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488 - Is It Okay To Pursue Worldly Goals?

488 - Is It Okay To Pursue Worldly Goals?

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I got a really cool message from Brooke Castillo about why many people are scared to pursue business and other worldly goals.

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God put you on this planet. He gave you a talent. And if you don't do something with it, he's going to rebuke you. He wants you to do something with your ability to grow and create and to evolve and to do something. And so I think that... I would say it's the adversary who's telling us the opposite, which is, don't pursue those things. Don't try to grow. You're not worthy. You're not ready. No, no, no. You are, you're worthy. You're ready. Sorry, you're worthy. You're not ready yet. They say that God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called.


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Hey, good morning everybody. I hope you are doing amazing. Today's episode I want to talk about worldly goals. Should we pursue them? Should we not pursue them? And also share with you a quote I got from Brooke Castillo. She sent it to me as a personal message and it was amazing, so I thought I would share with you guys here. All right. So some of you guys know Brooke Castillo. She is amazing, she's someone I had a chance hang out with... When was that? A summer ago or two summers ago? I can't remember if it was during COVID or not. Anyway, it's all a big blur now, but she's someone who's built an amazing business. In fact, it's interesting, she has a program where she helps coaches to become better coaches and then she certifies them. And anyway, she's killing it. She's doing awesome stuff.

And on top of that, what's really, really amazing is that the people who go through her coaching certification program, how good they end up. I think we hired, man, 10 or 12 of them that work with our Two Comma Club X students, helping them on the mindset side of things and they are amazing. And anyway, so shout out to Brooke. She's amazing. But anyway, she's probably going to hear this and is going to laugh that I'm even posting this, but as you guys know, I'm working on my new book and I'm having so much fun with it. And I've shared a little bit about it in the last couple podcast episodes. And she messaged me yesterday, saying, "Hey, I listened to your podcast episode." And she had some ideas for me. And they were so good, afterwards I'm like, "This is literally going to be in the new book. I hope that you're okay with that, because it was so good."

And so I wanted to share with you guys here because I think it's important, it's something that most of us probably struggle with. Maybe not everybody, but a lot of us do. And that's should we be pursuing worldly goals? And this is tough, especially for me and for my background and for my culture. A lot of you guys know I am... We used to call ourselves Mormons, but we're not supposed to call ourselves Mormons. We call ourselves members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter Day Saints. And so even within that culture, for sure people a lot of times look down at, or they don't believe we should be pursuing worthy... Worldly. Sorry, not worthy, worldly. It's hard to say that word. Worldly goals.

And so this is kind of the conversations, well, should we be doing those things? Should we only be focusing on spiritual goals and things like that, or should we... Is it okay to even do those things? I have people more often than you would believe, not just within my church, within most Christian denominations, where they struggle with making money. Is it bad? Is it evil? Am I going to go to hell? What's the... All those kind of things. And it's interesting, because for me, I didn't know this or believe this for a long time until I hired actually a really good coach, who pointed out to me, just showing me how aligned the goals that I'm pursuing in business, how they were with what I believe is my spiritual mission.

And for me it gave me permission to push harder and to try harder and to put more effort and energy into pursuing my worldly goals. My business goals, my desires to make money and to grow a company, all these kind of things. And so anyway, the way she said it was just so cool. And anyway, so I'm just going to... I literally transcribed it. That's how good it was, and I'm going to read it to you if you're cool with that. So specifically talking about the pursuit of worldly goals.

And so she said, "The reason why I think we're in this world is to evolve ourselves both mentally and spiritually, and the worldly goals are what can allow us to get there. Because if you think about it, when you set a million dollar goal, you have to get over all of your self doubt, all of your fear, all of your worries about what other people think about you. And one of the things that I often say to my students is that you have to have the ability to believe in yourself. You have to have the ability to know what you're capable of. And I think a lot of people have a tough time with that, because they think that they're going to be too arrogant or they're going to be thinking too highly of themselves.

And one of the things that I tell them is that you didn't make yourself, right? You're not the one that created you. So it's not really up to you to judge. It's up to you to accept that you are 100% worthy and 100% capable. And the desires that you've been given to you in your heart are the map to where you need to go. And when you don't pay attention to those desires, you are smaller than what you're meant to be. There's a huge escrow out there waiting for you, and if you don't claim it, then nobody will. And so it's fun to have money goals and it's fun to have business goals, just because of what they require you to do to evolve.

