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A lesson that I learned from John Childers almost 20 years ago that is changing my life today.

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You may be thinking, "Russell, why would you do that? That's a whole ton of stuff. Are you going to sell that?" The answer is, probably not, but I can use these things for bonuses. I can use them for affiliate contests. I can use them for bribes. I can use them for lead magnets. I can use them for all sorts of stuff. How many of you guys right now, after we do my first public domain launch, I'll be doing later this year, around a whole bunch of cool Napoleon Hill stuff I found. I launched that and you can see the process. I think, pretty conservatively, it will make at least $1 million dollars on the initial roll-out to our list.


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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. On today's episode, I want to talk about the reason why you need to record everything you say for the rest of your life. At least, most of the time.

What's up, everybody? Okay. As you know, I am neck-deep in this process, where I am going deep into the archives of a whole bunch of things. We bought Dan Kennedy's company. I have this hard drive with everything that Dan Kennedy's ever said, every video, every audio, everything he's written. It's insane. 99% of it, no one's ever seen before. I'm finding these gems, these things. I'm pulling them out and we're republishing them. We're using them as lead magnets. We're using them as podcast episodes. We're using them as just all sorts of stuff. I'm having the time of my life.

If you've been listening to my episodes lately, I'm also in this thing where I'm going and I'm buying all these old personal development books and old business books. Things that are in the public domain, which I'll probably do an episode more on what public domain is. But, basically, they are things that the copyright's expired, so I can take these things and I can republish them.

Napoleon Hill, for example, I'm trying to piece together everything that he's ever said, every article he wrote. I'm finding all the old magazines, the newsletters, and all the things. I'm finding his old magazines. I'm finding all the books, courses, and times he's spoken. Just everything I can find. I'm gathering all this stuff, because I'm able to take all of these things that are in the public domain but the copyright's expired, and I can use them again, for lead magnets and for things like that.

It's been interesting, because I've been going deep into these different things, all of Dan Kennedy's stuff, and then also, Napoleon Hill's and a bunch of other people I'm researching and finding. I'm finding all this stuff. It reminded me of an experience that happened to me about 20 years ago.

I was at my very first internet marketing seminar ever. It was Armon Warren's big seminar. At the seminar, he had a speaker, named John Childers. John was actually one of the guys I first learned public speaking from. I don't remember everything John said that day, but I do remember one thing. He said, "Every time you talk, make sure you record it, because you can use those things for bonuses, and for lead magnets, for upsells, for all sorts of stuff."

At first, I was like, "Why would I record myself? Who cares what I'm saying?" But I am very coachable. I said, "Okay. He told me to record myself, so I'm going to start doing it." I started recording all the things I do. I'd have conversations with cool people, and I would record them. In fact, back in the day, it was hard. I remember going to RadioShack and I bought this old cassette player. Then, in the cassette player, you had to hook it to your phone. It was hardwired into the thing and all these kind of things. Then, you could call someone. You'd click "record" on the thing and it would record the actual phone call.

In fact, I wonder if I could find it. Mark Joyner, who was my very first mentor ever, I had a call with him and I remember recording it. He said something about, "That's a $10 million a year idea." I was like, "What?" I remember on the tape, I wrote "$10 million idea" on the front of this cassette tape. It was this call I had with Mark, way back in the day. Now, I'm wondering where in the world that could be. I want to find that.

Anyway, I digress. I started recording everything. I had this thing hooked to my tape player and I'd click "record" every time I would call somebody, every time I'd do an interview. Every time I'd do everything, I was recording all these things. I had tons of them. It's interesting. Anyway, I'll come back to that.

But then, I started doing my first courses and I recorded those. In fact, my very first course ever was called Public Domain How To, which was when I was first learning about public domain stuff, way back 20 years ago, which is fascinating. Anyway, you guys will see over the next 12, 18 months of my life, how much I'm doing inside the public domain. It's exciting. But I started that journey 20 years ago, when I first learned about it and I was doing all sorts of things.

My first course I ever did was teaching people the process of finding public domain works, how to create derivative works, a whole bunch of really cool stuff, back in the day. That course, I recorded on my tape player from RadioShack. Anyway, it was so crazy. Then, I started interviewing people. I interviewed Vince James, who was the guy who made $100 million dollars selling supplements through direct mail. I recorded that on my little RadioShack recorder.

Then, later, Teleseminar Alliance came out. I started recording teleseminars. Then, eventually, it was webinars. Then, I'd speak at events. I would just record all these different things. It's interesting, as I've been going down this path with Dan's stuff and with Napoleon Hill, and I'm trying to find these pieces, I started realizing, "I have tons of stuff in my archives that, someday, hopefully, when I die, there's going to be some dude like me, 200 years from now, who's going to be like, 'I want to find all of Russell's stuff, republish it, and sell it.'"

