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489 - Question: Imposter Syndrome?

489 - Question: Imposter Syndrome?

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Q&A from the recent “Ecomm Vs Expert Smackdown”. Ben Moote asked a question about imposter syndrome.

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It's a real thing and it doesn't go away. But one thing that I've done is I picture that fear holding me down. And so I'm like, if I can figure out how to get rid of that fear, offload that fear, then I can step into who God needs me to be. And so you'll notice when I come on stage for the first time, I'll hug Russell and he doesn't, you don't know that I do this, but in my mind I'm like, okay Russell, you're holding my fear for me because it's too heavy for me.


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Good morning, everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Seekers podcast. Today's episode, probably the next couple episodes, I'm going to do some Q and A. And the way we actually did this Q and A was kind of fun. Alison Prince and I did an event last week called the E-comm versus expert smack down. We had some hot seats and some hot seats were very specific to whatever topic we were talking about. But some of them were things were, I think would just help everybody. And so I'm grabbing some of these clips of our responses to hopefully help you guys. So the very first one actually was a question asked by Ben Moote, and he's someone who used to work for ClickFunnels way back in the day, and then has gone on to go out there and he creates products and services and he's published his stuff and he's been at all the events and he's doing the work.

And he asked a question about imposter syndrome. And I know this is one that I think everybody struggles with at least in some point in your career. And so I thought it was powerful and I thought it'd be useful for all of you guys to hear as well. So we're going to cue the theme song. We come back, you're actually going to hear Brent Coppieters on our side ask the question and then Alison and I will respond to it. And hopefully from that, you get a nugget or two that's going to help you out in your journey along the way. Thanks so much. And with that said, let's cue up the Marking Secrets theme song. Who's up next?

Brent Coppieters: Okay. This is from our friend, Ben. So this goes to, again, the mindset that you guys have just touched base on. And I appreciate Ben just being really open and honest about this question. So I'll give you a little bit of context here, and then I'll ask the question. He says my belief that things are scarce and that I don't deserve it are so strong that I am actively losing so much money, so much opportunity to give and serve, close friendships and more. It's wrong, but it'd break me to break that belief. So it's this belief he's got. So the question is what has been the most successful path that you've chosen to kick that negative inner voice in the mouth and move forward?

Russell: Imposter syndrome, right? This is something that people hear all the time. Like, I feel like I have imposter syndrome. I don't feel worthy. I don't feel ready. I don't, those things that happened in all of our heads. And I got to be completely honest with you. Yesterday, I couldn't sleep night before this whole event started. Why? I was freaked out. I was scared to death. It doesn't matter what level you're at, you're always nervous. You never feel ready. You never feel worthy. You never feel... Like every funnel event, backstage, I'm like, oh my gosh, why are people here? I'm a little kid. I don't even know what I'm talking about. What if they see through me and they don't think I don't know what I'm talking about. And it's just all these things keep happening. And I have to come back to like, look, it's not about me.

I think that's the problem is that we try to put it all on our shoulders. And when you realize it's not about you, it's like, I'm here to serve those people. That's when it starts shifting for you. And for me when I'm backstage, when I was here yesterday before I came out, I had to consciously get in this thought and I do it through prayer. I do it through thinking, through whatever it is. But I'm thinking, okay, I'm nervous. I'm anxious. But this is about me, and this is not about me. This is about these people who have been called to serve. And if I don't step in and don't serve those people, that's not what I want either. And so it's trying to get out and it's, I understand. Because it's hard and it comes back every single time.

It's not like, oh, I kicked that 10 years ago and it's done. No, every single time. Every time people, like FHL before I go out, every presentation I get nervous. You still get nervous? I'm like every time, because I put it on me. What if I mess up? What if they don't like me? What if I talk too fast? What if I slur... And I'm like, okay, okay. I'm like, it's not about me, not about me. And I start saying prayers for myself. I pray. And I'm like, please help me to be able to serve these people. Please, when I'm talking or I'm saying something, let the right things show up so that I can deliver it. Because it's about their experience, not mine. And so for me, that's the biggest thing. Because it doesn't go away.

