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502 - One HUGE Key To Info-Product Success

502 - One HUGE Key To Info-Product Success

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A cool little nugget I learned from Dan Kennedy that I think you’re going to love!

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Right now, legally, my frameworks and stuff are my frameworks, and people share them. Unfortunately they do, but they're breaking the law, legally. They shouldn't be able just to go and take my doodles, take my things and teach them. A lot of people do, and I don't freak out too much because it's passing on our message and stuff, but would you guys be interested?


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Hey, what's up, everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets Podcast. I'm back in the Napoleon Hill room. Today I want to talk about one of the keys to successfully selling your own information products. All right. I've been hardcore binge-listening on Dan Kennedy because, you know what? Every month, I get a two-hour call with him to ask him any questions I want. Then from those calls, we turn it into the Magnetic Marketing Newsletter, which hopefully you guys are all subscribed. If not, you are crazy and you must hate money, or you just didn't know about it. If you didn't know about it, this is your chance. Go to and go get subscribed.

Anyway, I interview him for two hours and then I take that and I literally, myself, turn these things into an entire newsletter. Each newsletter takes me more than a day, which is eight hours times my daily rate, which is like $80,000. Eight hours times ... yeah. I mean, $80,000, $90,000 worth of my time goes into each issue, and there's two months. If you look at the value of those newsletters, they're insane. First off, make sure you stop everything and go and get those. That way you're getting two days of Russell's time each month to serve you, because I'm literally putting the best things we have in there. Each month there's something super powerful you can take, you can implement, and it should help you a lot.

Anyway, there's the pitch, but the reason why I bring that up is because tomorrow is my call. I've got two hours with Dan. One of my hours, I'm talking specifically a lot about entrepreneurs and becoming a prime mover, and the mindset and the shifts and things you have to make to be successful as an entrepreneur, which is exciting. Then number two, I'm talking more about the information marketing business, which is something I kind of knew before I got into Dan Kennedy's world. I was selling information on how to sell potato guns, or how to make potato guns and things like that.

When I got into his world, that was a big topic, because most people who ... you guys know the lineage of where this whole game started. Back in the day, it was Dan Kennedy and people. He was one of the first to really ... not the first to do information marketing, selling information products. Obviously, people have been writing books for thousands of years, but the person who first formalized this.

What's interesting is, when I got into that world, what I saw was not so much just telling people how to make a potato gun, but they were people who were taking specifically Dan Kennedy principles into other markets, which is why I think it's called information marketing. How do we teach other people how to market their businesses?

What he did strategically over the years which was really cool is that he made a whole bunch of little mini-Dan Kennedys in every market. I don't know if he did this knowingly or not knowingly, but it was really powerful and really strategic. He would have all these people come to his events. For example, Bill Glazer owned a menswear store, and then someone else owned an auto parts dealership. Someone else was a dentist and a chiropractor.

The first phase he would do with people is he would help them to get their businesses more effectively and more efficiently. If you look at the different rungs of not the value ladder, but strategically where they were customers through ... and I've seen facts and documentation where Dan actually explains this. This isn't just my imagination. It's actually strategically thought through. The first phase was help existing business owners to market their businesses more effectively. That's phase number one. Then phase number two is then teach those people how to become information marketers, teaching these processes to the other ones, right?

A good example is Bill Glazer. Bill Glazer owned a men's ... I don't know what it was called. Like Men's Warehouse that I think of, but it wasn't Men's Warehouse. It was that kind of a store, right? Men's clothes and stuff like that. He went through the Dan Kennedy stuff. He then modeled it, built up his own marketing, and blew it up and made a ton of money with it. Then Bill's next step was becoming an information marketer to menswear companies. He created information products and courses and seminars, teaching other people with Men's Warehouse-style businesses how to market their business. That's how Bill made all his money or a lot of his money, and then from there he ended up buying Dan's company and blah, blah, blah.

Then that was the pattern. I saw it in the dental niche. Some people that came to the dentist came to Dan's world, became really good dentists, and then they would go in and he'd sell them the next thing, which was how to make info products. Then they were all going to sell info products to that market. It was really, anyway, very strategic, very cool, very exciting. Anyway, I share that because I'm looking at that, and next May or June, or maybe June's issue is going to be very specifically about that, but how do you take these skills that you're learning and how do you turn those into a business, right? How do you start your own information businesses?

I was looking through just all the people inside the ClickFunnels community, and we've got thousands of examples. One of them, there's a guy who's an inner circle. He started a hotdog cart, and he made a bunch of money with the hotdog cart, and then he started creating information products teaching people how to do their own hotdog cart, and he killed it as well. It's just really interesting.

