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491 - College Vs Entrepreneurship


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Another question from the recent “Ecomm Vs Expert Smackdown”. Russell and Alison talk about college and entrepreneurship and which one they feel is more valuable.

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Most people don't start entrepreneurship on day number one. You've done something, you've pursued something, you have a career, you have a business, you have a family, you have something first, and you're not happy. You're looking for where to go from there.


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Hey, this is Russell, and welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. You guys have really been enjoying these Q and A's, so we got a couple more for you. And again, these came from the e-comm versus experts Smack Down Allison Prince and I did. Hopefully had a chance to attend that event. If you didn't, come on now, do you hate money that bad? Like we put on these amazing events, we kill ourselves, we prepare for months at a time to put these things on for you, and then you were too busy or you didn't take the time off. Come on, you got to be there. There's gold every single time.

Anyway, the event was amazing, and we did a whole day of Q and A's and stuff. There's goal every single time. Anyway, the event was amazing and we got some, we did a whole day like Q and A's and stuff. A lot of really good ones came through. This one was one that's interesting. I'm titling this episode College Versus Entrepreneurship. But the questions you'll see with somebody who's about to graduate from college, has spent all the time, energy, and money doing this thing, but then they're not passionate about what they're learning. They are passionate about being an entrepreneur, like what do I do?

I think for a lot of you guys you're in some version of that, right? Most people don't start entrepreneurship on day number one. You've done something, you've pursued something, you have a career, you have a business, you have a family, you have something first, and you're not happy. You're looking for where to go from there. Hopefully the Q and A from this session will help you if that's where you're at.

All right, with that said, we'll cue up the theme song, when we come back we're going to discuss college versus entrepreneurship.

Brent Coppieters: First off is from Austin Lark. He says, "I'm so torn. I am just about to graduate from college, and I am not passionate about what I have studied. I feel drawn to life as an entrepreneur. What advice would you give someone like myself?"

Alison Prince: Do you want to take it or do you want me to?

Russell: We can tag team this. So good news, I remember going through my college. I went to college because I wanted to wrestle, so that was the thing. I got my degree, and I remember at my graduation sitting out, had cap and gown, all these things on. I remember luckily for me I had started my business at the time, but I remember looking around at everybody else, and they're all celebrating inside, and I was like, I didn't actually learn anything of value. I have no valuable skills. If I was these guys I would be so scared knowing that they had to go out the next day and use what they learned to actually get paid money. I was so grateful I had this thing.

I think for you, I wouldn't look at it as a negative thing. My college time was amazing because I got to wrestle, I met my wife, all the amazing things happened, friendships. But man, I was so grateful that I had this thing that I was looking for, that I was doing, and it wasn't big at the time, but I had started, and I was like okay, now this is the direction I want to go with my life. I think if I was you, and I don't know your situation, life, what you're doing or where you're at, but I would be excited that I had a chance to experience the college life, I got to do all those kind of things, but now I've been given this gift where I know what to do and I know what to do with my future.

I remember looking over, because my degree was computer information systems. I was going to be a programmer.

Alison: You were?

Russell: Yeah. I can't program anything. And I remember everyone that was on my row at graduation, they were all in my class. I was like we didn't learn how to... I have a degree, I don't know how to program anything. And these guys got the same degree and they're supposed to go to like real companies and ask for jobs to do the this thing. I was like man they still have to go and learn all this stuff on the job anyway. They didn't actually get anything that was going to be helpful, at least in my degree. My guess is, for most of you guys, especially if you're going through college, you probably don't have the skill set anyway. You're going to have to learn it on the job anyway. Might as well start doing that next to the learning on the job on something that you're passionate about, that's going to be for you. That would be kind of my feedback. I don't know.

Alison: One thing that I've learned and I've thought is super fun, I've actually watched a lot of people do this is the whole ability to sell. We actually have to use this all the time. Not just in our business, we buy houses, we buy cars, some of you buy motorcycles, right? And then we have to sell it and then we go buy the next thing. And you can actually use this process all the time. Because we're constantly buying things. Right? I had one student, this was before the big housing boom where houses were not selling at all, and she used the process of selling. Her house had sat on the market for a long time, wasn't moving. She went to the realtor and says, "Can I just tweak something?" She went in wrote up a new description, within 24 hours, she had not only a full price offer from three people. Someone paid over $30,000 more because of the description.

And so the stuff that we're teaching is more... It's so good for business, yes, and get you going, but you need this stuff in everyday life. Why isn't this stuff taught in regular schooling? I don't understand because this is what we have to have to survive as adults.

Russell: Yeah. Sales, persuasion, all those kind of things for sure.


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