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462 - Inner Circle For Life


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What I'm doing day #1 to help launch or relaunch each of their businesses.

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Pretend you're consulting yourself. I thought that as I was preparing my presentation today. I was like, okay, if I was consulting myself, I've got these group people, I'm consulting them, but I'm them, right? I'm them, just maybe in a different step or different part of the journey, but how would I consult myself? What would I do? What would I say?


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What's up everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I have just finished day number three of the Category King's Mastermind, and now I'm driving to day number one of the Inner Circle. And I just want to drop some thoughts on you of what's been happening the last couple days, my insights about some of the stuff I'll be sharing today, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. We'll be right back.

All right. So, the last three days have been insane. I think I told you guys in the last episode, we launched a new Mastermind level called the Category Kings. It's $150,000 to join, and we got 15 people to sign up in a day and a half or something, which surprised me, but it was amazing. In fact, okay, hold on for all you guys, it's been really interesting, three or four people who are in that group right now, right, "First thing Russell told us when we joined the mastermind group was to email our lists and sell a mastermind group" and one person's like "I did it and sold 20 people and made my money back the first night at Inner Circle, the very first time." And then somebody else like, "Same thing, same thing," like three or four people.

So, there's one piece of advice. If you're like, "I need to make more money," and you've gotten a list, send them an email and back, Yo, I'm launching a mastermind you want in?" And I think for most of you guys, you'll be surprised what happens.

So, anyway, throwing that out there is a quick win that I think all of you guys could do. It's actually really interesting. Today I'm going to be talking to the group about improvement offers versus new opportunities. If you've read the Expert Secrets book, I geeked out on there for five chapters about it, but new opportunities are what you want to sell because it attracts people who have desire and t's really good.

You don't want to sell improvement offers, typically, because improvement offers only attract people who have ambition, right? People who want to improve and the people who, the bucket of people who want to improve is very, very small.

Now for you guys who are entrepreneurs, who are listening to this podcast, interesting enough, you're probably one of the few people who, the small percentage of the world who actually does want to improve. And in everyone's list, there's, the majority is people who have desires and there's a small group of people who want improvement. And typically those are the people at the very, very, very, very, very, very back of your value ladder, right? It's your highest ticket people. It's the people who have ambition, right?

Those are the people and they're few and far between, but they're there. And so, what's interesting, if you look at, we announced this to our list and most people were probably like, "$150,000 for a meeting? No!" But the ambitious people were like, "Yes, I want to improve." Boom. And they didn't think about it. It wasn't a hard sell. It was an easy thing.

And my guess is that, on most people's lists, there's a small certain people who are looking for improvement and a high end mastermind or thing like that, is what fulfills an improvement offer, right?

It's, they're going to become better smarter. Anytime you have an ER, it's an improvement offer, which is horrible for a friend and offer, but it works for high ticket. So anyway, another thing to think out there.

Anyway. So I was going to talk about today, which is really fun. So I'm in a really interesting phase of the business right now where, as you guys know, we're about to launch ClickFunnels 2.0, we just bought Magnetic Marketing.

So we're about to relaunch Dan Kennedy's company. We also bought Brad Callen's company, which was called Bryxen. We've renamed it Voomly because that's the core kind of product and the product line.

And it's interesting because, I'm in this phase right now, where I am either launching or relaunching my core business and two other businesses. And so this mastermind has been fun for me because I'm rethinking through everything, rethinking through the problem we solve, rethinking through what our new opportunity is. Our new opportunity, by the way, has shifted over the years. And it's like, what's the new opportunity today? And then what is the… and that’s in ClickFunnels, but what's the new opportunity in Magnetic Marketing? What's new opportunity in Voomly? So as I'm teaching the stuff, it's fun for me because I'm literally in the middle of redoing these things for all the businesses I have.

And so it's given me this really unique, fun experience where I'm teaching the process I'm going through in my head. And so today, for the mastermind, I have my list of 13 things that I'm currently doing and thinking through and trying to figure out for these businesses, that I'm sharing with them, as I'm going down the same rabbit hole that, they are right, because they're coming to me.