And the other point is that I think it's super important that as soon as you set your big goals for yourself, even the hall of fame goals, Super Bowl goals for yourself, you're going to immediately doubt yourself. You're going to immediately think that you're not good enough. And this is the whole fricking point. If you're not feeling uncomfortable, then you're not feeling like you're making a contribution to your own life and other people's lives, and I don't think that your goals are actually big enough."

Okay. So that's what she sent me. And I probably should have just had her... I should have just pushed play and let you listen to it, but I didn't have her permission and I want her to keep sending me cool messages like this. So, but hopefully you guys get that. I thought it was so powerful for so many different reasons. Partially is because should we be pursuing these things? I have these desires, I want to make more money, I want to build a business, I want to grow, I want to change the world, I want to do whatever it is. And it's like, well, who put those desires in us? Those desires I believe are from God. They're the things that are pushing us on this path, that are making us move forward. They're making us go and try to make this world a better place. And so that's part of it.

The other thing she said that was so cool was just the fact that, but you didn't make you, right? You didn't create yourself. Somebody else created you. They saw your potential, they put you here on earth, they said, "Okay, go and pursue this thing." And so who are we to judge? If God created us and He put us out here and gave us these desires that we need to go do, it would be wrong for us not to pursue those desires. And it's funny, Stephen Larson said something similar. He's like, "Man, I'd done a lot of therapy and work and personal development." He's like, "But man, business was the greatest personal development lesson in my life." Because all of a sudden you're faced with your inadequacies and your awkwardness and your shyness and all the things come up. Your fear of rejection, your fear of failure, your fear of just all the things. Everything comes up as you're in the pursuit of your goals.

And I think that that's what people understand. Somebody else created us, they put us here, they gave us these desires and they want to see what we're going to do with it. And it's interesting, if you read the Bible and you read about the parable of the talents, and I'm probably going to slaughter the actual story, but God gave... Or the master in the story gave people different talents. And talents back then were money. So he gave one person one talent, someone else three, someone else five. And the person with the five talents went and they used it, they invested it, they did stuff and they came back and it made 10. And the guy with three went and invested it and came back as five. And the person with one didn't want to lose that one, so they buried it and they hid it down. And then the Lord came back to them or the master came back to them and said, basically rebuked the person and told them they were an unwise and slothful servant, because they didn't use the talent they were given.

God put you on this planet. He gave you a talent. And if you don't do something with it, he's going to rebuke you. He wants you to do something with your ability to grow and create and to evolve and to do something. And so I think that... I would say it's the adversary who's telling us the opposite, which is, don't pursue those things. Don't try to grow. You're not worthy. You're not ready. No, no, no. You are, you're worthy. You're ready. Sorry, you're worthy. You're not ready yet. They say that God doesn't call the qualified, he qualifies the called. So we've all been called. Most people don't pursue it. Most people hide, they shrink. Whereas if you understand it correctly, it's like, no, you're going to get called, but you're not going to be ready.

That's the whole point. It's so you go out there on this journey and start learning and start growing, start figuring things out and putting the pieces together, becoming something different, becoming somebody more. This life's not who you are, it's who are you becoming. And it's a constant journey until we die. So it's like, who am I becoming? Who am I becoming? You're moving forward, moving forward, moving forward trying to become that person. And so I think that's really the goal. So my belief, especially, and the way she said it was just so powerful. But these worldly goals, these things that sometimes are looked at as negative, and they can be negative. I think they can destroy people too. There's always with everything, there's the moderation in all things. But it's understanding that these goals and these desires were put in our hearts by someone that wasn't us. By our creator, by the person who created us.

And so anyway, I hope that helps somebody out there who's stressed or worrying or trying to figure things out. It's going to be okay. You're not going to feel worthy. You're not going to feel ready. You're going to have all the inadequacies. You're going to feel, like she said, like, "Oh, if I do this, people are going to think I'm arrogant. They think I'm thinking too highly of myself." No. You were put here to do something amazing, so do it. Step into it. You're worthy of it. You're ready for it. You just got to step up to the plate and take it. So hope that helps. Thanks you guys for listening. And thank you, Brooke, for your feedback and your ideas. She's an amazing person. If you don't, she's got a really good podcast that's really good. So go listen to her podcast as well. All right, thank you everybody. Appreciate you for listening and we'll talk to you guys all soon. Bye everybody


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