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509 - Napoleon Hill's Framework, That He Uses Every Time

509 - Napoleon Hill's Framework, That He Uses Every Time

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Did you notice this when you were reading any of Napoleon Hill’s works? You should be modeling this for your business too.

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Is there any difference between the book Think and Grow Rich, and the audiobook Think and Grow Rich? No, they're literally the same thing. One's just written format and one's audio. Same thing, packaged in a different way. And I spent 10 times more. 100 dollars for the CD set, versus 10 dollars for the book. 10X. I spent more for the same thing packaged in a different way.


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What's up, everybody? This is Russell Brunson, welcome back to The Marketing Secrets Podcast. In today's episode, I'm going to talk to you guys about one of the secrets that you should be learning from Napoleon Hill. Alright, so I hope you guys are awesome.

Now, you've heard me talk about this not once, not twice, probably a million times. We talk about when you are starting a business, especially an information product business... But in reality, people will fight me on this. It's true for every business, even E-Commerce. Especially E-Commerce. But what you are doing is you are, in any business we are getting somebody a result.

So, someone comes to me and they want to be more successful. They want to build a business, they want to lose weight, they want to whatever. You've got some result that you give somebody. And us as entrepreneurs, we make our money by having a framework that gets them that result. The framework could be step one, take these supplements. Step two, go to this course. Step three... it could be something like that. It could be just pure information. It could be pure supplements. It could be pure things to do every day. Whatever it is. But there's a framework that you've got to create to be successful, right? And the framework is basically; step one, step two, step three, step four. This is the path that we go on. This is the map. Someone comes to you, they're looking for a result, which is the destination, and you're giving them the map.

And what's interesting... Side note, at Funnel Hacking Live Orlando, Alex and Leila Hormozi spoke about high ticket sales and one of the quotes he said is really interesting. He said that "You sell the destination, you don't sell the journey". Right? Getting to Hawaii is a nightmare, right? You get to go through the airports, and the planes, and all the things. And what, unfortunately, most people do when trying to sell something, is they sell the path. They're selling all the things along the way that you have to go through, but you don't. If you're selling Hawaii, you sell the palm trees, and the luaus, and the white beaches, all that kind of stuff. Right? That's what you sell. You sell the destination and not the path, but what you fulfill is the path. You buy tickets to Hawaii, you're getting airplane tickets, car tickets, hotel, all this stuff to get you to the destination. And so, the framework is the map to the result that you're selling somebody. Hopefully some of you guys had some mm-hmm (affirmative) there, that's number one.

Number two now. Right now, I'm recording this again in my Napoleon Hill room so, for those that are watching the video version, you can see behind me. This is all of Napoleon Hill's work. This, right here, is the First Edition Laws of Success. It's actually three years before he published Laws of Success. And this was the first thing he wrote, maybe not first thing he wrote. One of the first things he wrote. But it's the first time he took his philosophy, his framework, his whatever you want to call it, and he wrote it all down. The Laws of Success, and there are 15. 15? 14, 15... Yeah. 15 Laws of Success. And each of these has a different step. Each step is in framework, right? So step number one is defining of purpose. Step number two is to do more than you're paid for. Step number three is The Mastermind. That's not the right word, I'm talking out of my head. But he has the framework.

So he created this framework, he wrote The Laws of Success, it was these like 15 or 16 booklets. Each covering one step in the framework to have success. And what's interesting is a lot of people are like, "Oh, Napoleon's written dozens of books". Kind of, but Napoleon only has one framework. Now, I'm saying this from experience, as someone who's literally collected the first editions of everything he's got. From his magazines, to his books, to his courses, to tape sets, his audio, his records. Everything, I'm going through it all. And what's interesting is that every single book, every single course, every single everything is based off of the exact same framework, okay?

So, get this. When you go through The Laws of Success, there's the framework. But when if you read Think and Grow Rich, guess what it is? Think and Grow Rich is just that framework and then over the top of that framework he wrote the book Think and Grow Rich. I'm going to walk around the library here. So if you look at other books he wrote, How to Raise Your Own Salary. How to Raise Your Own Salary, guess what it is? It's basically, he took The Laws of Success framework and he wrote a book, which is an interview with him and Andrew Carnegie, after he passed away. Weaving in Andrew Carnegie's philosophies of that framework into the book How to Raise Your Salary.

He did the same thing with Outweighing the Devil. Outweighing the Devil is a conversation he has with the Devil and he's taking the framework of Laws of Success and he's laying in this conversation with the Devil on top of that framework. Think and Grow Rich, like I said, is the same thing. Over here I have this home study course called The Science of Success that him and W. Clement Stone did together. And guess what? Him and W. Clement Stone took the framework from The Laws of Success and they created a home study course, and a thing…

And one of the colleges there's still... They still teach. Napoleon Hill foundation has a college curriculum at one college, and guess what they teach? They teach these frameworks. Okay, here's a book I have over here called Mental Dynamite. This is the book set that he wrote in 1945, and what's crazy is it's called Mental Dynamite: The Philosophy of American Achievement. And it is 16 booklets, and these 16 booklets literally are the same framework as Laws of Success. They're just... He wrote it again from different lenses, a different framework. A different thing.

