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512 - Generating Unlimited Leads... - 5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 1 of 5

512 - Generating Unlimited Leads... - 5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 1 of 5

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This is day 1 of the 5 Day Lead Challenge. If you want to watch the video of this episode or download the OnePager, go to

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Can we understand like this is the power. You create something like this, and it can generate leads on. You can generate leads where you consistently day in and day out, over and over and over again. And so this is a very simple, it's a two-step funnel. In fact, this funnel right here, I'm going to give you guys this exact funnel so you can just copy. Take your lead magnet, take mine out, plug yours in, and you can be off to the races very, very quickly.


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What's up, everybody. Welcome to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I've got something I'm really excited for you guys over the next five episodes. Some of us know I did a live event a couple months back called the Five Day Lead Challenge where I went through the entire process like, how do you create a lead magnet that people will give you the email address for? After you have that lead magnet, how do you then create a lead funnel to be able to generate leads? Then from there, how do you write the emails? And from there, how do you drive traffic? And how do you do traffic for free if you don't want to pay for it? And it was one of my favorite things. In fact, I just went to the page right now and over 1,300 people have shared video number one. This is one that's... It's a hot topic. And I think it's something that's really, really powerful.

And so I thought that it would be cool to pull this into the podcast. So that way you guys can start listening to concepts and these principles and hear them over and over again and get these things ingrained inside of your mind. Now, a couple things, number one, this is from a live event. So there'll be times when I'm waving and showing things on a whiteboard and stuff like that you're not able to see obviously on an audio podcast. But if you'd like to see any of this, it's all free at You can go there and you can see the videos. Plus each day there's homework assignments. There's one pagers you can download and a whole bunch of other cool things. Like I said, if you want to get access to that and see the video versions or get the one pagers or whatever, all you got to do is go to, go opt in for free, and they give you access to all the homework, and the goodies, the bonuses, the prizes, and everything else.

But right now I'm guessing you're probably listening at home, or maybe you're working out, or you're driving. And so while you're doing that, I want to start getting these principles ingrained inside your mind. So with that said, I hope you guys enjoy day number one of the Five Day Lead Challenge. This is all about generating unlimited leads. What does that look like? What's the business model? How does it work? And hopefully, you guys will enjoy this. And on next week's episode, the next episode will go do deeper into actually creating your lead magnet. So enjoy day number one, Generating Unlimited Leads.

Oh man, I'm so excited for this. I literally could not sleep last night. I was tossing and turning in my bed and so excited. We've been putting in so much effort behind the scenes for the 5 Day Lead Challenge. I just got a message literally, right as I was walking on stage that we passed 35,000 of you who registered for this challenge, which is crazy. It shows how excited you guys are about what we're talking about. How many guys by the way are excited about we're talking about today? If you are, let me know in the comments down below. I was looking at the comments before we got started and you guys are going crazy.

So, I am so excited to be here with you guys today. And this is something you're gonna be doing over the next five days. As you know, this is the 5 Day Lead Challenge. I'm going to be going live every single day at the same time, same place and walk you through the step-by-step process to go start generating unlimited leads inside of your business, and it's going to be a lot of fun. Now, the way it's going to work, this is not going to be something that's going to be a full day thing. You're going to spend five or six hours every single day. This is something I'm gonna be going live every day at this time for probably anywhere from 30 to maybe 45 minutes max. Some days might be even shorter. Okay, my goal during that time is I'm going to be sitting here in front of the whiteboard. I want you guys to understand a strategy.

Okay, so I'm going to map out, here's the strategy. Here's how you do it a very certain thing. Okay, and then as soon as it's done, I'm going to give you guys a special link. And that link's going to take you to the thing that we call a one-pager. And the one-pager's is going to give you a tactical video. Okay, so the first half is me showing you guys the strategy that I need you all to understand. Okay, and then I'm going to give you this one-pager and there's a video it's going to walk you through the tactics. The tactics is literally me sitting at my house doing the thing that I'm teaching you how to do. Because a lot of times I'll teach something and people are like, okay, I understand that conception and know how that works, but then they try to do it and I don't know what to do or how to do it.

So you'll get a video immediately after this with today's tactics of me sitting in my house doing the assignment I did last night, I recorded it. And so you have a chance to watch that and then just follow along and copy what I do. Shouldn't take anywhere. Some assignments are short, they will take you probably 15 minutes. Tomorrow's going be a little bit longer. But hopefully my goal is about an hour to an hour and a half every single day. If you block that out every single day over the next five days, by the end of day five, you guys will have a machine that's created to help you generate leads. Okay, and it's going to be a lot of fun and I'm excited.

So you guys, and I know you guys are excited. So, we have 35,000 of you who have registered for this. So if you're excited, let me know in the comments down below, because I love feeling the energy and I can see all your faces right now. It's just fun to see what we're doing. So that's kinda the game plan. Throughout this week, I've also got two guest speakers who are coming. I'll be teaching day one, day two, day three. And then day four, I'm going to be bringing one of my friends, Yara Golden's going to be coming up. And she's going to be talking about email copy. And after you're generating these leads, what do you actually say to them? Right, how does that work? And then day five on Friday, Rachel Miller is going to be coming. She's actually flying here to Boise to spend time with you guys to talk about how do you launch your lead funnel. How do you get leads coming in and how do you do it in a way with free traffic?

Okay, because a lot of people, some guys who are here like, oh, this is awesome. I don't have money to invest right now. I don't have a budget. So we're going to show you how to launch this thing and start generating leads for free. That's going to be happening on Friday. So by the time this thing is done, all the pieces will be in place and leads will be coming in. And you'll have new leads coming into your business within five days from now. So that's my big promise to you. That's my goal. And so it's going to be a lot of fun. I only ask that you guys play full out, do the assignments, pay attention to the strategy, show up every single day for this strategy dump I'm going to be giving you guys. Show up, listen to it, understand it. When I give you the one-pager, go watch the tactical video, and then actually do the assignment. Okay, if you actually do it, you're gonna be successful at the end.

