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478 - RANT: You Attract Who You Are, Not Who You Want


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In a rare Russell rant, find out what made him upset today, and how you can protect yourself from annoying customers.

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But what was always fascinating to me is within about five minutes of me having them in the room, and starting to talk and asking some questions, introducing people. I could tell within five minutes with almost 100% accuracy, if someone would be successful or not. It's fascinating. In fact, I would take, literally do my initial introductions. I'd talk a little bit, ask some Q and A, and then give them their first assignment they'd be working on. I would sit down and I'd like write the names like these are the three people will be hyper successful. These 80% got kind of a shot, and these 20% or whatever like there's no way, like I should just refund their money and send them home. Because there's no way in infinity years, they will have any success in any of this.


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What's up everybody? Today, I want to welcome you to the marketing secrets rant. That's right today, we are going on a rant. All right. I don't rant often. I'm a pretty positive guy, but I'm not going to lie. I am slightly annoyed this morning and it's because people. Like I kill myself to try to serve people. I try my best. I make ears of offers. I stay up all night. I work hard. I create good things. I spend millions of dollars acquiring companies, so I can give it to people in a simplified format and change their lives. And I risk insane amounts to try to give people my entire everything for almost nothing. Like it is ridiculous when you look at it. Just like, and, and this is coming in the middle of us launching the whole Dan Kennedy relaunch, the new offer, the new newsletter, all that kind of stuff.

And so the context of it is, and yes I'm going to make money in the long term, because if you look at my DISC profile, my value and number one value is ROI. So if I can't see the ROI of something, I don't do it. So yes, there's a huge, positive ROI. And I get it. I'm going to make a bunch of money, the deal when all said and done. But I want people to understand like the investment up front for me to be able to give people access to information. Right? First off, I had to buy Dan Kennedy's company for multiple, multiple, multiple millions of dollars front. So there's that. Then I had to go through all this stuff, and then negotiating and working, and then writing the newsletter, writing the offer and creating this offer, and hiring copywriters and designers and like the upfront cost in me being able to give people access to the most incredible free gift ever is insane.

Like, yeah, multiple, multiple, multiple millions of dollars, plus time effort, stress, headache, to be able to give people this offer. Where we're literally giving people $20,000 of bonuses for free, when they subscribe to this newsletter, right? And so for me, it's like, man, if people realize what it's taken me to be able to give this thing to people as a gift, it'd be awesome, right? Like they'd say man Russ, I can't believe how much money you invested, so that I could have access to this really cool thing. And that's literally $97 a month after the trial, and you get a whole 30 day trial. You get a full newsletter for free and you get $20,000 in products and bonuses and all stuff, that Russ let us spend multiple millions of dollars on you to get it all for free, just for like test driving this newsletter.

And I get it. It's the offer, so it's exciting. But what blows my mind is, and again, I'm speaking to the choir, I'm preaching to the choir, right? Most everyone is cool and understanding, but there's a small percentage of people who literally hate success so much that they put up all these barriers to make them not be successful. And it blows my mind, and it's all just this little mindset thing. It's like a little tweak in their brains that keep them from having success. And it's a pattern that's happening throughout their lives. And so typically I kind of like shelter myself for most of the feedback that's not positive, or that people have. Because just our community's so big now that if I looked at every complaint, every frustration of everything, like it would drown me and I would not want to produce.

So I have gatekeepers in almost everywhere to make sure that I'm focusing on positive things, and they're taking care of any of the clean up stuff that we need to do. And that's true to any business. But I think right now it's because we're in this launch, it's like, I know how much I've invested, how much I'm killing myself. To hopefully a year or two, get a positive ROI on my investment, and then continue to serve people. But it's just funny because it's in the middle launch, I'm in the Facebook groups, I'm in the things like, I'm more aware of all this stuff. And so while I see the positive, I also the few negatives that pop up like blaringly in my face. And it's just like, wake in the morning, open my Facebook. And the first thing I see are the people who are the negative ones.

Like they somehow magically Facebook lets their posts.... The first thing I see my feed every morning. And so anyway, so I wanted to talk about this. This is my rant that hopefully will serve for each of you hopefully in one way or the other. So if you rewind back to pre Russell Brunson, as you know him now. Back when we were doing events before Funnel Hockey Live, and things that where they were smaller. We would do these events in our office that had anywhere from 10 people at the low end, to 30 to 40 people in, in the big end. And we do these workshops. People come to Boise, we do these little mini events and we'd take them around the office, and we'd train them. And it was really fun.

