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437 - The Secret to Selling Thousands of Tickets to Your Live or Virtual Event


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Let me take you behind the scenes of what we’re doing to sell out Funnel Hacking Live once again.

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It's been almost 18 months since the last Funnel Hacking Live. I hope you're excited. I think most of you guys are going to be there, which is exciting. If you aren't going to be there, literally, do you hate money? Do you hate growth? Do you hate relationships with amazing people? Do you hate hearing me talk? Those are the only logical explanations that I can think of. I say that with making sure that you need to be there.


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What's up everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back the Marketing Secrets Podcast. Today, I want to tell you guys a secret about how to fill live events. All right everybody, as you guys know, we are coming down to the final stretch of Funnel Hacking Live. I think we're less than 60 days. Dang, two months. Less than two months away. Whew. It makes me nervous just saying that, from Funnel Hacking Live happening, which is exciting. It's been almost 18 months since the last Funnel Hacking Live. I hope you're excited. I think most of you guys are going to be there, which is exciting. If you aren't going to be there, literally, do you hate money? Do you hate growth? Do you hate relationships with amazing people? Do you hate hearing me talk? Those are the only logical explanations that I can think of. I say that with making sure that you need to be there. If you don't have your tickets yet, go to The show is on. Right now we're in the final stretch.

Tickets are almost sold out, and we sell out every year, but this year we're selling out earlier, because the venue's smaller. We only have 3,500 seats versus last year, we had 5,000 people in the event. We pre-sold more tickets the last Funnel Hacking Live than ever before either. Anyway, we're almost sold out. If you don't have a ticket yet, now is the time to go. The other interesting thing is, this is the first and hopefully the only year we're doing a virtual as well, just because a lot of countries, people actually can't get to here, which is frustrating. Other than that, I've always been anti virtual, but we had to, this time around. If you aren't able to come, you're locked out of the country, or whatever, or you're nervous about people, which is understandable as well, there's a virtual option this year, but that one is also almost sold out. If you're getting tickets, now's the time, but anyway, I digress, as we're getting towards the final stretch. We're like, "Okay. Well, I just want to get done selling tickets," because selling tickets is a grind.

If anyone who has ever done a live event or a virtual event, it's a lot of work to continually sell tickets. Right? That's the place that we're in now. I was like, "I just want to get it done with. How do we just sell the last batch?" Like, "Let's get it over with." It's funny, because every year we try to reinvent the wheel. Like, "How did we sell these last year? What campaigns work the best?" We went back through, and we looked at ticket sales. We saw there was a week or two, where we sold hundreds of tickets a day, right? We're like, "What did we do during that week?" We went back and found the emails. It was funny, because of course, here's me reinventing the wheel. Hopefully in a year from now, someone can remind me, "Russell, don't forget, this is what we did last year," but I'm sharing this with you guys, because the thing that we'd done in the past that sold more tickets than anything else, outside of at the last year live event, we sell tickets to next year's, that sells the best.

Number two, when we do the kickoff Webinar this year, that sold a ton of them this year for us, which we'd never done that in the past, so kickoff Webinar. Then the third biggest thing to sell tickets has always been taking things away, right? Taking away a bonus or increasing the price, things like that, and usually throughout the promotional campaign, we always are doing little things like that. Right? We're increasing the price. We're taking away a bonus. We're doing this. Last year, we had this great idea, which I forgot about until just recently. We had each speaker jump on a Facebook Live with me, just for a quick 10, 15 minutes. I jump on, I talk about who they are, what they're talking about. We do that tease, like "This is what we're going to talk about." It's really exciting to get people pumped about being there, talk about that speaker's experience at FHL. It's just a really fun thing. Then at the end of it, I said, "Hey, for those who were coming to FHL, do you want to give them a bonus to make sure they show up?"