The biggest problem I have with people who come to any of these programs or coaching or they buy a course or whatever is they listened to it like, oh, this is really good. They listen to it. They listen to it. And they never do anything. Okay, this is not one of those kind of courses. This is not something for you to listen to and feel good about. This is something I'm going to give you guys. Here's the strategy. Here's the tactics, go and do it. Come back tomorrow. We'll do the next step. I'm going to be piece by piece by piece until you've got the entire system. Everything you guys need to be successful. Does that sound fair? All right, so that is the game plan and I'm not going to lie, there's so many of you guys on, I just want to talk all day today. But I'm not going to do that. We're going to keep it short because I want to make sure you guys have a chance to get to work and do today's assignment and get ready and prepared for tomorrow. But you've got to commit to coming back every single day.

Okay, this is five days. If you commit for five days, by the end of it, I promise you, guys, we can mold you, we can change you. And we can give you guys a result. That's going to change your business. And for a lot of you guys, it's actually gonna change your life as well. Okay, but you've got to commit. So how many guys right now can make a commitment that you're gonna commit to show up every single day. Number one, okay, raise your hand and say, I commit, Russell! I'm going show up every single day and watch the strategy training. Okay, that's the first commitment. The second commitment is, as soon as the training's over, I'm going to go through the tactical. I'm going to implement the thing you actually told me to do. Okay, and you're going to do it with belief that it's actually going to work.

One of the biggest things that is going to impede some of your success, is some of you guys are skeptics, right? How many of you guys have ever considered yourself, oh I'm always skeptical? I'm always making sure that everything's going to be perfect. I guarantee you that a lot of guys are skeptical. In fact, most people I know who are skeptical, never have success. The people who have success, are people who get a coach and then they believe in that coach, and they do what the coach says. Okay, being coachable is one of the most powerful tools that you're going to have in your arsenal to be successful. So if you're typically someone who's very skeptical in life, oh I'm always skeptical about things, I want to encourage you to take your skepticism for five days and just put it on the side and say, look for five days, I'm just going to trust Russell 100%. I'm gonna assume that he's knows what he's doing. I'm going to assume he's been doing this for a long time. This isn't the first rodeo. I'm assuming he's got my best interests at heart because I'm not paying anything for this, right? The 5 Day Lead Challenge is completely free.

My job is for the next five days is completely to over-deliver it and to blow your minds. And so if you will just be, take your skepticism and put them on side and just do the process. Just do your best. Just try it out. I promise you by the time, day five is done, you'll believe because it'll work for you. Okay, and that's kind of my game plan. Again, my goal in this entire process is not to waste any of your time. I know all of our time is precious. And so that's why these are going to be short sessions. We're going to give you what you need and then get to work and give you guys a result before it's over. Does that sound good? Okay, so I want to kind of, today's kind of an overarching strategy. I want you to understand where we're going. I want you to understand here's the broad picture of what we're trying to accomplish. And after you have the broad picture, then day two, day three, day four, day five is going to be, okay here's step one, step two, step three, step four. And everything we got to do to execute. So that's my game plan.

So to begin with, I'm going to cover some fundamental things. Some of you guys may have heard some of these concepts before, some of you may not have. But this is the key thing you have to understand if you're going to be successful in this 5 Day Lead Challenge. But honestly, to be successful in business as a whole. When I first got started in this business, one of my very first mentors said this to me. And I, my guess is some of you have probably heard this before, but he said is this. He said, Russell, you have to understand that in business, the money is in the list. How many of you guys have heard that before? This is not a new concept. But for me, it was like, when I heard that, I was like, what does that mean? What does it mean, the money's in the list? Like, I don't understand that. I'm in business, I sell products. I sell services, right? They said, no, you don't understand like, the list, like the customers, the people that you have, this is your real business. The fact that I was able to send out a couple emails, we got 35,000 people to register for this live event. You guys are my list. I send emails to my list and you showed up to this event where I have a chance to teach you and to train you, right. The money's in the list, like that's the asset that's the most powerful.

So, one of my first mentors told me that and I was like, okay, that's kind of cool, but I don't know what that means. Like, what is the list, right? And the list is just a bunch of leads. One lead is a person. 10 is a bunch of leads. A hundred or a thousand. That's a list of people. Okay, and so the list is the key. So in the Lead Challenge, it goes, you've generated a whole bunch of leads to the point where you've actually built up a list. Now, to kind of preface this before we get too deep in anything, I want you to understand the value of a list. Okay, what is the list actually worth? Okay, so when I got started, one of my first mentors, he told me is he said, Russell, you have to understand basic marketing math. And so this was what he said. He said, as you start your business, he's like, the numbers will change. This is not an income claim. This is just kind of the numbers a lot of people see inside of the industry. It says that you should be able to average $1 per name per month, that's on your email list.

Okay, and so they told me that and I was like, well, how does that work? And I didn't understand at first. And I'm sure some of you guys won't understand like, well, how does an email equal a dollar per month? Okay, and don't worry, I'll walk you through that and you'll kind of see that, but that's what they told me. So they said, okay. So that means, they said, well, that means if you have a thousand people on your list, you should be able to make a thousand dollars a month. Right, and if you had 10,000 people on the list, you should make about $10,000 a month. If you have a 100,000 people on list, $100,000 a month and so on. And so I remember hearing that and I was like, oh my gosh, this is amazing. Now, I was in college at the time. I remember looking at these numbers. I was like, okay, well my goal, I remember my goal at the time was if I can make six figures a year, that'd be like what my parents make. That'd be insane. So I said, okay, this is my goal. If I can get 10,000 people on a list at $10,000 a month, $10,000 a month, times, 12 months, that's $120,000. That's six figures in a year. And that was my goal. And so I was like, I gotta figure this out.

