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458 - Funnel Hacking Live 2021 - Day #2 Recap

Funnel Hacking Live 2021 - Day #2 Recap

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Today, Russell has fun explaining everything that went on behind the scenes of day two at this year's Funnel Hacking Live event!

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Funnel hubs is the key. Everything is based on the funnel hub, and then from there we got our shopping cart. You put in that, and then from there you build out your funnels and it's just thought through differently and it's really, really cool. Todd and I did the big Click Funnels 2.0 reveal and people freaked out. We give everyone beta access for free with a whole bunch of bonuses and challenges, and it's another reason why you need to be a Funnel Hacking Live, because everyone now, literally thousands of people, all my friends, everybody I know, everyone's messaging me, "How do we get ClickFunnels 2.0? I want a free account. How do I sign up?" I'm like, "Oh, well, if you were at Funnel Hacking Live, you'd have one. Otherwise, you don't."


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Hey, what's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. Today, I'm going to recap some of the cool stuff that happened at Funnel Hacking Live 2021 day number two. All right, so last episode I told you guys some of the cool stuff happening in day number one. I walked you guys through the structure, the outline, the reasoning why we did a lot of those things, and talked about some of the speakers who were amazing. And now I'm going to talk about day number two. So day number two, this is the day where typically we have our mini reveal of something, usually Click Funnels related. Two years ago, it was Funnel Flicks. Other years, it was Actionetics. Other years, it was things like that. And for day two here, we were excited because it was our big reveal day for Click Funnels 2.0. And so everything in this day was tied around that and getting built into the hype and excitement and the energy to release Click Funnels 2.0.

And so the day began in the morning, as it normally does, with Trent Shelton, and Trent is such an amazing speaker. And I want him to talk about building a following, but not just a following. If you look at Trent, by hanging out with him privately, it's crazy because he'll spend, I don't know, an hour, hour and a half every single day just responding to all his fans and followers and social media people, which is crazy because his following is not small by any stretch. Most people, myself included, we push things out but we're not really good at communicating and stuff like that. And the reason why Trent's fans are such die-hards is because he's there for me communicating with him. And so we talked about that, but a lot of other amazing things. And it was interesting because Trent, I've only seen him speak from stage a couple of times and he usually does this, what's it called, a spoken word thing.

And I didn't ask him to do that, but I was hoping he was going to. And as he got done speaking, he got to the point where his time ran out and I was like, "Ah, dang it. I was really looking forward to that." And then at the very end of his presentation when time ran out he ran up on stage and then also the music started playing and I was like, "Oh, he's going to do it," and he did it and it was amazing. And at the very end of it, he even tied in one funnel away. Oh, it was so cool. I should do a whole podcast episode just playing that spoken word thing that you guys can listen to over and over and over and over and over again. But it was all about making sure that you don't die with things that you wanted to do, the dreams and the aspirations and things like that. Make sure you go and do them now while you can. So, anyway, Trent was amazing as always.

After that, we started getting into publishing stuff, and so first was the next speaker was Krista Mashore, who was talking about how she creates ads and videos and drives paid ads to them that aren't so much to sell but they are to build up the relationship with people, and then from there, ideally they'll go and they'll buy stuff from you in number two ad, number three, and things like that. And Krista's got as much energy if not more than me. She speaks faster than me, which is awesome, and she did a great job. After that, McCall Jones came and spoke about charisma hacking. And McCall is one I was really excited for it because last year she showed up at Funnel Hacking Live just as an attendee to support her sister-in-law who was speaking, and then she fell in love with what we all do and created her own movement called Charisma Hacking and it was really cool. And she had developed this whole Charisma Hacking system and process, which was really fascinating to see.

She took this thing that was an idea she had a year and a half ago, the first Funnel Hacking Live that she came to, and turned it into an actual science. And so I think not only was her presentation cool, it was just cool to see how each of us have these frameworks or these ideas that we have. But it's, how do you keep developing it and developing it and developing it to make it better and better and better and more clear, more simple? And I didn't really realize how evolved her Charisma Hacking frameworks had become until she shared it with Funnel Hacking Live and I was like, "Oh, these are just so exciting. So cool." Anyway, she crushed it. And so that was all about Charisma Hacking, how do you look at other people who have different types of charisma and how do you model those? Because most of us, me included, I wasn't born this way. I didn't have talent, I didn't know how to speak on stage or do podcasts or any of these things.