Each speaker then gives a bonus. It's crazy. Some speakers are like, "Here's my three-day live event. Here's my $2,000 course. Here's my..." People are giving crazy stuff. Right? Each speaker gives away a bonus. Today, depending when you're listening to this, I've probably done five or six at this point, but I did the first one today. It was with Peng Joon. Peng Joon giveaway is literally a $3,000 event, a three-day live event, the virtual recordings of it, in a member's area and everything, which is crazy for everyone who got their ticket from Funnel Hacking Live. What we do is, we start doing the speaker offer stack. Today Peng Joon gave his bonus. We send emails with a list. Say, "Hey. Go watch Peng Joon's Facebook Live. By the way, he gave everyone this bonus, if you guys get your tickets this weekend." Right? Then next week I think I have three or four Facebook Lives. Each one with two speakers, jumping on, and we're doing this thing. Then each of those speakers, I'm asking them the same thing. Like, "Hey, what bonus do you have?"

Then, they'll give us a bonus, and they'll give us a bonus. These bonuses will keep stacking, keep stacking, keep stacking. Then each email goes out like, "Hey, don't forget. Here's Russell's bonus. Here's Peng Joon's. Here's so, and so's. Here's so, and so's, and here's three new bonuses added today." It keeps getting bigger and bigger, and offer stack gets bigger and bigger. What happens during this week or two weeks of these interviews, the sales come in slow, and they get bigger and they get bigger, because the offer keeps getting more and more insane, til eventually, it's like, "I would literally be insane to not get my tickets." Like, "Do I, even if I don't show up to the event?" Like, "I still need to get the thing, because this bonus has gotten so good." It gets bigger, and bigger, and bigger. We do that as we go through all the speakers, and at the very end, now that the offer stack is insane, if you show up to Funnel Hacking Live, you're getting all the speakers, these amazing products.

You get to know the speakers ahead of time, plus you get to come to the event, plus all the other bonuses, and all the other things. Then after we built that up, then we take all those bonuses away. We do a three-day cart close, where it's like, "Hey, you can still get tickets, but you'll miss out on this." Like, "Here's the offer stack of all the things," and we pull that away. That pull away, those three days is when we were selling 200 or 300 tickets a day, every single day. It's crazy. We don't have that many tickets to sell this year. I don't know how far we'll get into it, but again, I found the campaign. I was like, "Oh my gosh, of course." We've restructured it, and we're doing it again right now, but for any of you guys who were trying to sell tickets, this is a powerful way to do it. Then what else is cool is that today, Peng Joon, he Instagrammed his audience. Like, "Hey. Check out this Facebook Live I was on." Now he's selling tickets for us as well. Right?

Then, yeah. It's just really interesting, because all of this. You're getting the speakers to promote it. You're promoting it. You're increasing the offer, and you're able to pull the offer away. It's just a powerful, unique strategy we're using to sell a ton of tickets. Anyway, I hope that helps. I've tried a lot of things to sell tickets, and like I said, looking at this, is the thing that's worked the best. Make sure you're watching us, if you're not, go make sure you follow me on Facebook. That's where these are all streaming too. Actually, I think it streams to Facebook, LinkedIn, a whole bunch of other places as well, but go and watch that. You'll see the campaign. You'll see what we're doing. You watch, as the offer gets more and more insane. Then when we pull the offer away, that's when the huge ticket sales come through. Anyway, I love this game. I hope you guys can see that. I hope you can feel it. It's so much fun, and I love sharing with you guys behind the scenes, what we're doing. Hopefully you guys can model it for your events.

It worked for virtual events, worked for live events, worked for all sorts of things. That said, thanks, you guys for listening. Appreciate you all, and we will talk to you all again soon. Definitely the next podcast episode, but hopefully more importantly, at Funnel Hacking Live. If you don't have your tickets yet, now is the time. You don't want to miss it. The only logical reason to not go is, if you hate money or you hate me. If you hate me, you probably shouldn't be listening to this podcast anyway. If you hate money, you probably aren't listening to this podcast. That means you. Yes, if you're listening right now, you need to go. Pull over the side of the car, pause this thing, open up a new browser window, go to, and get your tickets. If you're not sure if you want tickets, go watch the video at the top of, then go get your tickets. It's that good. All right, guys. Appreciate you all. Thanks for listening, and I hope you guys have an amazing day. Talk soon.


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