At least it hasn't for me yet. I'm hoping someday it does. That'd be amazing. But it's shifting from me to them. And when you start shifting that, it takes the pressure off your shoulders because you're realizing it's not about you. And if it was about me, I'm not talented enough to actually do what I do. Suzanne isl fully aware, I am not that talented. I'm not that gifted. I'm not a good speaker. I slur, I talk too fast. Like even my wife last night, she's like, I jumped in for a little while. She's like, you were talking so fast. Can people understand you? I'm like, oh crap. I don't even know. I hope they can. I'm not that good. But I've just learned so much like, I've been called to show these people.

I'm probably going to mess up, half are going to hate me by the end. Some are going to be confused. But there's a group of people who they're going to hear my voice. That's the goal. And so like that shift is what gets me out of that. And so I think hopefully partially to help give people comfort, it's like, we all feel, I still feel it, heavy. And the bigger the thing is, the heavier it is. Number two is like some personal validation for you.

I told Stephen Larsen, this is the first product I've ever bought from Stephen Larson ever was the product you and him did together. So you're creating good stuff. You're making good offers. You're doing good. So hopefully that's validation for you as well. It's like, oh my gosh, I got Russell to go run and find his credit card on New Year's Eve at two in the freaking morning. And then the order failed and he kept trying, kept trying, because he wanted the thing. He didn't want to miss out on it. So, you made a really good offer. I was up at two in the morning buying your guys stuff. And so, hopefully that's some personal validation for you as well.

Alison Prince: One thing, I remember the first time Russell asked me to speak on stage. Guys, I did e-commerce for a reason, so I could hide behind my computer screen. And so Russell asked me to speak and I just remember all this fear that I had inside of me and what Russell goes through. I've seen it behind, I see him dancing. We were doing pushups yesterday to get the antsiness out. It's a real thing and it doesn't go away. But one thing that I've done is I picture that fear holding me down. And so I'm like, if I can figure out how to get rid of that fear, offload that fear, then I can step into who God needs me to be. And so you'll notice when I come on stage for the first time, I'll hug Russell and he doesn't, you don't know that I do this, but in my mind I'm like, okay Russell, you're holding my fear for me because it's too heavy for me.

Russell: Oh my gosh.

Alison: And he walks off the stage and then I feel lighter. And so it's a visual thing for me. And then even at Funnel Hacking Live, my 12 year old was on, because I want them around this community. He was there, comes to me, he said, "Mom, I got your fear. I'm going to hold your fear for you." And it was recorded and it was so sweet. And so that's kind of become a thing for us of when our kids do something hard or when I'm about to go on stage or present on an online thing and they can see the nerves, they'll come to me and they'll say, "Mom, let me hold your fear. Go step into who God needs you to be right now. It's not about you. It's about everybody else." And I think that has helped me tremendously, that visualization. So thank you so much. And I'll hold your fear.

Russell: Now I know. I'll be offstage like, just kidding.

Brent: That's cool. And I wonder too, Alison, maybe you could just talk for a minute about momentum coaches a little bit here and what they do and how they help.

Alison: Yes. I can't tell you how much momentum coaches have helped me personally. And it was such a big thing for me. That's why I was like, Russell, we have to have these for our people. The coaches have been trained to understand these feelings. And just like Camille was talking about earlier, some of the stuff that she's going through and the pressures that she's feeling, she hops on a call with a momentum coach, you have two a month and you get to talk to them. It's not in a big group. You can talk about how you're feeling. We've actually had people come on and say the momentum coach was actually worth the entire cost of the program because it helped them with that, like this limiting belief that you have, it is holding you back, this momentum coach is the one that can actually hold that fear for you.

And help talk you through that so that you can step into who God needs you to be. Like you needed to be there for Russell. You needed to be there for him. And the momentum coaches are there to help you through that process, to help you understand why you're feeling the way that you feel and break that down for you. No, they're not psychologists or any of that stuff. They're life coaches, but they're trained in the business world. They're trained in the entrepreneurial world. They understand the higher the level, what do they say? The higher the level, the higher the devil, right? They understand that process. And they're there for us. I know I won't go through the program, my business, without them. Russell doesn't do it. And so that's why we wanted to provide it for you. So hop on a call with that momentum coach and they'll talk you through it. And like Russell said, it doesn't go away. That's why these momentum coaches don't go away. They show up with you time and time and time again to help people deal with this.