For those guys who have a traditional business, it's interesting because I always ... I don't say it mean, but I always tease people who have more traditional businesses, like, "Oh, that's so hard," because your traditional business is hard because you can't sell to the masses and the world. You sell to people in your local area. The reality is you can sell your people in your local area, and then you make an information business teaching these principles, these concepts, and you can sell that to all the people in your industry around the world.

Chad Woolner, another one of my good friends who's a chiropractor, he did the same thing. He came into my world and we taught him how to grow his ... and not that I taught him, but he looked at the principles, and he figured out ways to use these principles to grow his chiropractic business. Then he built his own frameworks and things like that. He went out there and he went and did it for other businesses. It's really, really cool. Anyway, I digress.

The point I was trying to make via this podcast was from something I was listening to inside of one of Dan's courses, which is the fast path to info product creation. One of the principles that was interesting is they said to be successful in your own information marketing business, there's a couple things you have to understand. The number one thing is what is it that you are doing that your competitor is not. If you're a dentist and there's 5,000 other dentists, what are you doing that your competitor is not, okay? It could be like either they cannot or they will not, or it's proprietary to you, so you use your own system, your own framework or whatever. What are you doing that your competitors do not do?

Then, your job is to clearly communicate that they can only get that from your business. That's the secret, right? Again, you're the hotdog cart dude, you're the chiropractor, you're the dentist, you're the whatever, and you're having success in your business. For you to be able to turn that into a successful information business, that is the question. It's like, what are you doing that your competitors do not ... and again, cannot, will not, or it's proprietary to you so they're not able to ... and then how do you clearly communicate that? That's the big secret.

I had someone in our 2CCX. I had a coach call actually last week, and it was fascinating. The call was very similar to that. As I asked him like, "What do you do that's different than everybody else," he struggled. He's like, "Well, I do what everyone else does, I just do it better." I was like, "You've got to figure out something proprietary, that's different, that's unique, that's your own." That's the big secret here, right? That's how you get people to give you money.

It's like you're a proprietary thing. Your thing is different, and then being able to clearly communicate that. Right? Like in my world, when everyone first came into the funnel world, we explained our proprietary things. These things are all funnels. People freaked out. It's like, "Oh, but the only way to really do that is by having our ClickFunnel software, then here's the books that teach it." This is our proprietary framework, so that was the big secret. Anyway, super cool, super fascinating. Yeah.

Now, I'm throwing this out as a question, because I've been thinking about it this weekend. I'm not sure if I'm going to do it or not, but I would love to hear your guys' feedback if you'd be excited to. I did this because Dan was talking about something he did. He said when he started doing this and training people, he would make co-authored things where someone could take Dan Kennedy's work into the dental space and be co-authored with Dan, and take Dan's principles and be able to share them.

Right now, legally, my frameworks and stuff are my frameworks, and people share them. Unfortunately they do, but they're breaking the law, legally. They shouldn't be able just to go and take my doodles, take my things and teach them. A lot of people do, and I don't freak out too much because it's passing on our message and stuff, but would you guys be interested? Just to put this out there, and I'm not committed to doing this yet. This is not like I'm doing this or seeding it. I'm just more curious.

If I was to write another book, that specifically would be a book to be able to co-author with you guys. For example, I think the book would be called Marketing Secrets, because that's obviously the brand, the podcast, the name. If I had Marketing Secrets and I wrote 75% of the book, and it was leveraging the core frameworks from all three Dotcom, Expert, Traffic Secrets, the core frameworks inside of those that became Marketing Secrets, and then let you guys co-author with me where you could co-author for your market, your niche or whatever.

It could be Marketing Secrets for Dentists, Marketing Secrets for people in Boise, Idaho, Marketing Secrets for the music industry, Marketing Secrets for whatever, right? Would you be interested in that? Because what it would do, it would give you the ability to co-author with me, to leverage off my credibility, number one. Number two, then it would give you the ability to take the frameworks that are inside the books and teach them. You basically have a license to teach those things, you know what I mean?

Anyway, just curious, throwing it out there. It'd be kind of a fun idea. We did something that once in the past and it sold really well, but I freaked out and pulled it eventually because I was like, "I don't want 100 people out there co-authoring a book with me," but at the same time, I would love to figure out more ways to get this message, Marketing Secrets and funnels and all these things, into the hands of more markets, where you guys would be able to penetrate different markets than I ever could.

Anyway, just throwing it out there. I may be interested and may be willing to do something like that, and just wanted to see if you guys are. If you are, hit me up on Facebook or Instagram, whatever, and just be like, "Yes, Russell. Marketing Secrets co-author, let's go," and maybe we'll do something like that in the future. All right. That said, appreciate you all. Got to get back to work. Been fun hanging out, and that's all I got. Thanks so much, you guys. We'll talk to you soon. Bye, everybody.


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