And a lot of it came from modeling people I look up to and that's what Charisma Hacking is a lot about, it's looking at those things and finding the patterns and finding who you resonate with as you're figuring out your voice and how to speak and how to present and things like that, which is awesome. After McCall spoke, JLD from Entrepreneurs On Fire spoke about podcasting and podcasting for funnels and a whole bunch of cool things like that. He crushed it as always. It's been fun because JLD has been a lot of Funnel Hacking Lives and it was the first time he's actually a chance to speak, and it was awesome to have him on stage. And then to wrap out before lunch, we had Mike and AJ come and do a presentation about a funnel hub. And some people may be wondering, "Didn't they speak last year about funnel hubs?" And the answer is yes, they did.

And the reason why I wanted them to speak again, because funnel hubs is a big part of Click Funnels 2.0, and so I wanted to bring back to people's mindset and intention this concept of a funnel hub, which was really, really cool. So Mike and AJ came and spoke on that. And then from there we broke for lunch, and after lunch, we started shifting over more to e-commerce supplements and things like that. So the next speaker, we had a dual speaker, it was Matt and Jason. They are an uncle and nephew or whatever. I think it's one out of every 17 Two Comma Club Awards that goes to them, and so they talked about how they figure out their stuff, because it's interesting. Most people go like, "Oh, I'm excited by blah. I'm going to go build a business around blah," where they're the opposite. They go and they do the market research, figure out what's hot, what are people buying today? And then they figured that out.

They figure exactly where they get the traffic from. They're not trying to guess. They know, "This is where we can get traffic. This is what people are buying right now," and then they go and they reverse engineer that. And from there they create products, plug them in and, boom, Two Comma Club Awards over and over and over and over again. It was cool to see their process. I do wish they would have showed a little more. They're secretive about what they do, and I wish they would've shown us their landing pages and stuff. Unfortunately, they didn't, but conceptually they did share their process, which was cool. After that, Braven Grant spoke. He has a bunch of cool supplement funnels. And I had him talk about the difference between funnels and cars, because this is where people get in all sorts of fights in our world.

It's like, "Why have the Shopify store? Why have a funnel?" It's like, "Blah, blah, blah," and it's like, "No, you have to understand these two things actually work hand in hand." And one thing that he talked about that was really cool, he talked about when he read the Dotcom Secrets book, he learned about value ladders and back ends and all these things. He was just like, "This doesn't make sense for me because I have a supplement company." And then later he realized, "Oh my gosh, the cart is the back end for supplement companies. The funnel is what you use to acquire a customer profitably and then the cart is where you actually make your profit." And he showed how these two things work together, which was strategic for a couple of reasons. Number one, it's how he has built his businesses as big as he has, which is cool, but he's used Shopify for his carts. But Todd and I were about to reveal Click Funnels 2.0, which actually has shopping carts built in. Spoiler alert.

And so after he talked about that, then Todd and I came out and we did the actual big reveal presentation where we had a chance to show people ClickFunnels 2.0, all these things that people won't talk about. Funnel hubs is the key. Everything is based on the funnel hub, and then from there we got our shopping cart. You put in that, and then from there you build out your funnels and it's just thought through differently and it's really, really cool. Todd and I did the big Click Funnels 2.0 reveal and people freaked out. We give everyone beta access for free with a whole bunch of bonuses and challenges, and it's another reason why you need to be a Funnel Hacking Live, because everyone now, literally thousands of people, all my friends, everybody I know, everyone's messaging me, "How do we get ClickFunnels 2.0? I want a free account. How do I sign up?" I'm like, "Oh, well, if you were at Funnel Hacking Live, you'd have one. Otherwise, you don't."

