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507 - Condensed Philosophy On Enemies, From Napoleon Hill

507 - Condensed Philosophy On Enemies, From Napoleon Hill

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For those who have haters, enemies or competitors that are driving you nuts, listen to this sage advice from Napoleon Hill.

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Napoleon Hill says, "Never give your enemies the satisfaction of involving you in a foolish argument. You might as well know in the beginning that neither logic nor right will convince an enemy. Therefore, you will be unwise and waste much valuable time and energy if you stop to argue with a man who's looking only for arguments and not for facts."


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What's up everybody. This is Russell Brunson. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I am publishing this episode from inside the Napoleon Hill room in my makeshift library. And I want to share with you some thoughts on competitors, on enemies, on people that are frustrating you in your life directly from Napoleon Hill back in 1922. All right. So I'm working right now in the Napoleon Hill library on actually the No BS May newsletter, which is fun. Well you guys don't know, I spend multiple days each month writing out the No BS newsletter, Behind the Scenes newsletter, a bunch of other things. So if you want to hear the thoughts inside of my head, without waiting for my next books to come out, make sure you are a subscriber. You can go get subscribed to, which is where we have our print newsletter.

It comes out twice a month for marketers and it's awesome. But anyway, in these issues, most of the issues I have some kind of something from Napoleon Hill or someone who I respect, personal involvement things from back in the day. And today I was going through a bunch of my old Napoleon Hill magazines and this one was from 1922. And at the very beginning, God, there's so much gold here. Some of these things are in the public domain, I'll be republishing. But yeah, this is from the January, 1922 issue. And at the beginning he has the thing says, the editors thought inspiring epigrams and I actually didn't know what epigrams meant so I had to look up that word. It means like statements. So these are almost like memes or I don't know, quotes or whatever you want to call them.

But they're things that he said he had gathered as he studies the motives, which actuated men and their dealings with another. And there's five or six pages of these and they're all these little cool quotes. And so a bunch of them I'm actually republishing in this month's newsletter, but there were five or six that were in a row all about enemies. And it's actually interesting because those who don't know Napoleon Hill's story, he had a business partner when he launched his first magazine called Hills Golden Rule. And then eventually his business partner screwed him over. I don't know the whole story behind it, but in fact, I have the issue. It was March, 1921 when it shifted from Hills Golden Rule magazine to the Golden Rule. And basically his partner, I believe, kicked him out. And so he did what any good entrepreneur would do.

And he started a new one, so he started his own magazine a year later called the Napoleon Hill magazine. And it's interesting as you read his writings, he doesn't say exactly it at all times, but he's very much blatantly like, "Hey, I got screwed over here." Not so much that, but he's talking about the circumstances and what he's learned throughout it. But it was interesting because in this issue, he's talking about enemies. And so I don't know if he's specifically talking about the enemy who was his partner in the Hills Golden Rule magazine or something different, but he has five or six bullet points.

And again, I don't know if he wrote these, if they're quotes he found from other people, a lot of them do sound like him the way he talks. The more I read him, the more I understand him and I feel like these are his thoughts. So in fact he says on here, "This is the page of condensed philosophies." And so these are condensed philosophies and there's five or six of them here specifically about your enemies. I thought were fascinating, so I wanted to share just a couple of those here with you. So the first one says, do not try to destroy your enemies. Only combat them to the point of holding them in check so that they cannot destroy you. And from that point on, thank God that you have enemies because they keep you alert, active on the job and at work on the plan to keep them from getting the better of you. This develops strength and power in you that you would've never otherwise known.

And as I read that, I was like, "Oh, this is so cool." Right now, I'm sure you guys see, ClickFunnels, we're the first funnel builder. And now there's a whole bunch of knock offs and competitors and things. And part of me gets annoyed and angry about it. But then, after reading this, I'm like, "You know what? The reason why we built 2.0, the reason why we're doing what we're doing, the reason why we are about to come in and just rock the entire marketplace is because of these enemies." Because these people who are fighting against us. And so it keeps you sharp, keeps you alert. Wrestling the same thing, the better the opponents I had, the better I became because I to get good enough to beat those people. Having really easy matches didn't help me ever.

It was the competition that made me great. That was really cool. Here's another one. It says, "If our enemies are constantly watching us, we are careful not to let them find a weak spot in our fortifications. And this eternal watch list develops qualities in us, which we would otherwise permit to lie dormant." Again, they're watching you, they're trying to figure things out. Don't give them your weak spots, fortify yourself against these weak spots. And again, it's going to be a benefit to you. Another one he said, "If I had no enemies, it would be necessary for me to go out and to create some because I need them to keep me stimulated to top notch speed and determine to do nothing except that which will pass inspection under the closest sort of scrutiny." Saying, you need enemies.

If you don't have them, go out and create some so that you have this new pressure that's pushing you to become more, to do more, to create more. He says, "You will be fortunate when you adopt this philosophy concerning the advantages in having an enemy or two. And you may rest assured that you are developing power and bigness and depth of character. When you can smile, as you watch your enemies, trying to undermine you, knowing that your house is built upon a rock that cannot be disturbed by the destroyer."

Oh, he is so good. I love Napoleon Hill. Here's another one. Never give your enemies the satisfaction of involving you in a foolish argument. Ooh, this is for all of us who get in debates on Facebook with our enemies. He says, "Never give your enemies the satisfaction of involving you in a foolish argument. You might as well know in the beginning that neither logic nor right will convince an enemy. Therefore, you will be unwise and waste much valuable time and energy if you stop to argue with a man who's looking only for arguments and not for facts."

Ooh, this is so good. And the last one I'll share says, "If you have enemies who are trying to get between you and the star of your definite aim in life, you should pay no attention to the enemies, but increase the luster of that star so it will shine over and above those who would shut it off." Oh, so good. So good. Anyway, Napoleon Hill from the grave. Thank you. He's amazing. And again, one of my favorite authors. And you're going to hear more Napoleon Hill stuff from me, there's some cool things happening, cool projects I'm working on that I'm excited to share with you guys. So I hope you enjoy this episode. If you did, and you have enemies, there's some good advice for you. Don't let the haters hold you back. Don't argue with them. And if you don't have enemies yet, go create some because it will make you sharp. It'll make you better. The competition will make you better at your craft. So hope that helps. Thanks you guys so much for listening and we'll see you on the next episode.


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