I was like, "I'm going to make it easy for that person." I started going through all my old archives and my brother, who's been filming me for probably almost 15 years now, maybe longer, I'm like, "Scott, where's this?" He's finding all these old videos and the very first event I ever did. Then, just different places I spoke at and we're trying to find all the archives of this stuff.

Then, we're putting them together. Some stuff's not relevant anymore. Some things are timeless. There's just all these amazing things. What I'm doing now, is I'm creating one-pagers. I don't know if you guys remember OnePager. OnePager is just one of my favorite tools. If you go to, it's this tool, you can create one-pagers. Think of a one-pager like a lead magnet, a course, or something. It's all built in the software. It creates it on one page.

I'm doing it now. I'm creating a one-pager off of each of these old things I have back in the day. My public domain how-to course, I had these audio files off my RadioShack tape player. We got them digitalized. I also have a workbook that I found in the archives, from that course. I'm making a one-pager. It's the public domain how-to and it's a one-pager with my four or five audio tracks, my PDF. It's all there. Now, it's the one-pager that I have.

I'm doing that with my Affiliate Bootcamp. I'm doing it with my Underachiever Secrets. I'm doing it with Micro Continuity. I'm doing it with everything I've ever created in the past, forever. I'm trying to put it into these little one-pagers and I'm deleting the stuff that's not relevant, things that were very focused on the search engine algorithms at the time or whatever, but I'm trying to find all the times I talked, taught, or whatever, and I'm putting it into these one-pagers.

You may be thinking, "Russell, why would you do that? That's a whole ton of stuff. Are you going to sell that?" The answer is, probably not, but I can use these things for bonuses. I can use them for affiliate contests. I can use them for bribes. I can use them for lead magnets. I can use them for all sorts of stuff. How many of you guys right now, after we do my first public domain launch, I'll be doing later this year, around a whole bunch of cool Napoleon Hill stuff I found. I launched that and you can see the process. I think, pretty conservatively, it will make at least $1 million dollars on the initial roll-out to our list.

After I do that, if I came back and said, "Do you guys know that 20 years ago is the first time I learned about public domain? Now, 20 years later, I did a launch with some old stuff I found on eBay. We made $1 million dollars in a day, a week, or whatever it ends up being. How many of you guys would like to hear the original time I taught this, 20 years ago? I was awkward. I was shy. I have the actual audio files from my tape player that I got from RadioShack. I have the original PDF. There's a couple parts that are outdated, but who here would want that initial course? It's amazing. Okay. I'll give you that course if you register for my webinar, where I'm going to teach you guys about public domain. Or if you sign up for the Napoleon Hill thing, as a bonus, I'm going to give you this course that's going to show you how I found these public domain things and how I turn them into derivative works." But now, it's a bonus I can use.

Now, I think we created 25 or 30 one-pagers of things in the past that I have. Literally, now that I have these things, I can republish them. I can give them this bonus. I can do anything I want. Let's say Dean and Tony wanted me to come up with something. I can look at my one-pagers, be like, "Here's three cool one-pagers from old events I did, that no one's seen in 20 years, that is amazing. I can bundle this together. I can add this together."

Next time I'm creating an offer for one of my books, I can be like, "Here's my new book coming out. Here's three one-pagers I created from an event 10 years ago, that would actually be really cool as bonuses." All of a sudden, I can start stacking and creating things very quickly, very rapidly.

Anyway, I wanted to share it with you guys, because there's times, even now... For example, last summer, my kids were at Scout camp, my twins. The church asked me if I'd go up, if I'd speak to the kids about goal-setting. I went up there and I spent 90 minutes talking to these kids about goal-setting. I don't want to pat myself on the back, but I'm really proud of it. It was a fire presentation. It was good. The kids were motivated. They were going crazy. I was in my element, because I'm trying to show off to my kids and all these kind of things.

When it was done, I was like, "I wish I would've recorded that." How cool of a bonus would that have been, when I launch my new personal development book that's coming out someday, if I have a chance to write it, when that book comes out and I'm like, "Hey, here's the book, plus one time I did a summer camp for my kids and this was my one shot to sit in front of my kids, teach them how to have goals, how to have success, and all kind of stuff. The presentation was amazing and blah, blah, blah. I recorded it. Who wants the audio recording of that session? It is my kids and their friends at Scout camp."

That would be an amazing bonus I could have included. There's so many other times, meeting with my team or other things, I was like, "I wish I would have recorded more things like this." I'm sharing this with you guys, because I want you to get in the mindset of, you need to be recording everything you're doing. Every phone call, every consult, every time you're talking to somebody, every time somebody comes in, every time you're in a unique situation where we're at an event, we're in a hotel room talking about this thing, and I pull my phone out and record it, because it's amazing. Now, it's become this underground bonus, that nobody else can get anywhere in the world.