So be Funnel Hacking Live. Even to my friends who keep begging me, sorry. Make sure you don't miss the event because we reward people who show up. Yeah, everyone who was there has access to it, kind of. We're doing a drip release and so next month we're going to be releasing funnel hubs and we'll do a challenge with that and let people have access to us so they can see it, they can play with it, they can use it, and then that'll be the first feature. And then, the next month, we'll do courses and we'll unlock the courses and they can do that. And then after that, it opens up the shopping carts and then other things, so on and so forth. That's what's happening there, which is awesome. We had a good time there. Gave everyone these cool T-shirts and stuff when they signed up for free, and I think we signed up almost everyone. Almost 100% of the people at the event signed up for Click Funnels 2.0, which was cool.

And then we broke to dinner, and after dinner, normally we do our awards ceremony, the Two Comma Award, on day three, but we decided this time to do them on day number two, partially because it's really brutal on me. Usually, it's day three, I do the awards show, take a picture of 1,000 people, and then from there, then I do my sales presentation. Then after that, we get pictures of everybody who bought. It's the longest day of all time. And so we shifted it around to see if it would work, and it did, which was great. So we did the awards ceremony Tuesday night, gave out Two Comma Club Awards, and I told everyone, I'm like, "After the Two Comma Club Awards, we have a guest. Can't tell you who it is yet, but you're going to freak out. Make sure you show up for it." And so after the awards were done, then our special guest showed up and the special guest was and is Dan Kennedy.

And we made the announcement at the Funnel Hacking Live that we actually purchased Dan. I bought Dan Kennedy's company, which is crazy. When I got into this business, that's who I learned from initially. In fact, to this day, he's still who I study the most. But it came up for sale and I thought it'd be a really good marriage and partnership with ClickFunnels. And so we bought his company recently and then we announced it here at the event, and then Dan spoke. And some of you guys know Dan almost died two years ago but, man, he's still sharp as a whip. He was awesome. He used to just get on stage and speak but now he wants someone there to help interview and facilitate. So I got a chance to actually interview him from stage and facilitate, which was insanely cool. This was supposed to go for an hour. We ended up going for over two hours. He was so funny.

I think it was the first time he'd been in front of a big stage, big audience like that since he got sick, which was probably four or five years ago now. Anyway, pre-COVID for sure, it was a year or two before that as well. Anyway, it was so cool to hear a lot of the stories I've been hearing for years. I had a chance to ask him the questions and set up for him to tell the story that I knew that I wanted to hear, and that was really special and really cool. And, in fact, some people were just like, "Oh, if I'd have known Dan Kennedy was there, I would have showed up." Yeah, that's why you have to show up, because you have no idea what we're going to do. We're always surprising you guys. We're always making this better and cooler and all sorts of stuff like that. Anyway, that was really special having Dan speak, and then I was going to do another presentation at the end called Followup Funnels, and by that time, it was late, everyone's tired. I'm like, "You know what? I'm not going to do this."

But we made this really cool book that basically showed everyone my 64 email sequence or whatever it was. So we gave them the book and I talked about it for two minutes and I was like, "That's it. Let's go to bed," and that was the end of day number two. And so, man, it was magical. The whole thing was just cool. Ending with Dan on stage was amazing. And getting people excited about the ClickFunnels 2.0 and getting them signed up, it was like the perfect day. So, anyway, if you haven't been in Funnel Hacking Live yet in the past, not that I'm trying to sell you on tickets, but you should get your tickets. Next year's going to be even crazier. We're going to be back in Orlando again. We haven't launched a sales video or anything. So tickets are there at a discount at That's But make sure you get your tickets because we'll sell out. Every year, we've sold out.

This year, we've more than doubled as many tickets as we sold last year, which is crazy because last year was our best sales year ever. We're already at almost 2000 tickets sold for next year's event, so if you're thinking about it, you should just go get your ticket because it's going to be gone and you don't want to miss it. Anyway, with that said, that's the recap of day number two and tomorrow's our next episode. I'll share with you guys what happened on day three, day four, and give you guys a little glimpse behind some of the magic that happens with Funnel Hacking Live. Thanks so much, you guys, and we'll talk to you soon. Bye.


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