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428 - Keenya Kelly, Myron Golden, and Dan Henry share their BIGGEST Marketing Secret LIVE!

Keenya Kelly, Myron Golden, and Dan Henry share their BIGGEST Marketing Secret LIVE!

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Welcome to another guest edition of Marketing Secrets Live! Russell talks to Keenya Kelly about Tick Tock, Myron Golden about challenges, and Dan Henry about high ticket sales. Don’t miss this value packed episode!

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If you think about the people in this game who have the most success, honestly, are the ones who make the most offers, right? They're trying different things. We just did a very fascinating study with our ClickFunnels data, went through man, like one and a half million people have signed up for ClickFunnels trial over time. And it's crazy, if someone joins ClickFunnels and they buy at least one thing from it. It could be a book, it could be a $7 report, it could be anything, their stick rate triples. And so a lot of times you might go, "Well, I just sell one thing." It's like, yeah, but the more offers you make, the better buyers they become.


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Russell Brunson: Everyone welcome to the marketing secrets live show. I'm so excited to be here live with you guys. This is kind of a new format we've been doing for our podcast. And if this is your first time on, welcome.

If you were listening to the recordings of this later, and you want to come on one of our live shows, make sure you go to and come and sign up for the Marketing Secrets Live Clubhouse room. And this is where we're kind of hanging out once a week or so.

And it's fun because this format's been different. I've had a chance to bring in speakers and find out their number of marketing secret. Then I have a chance to share the coolest thing I'm thinking about at the time. And then we open up for Q&A at the end. And so those who are live, get your questions ready. We're going to do a Q&A at the end. Again, if you're listening to the recording on the actual podcast, make sure you go and register for the live shows at It'll be a lot of fun.

So today we've got a couple of guests I'm going to bring them on here in a second and share their number one marketing secret. But before we do that, of course, we got to lead off with the marketing secrets theme song. So let me queue that up. When we come back, we'll jump right into to our guest panels.

So here we go. All right, welcome officially now to the marketing secrets live show. Yhennifer, excited to have you here as always, helping me kind of co-host this and get things kicked off. Looks like our first guest isn't here yet, but I would love if you want to introduce the first guest that we're going to be talking to, and we'll just jump right in if you want to.

Yhennifer: Awesome, let's get the party started. Before we introduce our guests, we want to make sure that you guys that are here on this episode, that you click the little plus sign in the bottom and invite your friends. Also, a reminder, we are recording this room and don't forget to follow the speakers on the stage and click the little monopoly house on the top and follow the Marketing Secrets Club here so that you can get a notification where we go live again.

So our first guest speaker is miss Keenya Kelly. Kenya is the CEO of You Brand It, a video marketing consulting firm in San Diego, California. She is a strategist. She is the TikTok queen, and she's been a member of the funnel hacking community since 2017. Welcome Keenya and Russell, I'll pass it on to you

Russell: Keenya. So excited to have you here since 2017. That's crazy. You've been around for a long time. I've been watching you for a long time closely for the last probably two or three weeks, which has been so much fun. So excited to have you on the show first off and welcome. How are you feeling today?

Keenya Kelly: I am feeling super good. I'm actually in Mexico celebrating my 40th birthday. So I'm feeling real good.

Russell: Very cool. Congratulations. Happy 40. I hit my 40th last year. So far, I remember when I was a kid, I thought when my parents turned 40, I was like, "They're almost dead." I was really concerned. And now as a 40 year old, I feel like I'm just starting. So it's different when you get older, isn't it.

Keenya: It sure is. I'm like, I'm just getting started up in here, you know what I'm saying?

Russell: Very cool. Well, what I want to ask you right now. This is the question I ask all the guests here on the Marketing Secrets Live show, is what is your biggest marketing secret that you are doing right now inside of your business? So we can all hear and learn from it.

Keenya: Absolutely. So my biggest secret is TikTok. And I know some people are already like, they're like fading out, but don't fade out. I built my business initially from Facebook and Instagram and in 2020, I'm somebody who prays for strategies. And I heard God tell me to get off to TikTok, which I thought was insane, but I was like, "I'm just going to try." I was like, "Maybe I'm just dealing with whatever because of the pandemic."