But what was always fascinating to me is within about five minutes of me having them in the room, and starting to talk and asking some questions, introducing people. I could tell within five minutes with almost 100% accuracy, if someone would be successful or not. It's fascinating. In fact, I would take, literally do my initial introductions. I'd talk a little bit, ask some Q and A, and then give them their first assignment they'd be working on. I would sit down and I'd like write the names like these are the three people will be hyper successful. These 80% got kind of a shot, and these 20% or whatever like there's no way, like I should just refund their money and send them home. Because there's no way in infinity years, they will have any success in any of this.

And I would know within five minutes it was crazy. And it had 100% do with like mindset and attitude. It was crazy. And then we'd track people over the next year, five years, 10 years. And we'd see it. And sure enough, like with almost 100% accuracy, it was true. And there were some, there were some people who changed. And there were the people who shifted from like blaming the world to all of a sudden taking personal accountability. And like when a mistake would come up, they would no longer freak out. And they would just whatever. People that invest themselves, people who were grateful for the investment, people who didn't complain about the investments. It was crazy to me. And there's a principle I learned from Myron Golden. Myron says, you don't attract who you want, you attract who you are.

Okay. Write that one down. Like you don't attract who you want, you attract who you are. So if you look at like the way you interact with the businesses you do business with. Like if you come on here and you listen to my podcast, and you take notes and you study and you apply and you do those kind of things. What's fascinating is that because that's the type of person that you are, you're going to track that kind of person. So if you have a podcast you're going to track the kind of people who go and they do that thing. But if you come in and you sign up for a continuity program, for example. And maybe this is just the example I saw this morning, so it's top of my mind from an annoyance standpoint. But this person signed up. They wanted the $20,000 in free gifts, which I get it's the offer, but they wanted to make sure that we didn't ship in the newsletter, because I think they lived in different countries.

So instead of the $97 a month, it was going to cost them $140 a month to get the newsletter to their country, and they didn't want that. They just wanted the free gifts, and they wanted refund as quick as possible. They wanted to cancel the blah, blah, blah. And instead of just going to the help desk and canceling, they had to go to Facebook and post it and tell everybody why they were canceling. And the reason and the purposes, and why it wasn't worth it. They just wanted the bonuses, and that's why they were there. And they weren't for it. I'm like, oh my gosh, like that person I guarantee you, I would bet a million dollars. That person will never break the seven figure mark in the business ever. Probably not the six figure mark and probably not anything.

Because guess what? The kind of person, they are, the kind of consumer, the kind of buyer they are. They're going to attract people who are like them. They're going to attract people, come in for the free offer and then cancel as quick as possible. They're going to attract people who go to the free luncheon to hear the seminar pitch, but then they'll never buy. Because that's who they are. Like if you're the kind of person who's going to come and get a free lunch, and then not pay for the thing later, like that's going to be the kind of person you attract.

Because subconsciously you're going to create the offer and create the structure, and the way you pitch it. And your belief level, all those things are going to be synced with how you would've reacted to the offer. And if you're the kind of person who reacts, where it's, you come in and you cancel and you come in, you take, and you never give. If that's the kind of person you are, guess what, that's the kind of person you're going to attract. Because subconsciously everything you do from how you pitch the product to the service, to create the offer to the funnel, all the things are going to be synced because we don't attract who we want. We attract who we are.

And so I'm telling you this as a warning because I know I'm preaching to the choir. I know that the people who are listening to the podcast are the best of the best, right? You are the people who are the doers, the implementers, the people who are listening and actually doing something with this stuff. But I want you to understand that look at your interactions. If you're the kind of person who buys a product, and then complains and then refunds and posts the Facebook group about why you're not happy and all the kind of stuff, like that's the kind of customers you are going to attract. I promise you that. But if you're the kind of person who buys to something invest and says, okay, look, this isn't on the product owner to entertain me and to wow me. But it's my job to dig through the stuff and to find the one gold nugget.

