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5 Sexy Secrets to Creating a Presentation That Wins 100% of the Time

5 Sexy Secrets to Creating a Presentation That Wins 100% of the Time


I spent two hours in the batcave yesterday with Russell, Jake, and Karen.

Russell is working furiously on his six presentations for Funnelhacking Live and after 48 hours of creative brainstorming, he had the hook, headline, and framework for ONE of the six. Yes, you read that right. 48 hours.

The purpose of our bat meeting was to take that same process and help bang out the next 5 headlines and hooks for the remaining five presentations.

And the point of this post is to try to describe what happens in these meetings in detail, so you can learn to do it for yourself…because…it’s amazing.

Alright, so first things first – he did a podcast on this topic and you can give it a listen here.

For those of you building products and services, here are the things I’ve learned from watching Russell.

1. Everything Should Be Done in Reverse

Raise your hand if you ever had a great idea and spent days (or months) building out an incredible program, service, course FIRST, and then thought, Okay now I need to market this.

Not Russell. He does everything backwards. The marketing drives the entire machine of the product to be produced. He’s looking at everything through the lens of…

  • How compelling is this?
  • ​How irresistible is it?
  • How sexy is it?
  • ​How results driven is it?
  • ​What are the false beliefs keeping someone from believing it?

If you’re struggling to write a webinar for a product you built, the problem might not be the webinar. It might be that you built something without letting the marketing of that thing, be in charge. Next time, write a webinar registration page FIRST. When you do, it’ll force you to think of the things that matter most…The Hook, The Headline, and the Framework (the three secrets).

2. Brainstorm Your Framework Until it’s a Doodle

You’ve seen Russell’s doodles right? They are REALLY simple.

And simple is not less valuable than complex. In fact, just the opposite. Just look at Apple products. When Apple came out with the iMac (the one that didn’t have a base unit, just a monitor), it was a simpler design. There was also just one button. Each and every model that came out became more simple and streamlined. The newest iPhone doesn’t even have a home button or a headphone input!

The same goes for a presentation. Your framework will most likely start out complex and a bit confusing.

Keep working on it until you can get it down to ONE doodle. Your doodle will force you to keep the main foundational pieces clear in your mind.

It’ll give you a roadmap and a blueprint for your teaching so you don’t go off track.

It also helps your customers and prospects follow along. Remember, they are not experts in your field. You are. You may be geeking out on the slight nuances of your topic, but most of your customers just want enough information and education to see the results they want.

3. The Doodles Within the Doodles

Some of you might be thinking, “But my teaching is too complex for a doodle!”

That’s the funny thing about a doodle. It becomes the skeleton of what you teach, but each individual line or shape on the doodle, can infinitely expand out! Let’s look at an example.


You’re looking at a doodle of The Viral Loop – which is a part of a new booklet coming out soon. The doodle itself is fairly simple. It’s outlining a four-step process. However, for each of these four pieces, there are DOODLES within the doodle! I uploaded below a doodle of the #1 in the doodle above.


Guess what? Each of these pieces can ALSO be drilled down even further. You could draw doodles within doodles all day long and go deep into a complex topic. As an expert you see all the little pieces and you try to cram them into one doodle. Don’t. Strip it down to the bones and then go back to the details.

In this way, you will always be able to give a presentation, at a moment’s notice…because you’ve memorized the framework.

4. The Four Elements of a $3,000,000 Presentation

Many of you heard (how could you not?!) of the infamous $3M presentation Russell gave at the Grant Cardone event. If you missed it, you can catch up here.

If you look at all his presentations and webinars, you’ll see the same elements again and again…

  • ​A Sexy Hook​ (This is the name of your presentation)
  • ​A Curious Tagline or Headline ​(This is the curiosity factor that makes people WANT to listen)
  • Memorable Stories (This is what gets them to CARE and to BELIEVE)
  • ​A Sexy Design (You don’t have to be an amazing designer, but what you present must FEEL and look sexy to the viewer)

So in a normal non-marketer brain, someone might make a presentation called:

  • Hook: Social Media Mastery
  • Headline: “How To Excel At All Social Media Platforms in 2018”
  • Story: Give statistics and examples of how much social media is growing
  • Design: Show pictures of the platforms, the logos, etc.

Russell does it completely differently!

  • Hook: Conversation Domination
  • Headline: How to get your dream clients addictively binge watching you on every platform that they live on…” WARNING (this aggressive approach is only for those who truly believe in their message)
  • Story: He’s going to tell a story about how social media relates to the invention of the TV back in the 50’s and 60’s
  • Design: Everything is going to have a retro and vintage feel

This will be presented for the first time LIVE
at Funnelhacking Live 2018.

5. When Your Funnel Doesn’t Work and You Know Your Product is Amazing, it Boils Down to the Hook, the Headline, or the Framework

This is why I was in the batcave for TWO hours just banging out headline ideas with Karen, Jake, and Russell. Because he knows how important these three pieces are, to everything.

At one point, we were going back and forth about one word.


If your funnel isn’t working, have you spent at least 2 hours on your hook, headline, and framework?

Have you really scrutinized every word to make sure it’s as sexy and curious as possible?

If you’re not sure about your hook or headline, run a few Facebook or Twitter Ads to a couple of different variations and see which one generates more clicks! If you have a list or a group, you can also crowdsource.

The most important lessons I’m learning inside the batcave all boil down to simplicity, sexiness, and curiosity. Go take a look at your funnels and see if you can find those three things inside your funnel. If you can’t, you have work to do!


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