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492 - Time For Business And Family?

492 - Time For Business And Family?

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Episode Recap:

In this episode from the recent "Ecomm Vs Expert Smackdown" event, Russell and Alison answer a question about how to balance family and business in your life.

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I'm a hundred percent with you guys. I'm not over here on wrestling practice right now or my family... I'm here a hundred percent. And when I go home, I'm with my family a hundred percent. When I'm at my office, I'm a hundred percent. Most people are splitting their brain power between five different things.


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Russell Brunson:   Hey, what's up everybody? We're back to Q&A's here on the Marketing Seekers podcast. The question for today's episode, again, came from the Ecomm versus Expert Smackdown with Alison Prince and I. And during that event, we opened it up for questions and you guys asked them and we gave answers.

So this next one was about how do you make time for, if you have a busy life, like how many of you guys have a busy life? You got family, you got work, you got all these things. How do you do business and family and church and all the things? How do you juggle all the things and don't go crazy? So that is the question for today. And both Alison and I tag team this one to give you guys some answers that hopefully will help.

Again, they're not something that we're flawless at or perfect. I'm definitely not, maybe Alison is, she probably is. But something that I've been learning and I've been... That I've had to do to be able to try to do all the things. We always want to have it all. How do I have a business and a family and my church responsibilities and I want to read books and I want to have fun and I want to... All the things. How do you do it all? So hopefully this question will help answer the way that Allison and I look at things, and hopefully it'll give you nugget or two to help you on your journey as well. So that said, we're going to queue up the theme song. When you come back, you have a chance to hear Alison and I talking about how in the world we make time for family and business and church and all the things at the same time.

Brent Coppieters:  Another question from Kathy that we pulled off, she says, "I have loved every moment of this event so far. I have an extremely busy family that is always on the go with work, family life, and church. I want to ask how you manage to have time for your business and your family."

Russell: Good question. We can both probably answer this really well.

Alison Prince:  Yeah.

Russell:  My life right now, just so you guys are fully aware, is insanely busy, too. I'm in the middle wrestling season. I'm one of my kids wrestling coaches so every single day at 2:30, besides yesterday, but today I'm leaving as well, I pack up everything and I run and from 2:30 till 6:30 I'm at the gym with my kids wrestling. That on top of running 'Click Funnels' and 'Magnetic Marketing' and 'Marketing Secrets' and my church calling, so I get it. Life is busy and I've got five kids and there's also soccer games and all the other things.

It comes down to a couple things. Number one is prioritizing your calendar, where do things actually fit in? And number two is becoming really good at being present, like I am here and I am present. I'm a hundred percent with you guys. I'm not over here on wrestling practice right now or my family... I'm here a hundred percent. And when I go home, I'm with my family a hundred percent. When I'm at my office, I'm a hundred percent. Most people are splitting their brain power between five different things. They're at work, but they're also worried about this over here and they're not being present. And for me, it's like, I have my calendar and I say, okay, for me, I have to get up earlier to get everything done. Especially during the wrestling season, it's really hard for me. So I get up between five and seven depending on what I need to get done.

So that time's there, it's blocked out and it's usually writing time. I need to write during this time. And then from seven till like 8:30, that's when I'm waking my kids up, I'm driving them to school. I want to be the dad who drives my kids to school. So that time it's like, computers off, everything's off, and I'm in the car driving kids back and forth because I have kids in every school, they don't all go to the same school. So it's like back and forth and back and forth and back and forth. And then I get done, I got a 30 minute shower and then boom at the office. And from this time, this time, I'm work mode and I'm doing work, I'm getting work done. And it's like, I'm able to be present in that moment. I think for most people, it's figuring out I got to schedule the time or it's not going to happen.

I know the time my wife and I have, this is the time my wife and I have to spend together and it's blocked out, it's scheduled, I'm present when I'm there as much as I can. And I'm not perfect with this. I would be lying if I was like, "Oh, I'm flawless." But I try to do it that way where I figure out in Google calendars, I block out this is when this happens, this happens, this happens. And in those windows, I try to be a hundred percent present, on the thing and so I can get the work done.

And if you think about this, a couple times a year this happens, where like my wife and I are flying somewhere, flying to Hawaii for a family trip or something. I got a two hour window in the morning to get work done. And when I come in and for two hours, I go as fast as I can. I can get more done in a two hour window than typically I would get done in an eight hour day. Why? It's because there's time that's compressed and I'm present. And so for me, it's like, I got to be living my life that way all the time so I can get everything done I'm trying to get done. So it's like compressed time, being present, and you get so much more done than you'd ever believed. That's kind of my hacks.

Alison: That's so good. I call them 'power hours.' And it is, it's putting that limited time and you get so much more done in there. But think of it this way, too. We're both super busy, right? We understand it. And so this program is actually designed for busy people, because if we can teach you how to do this when you're busy, imagine what's going to happen when it's not busy. And so we didn't design this to go slow, to... I don't know, dawdle around. We designed this for busy people and we show you... I talk about 'power hours' all the time and how to set them and make them like... I think of it like when I schedule a hair appointment, you probably don't have this problem, but when I schedule a hair appointment, I will not miss that hair appointment for anything. If I have a broken leg, I'm still going to show up because it takes two to three months to get in. And if we can treat those 'power hours' like that, then that's when magic happens.

And so again, we teach you how to do it on a busy schedule so that you can make this happen. We help you to build those habits that keep you going over and over and over again.


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