The magazine's is the same thing. In the magazine's he talks about success and then all he's doing is each month he's picking one of The Laws of Success and going deep into it. It's just him taking his one framework and using it over and over and over and over again. In fact, the guy that I bought most of this stuff from said, essentially, if you read all of Napoleon Hill's works it seems like he's just plagiarizing himself. But he's not plagiarizing himself. What he's doing is what I tell you guys all the time.

If you've heard me talk about information marketing or publishing in the past, what'd I tell you. I said that people will spend more money for the exact same content. But I'm going to replace with framework. People will spend more money for the same framework, packaged in a different way. Okay? People will spend more money for the same framework, or content, packaged in a different way.

And the way that I learned that, ironically enough that I'm sitting in a Napoleon Hill room. Back when I first was getting into this business somebody at an event said you have to read Think and Grow Rich. So I went and bought Think and Grow Rich for, I think it was 10 dollars at the time off Amazon for the book. And it sat on my bookshelf for months. Right? And every time I'd go back to another event people would talk about Think and Grow Rich and I'd be like, I got to read that, I got this. Finally, after not reading it for six months to a year, I went and bought the CD set on Ebay for 100 dollars. And what's interesting, for this okay?

Is there any difference between the book Think and Grow Rich, and the audiobook Think and Grow Rich? No, they're literally the same thing. One's just written format and one's audio. Same thing, packaged in a different way. And I spent 10 times more. 100 dollars for the CD set, versus 10 dollars for the book. 10X. I spent more for the same thing packaged in a different way.

Okay, looking at Napoleon Hill's stuff, same thing. Laws of Success, the 16 book set. He sold it for one thing. And then Think and Grow Rich is a smaller thing, same framework, packaged in a different way. But that packaging, that wrapper, that hook for it sold 30 millions copies, right? And then same thing, he wrapped it for How to Raise Your Salary, he wrapped it for... What other books do I have here of his? How to Sell Your Way Through Life. The Magic lottery to success. Succeed through persuasion. Napoleon Hill's Master Key to Riches. Book, after book, after book is literally the same framework packaged in a different way. Okay, the home study courses. Boom. The college courses, the seminars, the certification programs, all based on the exact same 17 principles. I keep saying 17, 16, 15. I can't remember it, top of my head. How many principles? But you guys get the gist, right?

And then over here, I went to The Napoleon Hill Foundation the other day and they have a whole bunch of books they've republished. So I went and bought every single one of them. And those you can see, there are probably 80 or 90 books I bought. Here on the shelf over here, these are all of the reprints from The Napoleon Hill Foundation. And what's interesting is Napoleon Hill has a daily journal for everyday men. Guess what this is The Laws of Success framework into a daily journal.

Think and Grow Rich: Action Guide. Guess what it is? It's The Laws of Success as an Action Guide. Oh, Napoleon Hill's Millionaire Mindset, guess what it is. It's his framework wrapped around a Millionaire Mindset. Oh, Laws of Success or How to Sell Your Way Through Life, The Gold Standard, Napoleon Hill's Positive Action Plan, Napoleon Hill's Year of Growing Rich, How to Own Your Own Mind. They're literally, book after book. 80, 90 books, they've all been written taking Napoleon Hill's framework that he created and then re-skinning it, re-wrapping it, re-figuring it out. Okay?

So, hopefully this gives you guys hope. For those of you guys that are like "Ah, I can't figure this out, I'm not that creative. I can't figure these things out". You don't have to figure out a lot, you have to create one framework. One really good framework that is the map that gets somebody a result. It's your map, you can then give somebody and you can wrap that. You can make a book. You can make an audio course. You can make it a podcast. You could make it a live event. You can make a seminar. You could make it a training system. You can make a certification program. You can make it so many different ways.

So that's what I wanted to share with you guys today. I've got someone, this is a top secret. I'm not going to tell you who this person is yet but, there's somebody who's going to be speaking at Funnel Hacking Live this year, who literally has one framework. And it's an amazing framework that this person developed. That's all I'm going to give you guys. And this person has taken that framework, and I think last year did 40 million dollars in their business off of one framework. Alright, that framework's got a book, it's got a membership site, it's got a certification program and that's it. But taking one framework and packaging it in different ways.

So anyway, as I'm sitting in the Napoleon Hill room looking at this. 20 years ago I bought Napoleon Hill's Think and Grow Rich for 10 dollars, and then I spent 100 dollars on this thing. I spent, if you guys want to know, multiple seven figures buying all of this stuff. Of the same framework packaged in a different way because we perceive value through different levels for how we're doing.

Now for me, I'm getting value by getting the first editions, signed copies. That's where I'm getting value from the same framework and I'm spending a huge premium for them because I'm just a different type of person, right? And you're going to have different people the same way; who come into your world who want to pay a premium. They're going to spend more for the book version, the audio, for a one-on-one consultation. Like, right now, if I could pay Napoleon a million dollars to get on the phone with him for 17 weeks and go through the 17 Laws of Success with me one-on-one I would drop that in a heartbeat. I wouldn't even think twice about it. That would be something I would do instantly, even though conversely you could read all the books, and the courses, I know. But to have him specifically in my situation customize the 17 Laws of Success for myself? That would be insane. And your people would do the same for your framework, right?

So anyway. I hope this helps you guys. Make sure you're following live so you can see this in action. Someone who built a 40 million dollar year business doing what Napoleon Hill did, and what I'm doing, and what you should be doing as well. SO, hope it helps. Appreciate you guys, and I will talk to you soon. Bye.


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