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498 - New Framework Hack From The Mastermind In Paradise

498 - New Framework Hack From The Mastermind In Paradise

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One of the cool “Ah-ha’s” I had today, sitting in our 2CCX, Inner Circle, Category Kings mastermind group.

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Best Quote:'s one insanely good framework. And then it's just gone deep, and deep, and deep on that to the point where she's got one of if not the most successful info product businesses in the industry today, from one framework... For your own business, understanding that's what the value ladder actually looks like, it's not more stuff, more stuff, more stuff.


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What's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. Today I'm sending you a message from beautiful Mexico.

Hey, what's up everybody? So we are here actually at the Two Comma Club X Inner Circle/Category Kings Mastermind group, which is exciting. We're in Mexico, in the past we used to do the big Two Comma Club cruise, but cruises are sketchy now so we decided to run an all exclusive resort. And it's actually really cool because it was interesting, and I don't know, there's a lot of variables so this may not be the only one, but I thought we would get more people to register for the cruise that was even pre... Sorry, pre COVID we did the cruise, we had about the same amount of people in our Mastermind group, and we had X amount of people that signed up for the actual cruise from that pool of people that were eligible to go.

And then this year's post COVID so we did it here, and the group of potential people who can come is about the same, but we had three times as many people register for this. And so, I don't know, it could be just COVID and people want to travel and get away. That's definitely a possibility, but I think that more people want to go to an all inclusive resort than a cruise, which is the opposite of what I would've believed and thought, so anyway it's kind of cool. My one fear is on the cruise it was nice because everyone's jammed in this little boat and so more people got out and met, and I'm a little nervous that here people are going to hide in their rooms during the off sessions, but hopefully no. So anyway, I'll report back and let you know more how it's going.

But so far we've just finished day number one and it was amazing, it was really, really cool. So I want to share with you guys all just a thought or an aha or a, I don't know, something that hopefully will be helpful for you all. I'm hoping that all of you guys, especially those who are... Obviously we cater towards two types of businesses, there's the expert business and the e-comm business. In fact, it's funny, here at the event it's broken in two groups, like here's our expert group, here's our e-comm group. And Alison Prince teaches a lot of the e-comm stuff, I teach the expert stuff and so it's split down the middle there as well. But we're both trying to do crossover where she's trying to get all the expert people to add physical products to their offers, I'm trying to get the e-comm people to add info products to their offers, so it's a blend back and forth.

But the thing I want you guys to understand is just the power of, honestly, a singular framework. Each of you guys who are in a business, you have some type of framework, some kind of process or system or things that you take somebody through to get an end result. And one of my favorite people that I've seen do this is Brooke Castillo. Brooke is amazing entrepreneur, she's got a huge podcast, great podcast, great membership site, great coaching certification program. In fact, all of our one-on-one coaches for our Mastermind groups all come from her program, they're all certified through her.

But she basically has created one really, really, really... How many reallys can I give her? 22 reallys. Really good framework, right? And her business is based around, honestly, it's one core framework. And she teaches this framework on her podcast, she talks about it in her emails, everywhere she's talking about this one framework. And then she has a membership site that's $300 a month that then teaches people how to use the framework, like how to use the framework in your life, if you're a coach, how to use it for other people, all sorts of stuff. I think that's $300 a month, and then she has a coaching certification program, it's $18,000 a year, I think, or I believe that's what it is. And there's where she helps you to master the framework where you can start teaching it and helping coach other people, and it's really cool.

But that's her basic business, it's she has one framework that she talks about for free everywhere, and she's got a membership site $300 a month where she teaches you in depth how to use the framework and get live coaching from coaching students, stuff like that. And then on top of that she's got the certification where you can master the framework and use it as a tool in your own business. But her whole business, and her business is multiple, multiple eight figures, one of if not the biggest info product business that I'm aware of right now, which is really cool. But anyway, again, we come back and we look at that and look what she's doing and it's insanely successful.

And so, as I was thinking about the Mastermind group we're in right now, and if you guys know my business, hopefully you do at this point, I have frameworks. And I don't have one, I have probably because I'm more obsessive compulsive, I don't know, OCD is high with me, but I have a lot of frameworks. And if you read DotCom Secrets, Expert Secrets, Traffic Secrets, those are my core frameworks all laid out. If you've gone through those books you understand my framework of the value ladder, and then my frameworks for each types of funnel inside the value ladder, and my frameworks for my scripts. And if you go to Expert Secrets you learn other frameworks, and you learn frameworks about how to start a movement, you learn frameworks about how to do your sales presentation or your perfect webinar, you learn frameworks on how to close, you learn those ones. And then Traffic Secrets, you learn Dream 100, you learn congregation, you frameworks on how to infiltrate any media platform and on and on.

So those are my core marketing frameworks, there's a bunch of them. And there's other ones we teach that aren't necessarily inside the books, but the core ones are there. And so what's cool about it is, if you look at my business, I can go and I can for free teach and talk about any of my frameworks. I've done a hundred podcast interviews about the Dream 100 framework, I've done other ones about value ladder, I've done other ones about just any of the dozens of frameworks I've, not invented, don't know if that's the right word, the ones that we put together. I've done tons of training on every one of those things individually, but they all push back like, 'Hey, if you want to learn this in more detail, go get the books.'

