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500 - The 500th Episode!!!

500 - The 500th Episode!!!

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Holy cow, I can’t believe it’s been 500 episodes! On today’s episode we talk about where we came from, what we’re doing here, and where we’re going. I can’t wait to take you on the ride with me.

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Now I've got literally the first editions of every personal development book ever written from 1850s till now and I'm having a chance to read them and go through them and find these different pieces and find things are similar and different. And it's been magical if I open my eyes to just growth in a way that was different than I ever had seen before.


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What's up everybody. This is Russell Brunson and welcome to the 500th episode of the Marketing Secrets podcast. I cannot believe we're on episode 500. Excited to be hanging out with you guys here today. And I'm going to talk about my future, my plans, what I'm working on, and a whole bunch of other cool stuff. With that said, let's cue up the theme song and we come back, we're going to be hanging out, having some fun here inside of my private library.

All right. I can't believe it's been 500 episodes and that's just the Marketing Secrets podcast. Prior to that, we had the Marketing In Your Car podcast, which was probably another three or 400. We're probably close to 1,000 podcast episodes since I started this crazy journey, and almost a decade ago. It was after, some of you guys know the story. We had built a big company up and we were on top of the world and the whole thing crashed and crumbled and moved from a huge, 20,000 square foot building down to a little tiny 2,000 square foot building.

And for some reason, I had this impression that, "Hey, you should start a podcast right now talking about your marketing." I was like, "This is the worst possible time." I had literally, basically just went bankrupt, and the whole thing went apart. This is the worst possible time I could do this. And for some reason I was supposed to do it. I started and I started publishing, and I started talking, and I started sharing what we're working on, even though there were ups and there were downs.

And then if any of you guys go back to the old Marketing in Your Car podcast episodes, in fact, oh, we just got... Sorry. I digress. is basically the brand new funnel hub we created on ClickFunnels 2.0. It's the first ever ClickFunnels 2.0 site ever. If you go to, you can see it. But yeah, on there, if you click on the podcast tab, it shows you obviously this podcast you can subscribe to, but we also have links for the original Marketing in Your Car podcast. All of the old episodes are back live. You can go back and binge listen to them if you want.

I recommend doing it because it's really fun. But back then, I remember one episode I did I was like, "Only morons would want to make more than $10 million a year." All the reason why you should never try to make that a goal. Anyway, it's just funny now, because yeah, just how my ideas and belief and things shift along the way, but it's a whole fun journey. And we're talking about ideas like, "Oh, we have this new project working on. I think it's going to change the world." And it was ClickFunnels. And it's just a crazy journey going back and thinking through all those kind of things.

Yeah. Now after running out for 300 whatever episodes, we decided to rebrand and call it the Marketing Secrets podcast. And now here we are 500 episodes later, which is insane. Thank you for listening. If you missed any of them, make sure you begin at the beginning and binge listen through all of them.

I've tried to make them all entertaining and good, but also short enough that, Joe Rogan, for example, I love Joe Rogan. I think he's awesome. And I loved listening to his podcast more, but first off each episode is four hours long and then there's so many of. It would take me the entirety of my life to catch up where you guys could catch up within a couple months if you just listened a couple on a day.

There you go. Go back and binge listen. But I'm here today in my makeshift library and maybe you run saying, "What do you mean in makeshift library? Why?" In the last four or five months have purchased, I would say conservatively, probably three to 4,000 books, and I am in the process of building an actual huge library here in Boise, but right now we have a temporary office rendered where I'm storing all these books, and I'm working on some really cool projects that you guys will see coming to fruition over the next little bit.

But it's interesting. Some of you saw, I've done two consults with Tony Robbins. We film and turn into YouTube videos. If you go to our YouTube channel and search form me, you can see him, and we basically had a chance to ask him a question. And crazy enough, I'm actually flying out next month to do it again.

I have a new time to ask him a question, which I'm excited for. But my first question was trying to figure out what to do with my life. We built cool company, ClickFunnels, which I do and should I step down? Should I sell the company? What should we do? And Tony's big thing is, "Well, if you to sell the company what's next?" And I was like, "I don't know. I love what I do." He's like, "Then you shouldn't sell it. This is your passion. This is your dream." He's like, "If you don't have the next thing, you shouldn't worry about this thing."

And so, that and as well, a bunch of other advice really made me realize I don't want to sell this business. That's not my plan. But then the question kept coming, well, what's next?What happens if ClickFunnels was a crash, or you do sell it? Or what's the next part of your mission? I didn't know that for so long. And it's interesting. You don't know where things are going to go. It's just, at least for me, when things get me excited, I pursue those passions and hopefully it takes me in a cool spot, a cool direction. And that's kind of what happened here.