I didn't know how to get a list. Nobody told me, I just knew that I needed to list. Right, that was like, okay, I need leads, I need a list. And so some of you guys may have heard this story but after I heard that, I was like, okay, like at all costs, I need 10,000 people or 100,000. I need to get these people on my list so I can make money. And I didn't know how to do that. So I remember, and this is actually a picture. This is my very first house. My wife and I lived in after we got married. A year after we got married, we bought this duplex. And I remember I was actually right here, these windows one of the bedrooms and in those bedrooms was my was my little computer desk. I was trying to learn how to start my business. And I remember I was sitting there and I said, okay, I need to figure out how to get a list. Right, it was in this house that I got this principle from somebody.

And so, I remember going and and searching online, how to build an email list. How do you buy a list? I remember eventually I found this website. I think it was like, it was called like or dot net or dot something. And it was like, we'll sell you a DVD with I think a million people's names on it for like $60. And I was like, wait a minute 6 million people's names and email addresses. And I'm doing the math, I'm like, okay, well, my friend said $1 per month per name on an email list. If I buy this list for $60, that's a $1,000,000 a month I can make. I'm doing the math in my head. I'm freaking out. I'm like, this is, I figured it out. Like, this is like, I know how to how to build a business now, right?

So I remember, I bought the DVD. They sent it to me, I ended up getting in the mail. It had a million people's email lists on it. I took it off. I downloaded the Excel sheet and I was so excited. It took me a couple of days to figure out how do you load it on a computer? How do you send these emails out? And I had to figure this whole thing out. And I remember the night that I queued up the emails, the software my computer had a million people's emails in this thing. And I told my wife. At the time my wife was supporting me. Okay, that was my story. I was wrestling at Boise State University. So, I was a college kid with $0. My wife was supporting us. And I remember, I told her that and I was like, Hey, this is the deal. I'm going to send an email, send out this email list. It's going to go out to a million people and money's gonna come flooding in. And I'm like, you can literally quit your job tomorrow if you want to. And she was like, oh, okay. Like, like good luck, Russell. You know, like super supportive. I didn't know what was gonna happen. And she was like, okay, I don't think we're going to make what you're thinking but you know, good luck, have some fun with it.

And so I queued up the emails. I remember, still writing an email, clicking send and then watching the first email. Like one send, two, three, four, five, six and I was like, this is it. Like, I figured it out. Right, I beat the internet. And I remember going to bed that night like just laying in bed all excited, like dreaming. It was like a kid going to bed on Christmas morning. What's going to happen? Being so excited, like in the morning. What if, what if 1% of people buy something? What if only half of 1% buy? And I started doing all the math in my head and just dreaming about what was possible. I remember the next morning I woke up, and I, firstly, I ran out of my bed, and walk to the computer, I look at the computer. And overnight, I think like 6,500 emails had been sent.

And at first I was frustrated. I'm like, oh, why is this taking so long? Like, I want all these million emails to be out because that means I'm going to be rich when it's all said and done. And about the time my wife came in and she was like, Russell, I need to use the phone. I was like, why? She's like, I need to call the office, where she worked at like, no, like you can't like, we're making money here! You should just quit. Just don't show up. It's going to be awesome. She's like, I need to call someone. So, this is back in the days before internet before we all had internet access. If you remember this, so those of you who are old school like me, we had a modem and it was plugged in. So I had to like, climb under the desk, go unplug the modem, plug her phone back in.

And as I was underneath, I plugged the phone back, all of a sudden, like the phone starts ringing while I'm still under the desk. I was like, that's weird. So I crawl out from the desk. I come and answer the phone. And on the other end, there's this person screaming at me and yelling. And I'm just like kind of confused. And eventually I realized it's my internet service provider. Okay, the person who pipes the internet into my house that I was sending out emails through. And they're yelling like, in the last like four hours, there was like 65 spam complaints from you, blah, blah, blah, blah. What's happening? Like, freaking out. And I don't know, I mean, no, no, sir. You don't understand. No, sir. You don't understand. Like, I bought the email addresses. from These people want to get spam. And the person yells at me and remember the last thing they said before they threatened lawsuits and stuff said, son, that's the definition of spam. I was like, what? But they said, you just need an email list. I was so confused.

So, eventually after they yelled at me for a long time and threatened lawsuits, they went and actually shut my internet access off. And I lost my internet account. And I remember I held it, like hanging the phone up and my wife, my beautiful wife, Collette she's like, so who was that on the phone? I'm like, oh no one, please don't quit your job today. Like, let's roll it a couple more days. And so anyway, that day I remember like being so frustrated. And I remember I couldn't check my email because I lost the internet access. And I was still a student at Boise State University at the time, so I put my backpack on. I started walking to school, all depressed and sad. I got to the computer lab at the school and opened my email.

And then the craziest thing happened. I opened my email. And you know, I always see emails from people trying to sell me stuff. And it was the first time I ever opened my email and they're like five or six orders that had come in over the night. And I was like, wait, what? I started looking at sure enough, five or six people had bought the thing that I had sold through the email. I remember just being like, oh my gosh, this worked. I did it the legal way. But like, it worked. Like, okay, I gotta figure this out. Like, how do I, like, how do I do a list that's not illegal? Right, I don't want to go buy leads. That's not how you do it. Like, how do you generate a list of people who actually want to hear from you? And I started freaking out, I got excited. And that became the question. Okay, the question was, how do I generate leads and how do I build my own list?

Okay, that was the question that started running through my head. How many of you guys have that question in the past? Or you have right now, like, okay, I want leads too. If we can make a dollar per month per lead, like I want a bunch of leads in my business as well. Right, how many of you guys are thinking about that? That was my question. That became my quest. Like, okay, how do I generate leads? How do I build a list? I got to figure this out. I was working, trying to figure it out. I was looking bunch of stuff. And eventually I heard rumors about this guy. His pen name was David DeAngelo. I've met him since then. I've become friends with him, his name's Eben Pagan. And at the time, he had a business called Double Your Dating.

