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Ever witness someone succeed big time at something and then they can't repeat that success? Why is that? Russell examines the ingredients of success and why some people have staying power and others fizzle out.

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So if you get it right, the amount of money you can make really quickly is huge. But then longevity, again, most people... I've been doing this now for so long, I can tell you the people that were around when I got started are few and far between. If I mentioned most of those names, for the most part you wouldn't no any of them. You might know one or two of them, but for the most part, the people who were the legends, who were the biggest names in the world, their longevity has not lasted.


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What's up everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. Today, I just dropped off my kids and it's snowing outside. How great is that? All right. I'm driving home in the snow and I wanted...

Something in my head that I don't know exactly the answer to, but I wanted to bring it up because in any career, anything you're doing, there's always... I don't know. There's people that last a long time and there's people who have success and then they don't last a long time. And specifically I was this morning reading, for those of you guys who are UFC fans, this last weekend was a crazy PPV card. I was never into UFC until COVID hit and then I started watching it and now I'm obsessed. And I can't miss a fight, which is kind of funny.

Because I don't watch sports. I don't watch football. I don't watch basketball. I don't even watch wrestling, wrestling on a TV though. Actually, if it was, I would watch it. So I'm not going to lie. But UFC, I got into it and I love it. And last weekend, Amanda Nunes, who's literally supposed to be undefeatable, got defeated, which was crazy and bunch of other things.

But one fight specifically was this guy named Cody... I don't know how to pronounce his last name. Garbrandt or something like that. Anyway, doesn't matter. So Cody basically in 2007 became UFC champ. Just an amazing, beat the champ, dethroned him and it was this huge deal. And then he's lost the last seven fights in a row. I think he won one, but lost basically seven fights in a row. And ever since he was the champ, hasn't been able to get it back again, which is interesting.

And you see other people like that in the UFC where they go and they win a championship and then they never win again. One week you're the best in the world and then you never win another fight again. Or you win very few. And they got other people, someone like Usman who wins it and then wins another one, another one and he's won 10 matches, 10 title offenses in a row. And for those who don't follow UFC, this doesn't make any sense to you, but just conceptually, what makes it so that one person can become a champion, the best in the world and then never win again? Versus someone else who becomes a champion, the best in the world and then defends their title 10 times or 20 times, whatever it ends up being.

I try thinking about that in business because it's kind of similar. I've been doing this now, I think I'm in my 20th year, which is crazy. So I've been playing this game for a while. And last night I was hiring a copywriter for a really cool project I'm working on. So I was going back in time trying to find offers in the path that had been successful. So, Russell, the core funnel hacker in my head, I've got like, okay, I remember 12 years ago, 18 years ago, three years ago all the people similar offers in the past. And so I go and I find them and I have to go to a site called the Wayback Machine because most of these offers are dead now. But I go to the Wayback Machine, type in the old URL and boom, it pulls up the old offer, which is really cool.

So I was looking, I was trying to remember all the old offers that were similar to this new one that we're creating that's going to launch probably in January or February. And I was going in there finding them all and I found this one that I remember when it launched. It was like the offer and I remember the person who launched, I'm not going to say their name because this person pulled a Cody Garbrandt. I'm saying his name wrong. Anyway, a Cody where they had the offer. They created this offer. They were out of the gate. They were a newer marketer and for some reason, this offer just crushed it. It was the right message, right timing, right everything. And I remember being so jealous because this offer did, I don't know, probably $10 million in sales over the period of a couple months. And it was a $37 offer with some upsells and down sales.

But again, for whatever reason, it was perfect message to market match. It was the right message for the market at the time and it just crushed it. Okay. And I started thinking about those guys. I'm like, whatever happened to the people who launched that offer? They were young cool dudes. People loved them and they had the offer better than any offer I'd ever had at that time. And I was just so jealous, but I haven't seen them since and it makes me wonder what happened?

