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499 - The Wake Of Contribution Inside Your Definite Purpose

499 - The Wake Of Contribution Inside Your Definite Purpose

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Napoleon Hill said: There is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose, the knowledge of what one wants, and a burning desire to possess it.

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What are you moving towards with definiteness of purpose? Not just, What am I wandering? A lot of us are wanderers, we're drifters, we're waiting for something. But I'm looking at, What is the thing I can look at and say that. That is the goal. That's the mission. That's the purpose. And with all my focus, all my energy, I'm moving forward with a definiteness of purpose to accomplish, to do, to go after that thing.


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Hey, what's up everybody? This is Russell Brunson, and welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I'm here today in Mexico preparing for an event tomorrow with the Two Comma Club X Mastermind group, as well as the Inner Circle and the Category Kings. And I'm actually doing a presentation all about personal development and how to literally go and get whatever it is you want in life. And so I've got some thoughts and some ideas I want to share with you guys. So with that said, we'll cue the theme song. When we come back, we're going to be talking about definiteness of purpose.

All right. So some of you guys have heard this story in the past, but when I write books, apparently my process, I didn't plan it this way, but I usually write a book and then decide I don't like it and delete it. And then go and do a live event where I teach the entire principles and concepts, and then start over and write the book again. And I keep forgetting this apparently, because you would think that it'd be easier for me just to do a live event, teaching the principles, and then write a book afterwards. But alas, I have forgotten every single time. I've literally done this ... I did it for the Dotcom Secrets book, the Expert Secrets book, and the Traffic Secrets book. And right now I'm doing it with the Secrets of Success book. Whoa, you guys just found out the title. I haven't told anybody publicly yet, so congratulations. You know something nobody else does.

And so that's the new book I'm writing. And I wrote it. I wrote about 200 and something pages and realized I didn't like it, and deleted it. And now I'm doing a live event for our Mastermind group. And I was trying to think, How am I going to do this? My Category Kings were asking me and begging me, they're like, You should do it at your penthouse in downtown Boise and teach us for three days there. And I was going to, but I just didn't have the... Anyway, long story. I was like, Well, I'm doing this thing in Mexico. We have everyone coming. This is going to be the best place for me to do it. And so I've been preparing for it, putting it together, and I'm stressing about it and excited about it, and all the things that come with a new presentation and new principles.

And I think a lot about this. I study a lot about this. I go deep on this. I think in my own mind I'm trying to always figure out how to be more successful, so I have a lot of stuff here. I feel like a lot of people would be successful, but I've never broken it down in a way that I can share with people. So that's been a hard process. How do you take this thing that you've been, a lot of it subconsciously doing, some are consciously doing for the last 20, 30 years of your life? And how do you put it in a way that people can then take it as a system and use? And that's been my challenge. But I think I got it, I'm really excited.

And so tomorrow I'm actually doing a session in the morning. It's about 90 minutes to everybody, that's basically going to be the intro chapter for the new book. But it's something that's, it's powerful. And I can't tell you everything that's happening there, but anyway, I'm really excited for it, I think it's going to change people's lives. That'll be the intro session. Then we break, we got excursions. And we come back eight o'clock at night. And I'm going from eight o'clock until two or three in the morning, teaching the rest of the book.

And I'm so excited for it. So someday this book will be there and you guys can read it, and hopefully it's good. If it sucks, then yeah, don't tell me about it because I put so much effort into this thing it's crazy. But as I'm working on this, there's one concept that just keeps driving throughout this book over and over and over again. And it's a principle I learned from Napoleon Hill. And I think a lot of you guys know who Napoleon Hill is. If you don't, he wrote the book Think and Grow Rich, he wrote The Law of Success. He's written a whole bunch of amazing books and magazines, and I've recently acquired most of his life work, original copies and original manuscripts. And it's been one of the cool things ever.

And I'm telling you this because, one, it's interesting. In almost everything that Napoleon Hill's written, he has this one thread that weaves throughout all of it, over and over and over again. From every book, every course, every manuscript. Everything I've found that I've acquired, every magazine article, he just keeps coming back to this one thing. And as I've been putting this together, it's initially because I keep coming back to it as well. And I talked about it at Funnel Hacking Live a little bit for those who were there, but the principle is called definiteness of purpose. And it was funny for a while I couldn't remember how to say that word definiteness. It's the hardest word to say, but I've gotten it now. The way I remember it, for those who try to remember it, is definite. Like, I'm definitely going to do it. I'm definiteness. I have definiteness of purpose.

And so the point Hill talks about this, if you want something in life, you have to... It's not just like, I have a purpose, but it's like, I have definiteness of purpose. So it's not just like, Oh yeah, I'm hoping to get this thing. It's like, no, no, no. I'm definitely going to get it. Definiteness of purpose. This is the thing. This is where it is. This is how I'm going to get it. And there's a quote from one of his books, he says that there is one quality which one must possess to win, and that is definiteness of purpose. The knowledge one wants and a burning desire to possess it. So that's what definiteness of purpose is. It's all about seeing the thing you want, but more so than just seeing it. Seeing it and then having this burning desire. Like, I have to have that thing at all costs. I'm going for it. I'm looking for it. I'm going to figure it out. I'm going to run towards, I'm going to figure those things out.

And then from there, there's a lot more that goes into this, but it's building on the plan and the structure and the strategy and then the tactics and all the stuff to go and get that thing. But it begins with that purpose. If you don't have that definiteness of purpose it's hard. I think a lot of people don't have that. So many people, they don't have a purpose. They're like, I don't know. I'm just here. I don't have a purpose. And I think that God's put desires in all of our hearts that are there to give us that purpose. And so if you haven't found that in your life where you're like, I don't know the purposes I'm doing. Sometimes I think some people think it's like, Oh, I got to be like Russell. I got to figure out what's my mission and who am I going to serve? And that may be it.