And I heard rumors. I don't know what the numbers were. People like to say. Yeah, he's making tens of millions of dollars a year and all this kind of stuff. And, so I was trying to research everybody. I remember going to his website and I went to his website. What I saw was something I'd never seen before. Okay, this is what the website actually looked like. It was this little page right here. Okay, and I remember reading said, you're about to learn the secrets that most men will never know about women. And I was like, okay. And it said, inside, you're going to learn the Kiss Test, how to tell if she's ready to be kissed. I remember reading that. I was like, whoa, what is the Kiss Test? I want to know what that is. Okay, now putting this in context of my own personal timeline.

About the time I'm reading this, I had just gotten married to my beautiful wife. We'd married about a year. I just got our internet access shut down, all of these things. And I'm looking at this page, I'm like, this is amazing. And I was like, I want to put my email address in there to see what in the world, the Kiss Test is. But I'm like, wait, if I put my email address in on this dating website, teaching men how to get women, what's my wife gonna think? I remember being like, torn. Like I want to funnel hack this person. I want to go and see what's happening behind the scenes. But if I do that, it's going to be weird for my wife.

So I remember that night, like waiting for her to come home from work, she was supporting me. And she came home and I was like, Collette, I need to ask you a favor. I think she was kind of nervous. I'm like, there's this website that is doing something cool. This guy has got this huge email list. I don't know. I don't understand what he's doing or how he's doing it. But I want to like put my email address in to understand what he's doing. Can I do that? And she's like, yeah. Why would you care? I'm like, because it's a site teaching people how to pick up girls. And she's like, what am I? I know, I don't even know. I suppose to see what he's doing. I need to understand the process. And so we kind of laughed about it. And so she came with me and I came to this page and I, together, we opted in. So I put in my first name, my email address, and I clicked submit to get instant access to find out what the Kiss Test was. So I did that and I'm waiting on the next page to be blown away by like some video or some training course or something. But on the next page, all it was, this little page looked like.

It was like an article, maybe a page and a half, two page article. And at the very top, it said, this is the Kiss Test. Let me teach you how it works. Okay, now again, I was married at the time. So I didn't, I hadn't been on a date outside of my wife for a long time. So I didn't try to put myself in the context. If I was a single guy who was struggling to get girls, like how valuable would this information be to me? And so this is where the Kiss Test was. David DeAngelo said, what do you do, at the end of the date, you walk a girl up to the door. Okay, and as you're sitting there, this is the awkward spot. Right, do I kiss her? Or no, one of us freaks out and they want to run away. He said, this is the secret. He said, all you need to do is go up there and you put your hand behind her hair. Like, you're gonna put your hair behind her ear. Okay, and if she pulls back, that means don't kiss her, run as fast as you can. Okay, but as she turns her head into your hand, that's the key that she's ready to be kissed. And then boom, you go for the move. And that's the Kiss Test.

I remember reading that as like, oh my gosh, like that it wasn't this huge long report or PDF. It was like a paragraph. It was this little paragraph right here saying, this is the Kiss Test and I remember reading that I was like, if I was a single guy right now, I just received value. I was like, oh my gosh. That was really, really cool. What else does this guy have? And if he kept reading the page at the bottom he's like, Hey, if you want another tip like this, go buy my ebook called Double Your Dating, click there. And it took you to go buy his ebook, which had a whole bunch of different tips and secrets like that. And I remember looking at and I studied this over for like weeks. I'm like, this is how this guy's building this huge list. He's got this weird website that the only thing you can do is put your email address in and next page, he gives you this really cool thing that dudes really, really want. And like, this is how he's built this huge email list of hundreds, of thousands of people. And makes millions of dollars a year.

And so the more I looked at it, the more I was trying to figure out how does this work? I need to put these pieces together. And what I realized and what I kind of find out as I started learning more about this is that this Kiss Test, right? This thing right here, that he had created. This is what we call a lead magnet. Lead magnet is something that's going to draw. It's going to attract your dream customers to you. Okay, and a lot of you guys have heard of a lead magnet before, but this is one of the keys to building your own list is the lead magnet. Something that people want. Okay, so for him, he's in the market of like, I need to figure out how to pick up girls. Okay, the lead magnet was the Kiss Test. I'll teach you the Kiss Test if you give me your email address, okay. I'm going to exchange this thing for you.

Okay, and that was the lead magnet. Okay, so I started thinking for my business, who are my dream customers? What do they look like? Like, what are those people like that I wanted to bring into my world? Who is my dream customer? I start thinking, what is the lead magnet I could create that would get those people attracted to me? Where they're on the internet surfing on their phones, swiping through, all of a sudden they saw something like, whoa, I want that thing. I want to learn the Kiss Test. I want to learn the, whatever the thing is. And that lead magnet thing gets them to stop scrolling, click on a button, come over to you, give you their email address, and now they become a lead. Okay, and the more leads you get, you started building this list. Okay, and the value in your business is your list. That is the key. Okay, so after seeing this, I was like, okay, this is the game. I know how to play now. Now that I knew the rules, I knew how to play so I'm not spamming who people don't want to hear from me but I'm getting people who are interested, who come to me because I have value. Okay, this is how we build the list of people who actually want to hear from me.

Okay, so I did what hopefully you guys are going to be doing this week, as well. I said, okay, I'm going to go and create my first lead magnet. I'm gonna set up a lead squeeze funnel. I'm going to do exactly what he's doing. Okay, so I did that. Okay, I modeled it as close as I could. I build up my very first lead squeeze funnel. I put it out there and I launched it. And I want to come back to these numbers 'cause these numbers were actually interesting. Initially for me, my numbers almost synced to what I was told earlier from one of my friends. Okay, I still remember the very first month that I started, that I had my first lead magnet. I was driving traffic.

