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511 - The Room Where It Happens

511 - The Room Where It Happens...

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It’s “Inner Circle” week. I want to tell you about what’s actually going on in the room where it happens.

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In fact, this morning, I have a presentation I'm doing called The Linchpin, which is... It's interesting, of all the things I've done inside of ClickFunnels in our launch, there was one thing... We would've probably been $10 million a year company, if I didn't do one thing. And it's linchpin. And so, what is that thing? Well, that's what I'm going to talk about today.


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What's up, everybody? Good morning. It's Inner Circle day and I'm driving down to the event. And I want to jump on and say, what's up? All right, everybody. So, it's Inner Circle day, actually Inner Circle week, which is even better than Inner Circle day. We've got Inner Circle happening today and tomorrow. And then, my Category Kings, which is our upper level, are coming in on Thursday and Friday. And so, this is a full week of serving, and having fun, and being with the people, which I was really excited for.

Some of you guys know my Inner Circle is our high end coaching program I had for seven or eight years. And I closed it down almost three years ago, because I was just tired, and worn out, and just a lot of things happening in my life. And so, we shut it down. And then, last year at FHL we reopened it with some caveats this year. You have to have won a Two Comma Club award to be in the inner circle. And if you want to be in Two Comma Club X, which is the higher... Or excuse me, if you want to be in the Category Kings, you have to been at least made $10 million, so Two Comma Club X. Or yeah. Yeah, so. Anyway, which is cool because it makes the groups just higher standard, higher level, which has been awesome. So, to be in the room, you had made at least a million dollars, which means we can have totally different conversations.

It's interesting, because we had different levels of coaching and consulting programs. For example, we have our Two Comma Club X program, which is amazing. But it's more so for people who are getting started, having some success, but they haven't hit Two Comma Club yet. It's interesting, because in that phase of your business, there's a couple things you have to figure out. The first thing you have to figure out is, what is it... Actually before that, it's, who was your dream customer? Who's a person you actually want to serve. That's the first thing people have to figure out. They have to figure out, okay, these are my people.

Then, the big questions are the what and how. What is it you're actually selling and how are you selling it? And the biggest problem people typically have during that phase is they either are selling the wrong what. They're selling what they want to sell, not what people want to buy, or they don't know how to sell. What's the funnel, or the way, or the process, or how you persuade people? So, it's the what and the how.

If you got who, this is who my dream client is, who I want to serve. If you talk to Pedro, Pedro talks about micro-niching, shrinking that who down to, this is my micro-niche. This is my category. This is my people. And then, it's the what and how. So, what are you selling and how are you selling it?

And so, for me, with most people's it's try thing after thing. Let's publish a lot, launch a challenge, launch a webinar, launch a... And you're trying to figure out, what is it that people actually want to buy from you? Okay. That's a little distinction, but it's huge. What do people actually want to buy? Not, What do you want to sell? What does the market want? When I got started, my very first idea was Zip Brander, which was a really cool idea. And I wanted to sell it. I paid for someone to build it, because I knew that this was the coolest thing I could think of. But the market didn't want it. I sold a few, but it wasn't right what. What is it that I'm actually selling? And so, that's why we keep trying different offers and testing things out, putting things out until we figure out eventually, this is what they actually wanted.

And the second question is then, how do you sell it? And so, that's the mechanism. You selling it through a webinar or through a challenge? Are you doing it on the phone or you're doing it through a tripwire funnel, a webinar funnel, high ticket funnel, a challenge funnel, a survey, or a summit funnel, a survey funnel? It's the what? After you figure out those two things, what is it the market actually wants I'm going to sell? And then, how do I sell it? And understanding the persuasion, and the process, and all that kind of stuff. When you figure out that, the who, the what, and how, boom, typically that's when people go from, "I can't make anybody online," to boom, Two Comma Club really, really quickly.

Some people, it happens in the year. Some people it happens in weeks after figuring those things out. Which is why you got to be testing and trying a lot of things. Figure out, what does the market actually want? What do they want from me? It's interesting, there's a, one of my favorite YouTube videos, it's called Work to Publish. If you go to YouTube, type in Work to Publish, you'll see it. But when he talks about, there's how you have to be prolific and putting a lot of things out there. And he's like, "You don't get to pick what you're famous for, the market picks." And he talked about these different artists and bands who put out thousands of songs and things like that. It's like they put a thousand songs, and only 10% of the songs are any good or 1% are any good. But because they put out a thousand songs, those 1% made them the Beatles, or whatever. You know what I mean? It's that working to publish, is putting things out there.

