say that word ... making popular the concept of funnels. And so it's not like I have to go and convince people to funnel because most people in my retargeting circles that we target on the internet, at this point, know what it is. And there's a million other people, all teaching talking about funnels.

And so it's been really good for us. Right? The more noise, the more people talking about funnels, the better we do. But we're always trying to go beyond the boundaries and try to figure out the next step and the next level. Right? How do we acquire it? How do we get more people?

And so recently, we started combing back through all of our data and click funnels. We've got like 100 different front-end offers. And so we've got a lot of data, and it's hard to go through it all. But we now have a business intelligent team who literally go through and just looks at all our data and finds numbers and patterns and things of that forest. And one of the interesting things that we found recently that was fascinating is that of all the front end offers we have, and this is like book funnels, opt-in funnels, webinar funnels, all the things, the funnels where the person is most likely to join click funnels and become a click funnels customer in the first 30 days is actually through one of our ebook funnels, which is crazy, so like the marketing secrets black book and the funnel cookbook.

If they opt into those things, download the PDF that we give them, they're most likely to become a click funnels member in the next 30 days, which is crazy, especially since those are two funnels I built four or five years ago. And we haven't touched them or looked at them or done anything with him since. They're literally just like ... I forgot about them. I didn't realize we were driving any traffic to them. And so I was like, "Well, crap. We should look at these again."

So we looked at them again, and how do we optimize these now? How do we make something truly amazing? And so I started looking at ... it was interesting because people would opt in for the black box, and we never talked about click funnels. So on the thank-you page, we don't talk about click funnels. It's like ... sorry, more cars coming. Maybe I shouldn't do marketing in the Onewheel.

Anyway, so the more I started looking at these funnels, I'm like, "It's insane that they somehow bridge that gap, and they find the people." Because I'm not bridging that gap for them. Right? They're these random funnels we built years ago and forgot about, and they're out there. And so I said, "Okay, we should bring these things back, but let's strategically figure out how do we get somebody now who's going to go through this funnel?" And then, if they download the book, how do we bridge them now over into click funnels? Right? And so that was the next thing we started looking at.

So we're going back through all of our webinar funnels, especially since the last couple of months when you've had all the issues with Apple and Facebook fighting, and cookies, and just all the things. Right? All right. Cost has gone up. So we're looking, and right now, it's costing us anywhere from 20 to 25 bucks for a webinar register, which is crazy. But our opt-ins are still lower, like three to five bucks to register. And so anyway, yesterday, I built about for these yesterday with Nick on my team. I had so much fun doing it. But the funnels, these bridge funnels, are very, very simple.

Basically, come to the page, and it's like, "Hey, get this free book. Opt-in right here. It's the opt-in for the free book." And then the thank-you page is sweet. There's a video of me saying, "Sweet." I just emailed you the first gift. It's coming to you. I promise you guys the value of this episode is going to be worth all the noise. Anyway, so I said, "The first gift is coming to you. It's in your inbox. Go check it out there."

So notice, I didn't give them the downlink on the thank-you page because on the thank-you page, I needed them to do something more important, which was register for the webinar. And the thank-you page is like, "The first gift is in your inbox. The second gift is actually more important. It's a web class I'm putting on called Funnel Hacking Secrets, where we're going to show you guys how to actually use the stuff we're talking about in the book, the ebook that you're getting. And it's going to be awesome." Right?

"So go register down below." And the whole page is structured in a way to get them to register for the web class that's coming up. By the way, we tested web class, webinar, masterclass, and like a dozen different variations, and web class crushed all other versions of that phrase. So start calling webinars web classes, and it will help conversion. So there's another little marketing secret for you. So anyway, that's what we've been building, these little bridge funnels.

And again, they have not gone live yet, so I don't know the exact stats. But if they stay true and we average five bucks a lead to give away an ebook, right, which, it is what it is. But if we get one out of five people hit the thank-you page and 20% conversion and the thank-you page to register for the webinar, we're actually getting the webinar leads for the same cost as we were paying before. Right? Because 20%, five people, that's 20 bucks. I'm probably doing the math wrong, but $20.00, $25 per webinar registrant.

But the thing that's different is that when we pay 25 bucks a webinar registrant, we're getting one lead. Right? Here we're getting five leads. We're giving them value upfront. They're getting an ebook. They're getting a gift. They're opening their email. They're downloading the thing, so It's increasing our open rates, our click-through rates, which will get more email delivered for all of our lists across the board. Right?

They're getting value in advance. They get this really cool ebook. They're like, "Oh my gosh, this is amazing. Look at this cool thing that Russell just gave me." Then they register for the webinar. My thought, I'm not sure yet, but positioning the webinar also as a bonus gift as opposed to like, "Hey, register for a webinar." I think we'll get more people to show up and actually consume it. We'll find out. And now it's bridging them over into the funnel world.

So anyway, we built four of these yesterday. The ads will be starting the next day or so. I'll return the report back and let you guys know how they're doing. I have two more that I came up with last night, and I'm like, literally, if this works, any piece of content ever created from the beginning of time until now, I could use, and I could put into these little bridge model things. Right? Like, "Opt-in to get my presentation from Funnel Hacking Live." They opt-in. Cool. I just emailed it to you. That's gift number one.

Gift number two, though, gift number two is this web class you need to go register for right now. And then they register down below, and boom, now they're in the webinar funnel. Right? And so anyway, I'm just freaking out excited. And it was so simple, but it's something I've forgotten about. And it's coming back to these ebook bridge funnels, or these content bridge funnels, or these one-pager bridge funnels. Let me do a test today. We're going to build one out for a one-pager. We'll say, "Hey, opt-in here to get the one-pager on my top webinar hacks. They opt-in, boom, "Hey, the one-pagers in your email. Go check it out."

And then the second gift is the web class. Right? And just keep this process happening over and over and over and over and over again. So anyway, I'm hoping that it does as good as I think it will. I think it will. I'm going to have six of these rolling out in the next seven days, so if you follow my ads and hopefully you do, you'll start seeing them. And I recommend going through the process, funnel hacking, and watching slowly. They're simple two-page funnels that lead to our webinar.

And then, the email sequence pushes people to click funnels as well as the webinar. So anyway, highly recommend watching it. I'll report back on how it does, but I think it's going to open up a whole new world of customers and buyers and just exciting things for us. So I'm excited for it. I appreciate you guys listening. Hope you all are doing amazing, and we'll talk to you soon. All right. Bye, everybody.


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