The very first month, I got 217 people who opted in. I don't know why I remember that number. I think it's 'cause it was like, I was freaking out like 217 people. Like, that's a lot of people who have given me their email address. Now they're on an email list. I can send emails to talking about the products and the services I want to sell. And that first month, I said 217 people joined my list, and I made about $300 that month. Okay, now for me, as a college kid, $300 a month. $300 my very first month was insane. Like that was just like, I couldn't even, I couldn't even fathom. Like I feel like I was the richest kid in the world. Now, to put this in perspective. At that time, my wife and that blue house we were living in, that I showed you earlier. That was a duplex. I bought that duplex because I wanted to make cashflow. So I spent, I don't know $150,000 on this duplex. We lived in half. We had a renter in the other half and the renters paid us. And my cashflow on that rental was like $150, $200 a month. Right, and I remember thinking I made for my 217 person email list. I made almost double what I did it my real estate. On my real estate, I spent $150,000 to buy this thing to cashflow like $150, $200 bucks a month. Whereas here, I'd built a list of 217 people. And I cash flowed double that. And for me at that point, I was like, I am all in. I'm going to put all my eggs in this basket of I got to figure out how to grow lists. How do I do it?

And so I started driving more and more traffic. And by month number two, excuse me, month number two, I'd built an email list. My list had gone from 217 people to about 5,000 people. Okay, and sure enough, that month I made about $5,000 in my business. Okay, and I was like, how do I grow this bigger? Right, reinvest that money into generate more leads and more leads. And eventually my list went from 5,000 to 10,000 to a 100,000 to now we have lists of multiple millions of people. Which is why you can send an email and get 35,000 people to come and register. Our list has grown so big. Okay, now a couple of interesting things. My friend told me this, like, if you average $1 per name per month, that that is definitely like a good standard but it's honestly, it's very, very low.

Okay, and what I learned over the last almost two decades of doing this now is that there is a direct correlation between how much money you make and the relationship you build with that list. Okay, you don't have to have a list of a million people to make millions of dollars. In fact, a lot of times, if you've got a local business, like some of you guys here that are registered run restaurants. You've got local businesses. Like there's not a million people in your city, right. If you're Boise, Idaho, and you're a chiropractor or dentist or a masseuse or something here, you're not going to get a million people on your list. That's okay. But if you get a thousand people on your list, man, you're going to average a lot more because you can build a better relationship with somebody locally than you can virtually.

In fact, I've seen dentists and chiropractors who average hundreds of dollars per name per month on their list as well. But the key still is getting leads. The more leads you get and the bigger that list grows. Now I want you understand this is true for every business. One of the big questions I got a lot from people as we were launching this and putting on this lead challenge was, well, Russell, again, I'm a network marketer. Like I don't sell my own product. Like, will this work for me? Or Russell, I am a chiropractor. How would this work for me? Or I'm a dentist. Or in fact, my brother who hopefully is watching this right now. My brother runs a band. He's got a label. And he told me, I was like, you should come be part of the 5 Day Challenge. He's like, it doesn't make sense for me. My business is different. I'm like, does your business need leads? Every business needs leads. I don't care what business you're in, it's not different. This process works for every single business.

Right now, on ClickFunnels, as of today, we have over 120,000 active members. Every business, every industry you can dream of. Okay, every one of those businesses needs two things. They need leads and need to sell stuff. Okay, so if you need leads, this is the process. I don't care if you are starting a new business, if you've got a huge business that needs tens of thousands of leads a day. Or if you're a business you need 20 leads. This process will work for you. It does not matter. It works in every business. I promise you, we've done this over and over and over and over again. This is not my first rodeo. Okay, and so I want you guys to understand that like no matter what kind of business you're in, you're going to need leads. And so, anyway, I'll kind of start there and I won't go too much on my rant. I want you guys to understand that.

Okay, so I'm gonna walk you guys through the system. The system we're gonna be talking about over the next couple of days. So, the first part in this process that we're going to be going through, this is going to be what we're going to be spending all the time on tomorrow. The first step here is, we're all going to create your very own lead magnet. Okay, and we're spending a lot of time tomorrow going into that. So, I'm not going to go too deep right now. But that's the first step, is creating a lead magnet. I don't care what business you're in. You need to have a lead magnet. A lead magnet is a thing that gets people to raise their hand to come to you. It's the Kiss Test. It's this challenge is a lead magnet for me. All these things, you're creating a lead magnet to get somebody in.

And again, I'm gonna spend a lot of time tomorrow going deep into this, but I want you understand, I don't care what business you're in. You always can create lead magnets. This is how a lead magnet works. Okay, if you think about your business right now, this is your dream customer. This is the person that you want to attract. If you think about this, typically when you're trying to attract somebody into your business, you're trying to get somebody where you know something they don't know right now. And so, I always look back and say, okay, in every business, every business has some result that they promise a client, right?

So up here, this is a mountain. Let's say this is a big result you offer somebody. So this is the result. And so what you're doing is, you're trying to get these people right here to come to get this result. So, let me do this for a couple of different businesses, right? So let's just say you are a dentist. What is the big result you promising somebody? If you're a dentist, you probably say, my result. I'm gonna promise you. I'm going to help you get clean teeth that are white, that are straight, that are amazing. If you're a chiropractor, we're gonna teach you guys. The result you're promising people is to get out of pain and get an aligned spine. If you're in the dating market, your result is to get a date for your client. There's there's all these things, right? Every single business there's a result.

Okay, if I don't care what it is, if you're, yeah. I'm not gonna go too deep in this. I want you guys think about it for your own business. But every business there's results. What's the result that you're promising your client. Okay, think about that. Like what's the result you're promising your dream client when they come into your world? Now the cool thing about this is my guess is this was you at one time, and then you went and you actually achieved this result. You got this result. You finished it. And as you did that result, there was a process you went through. There were steps. Step one, step two, step three, step four. There was these steps you took to get the result. There's the step-by-step process. That helps them get this result. And now that you know that process, what we do is we say, okay, here's the process to get this certain result. Okay, you come back here.