Russell: To help people understand too, the personal, like when my business had grown up really, sort of started really big and the whole thing collapsed. And I was like, mentally, it's like, oh my gosh, I'm a failure. I messed up, all these kind of things. And it was the first time I hired a coach and it was coach Mandy. And I hired her. My friends was like, I have a friend who's a coach, do you want to hire her? I'm like, duh, but I don't do that thing. Like I'm not a... But I hired her as a coach and it was like, man, so much work to get my brain and my mind to a spot where I could continue to move forward and have success. And so when I launched Inner Circle, one of the big selling points, I was like, everyone's coming to Inner Circle at this time to learn marketing.

But I'm like, most people are great at marketing. They understand it, but there's something here that's keeping them from the next level and the next, next level, next level. And so I hired coach Mandy full-time and she works with all the Inner Circle members. That's who your coach was when you came in. The same thing, like 90% of the work was working with coach Mandy to get people out of here.

And I'm like, oh, and then by the way, do this on your funnel. It's like, boom. They explode. And it's like, oh, I was in my own way this whole time. And so when we launched this Funnel Hacking Live, that's when Alison brought in this amazing team of people who are our coaches who are doing that now for you. Because it's, like I said, I think a lot of times you guys are coming for marketing or for funnel, but like that stuff's in the books, like read the book. It's usually you getting belief in the process, in yourself and the next thing, actually doing that is the key to each level of growth.

Brent: Thank you, Ben.

Alison: We understood that.

Brent: Thank you, Ben. Appreciate that, buddy. So glad you're

with us.

Russell: He's so sweet. HAPPY Brent: Yeah, he's awesome. HAPPY Alison: And that's another, sorry, that's another thing. I feel so blessed to be able to work with people in the 2ccx program, be able to hear their stories and to watch them go through this transformation. I just, I feel very blessed, honestly, to be able to work with those that are willing to take that risk to change the world.

Russell: It's awesome.

Brent: You know, I think Russell, and I appreciate that Alison, I shared with you other day someone who posted on our Facebook group about how they jumped on a hot seat with you a few weeks ago. They told their team, we're upping our prices. Russell says we up our prices. They went on vacation for two weeks, came back. And I think what, they added like another $22,000 a month, I think, to their business just by raising their prices from your suggestion.

Russell: One suggestion, they covered the cost of the program every month for the rest of their lives. And it'll keep going from there. Because that was the beginning. So cool.

Brent: So good. Thank you. All right. We've got time for just one or two maybe questions left.

Alison: No, can we do this all day?

Brent: Might as well.

Russell: Would they want that?

Brent: Are you guys enjoying this so far, by the way? Is this fun to see?

Alison: Oh my gosh, everybody exploded.

Russell: And I'm hoping like, obviously we're talking to certain people, but my guess, maybe I'm crazy. My guess is there's more than one person who feels like Ben does. There's more than one person who felt like, so my guess is, my hope is that all of you guys are gaining something personally for yourself. Like, oh my gosh, like that's how I felt. I remember the first time I went to a Tony Robbins event and Tony does all these interventions with people. And part of me is like, I want an intervention, but I'm like part of me is scared to death. I don't want him to look into my soul and do his Tony thing. But as he's doing it with all these other people, I was like, oh my gosh, he's speaking to me, he's speaking to me. And all these things were like the aha's I actually needed. I was like, oh, thank heavens I don't have to be in the hot seat, but I still get the value of it. And so hopefully you guys are getting that as well.

Alison: And another thing, this is I actually what we do in the 2ccx program is we do these hot seats. And they're usually a little bit smaller groups and we can really dive in to help your business. So this is just kind of like a sampling, but we do it consistently over and over and over again. And people have multiple hot seats to help them too, because you have different sticking points throughout your business. It's not just the one dial tone that you need to get that clarity. You're going to need help in a month. That's just what business is. Because we can't stop. We have the goal post here, and then the next one and the next one. When you put out the Two Comma Club award, I'm like, I got to get that thing with the expert side. And then next year you're like, we're doing the-

Russell: Two Comma Club X.

Alison: Two Comma Club X. And I'm like, I got to get that one. You've got the 25 and then you had the give the million dollars away and we just keep moving our goal post. And to be able to get to those goal posts, you're going to run into new challenges. And that's why this program is like month after month after month.

Russell: Yeah. So fun.


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