So I get on to TikTok and initially I'm dancing like everybody else. But then it clicked. This is the newest social media platform that marketers are going to run to. And so in the midst of everything that happened in 2020, I just kept creating content. And fast forward a year later, 450,000 followers, we added an additional $300,000 to my business and it's just been incredible. And now I'm this "influencer". And I'm like, "I never thought that I would be an influencer, but now I am."

Russell: That's interesting. So you started with doing dances, like a lot of people do in TikTok. I'm curious, what was the transition like? What were some things you did that helped it to grow or helped get the following, actually make money from it?

Keenya: For sure. So what happened was that I was going viral with some of the dances and just being my personality. And I ended up seeing somebody, I can't remember who it was that was marketing and they clicked. And I immediately transitioned. I said, I do love to dance. I do love to have fun. I'm going to take some of these trends and start teaching.

So I started doing a little bit of dancing, but I would talk while I was dancing or I would have texts on screen. And I started driving people to the link in my bio to jump on my email list, to buy my courses. And I ended up, like I have a book, a business book called Before You Quit Your Job. And I ended up selling way more books on TikTok than I was anywhere else. And so I just kept doing that. I was like, this is a creative platform. Be creative, have fun, but teach in the way that TikTok's community is. And that is what happened.

Russell: That's awesome. It's interesting. I'm not a big TikToker yet, but my kids are. And so I remember when I was trying to understand the platform. I said, "I'm just going to watch my kids and see what they're doing and why they're doing it, to understand them." And it was fascinating because my daughter, she started growing her TikTok channel slowly. And I remember at first she would be like, "I got 30 followers. I got 50."

She was so excited, and then what she did, this is super interesting. She set up a second profile and there's a name for it. I think it's like a thing that TikTokers do, I don't know. You may know more than me, but she covered up her face, and it was like, people had to guess who she was. So she did these dances where you can't see her face and people started guessing. And that channel blew up to like 50 or 60,000 people.

And she kept building towards the big reveal. As soon as I get X amount of people, I'm to reveal who I am. And so she got to that point and then she revealed who she was and she pushed everyone to her main channel. And she had like almost 30,000 people move over there, follow her on her main channel. And now my daughter's like, "I'm an influencer dad." I'm like, "No, not my daughter. No." But it was just that interesting strategy to watch how she did that.

How just some of the different techniques and things to start growing. And I think for anybody, especially someone like me who hasn't really gotten good with the platform yet, it's like find people who are using it and just watch them. That's how we started learning YouTube. I started learning other things is just watching how people who do love the platform, what they're doing and how they're doing it.

It sounds like you had something similar, you were doing it just for fun. And then you started seeing other people transitioning. Okay. I see how this is going to work now for my business as well.

Keenya: Yeah, absolutely. I knew it was something because social media always starts out entertaining. It just does. And then it usually starts out with the younger generation. And so when I got there, I was like, "There is something to this." And I slowly started going, "This is going to be the wave of marketing." And now here we are 2021 and Facebook just launched their short video and everything else has short video.

Russell: Yeah. Super interesting. Well, awesome. Thanks for coming on the live show and sharing that it makes me want to go... I'm about to head on family vacation. So my goal is to TikTok my daughter at least three times over the next week and a half. So those who want to follow my TikTok, go find me. I'm only like at 500 followers.

So go follow me and you'll see me start trying to practice what we're preaching. So thank you Keenya so much for coming on and sharing. Super grateful for you.

Keenya: Thank you so much.

Yhennifer: Awesome. Thank you, Keenya. You are awesome. I'm so excited that you were here. All right. So now we have Myron Golden. Myron is a high in demand speaker, trainer in areas of sales, marketing, business development. I think he doesn't even need an introduction because I mean, all the funnel hackers here know who he is, but we had to give him this special introduction. He's also a bestselling author.

And I don't know if you guys know this, but he's a songwriter and an owner of a record label. Welcome Myron to the marketing secrets podcast. Back to you, Russell.