So, okay, I'm going to create this thing. This is my lead magnet. Lead magnet. It's going to walk you through the process to get the result. Here's the first step. Here's the second step. Here's the third step. Here's the four step. So again, in the example from Double Your Dating, the lead magnet was, I'm going to show you guys the Kiss Test. How to kiss a girl. Know if you're gonna kiss a girl. That's the result that he was promising here inside of his lead magnet. And all lead magnet was like, okay, now let me walk you through the steps. Step number one, you walk her to the doorstep. Number two, you go like this. Step number three. And so you walk them through the process to get the result you're promising them. So every lead magnet is tied to some result. Here's the result you're going to get if you give me your email address.

And so we're gonna spend a lot of time tomorrow going into this and I'm going to walk you guys through the process of how we figure out what is the right result. What's the one that's gonna be most powerful lead magnet that will draw this person towards you. So I said that's going to be the game plan we're going to go deep on tomorrow. I'm so excited for that session. And then after we figured out how to create this. how to create this actual lead magnet, I'm going to show you is how to take this concept, this framework that you're creating, and how do we put it into something that's tangible. Okay, and tomorrow we'll be giving you guys a software tool that'll be really cool. I promise you guys, there's gonna be two software tools you guys get for free while you hang out during the live events.

The first one, I'm going to give you guys tomorrow. And it's going to take this abstract framework abstract idea that you have and turn it into a physical thing. A physical lead magnet that people will give you their email address for. It's gonna be fun. Okay, so that's the first step here. Oops, the first step here's this process is creating the lead magnet. Okay, and so I've got a couple examples here on my slides. So this is an example. This one is super simple.

This is Brendon Burchard. A lot of you guys know Brendon. This is one of his lead magnets. It's called the one-page productivity planner, used by CEOs and achievers worldwide. Okay, again, like the Kiss Test, Kiss Test is a paragraph. This is a one-page productivity planner. Your lead magnet does not need to be this huge extravagant crazy hard thing. It can be like, here's the five steps to get a whiter smile, get your teeth cleaned by, in a weekend, right? Or make your smile whiter in a weekend. It could be the five steps to be more productive as an event planner. It could be like, figure, like, what is your business, right? You think about who is your dream customer? What's the thing that you could create for them that is going to get them to want to give you their email address. Tomorrow, I'm going to brainstorm a whole bunch of ideas. So, you don't have to you won't have to stress about what that thing is.

Okay, because tomorrow I'm gonna give you guys a framework. We'll take you through to figure out exactly what that lead magnet needs to be. That's gonna be the most impactful and the most powerful, okay? But this is example is very, very simple. Lead magnet like that. This is a lead magnet. A lot of you guys have seen this. This is my Marketing Secrets Blackbook. This is a bunch of, it's a little black book with a bunch of different marketing secrets in it. And it's this lead magnet we created and we give it away for free to get people's email addresses. Okay, so that's the first step right there. The very first step is creating a lead magnet. And that's what we're doing tomorrow. Okay, all right. That's step one.

Step number two. After you create the lead magnet, then we need to create the process. The funnel is actually going to turn this and it's going to get somebody to give me their email address. So this is called the lead funnel. And based on this criteria, they put in their email address. Click submit And this person now becomes a lead. Okay, so step number two, after we create the lead magnet, this is going to be tomorrow. This is day two. Then day three, we're going to build out the lead funnel. And I actually literally myself, pre-built out six of these funnels for you guys that I'm going to show you guys, that I'm going to give you guys on Wednesday.

Okay, and so this is how it works. This is Brendon's again, the lead funnel is the most simple funnel of all the funnels, which is really exciting. Step number one, it's like, Hey, I'm going to give you this free thing. If you give me your email address. They then give you the email address and the next page you give it to them. Very simple, very easy. It's not difficult at all. And so we're going to show you is that. This is again, my Marketing Secrets Blackbook one. This one of the most simple lead funnels we've ever created. If you look at this, actually this pitch was probably six months ago, but in the first year this was live, it generated 272,000 leads. It took me less than five minutes to put together this landing page. 272,000 leads. You guys see the number right there. Think about it from the math I told you guys about earlier. By creating this two-page photo, I gave yourself a $272,000 a month raise, right? If I was following the stats and numbers I'd showed you guys earlier.

Can we understand like this is the power. You create something like this, and it can generate leads on. You can generate leads where you consistently day in and day out, over and over and over again. And so this is a very simple, it's a two-step funnel. In fact, this funnel right here, I'm going to give you guys this exact funnel so you can just copy. Take your lead magnet, take mine out, plug yours in, and you can be off to the races very, very quickly. So again, day two, tomorrow we build the lead magnet. By the time tomorrow is done, it's not going to be, okay, I got to build my lead. By the time tomorrow's done, your lead magnet will be finished. It'll be complete. It'll be cool. It'll be creating a really cool tool that'll make it very powerful people. Okay, day three, we'll build out your lead funnel. It'll be finished. And then you can plug in your lead magnet. These two pieces will be done by Wednesday.

Okay, and then Thursday comes in, the question is like, okay, Russell, you said that when traffic comes in here, we're start making money off the leads. How do you make money off of leads? Well, the way you make money off of leads is they give you the email address, they come down here and then guess what? These people 'cause everyone would give us an email address is a person, these are all human beings, right? They put the email address in and now you have an email sequence you start sending out. So, you send an email right here. And the next day, you send another email, right? You send out these different emails to build a relationship with them. Okay, and if you do the emails the wrong way, what'll happen is you'll send two emails and people never open your emails again. If you do it the right way, people will look forward to emails. They'll whitelist you to make sure that your emails show up, right? So there's a right way and a wrong way.