Then people read the books and they get all the frameworks, they get a good understanding of them and then from there their entire value ladder. Now, after you made a value ladder, everything else we do is just based on those core frameworks. It's not like I'm teaching more things, honestly, which is kind of cool. It's mastery, it's learning how to actually use these frameworks. And so if you go up our coaching ladder there's One Funnel Away, which is picking very specific... like we're going to show you guys one framework for creating product, one framework for a funnel, very specific type of funnel, one framework for traffic, so it's one framework across each thing. That's the OFA challenges, and then from there we send people up to our Two Comma Club X Coaching Program. And Two Comma Club X Coaching Program then is where we're picking a couple more frameworks. We're going deeper into it where we've got coaches, you've got one-on-one coaches, you've got group coaches, you've got a tribe of people who are working together. You've got all these people and it's really helping you to dial in, perfect this framework.

And then after you get done with Two Comma Club X, which people stay in Two Comma Club X Coaching Program until they win a Two Comma Club X Board, they make a million dollars. And then something secret happens, funnel hacking live, nobody knows this except for the Two Comma Club winners. But when you win the Two Comma Club we invite you to a secret luncheon that's only for people who've won the Two Comma Club or above, and at that Two Comma Club luncheon I invite people to join my Inner Circle. And it's funny because a lot of people join the Inner Circle, and we found this especially people who had been in the Two Comma Club X Coaching Program and moved up to the Inner Circle. They're like, "What's the curriculum for Inner Circle?" I'm like, "There's no more curriculum, you guys have gone through these things..." The Inner Circle, then after my Inner Circle we've got our Category Kings, like the different levels here, it's still the same frameworks, we've already learned them.

But now inside the Mastermind what's been cool is over the last 10 years I've been teaching this stuff, we've got now thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of people using these frameworks in different places. So the Mastermind now becomes everybody else saying, "Okay, well, yeah, I did a challenge funnel, but this is what I did different. I tweaked this, I added this, I change this." And they're like, "Oh, well, my value ladder looks like this. And, oh, my thing looks like this." And it's everybody taking these core fundamental frameworks that we first laid out and then building on them and adding things, tweaking things, changing things.

We had someone today who, same thing, they come through our training but then they figure out this new hook and this new way to do something, and then they built this huge Two Comma Club business doing that. And we had her come and present today and like, "Hey, here's what I'm doing." There's a lot of similarities but it was her twist, her take, and how she took the frameworks and evolved them and developed them further and they had new cool things. And then we have these national meetings where everyone's getting up and they're sharing. And right now there's people all around this resort here in Mexico in little meetup groups. And there's groups like everyone who's doing challenge funnels meet up and they're all sharing best practices. Like, "Oh, we did this and we added this little thing. We added this badge here and increased conversion by this. Oh, and we did this." Everyone's sharing things there. And then there's the high ticket group, and then there's another group, another group.

But there's all these groups happening, pop up all around the resort right now of all the people that are in Mastermind groups, all just sharing like, "Hey, I took this core framework, but here's how I tweaked it, here's how I changed it. Here's how I applied it to my business, here's how I applied it to my industry. Here's how I did it." And so it's really fascinating watching it because the evolution of this was not like, "Russell, to go higher ticket you need more frameworks." No, no, it's master, it's application. It's sharing the tweaks, the changes, the evolution of the frameworks amongst those of the people that are out there in the trenches using them. And that's why this has been so fascinating. I wish I could sit in every one of these little breakout groups and just take notes of what everybody else is sharing because there's just so much gold that everybody's dropping.

Anyway, I wanted to share that for a couple reasons. Number one, if in you're my value ladder this is where you're going, keep figuring these things out. So having success, get in the coaching program, get to the Two Comma Club, jump in the Inner Circle, and then come to these Masterminds where we can start taking this and network with... I think we have 600 people here on resort with us, which is cool. I think the resort holds 900 people and we've got 600. It's like more than half of the people here are Funnel Hackers, which has got to be awkward for all the people wondering why we have these similar t-shirts on, but that's what we do. And so, be part of that group and then start sharing with each other and it's just so fascinating.

Funnel Hacking Live is a version of that, you come to Funnel Hacking Live and it's like all the speakers are people who for the most part grew up in our community, who learned the core frameworks, started using the ClickFunnels software and then they figured out their hooks, their tweaks, their way that they evolved the principles and got them to work for them and for their market. And so it's fun, everyone building upon each other and all off of this one common framework.

So again, number one is, if you are in my world this is the path, this is where we're trying to take you. This is the experiences we want you to have with us here in Mexico, do these kind of things. And number two is, for your own business, understanding that's what the value ladder actually looks like, it's not more stuff, more stuff, more stuff.

Again, I look at Brooke's business and it's one insanely good framework. And then it's just gone deep, and deep, and deep on that to the point where she's got one of if not the most successful info product businesses in the industry today, from one framework. So I want you guys to understand that because it's powerful, it's cool, it's exciting and hopefully it gets you as excited as well. So, with that said, thanks for listening and hopefully you'll be here with us in Mexico at the next Mastermind in Paradise, which will be coming in about a year from right now. All right, thanks so much and I will talk to you guys soon.


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