Russell: What's up Myron. How are you doing, man?

Myron Golden: What's up Russell? Good to see you brother. Good to see you. I forgot about this call. Don't tell anybody I said that.

Russell: You're live right now…

Myron: I'm at the golf course.

Russell: Are you golfing right now?

Myron: I'm at the golf course, but it's all good, I'm here.

Russell: Well, thanks for jumping on.

Myron: Good to see you bro, always good

Russell: We're only on for a minute or so. So well, first off Myron, you, as you know, you're one of my favorite humans on this planet. Just been so grateful for you. The last few years hanging out often has been some of the highlights in my life. So grateful for you. And the biggest thing on the marketing seekers live show.

So we can get you back to golfing, but my only question for you is, what is right now in your business the number one marketing secret. Of all the things you're doing, obviously you're doing a lot of things, but if you could say, this is my number one marketing secret right now, what would that be that you can share with everybody?

Myron: Well, my number one marketing secret right now is we've got a challenge to a bootcamp. And what we do is we do a five-day challenge. It's $97 for general admission. It's $297 for VIP and we do it to a split offer, which people say you shouldn't do, but it's working really well for us. So if people are making more than 20,000 a month, we send them to our application for our inner circle.

If they're making less than 20,000 a month, we send them to the application for our offer mastery coaching. Where we teach people how to create offers and do challenges. And we've got students right now. We just did our first one at the end of February, beginning of March. And we've got one guy from our first challenge who's already done two challenges and done over $300,000.

We've got another lady who's never sold anything high ticket before, her very first challenge she did like $24,000. So people are just crushing it. So that's what we're doing. We're doing a challenge to a $21,000 coaching program and or to our inner circle. And it's done for us so far over $2 million this year. 

Russell: That's awesome. It feels like this year has been-

Myron: That's my number one secret.

Russell: It feels like this year has been the year of challenges for people, which has been really, really fascinating. And people use it for different ways, right? We use challenges, people in software. Other people using challenges, so there are courses. And you're going from challenge straight to super high ticket, which is fascinating. Now you said also your challenge is a paid challenge of friends, is that what you said?

Myron: Oh yeah, paid.

Russell: Okay.

Myron: It's paid, it's $97 for the general admission and 297 for VIP.

Russell: And then what's the... Two follow up questions. Number one. What's the name of your challenge? And then is the challenge happening live throughout the week or is it prerecorded or how do you structure that? He's on the golf course, so it's breaking up a little bit, but so we said it is live and then the other question was just, what was the actual name of your challenge? We can go funnel hacking, go sign up for it.

Myron: Yeah. So the name of the challenge is the Make More Offers challenge because I teach people the number one challenge, the number one problem, most business owners have. They don't make enough offers. So I teach them to make more offers and to make more money. And so Make More Offers Challenge and yeah, it's a paid challenge. One $97 for the general mission, 297 for VIP.

Russell: Awesome. Well, thank you, Myron. Appreciate jumping on. I hear the birds in the background, you should get back to golfing. Thanks for jumping on real quick and sharing your biggest marketing secret. And I'm grateful for you as always. And just as a side note for everyone who's listening, the Make More Offers challenge, that's a cool name.

If you think about the people in this game who have the most success, honestly, are the ones who make the most offers, right? They're trying different things. We just did a very fascinating study with our ClickFunnels data, went through man, like one and a half million people have signed up for ClickFunnels trial over time. And it's crazy, if someone joins ClickFunnels and they buy at least one thing from it.

It could be a book, it could be a $7 report, it could be anything, their stick rate triples. And so a lot of times you might go, "Well, I just sell one thing." It's like, yeah, but the more offers you make, the better buyers they become. I remember TJ Rohleder who is one of my mentors in direct mail.

And he's brilliant marketer, but essentially you can go and you can actually rent his buyer list. Where you can send his buyers your offers in the mail. And I told him like, "Aren't you worried if other people were making offers to your buyers, they're going to quit buying from you?" And he said, "No, no. You're looking at it backwards." He's like the more people buy, he said buyers stay in motion. And the more they buy, the more they'll continue to buy.