And I remember I've seen them launch other offers. I remember because they contacted me. I remember because the time I was trying to broker their leads to a call center and then they kind of screwed me. And so I remember after that, watching them do another offer, another offer, but none of their other offers hit. That one hit and they did a bunch of other ones, none of them ever hit. And I look back now and again, they're gone. And I can tell you in the almost 20 years I've been doing this, I've seen so many people come into the scene, have a good offer, launch it, make a ton of money and then we never see them again.

And there's other people who have been doing this now like me for two decades, or Dan Kennedy for four decades, or Tony Robbins or people who have longevity that have been doing this way longer and are still doing this. And it makes me think about that. What makes somebody go and become the UFC champ of the world, have the best offer in the world and then never have another win again, versus the person who's titled defense 10 times who's had 10, 20, 30 winning offers? What's the big difference?

And so I don't know if I know all the answers or the exact answer, but I want to propose what I think is the biggest reason in our world that somebody wins long term because I think anybody could create a really good offer. You get the right hook, story, offer, get the right message, get the right timing, get the right all the things. It's not hard to get an offer that's going to crush. Well, I'm not going to say it's not hard. It's hard, takes a lot of work, but if you get it right, I've seen people who make more money in one offer than the average person will make in 10 lifetimes.

So if you get it right, the amount of money you can make really quickly is huge. But then longevity, again, most people... I've been doing this now for so long, I can tell you the people that were around when I got started are few and far between. If I mentioned most of those names, for the most part you wouldn't no any of them. You might know one or two of them, but for the most part, the people who were the legends, who were the biggest names in the world, their longevity has not lasted.

And so I wonder what causes that? And I want to propose, I think the biggest thing is to create an offer it's hook, story, offer. You get the right sales letter, you get the right offer, you get the right message, the right ads, all kind of stuff. It hits, it blows up. But the people who have been around for more than an offer, people who have had 10 title defenses, 10 good offers, 20 good offers, whatever and they're still around, it's not so much just the offer. The offer's part of it.

The key is the relationship. It's the community. It's what happens after the offer. I look at these dudes who had this offer back 10 years ago that crushed it, they outdid every offer I had ever dreamed of. They launched it. They sold a bunch, but then I was on their list and what happened with their list? They emailed other people's offers. They sold other things. And eventually I lost interest in them and they went away. They were so focused on monetizing the list and making money from the data, whatever you want to call it, selling thing after thing, after thing that eventually I stopped opening their emails. I stopped reading because it wasn't...

I came in because they had this offer. It was exciting. It was interesting. It was new and then they didn't keep talking about it. They stopped talking about it. They shifted to the next thing, the next thing. This person's offer, the next one. They created a new offer. And then they kept shifting. Where I want to propose the reason why I've been doing this for so long and I would say that I was on the same path as these guys, probably the first decade of my business. First decade I was launching offer, after offer, after offer and there's nothing wrong with launching a lot of offers. In fact, you need to. In fact, most of you will do better by launching more offers.

But the difference is the offers have to stack. If you come into the Russell Brunson world, you can ask anyone, "What does Russell teach? What do does he do?" There's one word that's coming to your mind. What is that? It's funnels. Okay, Russell comes in, you're going to learn funnels. But then inside of funnels, I have a whole bunch of offers that stack upon that new opportunity. The new opportunity I bring people in is a funnel. But then I have offers that stack upon that. Does that make sense?

So we have funnel scripts, but it's how to write the copy for your funnel. We've got traffic secrets. How to get traffic to your funnel. We got expert secrets is how to tell your story inside your funnel. Every single offer I've created all comes back down to the same thing. It's all stacking on the same opportunity. So that way I don't have to resell my audience each time. My audience is already sold on the core principle thing I'm talking about. And everything I'm doing day in and day out, week in and week out, month in and month out, year in and year out is stacking on the opportunity.