So on Thursday, Yara is gonna be coming to teach you guys her six email sequence. What are the most powerful six emails you can send out somebody as soon as they give you the email address. These are the emails that have been tested. They've been proven. If you structure them the right way, it'll build the relationship with your audience. They'll be more likely to open emails in the future. And they're going to buy the products and services you sell. Okay, and the cool thing is we actually built software for this as well. So on that day, for those who show up live here, you're going to get the software, we're basically fill in blanks. You click a button. It'll pre-write these six emails with your stories weaved into them, and then you just copy and paste them. Now you've got those in as well. So that's what's going to be happening on day number four. Let's see, I'll put it here on blue. It's day four, we're working on the email sequences.

All right. And the day number five. Let me show you this real quick. So, here we go. So this is what it looks like from a standpoint over here. Leads come in, they put an email address in there, and you start sending emails. So here's how you write the emails right here. So this is the first email that goes out and the second. And as they go through, day one they get this email. Day two, they get this email. Day three, day four, day five, day six. What walks them through this process of getting these emails. Each email takes them and builds that relationship. So then we're more likely to buy from me in the future. Remember, when I told you guys before on average, you should average $1 per month, $1 per name per month on your list. Okay, if you do this the right way, this is how you build the relationship with how much you make per person will dramatically go up based on the relationship you have with them. It's these first six emails are critical. They're the key, we're going to literally teach you them, give you the software to write them, and you'll have them done. That will be done on Thursday, which is pretty exciting.

Okay, so that's happening there. And then the last step now is okay, I've got the machine, everything's built. I've got my lead magnet. It's amazing, I got my landing page here. I've got the emails going out. Now, the last step is how do we get traffic to start coming to me? So, we start getting traffic. How do we get traffic from here and from here? And there's a million different ways to get traffic, right? In fact, a lot of you guys know, my third book is called Traffic Secrets and there's a million ways to get traffic that I talk about in there. But I wanted to start with something that's simple.

Okay, a lot of you guys are coming to this. You don't have a huge budget, right? You're not sure how to generate leads. And so Rachel Miller's coming on Friday and she's going to show you guys ways to generate leads that don't cost any money. How do you generate traffic is not going to cost you a ton of money to get people coming in here, putting the email address in, to get your lead magnet, following up with them. And so the whole process will start working for you. And so Friday, we're gonna focus on launching your funnel. And that's the last step here in the 5 Day is on Friday, we're launch your funnel and get this whole thing working for you. So this is where we're going this week. This is the process you guys, okay.

Again, we're going to build out your lead magnet, get your lead squeeze funnel figured out, write out your five day email, excuse me, your six day email sequence. We're going to launch to get traffic in. And if we can accomplish this by the end of this week, that's the goal. That's my game plan. And each of you guys will have a process. You'll have a system in place to continually generate leads inside your business. I have so many friends who, at one point in their business, they had to generate leads, right? A lot of you guys when you first start your business, you get to college and go, Hey, I'm gonna start my store or my business or whatever. You create it. And you launch it and you do all the advertising, all the efforts and stuff and leads start coming in and guess what happens? You start getting busy. Now, I got a service all these clients. I got to service things and you stop focusing on generating more leads. And what happens eventually? Eventually your business dries up Leads, customers, traffic coming into your business.

This is the lifeblood of your business. If your business is struggling, especially during these crazy times are now, my guess is because you don't have any life. You have any blood coming into your business. You don't have new leads coming in consistently. This is the key, is the new leads coming in consistently. So my job, my goal with you guys is to create this process, get it set up. And now leads will continually be coming in. And I don't care in the backside of here. I don't care what it is you're selling. If you're selling, if you're in network marketing, this process will work for you. And at the end of this, you will get people to sign up for, to be a distributor underneath you. If you're selling physical products, I don't care. Follow this process. By the time it's done, people will buying more of your physical products.

Okay, if you're a coach and author, speaker, like whatever it is, I don't care what business you're in. If you're a masseuse, if you're running a band, if you're doing like whatever. It does not matter what kind of business you're in. Every business needs leads. This is the way you get leads. And it works consistently in every business, every industry we've tried. And so I want you guys to take that out your, of like, oh, that sounds good, Russell. I've heard this before. This is more for my type of business, whatever. Take the skepticism. Take it, put it on the shelf, and just trust me. Tomorrow, we're going to go deep into building your lead magnet. If any of you guys are like, this won't work for me because my business is different. I'm going to show you guys how to break down what you do into the right kind of lead magnet that will attract anybody. It'll attract your dream customers to you. And so that's kind of the goal and game plan. So I'm excited.

This is the game process what we're going to doing this week. Does that sound good? You guys all on board for that? Okay, so let me walk you guys through what to expect for the rest of the week. So again, what's going to be happening is every single day at the same time, I'm going to be going live from the stage, talking to you guys. So there it is, that's going to be happening every single day. And again, all the things, we're about 40 minutes right now. It's going to probably, probably 30 minutes mostly. It's going to be a 30 minutes session. I'm going to give you a strategy. Here's the strategy you got to understand. And then after that, I'm going to give you a thing called a one-pager. This is what the one-pager looks like. And about a minute from now, I'm going to give you guys the one pager for day number one.

Your job with these one-pagers is not to sit around and like do nothing with it. It is to come here immediately and first off, watch the video at the top. The video here at the top, this is me at my house doing your assignment each day. Today's assignment's very simple as you will see. Tomorrow's assignment, I'm going to literally build out an entire lead magnet with you. So you don't have to think about like strategically how does this work? Like you just click play and watch the tactical video of Russell making it and then pause it, do it, press play, pause, and just copy me. Okay, I'm going to walk you through the process. There's no guesswork, there's no thinking, there's no messing things up. Just do it right here. You watch the videos and give you a tactics. And down here is going to show you what we talked about. It's going to give you a place where you can fill in your answers. Things you can brainstorm. Things you can think to. Examples, case studies. All the stuff you need to be successful.