So he's like, "I'm going to sell my people stuff, but I want other people to sell them stuff as well, because if they're buying somebody else's offer, they're more likely to buy mine as well because buyers like to buy stuff." And he's like, "If they stop buying, that's worse." He's like, "If I don't send them something in the mail each week, if they're not getting other offers, so they're not continuing to buy. They actually cool off and they become worse buyers over time."

And so it's fascinating for us looking at the data from seven years now. It's like, if they've purchased anything from me, like a book, anything, they seek three times longer on ClickFunnels than if they just sign up for ClickFunnels and that's it. So make more offers. We can go on like a two hour podcast just about that alone, how powerful it is. But anyway, so it's awesome. So thank you Myron, for sharing all that.

Myron: I'll be happy to jump on and do a two hour podcast with you anytime you’re ready Russell.

Russell: Awesome. We'll have to plan that. Well, thank you Myron so much for jumping on, and this has been fun so far. So we've got two guests down. We've got one more to go. Yhennifer, you want to introduce our next guest?

Yhennifer: Yes. Awesome. Let me reset the room really quickly, guys. If you're finding value in this room, please follow the speakers on the panel. Click the little plus sign and invite five friends right there at the bottom. You can also click on the monopoly house at the top where it says Marketing Secrets Live, so that you can follow this club and get a notification when Russell goes live again.

All right, the next speaker on up is Dan Henry. Dan is the founder of He's a bestselling author and a eight figure award winner. Welcome Dan to the room today.

Dan Henry: Hey, how's it going guys?

Russell: Doing awesome. Dan, great to hear from you. Always awesome to hang out and have you on. I would say before we kick this off officially, I think you are probably one of the most colorful characters inside of our community, which makes it fun. Sometimes I get nervous. Sometimes I get excited and back and forth, but always respect and always grateful for you and awesome to have you here.

So my question for you that I'm excited to hear your thoughts because you're a deep thinker who goes, sometimes our thoughts counteract each other, which is kind of fun as well. But I'm curious for you right now in your business, in the spot you're at, what is the biggest marketing secret that you're finding right now that's working for you guys?

Dan: Well, I've always, as you know, Russell, I've always used polarity to... But that's something I've used for years, and I always say if you make enough noise, all eyes will be on you, make sure you're selling something. And I think a lot of people think that they don't use polarity or if they use polarity they're going to turn off a bunch of people.

But that's the thing, is you use polarity in your daily life whether you intend to or not. If you go to church and you walk out of that church, an atheist is going to drive by and be like, "That guy sucks." And vice versa. It's like, if you go to the gym and you're in shape, somebody who's not shape is going to look at you and be jealous. You're polarizing anyway. So you might as well get paid for it. And so of the things that we made a radical, radical shift in our business was what I like to call, and I learned from you, the value ladder.

I would call this sort of the reverse value ladder. So we start with high ticket. I pretty much don't build a value ladder until I hit at least one million with a high ticket offer. Because the way I view it, if you're good enough, if your offer is good enough to book calls and close sales and do well, it's the engine, right? The other stuff around it is the fuel that pours into the engine.

So what we did was we started selling high ticket only, and it just radically transformed our business. And then I tacked the book on and some low ticket products to fuel it, to scale it even further. And we've been able to, I mean, I'm not on social media that much anymore. I'm not that active anymore, and we've done... We have million-dollar days, we have million-dollar weeks. I just launched a hundred-thousand-dollar offer within like hours, landed a client for that. I mean, and everything else just supports that.

And I think a lot of people don't realize that there are two segments of the market. There are low ticket buyers and there are high ticket buyers. Low ticket buyers either won't buy your high ticket ever, or they require multiple products, multiple touch points, months, and months, or even years of following to ascend them to be a high ticket buyer.

And that's true and that works, but there's also a segment of the market that are already high ticket buyers. That are ready to pay you a high ticket price right now, and nobody markets to them. Because almost every book, almost every guru out there, almost every direct response marketer, talks about low ticket and the language of low ticket buyers.