Anyway, it's just powerful. This is re-reminding me to be more intelligent about capturing myself and capturing my conversations. As you guys know, I record most of my stuff here on my iPhone and I just talk. People always ask me, "What mic do you use?" I literally just talk into my phone. There's no mic, but if you do want, there's a little iPhone lav mic on Amazon for $20 or something. It plugs into your phone.

Then, it has a little thing. You can clip on the thing, and it makes the audio even better. But you could do that. Have a little thing, keep it in your pocket. In fact, I have one in my backpack. Keep it in your pocket, your backpack, or whatever. Then, when you're at a dinner and you're having a cool conversation about whatever your topic is, be like, "Hey, real quick, let's record this." Plug it in. "Okay. Now, say that again." Then, you'll capture this whole thing. All of sudden, now you have this secret unedited audio file from the dinner where your friend explained to you that blah, blah, blah. The thing that changed everything for you or whatever it is.

In fact, one of my friends, Matt Bacak, I remember back in the day, he had this free plus shipping CD and it was called Pillow Talk. It was him and his wife sitting in bed, talking about their business. He just recorded it. And it's like, "Oh." It was this amazing thing, where it was just him and his wife talking about business. It became a free plus shipping offer that crushed it.

How many different things like that? You could be in an airplane, reading or listening to podcasts, have an idea. Then, you sneak into the bathroom, then plug in your phone, be like, "Hey, I'm on the airplane bathroom right now. I just learned this cool thing. I'm so excited. I had to hide here to explain it to you, because I wanted to make sure I had it top-of-mind before I forgot it." It's the lost airplane bathroom interview, lost bathroom secrets, something, 30,000 feet in the air. The biggest thing, that was so powerful. I recorded this for my kids. I didn't want to lose it. It's just easy to make these hooks.

Anyway, think about that, because as you're recording yourself, even if you're not going to use it right now, you can start using these things for so many different ways. People always tell me, "I created my product, Russell. What should I include as the bonus?" Then, they're trying to go create a bonus and trying to figure out things. It's like, "Man, if you would've been documenting these things while you were doing it, there's a million bonuses."

I think we have 25 or 30 one-pagers that we've been building over the last week-and-a-half, two weeks, of just old stuff that I have. There's way more. I have way more things that we're going to be putting together and pulling more things together. But now, I have all these things in a spot where I can create an offer in a heartbeat. It takes me five seconds. I open a one-pager, look at my list of, "Here's all of Russell's one-pager's." Like, "Cool. I'm going to do a bonus. I'm going to give you this, this, this and this, if you come to my live event. I'm going to do this, this, this, if you buy my course."

You see how fast I can do that now? Because I have the recordings of these amazing things. Then, the story behind the recording, of why it's so awesome. I wish Napoleon Hill would've done more of that. I wish Dan Kennedy would've done more of that. I wouldn't have to go and search these things, but for you and for me, we can do that today, right now.

There you go. There's the feedback. Start recording everything you do. It can be audio. It could be video. It could be written. It could be text. I don't care. Do those things. Even right now, think about stuff you've already published. We went and found Dan Kennedy. He published a blog post for years. Then, their site went down and it was no longer available. We, literally, went back to the Wayback Machine, which shows snapshots of the old website. We had someone go through all of Dan Kennedy's old blog posts that he literally wrote himself. We copied and pasted them all.

Now, if you go to and click on "blog," those are literally blog posts from Dan, back in the day, that we found in the archives and posted there for you guys, because it's like, "Here's a gift." There's just so much cool stuff you can do from all the things you're creating.

Just remember that as you're talking, you are creating. You can not record it and it's gone forever. Or you can record it, it can live on, and be used to benefit you over and over again. There you go. Record everything. Get a mic, just use your phone, or whatever. But just start capturing stuff. You never know how or when you're going to use it, but maybe you could use it. I would've never known 20 years ago, when I recorded my public domain course, that it's now going to be the sexiest thing. I guarantee all you guys want to buy that from me right now, don't you? Admit it. You want to buy it. You want a free copy. You'll register for webinar. You'll buy a product if I give that to you, won't you? Admit it.

You all let me know. That way, I can put it together. Make some offer. Anyway, that's all I got. I'm going to bounce. I am so tired. I only slept 30 minutes last night. If I sound tired, maybe I'm talking too fast, or if I'm confusing at all, that's probably why. But the day's over. I'm going to go home and get some rest. I appreciate you guys. Thanks for listening. We will talk to you soon.

P.S., before you hang up, did you guys know that Funnel Hacking Live is six months away? I've been calling speakers today all day and it's getting exciting. Depending on when you're listening to this, if you go to, you can get tickets there. Depending on when you listen, the sales page might be up with all the speakers, but this year's event is going to be insane. It's going to be different than any other event in the past, in a really cool way. I think you guys are going to love it. That's all I got. I appreciate you all. We'll talk to you soon. Bye, everybody.


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