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459 - Funnel Hacking Live 2021 - Day #3 And #4 Recap


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Here is the exciting wrap up of the final two days of this year’s Funnel Hacking Live event!

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Day number four is where I came out in the morning, I did a presentation called Bootstrapped, which is how we built our business, we bootstrapped it. And I actually announced a new award called the Bootstrapped Entrepreneur of the Year Award. I talked about that, and then my twins were here at Funnel Hacking Live this year.  And I did a presentation showing how we bootstrapped ClickFunnels, and ups and the downs, and told that story. 


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What's up everybody, this is Russell. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. All right, I'm going to break down day number three and day number four of Funnel Hacking Live for you. All right, so day three is where we start transitioning into... For me, if I go in very funnel specific, I like taking people through on this day, the bottom of the value ladder, moving up, and just showing a lot of different ways to build funnels, because there's so many different ways to do it. You can have book funnels, and challenge funnels, and webinar funnels, and high ticket funnels, and a million other things in between, summit funnels. Yeah, there's a lot of stuff, and so on day three I started going into this.

And the very first person that we had speak in the morning was Kiana Danial, and she's someone who has been on every news channel a million times, Fox news, CNBC, all the business stuff, talking about investing and things like that. And she thought that was going to make her a bunch of money, but it didn't. And she ended up joining our Two Comma Club Coaching Program a couple of years ago, and we got her focusing on driving all that traffic to a funnel, and in no time she became a Two Comma Club winner. And so it was cool having her tell that story, just showing all these things that she thought meant it was going to be money like, "I thought I'd be on TV on all these shows all the time. I thought these things were going to be the things that made me money, but it wasn't. It wasn't until I actually had a funnel, I had a way to convert people into customer, that I started making money. And so it was really cool hearing her presentation.

And then after that, we started moving up the value ladder. So next was Pedro Adao, and Pedro has become infamous for challenge funnels, not like challenge funnels like The One Funnel Away, which is a paid challenge funnel, but doing free challenge funnels. And Pedro talked about that, and he was awesome, he was on fire people went crazy. This is actually important, the one reason I had Pedro in here is because inside the new Two Comma Club Coaching Program, if somebody chooses the expert route, the first eight weeks we focus on them all doing a challenge, and so it's fun for them, they'll see through Pedro what these challenge funnels look like. And then later in the pitch, we would come back and say, "Oh, that thing that Pedro did, we're going to be doing that." And Pedro is going to be one of the coaches helping on that, which is really cool.

So Pedro talked about free challenge funnels. After he was done, then Peng Joon, he’s one of my favorite speakers, but he was stuck in Malaysia. We almost didn't know if he was going to come, he's like... Anyway, it was a big deal to get him here, and luckily he made it to the States. And what was cool is he showed how you can basically take a 30 minute presentation and turn a 30 minute presentation into an entire business, and he showed how he did it. With last time we spoke at Funnel Hacking Live, he took his presentation, he made it a book, and from there he had an upsell of the audio book, and the episode, the done for you version, and the done with you version, and he showed the whole process, how you can take one 30 minute presentation and turn it into entire business, and lead with the book funnel, and that was really cool to see that. I think it's something that most people could do pretty simply and pretty easily.

After Peng Joon, then we started moving up the value ladder a little higher to Lauren Golden, and Lauren, she's built her empire, and she won multiple Two Comma Club awards, primarily through webinar funnels. So she talked about webinar funnels, showed her process there, and then she talked about other bunch of the cool things that she was really excited talking about as well, but it was the next phase of the value ladder, is like, "Hey, here's a webinar funnel." After Lauren was done, then Sarah Petty had been doing live event funnels and crushing it, and doing huge volume. The market she serves are photographers. A lot of times people think, "Well, there's not much money in photography. Photographers aren't going to pay for high ticket things." But Sarah does these virtual live events and gets photographers on them, and then from there sells a really expensive high-end coaching, and they're killing with it.

And it's just really cool to see cause they do a lot of just things that I don't think through. I don't know if it's like feminine masculine, or maybe she's just more creative than me, probably that one. Anyway, but all these cool things where when someone signs up for a virtual event, they get this box, and the box has them unlocked like, "Open this thing first, this thing second, this thing third." Takes them through this whole journey, but that's what Sarah talked about, which was amazing. And then, after that, then Eileen Wilder spoke about high ticket sales, and her presentation was really fun for me because she quoted a lot of the old time personal development people who I'm studying right now, and so it was fun for me because I was like, "I'm reading about these people right now." And she's quoting them, and she's talking about them, and her presentation was awesome. That got my wife all fired up. Collette was like, "Eileen got me on fire. I got so excited about everything." And so hers was awesome.