So those high ticket buyers they're already ready to buy. It's literally a blue ocean, but most people don't know how to talk to them. So what I did is I literally deleted all my low ticket stuff. I started speaking to the high ticket buyers first. I still use polarity, that still works. And then once I've tapped into that fully and the machine is oiled, then I tacked in the low ticket stuff. To take those low ticket buyers and turn them into high ticket buyers. But going after high ticket buyers first as a priority changed everything.

Russell: Awesome. I actually a hundred percent agree with that. It's interesting. One of my biggest fears when I teach people the value ladder is number one, is that they don't do anything until they've got all the offers and all the value ladder built out, which is the wrong thing.

Number two, they start with the, I'm going to go write a book then, which is the hardest thing, as you know. You've written a book too. Of all the things, it's the hardest, and it's the hardest to make profitable. Whereas if someone leads with a higher ticket, a webinar or a high ticket offer, you have more room to mess things up, right? Because you sell one 10,000 or 20,000 whatever client, you can do a lot of things wrong.

You can mess up on the ads and mess up on the copy and everything you used in one person and it cleans up all the mess, right? And so typically, like you said, it's easier to get some of that to work out of the gate and then scale-out to call them a cup of whatever that is. And then coming back and saying, "Hey, I need more ways to bring people into this offer."

And that's when a book offer does well, or things like that. Hormozi did the same thing, he had his high ticket thing, killing it. And then he wrote a book and then his book offer, if you guys go through his book offer, he doesn't have anything else to say. So you buy the book, and the next page is like, cool you bought the book.

Apply now for the high ticket coaching. And he did find that he was able to get more buyers coming in that way, but it was leading with the high ticket. And I think for most people, especially if you're getting started, this is one of the easier, faster ways. I think the biggest problem people have a lot of times is just the belief that they can actually sell high ticket when they're first beginning, which is probably more of the problem. But man, the metrics and the math make way more sense when you lead with that, for sure.

Dan: That's who got me into high ticket originally, it was Hormozy. I met him backstage at a ClickFunnels event and he's like, "Dan, how much money did you make this month?" And I'm like, "One million." And he's like, "How much did you spend?" I'm like, "700,000." And he's like, "Cool. I made like two million and I spent like a hundred grand." I'm like, "You must be so good at Facebook ads." And he's like, "No, I suck at Facebook ads. My cheapest offer is 16 grand."

And my mind just exploded when he said that. And ever since then, everything I've done has been revolving around that. But I want to make a point. You said that your biggest fear was that people do the value ladder wrong. And I think that's a point that everybody needs to hear. There's a difference between learning what to do, how to do it and how to do it well, how to execute it. And I will tell you, most people funnel hacking, value ladder. They do it wrong.

They want to build out the whole thing first or instead of modeling someone's funnel, they just go and copy it word for word. And they don't realize that there's what to do, there's how to do it and how to do it well. I think that's a big thing, is the stuff you teach. I mean, you were the person that got me started in this game. I made $25 million and it has literally started from the moment I saw you on an ad going, "Buy my dotcom secrets book."

And I bought that book, and now what, I don't know, five, whatever, how many ever years later, four years, five years, I've made $25 million. And I'll tell you that if I were to say one thing, that is the difference between people who make it and people who don't, is a lack of comprehension. Nobody gives effort into comprehending what somebody says. They just look at it and go, "Okay, cool." And then they don't really go, "Okay, why does this work? What's the science behind this?" And they just take a superficial action. So I think your stuff is amazing, Russell. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't be here right now. But I do think people need to put more effort into understanding how to do it well.

Russell: A hundred percent. Yep. People look to service level. There's a method to this and if you go deeper, you can see why it works, not just how it works so. Well, awesome, man. Well, thank you, Dan. Thank you, Keenya. Thank you, Myron, for jumping on the first half of the Marketing Secrets Live show. For those who are on live, this is fun.

So we're going to have two more sessions of this live podcast. If you're listening to the recording of this, make sure you go to Go and register and that way in the future, when we go live, you'll get notified on your phone. And you come hang out with us live and have some fun.


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