One thing I talk about during my presentation tomorrow is the purpose is twofold. Sometimes it's like, I need to go and create this purpose, create this movement, create this calling, you're creating something. Other times it's alignment with it. There are so many rock stars on my team who have aligned with my definiteness of purpose, and they're part of it. I couldn't do it without them. And so it's not always, I have to be the one that's creating this whole new thing. Either I'm going to create something or I need to align with somebody who's created. What do I believe in? What's the missions that I have so much belief in, in the mission what they're doing? I want to pursue their goal. I want to pursue their mission with definiteness of purpose. I want to be aligned with them, I want to help them, I want to serve them, I want to be part of the mission.

And so I think the big thing is looking for those things. What are the things you're passionate about? If you're not passionate about anything, well, it's time to start dabbling. Dabble in a million different things so you find something that lights a spark and gets you excited, that you can say, This is my thing. I'm going to move forward with definiteness of purpose. I think they're going to create something amazing. I'm going to find someone who already is doing something I believe in. I'm going to align with them, I'm going to serve, I'm going to be part of that. And it could be anything. I know when we first introduced Operation Underground Railroad with the ClickFunnels community back, man, four years ago, now. I had so many people who came back and said, I resonate with this mission. I want to be part of it.

And they started weaving into their events and with their products and the things they were doing, because they wanted to be part of that. They wanted to serve these children with definiteness of purpose. That's a purpose I want to be aligned with, I want to work towards. And they didn't create it. I didn't create it. Tim Ballard was the one who was called for that mission. He was the one who had to do it. But all of us have a chance to look at that purpose and say, Okay, I want to align with that. And I have a burning desire to do it. I'm going to do everything in my power to win, to help, to serve, to do that thing. And so in all of us, we have different times in life, but the initial threat is that.

And I'm glad he didn't just say, You got to have a purpose. And a lot of times nowadays, people are like, You got to have a why. What's your why? And what Napoleon Hill is saying is so much deeper than that. It's not just a why. It's your purpose, which is bigger. Why is a reason I want something. Which is big, it's important. But you say not just your why, it's your purpose. It's bigger. This is the purpose of me being here, is to go and do this thing, to get, to achieve, to retrieve, to bring back, to save, to fix whatever your purpose is. It's purpose. But not just a purpose. It's like definiteness. I am lasering in on this target. I'm looking at that thing. And I know that's what I need to give. That's the thing I've been called to serve, to achieve, to figure out. And then you start running towards that thing.

And so that's one thing I wanted to share. Because again, there's a million things I could share with you from these presentations and this eventual book. But the one thing that's like this thread throughout is really understanding it. What are you moving towards with definiteness of purpose? Not just, What am I wandering? A lot of us are wanderers, we're drifters, we're waiting for something. But I'm looking at, What is the thing I can look at and say that. That is the goal. That's the mission. That's the purpose. And with all my focus, all my energy, I'm moving forward with a definiteness of purpose to accomplish, to do, to go after that thing.

If you don't have that thing, I would implore you, I would beg you, I would ask you to go look for that thing and start searching for it. Because the quality of your life, the excitement, the energy, the passion, all the things will increase when you are moving towards something with definiteness of purpose. Too many people live their lives on a couch, watching Netflix. Where I think the good stuff, the stuff you're going to remember, the stuff that people remember you for are these other things. I think sometimes people hear this and they're like, Oh, you're saying I'm not ready, I'm not worthy, I'm not bore. I'm not saying that at all. I think all of you guys right now are good enough. I believe God's proud of you. I believe I'm proud of you. If you don't accomplish anything that doesn't matter to me.

But the pursuit of something great will change you and it'll change the people around you. It'll change the people in the wake of the service you're doing. As you move forward with a mission, with something, the wake of people behind you that changes their lives, the wake of contribution is huge. I look at my mission to help entrepreneurs and serve in all these things I've been doing. I've been moving forward with definiteness of purpose, trying to use all my power to create, to do, to serve, to do these kind of things. And the wake behind me is contribution. It's created jobs, it's helped people and their families, it's helped entrepreneurs start their own companies. The wake of contribution when you are moving forward with definiteness of purpose is huge. And so go and create those wakes of contribution.

Run, move forward, have some fun, go serve people. Pick a purpose and run towards it. Not because you have to have that for anyone to love you, or to care about you, that you need that to be a better person. That's not the things. It's finding that purpose. And then it'll light you up. It'll change you in a way that nothing else ever could. And so, anyway, there's my call to you. It's time, you guys. Your purpose is out there. Go find it and then pursue it with definiteness. If you do that, not only will it change your life, it will change lives of the people that are in your wake of contribution. So go and do it, have some fun with it. And then wait for me to write this darn book. Hopefully it gets done sooner than later because I want to share it with you guys. I think these principles are good. I'm excited.

All right. That's all I got. Thank you so much. Have an amazing day. And let me know if you see this on Instagram or Facebook or anywhere, tag me. Take a picture on your phone and tag me. You upload the picture to Facebook or Instagram, whatever and tag me and tell me, what is your purpose? What are you pursuing with definiteness? And when you do that, I want to hear about it because you guys are the people that are changing the world. And so if I can support you and help in any way, that's my role. That's my job, is to help support the creators, help giving you guys the ability to get your message out to more people, because you are the ones who are changing the world. Thanks so much. And I'll talk to you guys soon. Bye, everybody.


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