So again, every day I'm going live, giving you the strategy. And then as soon as the strategy is done, immediately afterwards, I'm going to give you the one pager. It's going to give you the tactics and your homework for today. I do not want you guys falling behind. So many times people come into my trainings, like, okay I'm gonna listen to all of the strategy first. And then I'm going to get started. If you do that, I promise you, you will fail.

Arguably, some of the most successful people in our ClickFunnels community are Brandon and Kaitlin Poulin. Some of you guys know if you Google Lady Boss, you will find out more about them. And when they came into our world, they had been in a network marketing company. The company just gone under, they were broke. They were like, what are we going to do with our lives? And they went through our training. And it's crazy, I've watched them grow the business from where they were to now over millions of women, they've helped help them lose weight. And I said, what was the difference between you and like everybody else that I coach and I teach like, why did you guys have so much success and Brandon said something so interesting to me.

He said, most people go through the course. They watch the entire course. They're like, okay. And they're getting ideas. They're brainstorming. Excuse me. They're doing the entire course. He says that, so they're always assuming that at the end they're going to start and then start doing the process. Because they, nobody does that. Because the deeper you get, the more overwhelmed, because there's more things and more things and more things. That if you haven't started earlier, you get in trouble. He said the thing that we did different than everyone else is we bought the same training everyone else bought, we click play. And then when you told me to do something, we paused it, and we went, and did the thing. He said, I don't care if it took a day, a week, a month, a year. We went and did the thing before he came back and push play on day number two. Okay, and that was the secret. Is if you guys want the same thing, I don't want you watching the live strategy sessions and say, okay I'm going to do tactics next week. No, this is something we're doing together. This is a workshop. This is a challenge. It's not something where you're just going to, like, I don't want to just talk about things that make you feel good. I want you to execute and get things done.

And so again, you watch the live strategy here, immediately after, I'll give you the one-pager or you go watch the tactical video, go and do it. Go apply it and get it done, and then be ready for the next day. Every single day builds upon the last day. If you skip one of the days, the whole thing falls apart. Okay, so don't miss it. Watch the live training, jump on, watch the tactical, get the one-pager, and do the homework. Does that makes sense, everybody? Could you all commit to me you'll do that right now? Say, yes, Russell, I will do it.

Okay, so going to happen now is down below here, they're going to drop a link to today's one-pager. Okay, you can see the link there. You can see it? Cool, so this is where you can download today's one-pager. You go right there, it's When you go there, it's going to take you this page right here. And all you do is watch this video and it's going to walk you through everything you gotta do. And that's it. Again, today's homework assignment is super simple. It shouldn't take you more like 10 minutes max, probably less than that. It's going show you some case studies. It'll show you some examples. Show you how to get your one-pager account all set up so you can save all these one-pagers every single day. And that's about it for today. Okay, today's the easy day. Tomorrow, on the other hand, it's going to be a little more complicated. Tomorrow, we start having some fun.

So again, this is the five day game plan again. Today was talking about unlimited leads. Help you see the vision. This is what we're creating. This is why we're creating. This is how all the pieces fit together. Tomorrow, 100% focus on the lead magnet. I'm going to walk you through the strategy. How do we figure out the right thing? That things going to be the sexiest, the most exciting, gets the most people when they're sitting at home scrolling through Instagram or Facebook to stop and think I need that thing. Click on the button, come over, and you can give you their email address. Now they're on your list, right? So that's going to create the lead magnets tomorrow.

And again, this is not just a theoretical thing by the time tomorrow is done, if you follow the process, your lead magnet will be finished. Day number three, we're going to build a lead squeeze funnel. This weekend, I built out six funnels for you that are pre-done, that are amazing. I'm going to give you those six. I'm going to walk you through the exact process of how we take things, how we switch them out. And by the time it's done, you'll have a lead squeeze funnel that's working. That's ready. Day six, excuse me, day four. Day four, we're going to walk you through the six day follow up funnel. This is going to give you the six emails. We're going to give you software on that day. It's going to write emails for you. Excuse me, then day number five, Rachel Miller's coming and we're gonna help you guys launch the funnel. And that's where we're going this week. It's going to be so much fun.

So that's kindof the game plan, you guys. And that's it for day number one here on the 5 Day Lead Challenge. See, wasn't that, that wasn't hard, right? Okay, you got a kind of overview of the strategy. You understand what's going. Now, all your job is do is go download the one-pager and go do the homework assignments. Very simple today. You should be done by the top of the hour. You guys can be completely done and then get prepared and ready because tomorrow is when all of the fun starts. And that's when we start building out your lead funnel. So again, you guys the link down below? That's where you're going now. Open up a new browser window, wherever you are, go to that link. Save it, make sure you save that page because when you put your notes in there, it'll save the notes for you everything. Watch the tactical video, and that's kind of it, you guys.

With that said, I appreciate you, guys. First off registering. 35,000 of you guys showed up to register for this, which is crazy. Frank here on stage was like, 7,000 or 8,000 people already on live, which is so cool. So thank you so much for spending time today. I'm excited to take you guys through this process over the next five days. Make sure you commit. Make sure you show up every single day. Make sure you do the work. If you do that, again, by the time this is done, you guys can have a machine that's generating leads for whatever business you are in. It works in every business, every industry. I promise you that. It will show you in even more detail tomorrow as I go through how to build your actual lead magnet out. It's going to be so much fun, you guys. And I appreciate you guys hanging out with me today. Thanks so much.

If you have any questions or comments, put them in the comments down below. Either me or my team will try to get to them. And again, thanks, you guys. Appreciate you hanging out and we'll see you guys tomorrow. Same time, same place for day number two, your lead magnet. Thanks so much, guys. And we'll see you soon.


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