So what happens is the culture, the brand, the people get deeper and deeper, deeper as opposed to here's an offer, made a bunch of money. Now we shift to a new offer and then a new offer because eventually one of your offers isn't going to work. And I had tons of offers that we sold, but they haven't worked as an offer. To go buy ads and drive traffic and things like that, but they do work to my list because my list loves me. My list is looking for other ways to do funnels better. That's the new opportunity people came in into my world for. So when I'm stacking and I'm adding new opportunities on top of that, that is the key.

And so it's all about the community. It's all about the relationship. It's all about not giving your audience schizophrenia by changing things over and over and over again. But instead going deeper and doubling down and really believing what you're believing. I think that these guys who I saw this offer from a decade ago, if they would've doubled that... Even today, the offer I was looking at, this offer would convert today, but they stopped promoting that. They start promoting all the concepts around that and they went to the next thing, next thing, they went all over the place.

I see that happening in our world, all these people who were experts at their thing, and now we've got Bitcoin and then NFTs and stuff. And now they're shifting to the next thing, the next thing and not there's anything wrong with that. There's probably going to be a day, I guarantee in the near future or not near future in the future where I'm going to sell an NFT. But there's not going to be an NFT on some random magic monkey that's dancing around because it's not doubling down on the new opportunities someone came in with. They came into my world, they're entrepreneurs.

And so if and when I was to do an NFT or something like that is going to be doubling down on the core message. It's going to be somehow amplifying the things I'm already talking about. It's not going to be this whole new thing where people are now shifting focus and moving over to different spot. All those kind of things. Does that make sense? So anyway, for you guys, just to think about that.

And if you haven't read the Expert Secrets book, the Expert Secrets book is where I talk about new opportunity. And it's interesting because Dan Kennedy did a whole course called Opportunity Concepts about this, which is so good and I'm actually working on two projects right now. One is the January newsletter for NO BS Newsletter. If you haven't subscribed yet go to But at NOBS newsletter, January, this is all about new opportunity. I had Dan write a bunch of stuff. I wrote a bunch of stuff going deep on this concept of a new opportunity. We got to create a new opportunity. What is your new opportunity?

So there's kind of that piece of it. But so, and then I'm also working on another book project with Dan about new opportunity. Because it's the key. You don't give somebody improvement or repair as a front end. The front end's got to be this here's this new opportunity. This is the new opportunity that's going to shift everything for you. That's how you lead the conversation. Bring somebody in and in Expert Secrets talk about being the opportunity switch. You've taken them from their old opportunity to new opportunity. That's the initial switch and after they come in, then we do what we call an opportunity stack, which is now they moved with you into this new opportunity. Now you're stacking things on top of that.

So for me, the new opportunity is funnels. Now we're stacking on funnel scripts. We're stacking on fill your funnel. We're stacking all these different things to double down, triple down, quadruple down on the new opportunity. So hope that makes sense. That's the power we're talking about. That's the core key thing that you got to understand to be able to be around a long time, because anyone could have one hit wonder. You can have an offer. You can win a championship, but if you want to be able to be around for the long term, it comes down to one opportunity switch.

Every company should have one and only one opportunity to switch. I'm a big believer in after you've switched someone into your opportunity then you stack opportunities on top of that. The people who are losing are people who are going opportunity switch, opportunity switch, opportunity switch, keep switching people over and over and over again and gives your audience literal schizophrenia. We got to focus on one opportunity to switch and then opportunity stacking after that.

So hope that helps. For those who understand it, I hope that was a nugget that kind of gets you thinking differently. If you don't, if that doesn't make sense to you and you want to go a little deeper on this, make sure you understand it, go read the Expert Secrets. Get the new updated hardbound version and go read the section on new opportunity and hopefully that'll help you. And or get on the NOBS newsletter ASAP and get the January issue because I go deep into there as well. All right. Thanks you guys. Appreciate you all and we'll talk soon.


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