That's not going to be worth the $97 this month. That's going to be worth 100,000 dollars. Like that's the kind of person you're going to attract. I look at the newsletter, for example. I know you guys don't know behind the scenes of it all, but you know, we acquired Dan Kennedy's companies had a newsletter. That's been running since 1992. And for years Dan ran it, and it was amazing. And then this private equity company bought Dan's company and the last decade, the newsletters kind of... It hasn't been amazing. So as I've taken it over, like January 1st is the brand new, like issue number one, and I'm fired up and I'm excited. And I was like, I want to make sure this is amazing. So I look at what was my role? My role is in each newsletter is to curate the best stuff.

So if you don't know the offer, basically you get two newsletters a month. You get the no BS newsletter from Dan, like the very beginning of the month and the middle month you get the behind the scenes letter newsletter from me. So with Dan's thing, like when I renegotiate his contract, I was like, Hey, I want each issue to focus on a topic that I have curated of all the Dan stuff, 40 years of stuff. Like, what do I think are the most important principles and topics he taught? So for example, January 1st, the thing he's talking is opportunity versus improvement. This is how we structure our offers. If you've read the Expert Secrets book, you know I've talked about this. It's one of the most valuable, most powerful, most important things you could possibly do. So like, Dan I want you to go and talk about this again.

So Dan went, and based on like me curating all the things I teach him in January, what's the most valuable thing I can give him it's opportunity versus improvement. So I had Dan going write a special, new updated thing about that specifically and I put it in the newsletter. And I took that and I took my 20 years of info now, and I curated Dan's stuff with me taking the best of what I've learned. And when I learned from Dan, how I applied it, the examples of cases, all kind of stuff. And I put it in this newsletter. So now you get this newsletter and it's like, not, not me going through, and obviously we're giving a $20,000 bonus for people to join the thing. But $20,000 bonus, now you got to weed through all this stuff and find the principles, figure out applying.

I went through and did all the work for you. I've spent and probably a week of my time, which if you look at how I bill my hourly rates, I mean, that's four or $500,000 worth of, if you were to hire me to do this. Went through all the Dan stuff, found the things, pulled out the best stuff, wrote my context around Dan's article. Put Dan's article in there and everything, and now it's there. And those who signed up, get that for free in January. And worst case, you're a lifelong member you got to pay $97 to get that. But it's like, I spent a week of my life curating and figuring out the best stuff, simplified, organized, put into a spot where it's like, this is the thing you should be focusing on today. And then two weeks later, they get the next thing, which is me showing behind the scenes of arguably the membership funnel that has got the highest average car value that I've ever seen.

That's going to give me the ability to outspend every other membership site on the planet, because we figured out the car value. So me showing behind the scenes, like here's page one, here's page two, here's page three here's page four. Here's what we did. Here's why we did it. And that comes as well, like for free. Like that's the first two issues you get for free when you signed up, it's insane. But there's people are like, oh, look, I don't want to, I don't want to pay the $150 because I got to pay shipping because it's coming further for me. Like, okay, I'm sorry that you're going to pay extra $50. Like, and instead of just quietly canceling, let's go and make a big deal out of that on Facebook in the Facebook group because you're an idiot. Like that's the reality of it.

That person will never be successful. There's no chance on this planet, that person will have success in their business because guess what? They're going to attract who they are, not who they want. And they're going to attract a bunch of people like them who get the offer, who complain, who go and post about it on Facebook, who do all these things. As opposed to like either number one, being grateful, like oh my gosh. Like a hundred bucks, I'm getting all of this hand delivered to me twice a month. Like that's insane. Or hey, maybe it's not for me. And I understand that maybe it's not for you, I get it. But then just go quietly, going and canceling and then get back to what you're doing. Like, anyway, it just blows my mind. So I just want to rant a little bit, again I know I'm preaching the choir. But you attract who you are, not who you want. So become the kind of customer you want to be, become the kind of buyer you want to be.

In my 20 plus years of doing this, I've only refunded something once. And then the person actually give me the refund instead of complaining or posting form. I thought, you know what, who cares? And I didn't worry about it, but I don't ask for refunds. I don't ship things back. It's not on the product owner, it's on my job to say, look, the person who put the time and effort into them. I'm going to get it, and I got to find the nugget. I got to dig to this. I got to find it. And if I don't find it, it's on me, not on them. I take personal responsibility for everything. So guess what happens, as a majority I attract people who take personal responsibility. Because I want to attract who I am, and so I try to become the kind of person I want to serve. And so for you, it's the same kind of thing I want you to think through. Anyway, Nora's got a Christmas concert day. I got to go. Hope you guys are awesome, and I'll talk to you soon. All right, bye everybody.


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