In fact, I heard a... Tom Bilyeu told an interesting story the other day. It sounded like he found it in a book or something. So, I'm going to try to find it. But he said that there's basically an art class. The first day of art class, the teacher's like, "All right, there's two ways to pass this class. Number one is you can spend the entire semester making one art piece, and you can spend all the time just making it the most amazing, perfect thing in the world. Or number two is you can just come in and every single day you got to create something, and you keep creating something, and it's all about volume. So, at the end of the year, you're going to turn a stack of all of your art. And then, you'll pass. So, those are two options, spend the whole you're perfecting one piece or turn in a new thing each day, just fast and just putting things out there."

And he said that, at the end of the semester, what was fascinating is the people who tried to perfect one piece of art versus the people who were putting out art every single day, the people who are putting out art every single day, by the end of the semester, their art was better than the people spending the entire year on one piece, because they kept putting things out over, and over, and over. They were publishing. They were putting volume behind what they were doing. And so, it was interesting.

Anyway, during that phase of your business, it's all about figuring that out. Who am I serving? What do they want? How do I sell it? And so, it's a volume phase. It's trying a lot of things. It's testing things. It's putting out different offers, different messages, until you find what are the hooks that people stick with. And so, in our Two Comma Club X coaching program, that's where we're living with people. They're coming in. And if they pick the e-com path, they're working with Allison, and she's helping to find products. They're trying a bunch of products until they find the one that, boom, hits. And then, our side we're doing challenges. The challenge, challenges to find the challenge where the messaging resonates, hits, and boom. And then, from there, we take that message and we turn it into a webinar. And then, that's what's happening at the Two Comma Club X level.

After someone goes through that process, and boom, they make their first million, hit Two Comma Club, then they can move up to Inner Circle. And Inner Circle, we can have different conversations. And so, the question's, what are the conversations that we're having in Inner Circle? That's a good question. I'm glad you asked that. There's different things. And so, one of the big questions that people are asking and trying to figure out and stuff with is, "Hey, I have this thing. It's making money now. I hired some people, I got, 10 employees now, or five employees now, or something. I don't know how to run this thing. I'm an entrepreneur. I come up with ideas. Now, I'm a boss and I've got employees. How function? How do I do this? How do I not go crazy? A lot of it is systems and operations. It's a big part of what we talk about in Inner Circle.

Another part is people perfected their message. So, saying, "Okay, well, how do I go from a million to 10, from 10 to 100, 100 to a billion? What are the things?" It's not necessarily create another product, another service. It's like, okay, how do we make the backend bigger? How do we increase conversions back there? How do we create front ends that'll acquire customers more profitably? It's really building out the value ladder and getting the pieces in place so that you can, as Dan Kennedy says, spend the most money to acquire a customer. Because, whoever can spend the most money to acquire a customer wins. And so, that becomes the Inner Circle phase is that.

In fact, this morning, I have a presentation I'm doing called The Linchpin, which is... It's interesting, of all the things I've done inside of ClickFunnels in our launch, there was one thing... We would've probably been $10 million a year company, if I didn't do one thing. And it's linchpin. And so, what is that thing? Well, that's what I'm going to talk about today. Literally, my presentation is called Lynchpin. So, I may do some version of it at Funnel Hacking Live this year. I haven't decided yet, but I might. So, if you want to hear it, make sure you're at Funnel Hacking Live. Or join the Inner Circle, and it'll be in the member's archive.

But The Linchpin, which is this thing. And so, I have to set the structure. Here's all the pieces in my business, but this one right here. It's the one that nobody notices. It's the one that's the smallest, the dumbest, but it was that was the difference between having $10 million a year business to $150 million business was this one little lynchpin. And so, it's little things like that. It's not, try to figure out... I guess, it's almost, it's not almost, it is, it's more work going from zero to a million than from a million to 10, for sure. And so, Inner Circle's about those things. So, it's not so much like here's structured curriculum, here's step one, step two, step three, which is what we totally do in Two Comma Club X. It's more like, okay, here's a bunch of people doing what you're doing at different levels and let's share the best practices. What are you doing? What are you doing? How is it working for you? It's this collective group. It's a mastermind of people who are all sharing and growing together, which is so cool.