And the whole morning, it was just power-packed, and fun, and exciting, and everybody ran over on time, so there was all the stress for me and everyone on our team, but man, it turned out awesome. That morning was great. So after that, then we went and we broke to lunch. Now a couple of things we did, is we broke to lunch, and we had a special lunch for anybody who'd won a Two Comma Club award in the past. And that was for a couple of reasons, number one, to give them a free lunch, but then also, some of you guys know that I've recently reopened my inner circle, and one of the qualifications to be in the inner circle is to have won a Two Comma Club award. So we had all the Two Comma Club winners at lunch, and then we told them about the inner circle and invited them to join if they wanted to, and we end up signing up a lot of people into the new inner circle, which was awesome.

It was really a soft pitch, I just said, "This is what it is, if you're interested, go sign up, and then go back and have some lunch." And so it wasn't a hard pitch, it was just letting them know there's an opportunity and that's what's happening. So we had lunch, after lunch we got back, and I was excited because over the last year... So I become really good friends with a dude named Nick. I'm going to probably mispronounce the last name. He's got the hardest last name ever, so I apologize in advance Nick, if I mess up, but Nick Santonastasso. Oh, man. Anyway, if you guys know Nick, he was born with one arm and no legs. Two arms, one arm was really small though, and the other one has got one finger on it, stuff like that. I connect to him a while ago, and he was the wrestler too, which was really fun.

In fact, he came to my house and I wrestled him, and we got video of us wrestling, but just someone who's such a cool dude, I just love him. And he gave a presentation called Play The Hand That You're Dealt With, and showing people that like, "Man, life is tough. You've got a lot of hard things." But he's like, "Look at the hand I was dealt yet." Yeah, because even with this stuff he's become a bodybuilder, and he's become a coach, and he's become a speaker, and all these amazing things. He was a wrestler. Just because he was born with something that would have made life harder, he has a strong mind, and he was able to do such amazing things. So it was awesome, Nick there speaking.

And then when Nick got done, it was time for me to do my presentation, to let people know about our coaching program. And every year this is hard for me, because those who had studied my stuff, they know how I sell, and so I tend to start selling, they're like, "Oh, here it comes, Russell is trying to sell something." And so this presentation was a little different than a traditional perfect webinar. The elements were all there, but it was wrapped differently. But this was one where I was actually talking about personal development, which is something I haven't talked a lot about, but I've been geeking out recently. I'm working on a book, and so I just have a lot of stuff top of mind right now. Yes, I do that presentation about that kind of stuff, and then after the presentation was towards the end, then we talked to people about success inside of our coaching program.

Every year we redesign Two Comma Club X. We make it a little different, we get feedback and make tweaks and changes. And one of the biggest things that we're noticing now is that half our audience are people who want to be experts, and half our audience are people who are selling physical products. And our coaching is always steered more so towards people who are experts, because that's what I'm better at, right? And so this year we decided to partner with Alison Prince, who is someone who I just have so much love and respect for, and we decided to break it down into two tracks. There's one track that's the e-comm track, and one track that's the expert track, and people will get to pick which one they want. And Alison also helped us line up momentum coaches, and a whole bunch of other amazing things, and just really tweak the program in a powerful, powerful way.

And when I did the presentation, I got to bring Alison out to talk about it as well. And people hadn't met Alison yet, so it was a weird thing to figure out how to do the presentation, to get people weaved in to get to know her in a short period of time. And then, also from there do our pitch, a new coaching program. And so what's cool with Alison, she, I don't know, she made 40 or $50 million on physical products, it's crazy. But when I met her, she was trying to learn how to become an expert. And so it's fun because I was able to tell her story about... Or excuse me, I told the story, but she told it as well, like, "I wanted to learn how to be an expert, and so I came to Russell, and he taught me these things, we did the webinar together, and boom, and I built this whole thing where Alison's won two Comma Club Awards, two Comma Club X, and this year she won two Heart Awards , which means they gave over a million dollars to charity. And she was like, "I was able to do that because of the expert business that Russel taught me.

And then we were able to flip the tables and be like, "Now, Alison sends out physical product stuff. In fact, two weeks ago, I decided I wanted to see how well her stuff worked to see how much we could do, so we followed her process and put together an e-comm product, and we launched it, and we ended up doing, I think it was 15 or 16 grand in two weeks off of just following Alison's process. And I'm like, "This stuff actually works, this is so cool." And so we had both those case studies and like, "These are the two paths. Who here wants to be experts who wants to be e-comm?" It was a 50/50 split. I'm like, "Okay. Cool thing is that you can pick whatever you want in the program." And then from there we sold the Two Comma Club X Coaching Program. And then after people signed up, Todd and I got pictures of all the buyers. So they have a picture of me and them and Todd up on stage they can look at as they're trying to work towards winning Two Comma Club award. And so that went really, really well. Sales crushed it, Alison is so good.

And after dinner, then we had Alison come back and do a whole hour long workshop, teaching her process and how it works, and showing all the things. And so she did her presentation after dinner, which was really, really cool. And then we soft pitched TCCC again before we went to bed that night. That's what happened at day number two, and so it was amazing. We got to go through the entire value ladder doing funnels. We had a chance to hear Nick just motivate the heck out of you, and you get excited about what's possible. And then I got to do my personal development stuff, and then Alison, and Alison got to come in and talk about physical products. So that was the end of day number three, and at day number four, and I'm just going to go directly to day four, because three and four weave together.

