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49 - The Tripwire Offer

The Tripwire Offer

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A cool new strategy I learned from Perry Belcher, kept me up all night Christmas Eve. Discover how a “tripwire offer” can change your entire business overnight.

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So what I want to talk to you is about the trip wire offer, because this will change my business forever, and it should change your business forever as well. If you don’t have Perry’s course yet, go and find it. I don’t know how to even buy it. It was an upsell for something but if you can get a hold of it, do anything you can to get it. It’s amazing.


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Everyone, good morning. It’s the day after Christmas, and I want to welcome you to the Marketing In Your Car podcast. Okay, everyone, so, I don’t know about you, but the last two days have been crazy. Partially because of Christmas, partially because I bought a course. And the night before Christmas, I only had two hours of sleep because I couldn’t stop listening to it, and it was awesome.

So, the product is called, it was Perry Belcher’s Secret Selling System. And if any of you guys know me, you know that I’ve spent close to $300,000 or more on my marketing education in the last ten years. And this product, I would say, would be one of the top three courses I’ve ever gone through. Amazing. Anyway, the, not Christmas Eve, the night before Christmas Eve, I was listening to it.

My wife passed out, and I was not quite tired yet, so I put it in. I started listening. I was like, 10 or 11 hours into it, and Perry started talking about this concept called The Trip Wire Offer. And that’s what kept me up all night long the night before Christmas, and then the next night we had Christmas Eve. So, I’m really tired right now, but I’m so excited it does not even matter.

So what I want to talk to you is about the trip wire offer, because this will change my business forever, and it should change your business forever as well. If you don’t have Perry’s course yet, go and find it. I don’t know how to even buy it. It was an upsell for something but if you can get a hold of it, do anything you can to get it. It’s amazing.

Anyway, so, with that said, the trip wire offer, I want to talk about what this is. And this is not something that’s new to me, but this is something I completely forgot. If any of you guys have been around me for a long time, you probably remember a course that we taught a while ago called Micro Continuity. It was by far our best selling product ever, and we launched it. What we did is, little did I know at the time, we had a trip wire offer.

I actually went to Hong Kong, well, I didn’t go to Hong Kong. I went online, I met this dude in Hong Kong, who sold these little MP3 players. And I took a six-hour trading course and I put it on this little MP3 player. And when we launched it, people bought this MP3 player for free, plus shipping. And then I would ship it out to them, and afterwards we would bill them $97 a month to have access to the Micro Continuity membership site.

And like I said, we launched that, we did well over $1 million. We had, I think we had 8000 people pay $97 a month at the time. And it was awesome. And we, a little while later we did the same kind of concept with 12 Month Internet Millionaire. We got an MP3 player and sold it, and we had these little offers. We had this cool gadget, and it blew up.

Now, there were two problems with the way we ran that before. Problem number one is we were cooking continuity in all of the things. Which isn’t really a big problem, we made a ton of money. The big problem though was that a lot of people just didn’t know they were getting billed. FTC came down, Visa and MasterCard came down, and just started hating those offers. And so, they penalized us, we lost our merchant account for a little while because of it.

And they just didn’t like the free plus shipping we put someone on forced continuity afterwards. And so, that was kind of frustrating for me. And because of that we stopped doing those types of offers. Because I thought that there weren’t any good unless you had a continuity hook to it. But looking back on it now, what was amazing was we did the free plus shipping thing, and we would get so many more people in the front door.

And then, because they made that first commitment, our upsells converted amazingly. We made insane amounts of money. Our ups, I remember for every free MP3 player we were giving away, we were averaging between $60 and $70 in sales from upsales.

Then we have the continuity after that. Again, stupid Russell, because I lost my ability to do the continuity, I just quit doing those things altogether whereas if I had pulled continuity out of the equation and just gave away the free mp3 player and I had the upsells afterward, I still would have made a couple million dollars just from those offers yet I stopped stupidly. So Russell has decided to repent and start doing offers like that again, the tripwire offer.

An example of the tripwire offer is something that's so amazing, so good, and super cheap that people just buy it. You get somebody in the buying mood, they've already said yes to the first thing and they start buying the upsells right afterward. Some examples from Ryan and Perry's business, I bought three or four of them this weekend and promoted one this weekend just to see how it went. One of them is in their survival business. They have these cool little credit card knives. Basically, you pay $2.95 and they ship you out a free credit card knife. It looks like a credit card and it folds into your knife. You keep it in your wallet. It's awesome.

I bought one of those and boom, they hit me with three upsells afterward. Then I bought this other one that was this instant light match that lights 10,000 times in a row, boom, free plus shipping. I paid $2.95 shipping and handling, and boom, they had three upsells afterward. Then I bought another one that was this super magic gadget card. I don't even know, it opens cans and does a whole bunch of things like that. Same thing, $2.95, upsold me three things afterward.

It's just brilliant because it's this really cool offer. People love it. They're very easy to put on Facebook. People pass them along a lot of times. In fact, the first time I found out about Perry and Ryan's credit card offers, because I saw it on Facebook, everyone is sharing it and passing it around, it had been shared 3000 or 4000 times, this cool free card. I went to contact them to become an affiliate for it and they're like, “Oh, we don't have an affiliate program yet.”

All these people were passing it and sharing it, and they weren't even making anything off of it, just because it was such a cool front end offer. I started thinking about that for my different businesses. For our weight loss business, I'm meeting tomorrow with some guys who do sourcing from China to try to find a couple different things that we can use this on. I'm going to have them look for a pedometer, those things you hold when you walk and it shows how many steps you take, looking for a skin fold tester, looking for a tape measure, different things like that that we can give away for free plus shipping, and then get people into our funnel.

In the information business, I'm looking again for more mp3 players, for USB sticks, things like that. For our couponing business, we're looking for stuff. I'm trying to find as many things as I can because they're sexy to advertise. They go viral. You get someone as a customer, they're more likely to buy your upsells afterwards, and they're awesome.

They don't have to be free plus shipping. Ryan and Perry, a lot of their tripwire offers are just like seven dollar reports that are based off one little thing, one trick, one technique, one hack. We're going to start finding all these little hacks, tricks, and techniques, and start making little tripwire offers to bring people into our funnels.

In fact, for each one of our core offers, we're going to build five or six different tripwires around it. For example, Dot Com Secrets to Success, I have five or six different tripwires in mind that we're going to build for that. Dot Com Secrets Lab, in fact, I came in early today because I'm excited to build out this new tripwire offer I have for Dot Com Secrets Lab, all these little tripwire offers that get people into your funnel to start buying your upsells.

They join your list, people promote these things, and you can make a lot of money. They're really fun for affiliates as well. Ryan and Perry with their credit card knife, they had an affiliate contest going on. Basically, you give away a free credit card knife and they give you $10 for every credit card knife you give away. You don't get anything on the

but I was like, “You know what? It's a fun thing.”

I emailed yesterday, on Christmas Day, saying, “Hey, check out what I bought myself for Christmas. It's this cool credit card knife. It was free. I just paid $2.95 shipping and handling. You guys should get one too because they're really cool.” That was 12 hours ago, probably 18 hours ago I emailed that out. So far, we've had 99 people take the thing so I made almost $1000 by giving away a free credit card knife. People are excited. They love it and they're passing it on.

It's kind of cool and kind of exciting. It got me refired up. You guys, tripwire offers. Start thinking about how you can make a tripwire offer or multiple for any of your core products. I promise you, there is power in that. Anyway, I'm at the office. I'm going to go work on my new tripwire. I'm fired up. I'm excited. I hope you are as well. Thanks you guys, and we will talk to you soon.


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