Some of you guys know, I started collecting old books. The first one I bought was that actually a first edition Book of Mormon, which is super rare. There was only 5,000 that were printed initially. And it was only 350 left that people know of. And so I bought one of those on eBay and that was my first old book and that was all I had. And then fast forward, man, probably four or five years later, six years later, I got a random message on Facebook from a funnel hacker who's like, "Hey, don't you have a first edition of Book of Mormon?"

And I don't respond all my messages, but that one I'm like, "Yes, I do. Why?" And he was like, "Hey, there's this guy who here's here in Utah and he's like the Indiana Jones of the Mormon Church. He's got a whole bunch old books. Do you want to see a whole bunch more?" I'm like, "Heck, yeah." The guy came up and he showed me all these other books, first edition Book of Mormon, but also the second, third, fourth, fifth edition.

Then the first edition Doctrine and Covenants. And this is for non-Mormons when all these books are, but they're all, the books that we look at as scripture that are our favorite things, and he had all these different books there. And then the first edition Doctrine and Covenants, and Emma Smith Hymnal, all these things, and Book of Commandments. And I started looking these things and I was like, "These are so cool." I don't know what it was, but I felt this pull towards them.

And so I started buying all these first edition books and that's when I started getting into this whole book thing. And then I started thinking, "What do I do with these things?" And I want to display them and show them. And so long story short down a whole mental rollercoaster, eventually I had the devil wanted to build this library, and in the library, I would have different sections on the things I'm passionate about, right? It'd be a business section, a religions section, a personal development section, have these different sections. And I was like, "It would be cool in the religions section, I can show up my first edition books."

But then I was like, "Okay. Well, in the personal development section or the business section, what would be cool things to show there?" And I didn't even know. I started going to eBay and started searching for a few of the authors I knew. One of them was Napoleon Hill and I was looking... I go to eBay, I type in the author and then I always sort by highest price first just so I could see what are the rare things, the cool things.

And the top of it, there was this first edition Law of Success Book series. And it was signed by him. And it was three years before the first one was ever printed. And so this is his rough, rough draft before it went to actual publishers and things like that. And there's only one of them on the planet. And what happened is, Napoleon Hill, he wrote the first version and he hand printed on his own printers, I think it was nearby, printed these books and then he sent them out to the president of the United States, and people that are head of businesses, and Kings and Queens, and just personally mail these to them as gifts to try to get them to read his new book he wrote, book series, right?

And there's only one that we're aware of on the planet left and it's this one. And I saw it and I was like, "That would be the perfect piece for the future library, for the personal development section." But it was a lot. I'm not going to tell you guys how much, but it was kind of insane. And so I was like, "Well, I can't buy that, but I'm going to start buying other things."

I started buying first edition Think and Grow Riches and other things. And eventually after buying a bunch of different things, one of the people I bought something from messages me and we started a conversation. Turned out he was the one who owned this first edition, Laws of Success, and he'd been collecting books for 20 years. And so I started texting him back and forth and eventually, I decided to buy his entire library, his entire collection for 20 years. I went out, we flew out in a plane, we got it all, we brought it in, and then I had 20-year collection of these old books.

And most of them, I didn't know who the authors were and these people were. They're all brand new to me. I am in my office, I laid them all out and I started reading the books and going through them and started figuring out who the people were and who the authors were and where they came from, and it started to be down these rabbit holes.

And I started go to eBay, okay, I find out an author, like the guy who started SUCCESS Magazine, for example, his name's Orison Swett Marden, and I had a couple of first editions of SUCCESS Magazine and I had this guy's name. I started going to eBay and searching it out and turns out this guy had wrote tons of books. I went buying all the first editions of his books. And then I found out his mentors, a guy named Samuel Smiles, and I went and bought all his books.

And then one of the Napoleon Hill magazines, Napoleon Hill talks about this millionaire gave him this book. And so I go to eBay and finding the first edition of that book. And then anyway, it's just kind of crazy to now where in the last three or four months I've bought, I'd say between three and 4,000 books here for the library that I'm going to build someday, which is not being built yet.

But I got the books. At least we got those. But as I'm going through this, it's been really, really cool. Me as an author, I'm writing my very first personal development book, which has been such a fun process. I basically wrote the whole thing and I decided I hated it and I deleted it all right in the middle of me buying all these books.

Now I've got literally the first editions of every personal development book ever written from 1850s till now and I'm having a chance to read them and go through them and find these different pieces and find things are similar and different. And it's been magical if I open my eyes to just growth in a way that was different than I ever had seen before.