To be in this group you have to have at least one or two comma club, and so they've all got a good business, but it's like, okay, I've got this business. How do I scale it? Well, usually scaling is about reinvention, right? What got you here is not going to get you you there. And it's true. The skill sets, the ideas, the thoughts that get you from zero to a million dollars are one thing.

But the thoughts from a million to 10 and 10 to a 100 and a 100 to a billion are different. And so I'm going to be sharing some of my thoughts, as I'm trying to go from, whatever, 200 something a year to a billion and how do we do it? What are we thinking through?

And it's ah, anyways, interesting and it's fascinating and exciting. And so, I want you guys who are listening today to look at it through this lens, right?

Pretend you're consulting yourself. I thought that as I was preparing my presentation today. I was like, okay, if I was consulting myself, I've got these group people, I'm consulting them, but I'm them, right? I'm them, just maybe in a different step or different part of the journey, but how would I consult myself? What would I do? What would I say?

And I started going through these things. And especially if you've read my books before, you have the playbooks of what I do and what I teach, it doesn't shift, right? It's like, "Oh there's this idea I forgot about. There's a new secret book. The fourth secret, you know, like the foundation and the foundation, the fundamentals are the same, the principles are the same, but for us it's re-going back and re-looking at them and not forgetting them.

In fact, it was interesting. I was telling the story yesterday to the Category Kings that Funnel Hacking Live Orlando. So that's 2018, I believe, was the first time we launched the Two Comma Club X coaching program and it killed it. First time I ever had an eight figure day and it was insane. Right? The next year we launched Funnel Hacking Live again. Boom, same thing, eight figure day.

And I was like, this is amazing! And then I did, what all smart entrepreneurs do, is the next year, I was like, "Hey, we have something that's perfect that's worked flawlessly two years in a row. Let's change everything." And so I literally changed the name of the program, the fulfillment, like how we delivered, like all the things because I thought, I had a better way to do it.

There was this ER there, which means I unknowingly, unconsciously shifted it from a new opportunity to an improvement offer. And last year's Funnel Hacking Live 2020, the offer bombed we we sold like, I mean, it was good compared to what most people would think.

It wasn't like we blinked, but you know, from going from two years in a row, where we do over eight figures in a day to the next year, only doing a couple a million and you've tied your cost to the event, all the stuff into this, it was a big bomb. It was a big failure for us. And while I was on stage doing the presentation, I could feel, I was like, oh no, this is an improvement offer.

I forgot my own core foundational teachings, Expert Secrets 101. Ah, I've messed it up and I forgot it. even though I know this stuff, I teach this stuff, I've written about it. So it's coming back the fundamentals like, Russell!

And so we, this last year, restructured it and went back to what worked before, put it back into new opportunity, launched it and boom, eight figure day.

And so just, yeah, these are the things to think through, is how would you consult yourself? What would you step back? What would you do? And so I'm excited to deliver this presentation today, but hopefully gives you guys who aren't here just some ideas and some things to start looking through and how to consult yourself.

Like Hormozi, a lot of you guys know Alex who joined the inner circle with the goal of making 20 grand a month and then ended up doing over a hundred million dollars in three years, which is amazing. One thing he told me, he's like, "Most people read a lot of books". He's like, "I read one book a lot of times."

And for him, he said it was Expert Secrets. He read it and when it got to the end, he flipped it over, started over and read it again. When he got the end, he flipped over and started again. And it's the fundamentals, right?

It's Vince Lombardi coming to his football team that are the best in the world. And first day of practice is starting saying, "Gentlemen, this is the football." And that's where these things begin.

So anyway, I am almost to the event. In fact, I see a bunch of Inner Circle people walking. I'm going to wave out the window at them, "What's up guys?" Anyway, the Inner Circle who walked by, they just freaked out.

Ah, so exciting! All right. I got to go because I'm about to park and get over to the meeting. I appreciate you guys. Hope you're doing well. And someday I hope you can be in the Inner Circle with me so we can hang out and talk about these things together.

Until, then keep listening to the podcasts but keep dropping bread crumbs and ideas and thoughts and hints and things to help get you further along on your journey. Thanks so much for listening. We'll talk to you soon, bye everybody.


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