Day number four is where I came out in the morning, I did a presentation called Bootstrapped, which is how we built our business, we bootstrapped it. And I actually announced a new award called the Bootstrapped Entrepreneur of the Year Award. I talked about that, and then my twins were here at Funnel Hacking Live this year. So I brought them on stage, helped me show the new awards, which are insanely cool. And I did a presentation showing how we bootstrapped ClickFunnels, and ups and the downs, and told that story. And then we did what's called the re-pitch, which is basically like, "This is the last time, it's time for the coaching program, go and do it now." And we took a break, and people signed up, and that was the end of the selling part of Funnel Hacking Live. And then from there on out, it's usually for me, I get to relax and just enjoy the rest of the day, which is awesome.

And so the next presentation after the break was Garrett J White. and those who know Garrett, Garrett spoke at every Funnel Hacking Live in the past. He's usually, traditionally, the one I have to go and warn everybody that he's going to curse a lot, and if they need to, they can leave. And every year I get people who complain because of Garrett, but I also get people who tell me it's the thing that changed life the most. And so I didn't know what to expect with Garrett, as I don't normally know. And this year he came out all in white with a choir, and it was an interesting presentation. He's recently found Christ, which is amazing. And so he came and he did his presentation, where weaving business principles in with God and with Christ, and they had choirs singing, and it was powerful.

But at the same time I had people who were offended about that. And anyway, I don't know, I love Garrett, he gets people to move. It doesn't matter which side, him dropping the F-bomb from stage, him talking about God from stage, either way I get complaints. But at the same time, people don't complain, all are just like, "That was the most amazing thing ever." Anyway, so it's always this weird thing. Not a weird thing, it's always an amazing thing, but it's always just this tension for me of just like, "What's going to happen? What's he going to say? How's he going to say it?" Anyway, that was Garrett. And then from there, we broke to lunch, and we had a big welcome lunch for everyone who was a Two Comma Club Member who signed up, which was really, really cool.

And then, after lunch we had Tim Ballard who flew out, which was cool, and so we had him to come and say hi to everybody and talk about the Save a Child Challenge that we launched on day number one, and how much money we had raised, and Tim thanked everybody, which was really cool. I hadn't seen him in a while, it was a really good seeing Tim, and him and his team are just... They're amazing, all the things that they're doing. And there's a whole bunch of people talking negative about them online, there's things that are not true. People have asked me, "Is this true? Is this true?" I'm like, "No, this is not true. These people are lying. They're horrible people who literally are trying to get in the way of saving children." It's the most demonic, evil thing in the world, but Tim and his people have such good hearts. They're there saving people from Afghanistan. Tim's running the Nazarene Fund for Glen Beck, which is saving thousands of kids, and plus he's running the whole O.U.R thing, and it's heavy. And you could feel the weight on his back and his shoulders, carrying this mantle. And anyway, I was grateful to be able to have him there, and hopefully give him a little rest, and show him that people love him, and they're grateful for the work he's doing. So that was cool.

And then after that, then Tony came and spoke. And Tony, every year, we never really know how long he's going to talk for. Anyway, this year our contract was three hours, but I think it's the first time Tony's been on stage in front of a whole huge group of people as well, and so he went and he did his presentation for three hours, and then he kept talking, and had it going for six hours on stage, which was crazy and super awesome. So we had Tony talk for six hours. Yeah, he's kept going and going, and he just loved it. He asked me, "What time do you think I need to stop?" Like, "Dude, just keep going. People are here, they're happy, don't stop." So Tony went on for six hours, which was awesome." And then when he got done, we got on stage Todd and I, and wrapped the event up, and that was it.

And that was Funnel Hacking Live 2021. And every year we're putting things together, it's just like an insurmountable task like, "How do we sell the tickets? How do we get people to show up?" And this year is even bigger because of COVID, and the restrictions, and the problems, and just all the things that come with that. But man, after going through the whole process and I see how many people's lives were changed, people that have their big aha's, the big things they were hoping for, people who were stuck, who got unstuck, people who were able to go to the next step with us to the higher coaching, people who are so excited about ClickFunnels 2.0. Just all the things, and then getting all of our funnel hackers together, and having people together to... The whole thing, it was amazing and magical, and I'm grateful for all of you guys who came and participated.

If you didn't come this year, make sure to be here next year. Next year, hopefully, there'll be less chaos in the world. There may be more, I don't know, but regardless, the party's happening, it's going to be in Orlando. And hopefully you can be there. So you can get your tickets at But that's some of the behind the scenes. Hopefully helps you guys to see some of the detail people talked about, but even more so, how we structure these things for a maximum sales, maximum impact, all those things. So hope it helps. I appreciate you all, thanks for listening, and we'll talk to you guys all again soon. Bye, everybody.


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