And it's cool. Last week we were in Mexico with the Two Comma Club inner circle and category Kings, and I did my very first presentation, my very first personal development presentation ever. And it wasn't perfect. In fact, I'd say probably a third of it I was really, really proud of, and two thirds, I'm like, "I didn't do it right."

Just that feeling, it was good, but not perfect. But part of it was great. My first session was, so proud of what happened and what came out of it. But it got me excited. It's like last night, I went to bed at 11 o'clock at night or something. I couldn't sleep, and I got up and I rewrote the table of contents for the new book. And I wrote it out and I'm so excited now. I'm freaking out excited.

And right now, I'm at the library walking in my old books and I'm organizing them and putting them in categories and trying to find the right authors and trying to find these pieces and going deeper on these topics that people haven't talked about in a 100 years. But I've got all the books, I've got everything from the beginning of this movement.

In fact, they call it the New Thought movement. This generation where people start thinking, "Hey, if you think, you can and change your life." And what came from that are these amazing authors and books. And anyway, I'm here because, again on 500 episodes into the Marketing Secrets podcast, and I still am obsessed with marketing and funnels and all the things, but I've always told you, and I tell everybody, I feel like I've been called to serve a certain group of people of entrepreneurs, just like you have. You've been called to serve your group, and they're different than mine, but we just get called to serve a group of people. Right? For me, it's entrepreneurs.

And the next thing is, well, how do I help them? And so initially it was like, "Okay, they got to understand funnels and they got to understand copy and storytelling. They got to understand traffic and they need software to do these things." And while those things are now happening and they're in place and we're serving entrepreneurs, I feel like my next step in the calling is bigger, which is, I need to develop these entrepreneurs, not just as business owners, but people, as humans, help them to be able to do more and be more. And so that's where I'm at.

And so I'm 4,000 books deep into this new project to try to serve you guys at a different level. And I'm excited because again, we have no plans to sell ClickFunnels, do anything, but now at least I know if that went away or something happened, what's my next step? It's still serving the same audience. It's just, these are the new tools and the keys and the things I have now to help serve you guys at a different level.

Because I think the more you guys are able to have the tools and the keys and the things you need to be truly successful, not just the business tools, those we're going to continue to keep developing stuff, but it's the mindset, the personal development, the things that the greats of our time understood that we're still trying to understand. That's what I'm trying to give to you.

Anyway, I'm excited at this 500 episode mark to really be able to say that now, "Okay, I do know what the rest of my life's going to look like." My plan is to build this library, and besides this library is to go out and be able to bring these principles, these philosophies, back to you, back from the dead, and bring them to you guys and make, hopefully extend the legacy of these authors for forever, but then also in the process, hopefully extend my legacy.

I'm in a weird legacy-driven spot in my life where I'm like, "Man, I want 500 years from now, some kid on eBay to be Googling my name and finding old books that I published and finding them and being able to use them to change his life next generation's life, just like I'm trying to do right now." That's what I'm developing. That's what I'm trying to create.

Anyway, I just want to share that with you guys. I'm excited. There's going to be a lot of really cool opportunities for you guys to be part of what we're doing here. We're working on NFTs associated with the library, we're working other bunch of cool things, but I think it's going to be magical. Anyway, we're going to keep doing what we're doing now. ClickFunnels 2.0 is launching soon.

We're going to be amplifying everything on that side of the business. And then on top of that, it's come back to my true calling, which is you guys. How do I serve you at the highest level? And if it's through software, it's through software. If it's through books or events or courses or whatever that thing is, that's what I'm pursuing, because yeah, that's where I'm at.

Anyway, I just wanted to say that. Thank you guys so much for listening, thank you for being part of this. I hope for each of you that as you're listening to this, you start thinking about a couple things like your legacy, where are you going? What are you trying to do next? Figuring out how to develop yourself. What other books could you read? Other courses, other things, could you go through to help sharpen your saw and make you a better entrepreneur, a better person?

Yeah. Anyway, I love this game. It's fun. I love the honor I have of serving and sharing and helping you guys the best of my abilities and just grateful for the journey, grateful for your attention, grateful for the ability to do something that means a lot to me. Anyway, thanks again for listening. With that said, I appreciate you all. Again, go to and check out the new funnel hub, check out links, all the funnels, all the sites, all the blogs, the podcasts, the videos, YouTube channels, everything there, is if, it's the new funnel hub of everything Russell-related.

I'm also building out the new funnel hub for my new personal development brand. That's not live yet, but it'll be coming soon as well. And my goal with that is you'll go to that site and you'll be able to click on like Napoleon Hill and find all the works from him and Albert Hubbard and Samuel Smiles and all these other people that I'm bringing back from the dead to find access to them and their minds as well. All right. That said, I appreciate you all. Thank you for every everything. And I will talk to you soon.


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