Anyway, so what's happening in Inner Circle today is we've got about a hundred people from around the world, all flying here to Boise. And it's a mastermind, and we're sharing these types of things, which is really, really cool. And like I said, for this group, there's about a hundred people. And the Category Kings is a smaller group. There's only 15 people in that one. And that's ran very similar, but it's in a smaller group. And everyone in that group had made at least $10 million inside a funnel, therefore they've got past, usually, some of these core problems. They figured how to build a team and build a staff. They have systems in place. And now, they're trying to figure out, okay, how do I take what I have and add a zero to the end of it? How do I go from $10 million to $100 million? What's the process? What's the path? It's different at that level.

So, it's just fun. I enjoy this game. It's so much fun. It's interesting. When I first would do events, way back in the day, man, almost 15 years ago, I'd do events, and I would do a three-day event here in Boise. And for the most part, we had complete brand new beginners who would come to these things. And I was like, "I want to teach them everything I know right now. I want to serve these people and give them everything." For three days I would go and I would teach literally everything, everything I knew, everything I understood. I did that for a couple years. And the weirdest, probably the most frustrating, thing for me was I'd show them all the things, and then nobody ever had success. I didn't have success stories for years. I'm like, "Why did they not understand? I've given them everything. Everything that I took a decade for me to learn, I'm giving it to them on a silver platter. They don't have to learn it. They just get it handed to them." It always confused me and frustrated me that people weren't successful faster.

And then, I remember one event we decided, I was like, "I think we're overwhelming everybody." So, I was like, "Instead of us teaching these three day things, let's teach day number one only, but extended out over three days." And so, we did that. What was interesting is people understood it better. They started making more progress. But it still was too much. Then, we took the day one of that, which would've been the first two hours of the original event, and we extend it out over three days. And that became a new event. And it was just the first piece. And, oh my gosh, guess what happened? People started having success. What? I was like, "Wait, they don't need a whole destination?" I was like, "No, they don't need to know everything you know, Russell. All they need to know is the next steps, the first steps. What are the first things I need to do to get a result that gives me buy-in so that I'm willing to do the next three steps.

I think the problem I had was I was showing people the entire picture and they're like, "I don't want to do that. This is going to be horrible." By doing it this way, I was able to give them just pieces they need to get the first result, which for us is get your first sale, get your first thing. They get that first result.

And then, they're like, "That was cool." And now you say, "Okay, now here's the next step. Here's how you grow it. Here's how you grow it." And so, we started segmenting our teaching, our training that way, and started breaking up over levels, where instead of getting the entire three-day event in three days, it's like, "Hey, you're going to get the first two hours and we're going to do it over three days." And then, you have a couple weeks or months to implement it, until you've actually got it done. Then, I'll give you the next piece. Then I'll give you the next piece. And then, we'll send you up through the process. That's how we grew this to what it is today. So, Anyway, it's fun. It's awesome. I'm excited.

Hope you guys are doing well as well, and I can't wait for you guys to be in our groups. Set that as a goal. Write it on your board, "I want to be in Russell's Inner Circle." And then, if you are, Hey, well, there's the path. Get in Two Comma Club X coaching program. Figure out your what, your who, your how. Get your million dollars. Come on up. And then, we have those conversations. And then, be like, "I want to get Category Kings." And then, come on up and we'll have those conversations.

And then, the next group we're launching eventually is called the Atlas Group. For the most part, my group of entrepreneurs aren't quite there yet. Some of them are, but not big enough to have a group that we can have a really fun environment to focus on. Okay, all you guys here at a hundred million, how do we get to a billion? Because, those are the conversations I'm having with my team right now, which are fun. I would love to have that with the next group entrepreneurs. We've already named the group. It's going to be called the Atlas Group. But we're not quite there yet. So, that should be your goal. It's my goal.

All right, guys, I'm almost to downtown. I'm going to bounce, so I can message my team and let them know I'm here. With that said, thank you so much for being you. Thanks for listening to the podcast. Just by default, if you listen to the podcast, you're ahead of 99.9% of all the other funnel hackers out there, because you're the ones who are paying attention, who are plugging into your ears, who are focusing, who are learning. So, good for you. You're on the right path. Stick to it, keep working. Figure out your who, your what, and your how. Serve those people to the best of your ability. If you do that, you'll get everything you want in life. Thanks again. And we'll talk to you soon. Bye, everybody.


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