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5 Shockingly EASY Ways To Drive Traffic 🚗


Do you remember when I released my book, "Traffic Secrets?" It feels like it was only yesterday, yet so much has changed since then!

In fact, the book landed #1 best-selling book at Barnes & Noble, Wall Street Journal, and multiple Amazon lists. And after selling more than 140,000 copies, it also landed on the New York Times Best Seller list!! 🤯

Which was a dream come true!!!

Traffic Secrets was a labor of love, born out of my years of experience in the trenches, tinkering with countless funnels, testing various traffic strategies… and actually building businesses.

The book is packed with strategies that I personally use to attract more customers to my online businesses.

But in case you haven’t read the book (or maybe you just need a reminder!), I want to simplify things for you. I want to share some of the easiest, yet incredibly powerful ways to drive traffic that you can implement RIGHT NOW.

Here they are!

Go Live Daily on Social Media 📣

Commit to a 30-day challenge where you go live daily on Facebook or Instagram. Provide value, and soft pitch a lead magnet related to your teaching at the end of each session. Social media is A huge driver of traffic for me.


Create a Soap Opera Email Sequence 🔥

Use a soap opera sequence for your welcome emails. This is a series of emails with engaging stories, gradually building up to your core offer. Remember, every email should have a clear Call-to-Action.


Align Your Content with Your Offerings 🏹

Develop a content calendar, strategically linking each piece of content (blog post, podcast, video) to one of your products or services. This educates your audience about the problem you solve and positions your offer as the solution.


Leverage NICHE SEO 🎯

Instead of battling with broad and highly competitive keywords, focus on niche-specific SEO. Find long-tail keywords that your target audience is searching for within your niche. These are more specific and typically have lower competition, making it easier to rank. Don't forget to use these keywords in your meta descriptions, title tags, and content. SEO is a long game, but targeting niche keywords will help you get found by the right audience, resulting in higher conversion rates.


Capitalize on Your Dream 100 💌

Identify your Dream 100 — these are the top influencers, thought leaders, and industry movers and shakers who already have the attention of your ideal audience. Build relationships, create partnerships, and design strategies to tap into their audience. Whether it's through joint ventures, affiliate marketing, guest posting, or even just engaging with their content regularly, it's a powerful way to siphon traffic from their following to your platforms.


If you want more strategies, you can get a free copy of my book (just pay S&H), Traffic Secrets, by clicking here.

Talk soon!

Russell Brunson


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