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513 - Creating Your Lead Magnet (Onepager) - 5 Day Lead Challenge - Day 2 of 5

513 - Creating Your Lead Magnet (Onepager)

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This is day 2 of the 5 Day Lead Challenge. If you want to watch the video of this episode or download the OnePager, go to

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Your framework doesn't have to be 80 steps. It can be two steps. It doesn't matter if you have your framework. So now you have this framework. How do you teach this?


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What's up, everybody. Welcome back to the Marketing Secrets podcast. I hope you enjoyed our last episode, which was day number one of the Five Day Lead Challenge. Today, we are moving into day number two. And again, this is a recording from a live event I did that you can go and get the actual videos if you want to see them, you can download the one pagers and get the homework assignments all those things for free. All you do is go to You can get those things. I'm going to play day number two for you right now. And day number two is all about creating your lead magnet. What is the thing you can create that's going to get people to come from Facebook, or Google, or YouTube, or Instagram, or whatever, and actually give you their email address. And the better your lead magnet is the more people will give you their email address. So we're talking about how to create good lead magnets, what they look like. And then I'm actually going to be talking about one of my favorite software tools, second only to ClickFunnels, and it's called OnePagre.

OnePager is how I create most of my lead magnets as you guys have probably seen. Again, there'll be parts of this that I'll be demoing stuff on a screen that you won't be able to see here on the audio podcast. But if you want to go see the video version and get the one pager, and the homework, and assignments, and things like that. Again, all you got to do is go to So that said, I hope you guys enjoyed day number two, Creating Your Lead Magnet.

Welcome back to day number two of the 5 Day Lead Challenge. Are you guys half as excited as I am? I'm not gonna lie of all the five days, this is the one that I've been looking forward to the most the teaching, the coaching and walking guys through, this one is gonna be so much fun. And so I'm pumped to see all you guys, thank you so much for hanging out with us today. Hopefully, you all had a chance yesterday to watch day number one. Day number one, the goal of that was to kinda give you guys a broad overview of this is what the process is, what the system is, what the frameworks look like, and today we're actually gotta get our hands dirty and start building something which is exciting. And so I'm pumped to be here with you guys.

Thank you so much for hanging out with us, thank you for everybody who's been sharing these videos. I think before he pulled up, there was like almost 300 people that shared the videos already on social, these lives, thank you for sharing it. If you know anybody else who should be here, please tag them in the comments down below, and that way we can get more people coming and hanging out for this. Like I told you guys yesterday, over 35,000 of you guys registered to be part of this. We had over 11,000 people on live yesterday between Zoom and Facebook and YouTube, and then over 9,000 of you guys watched the replays, so this is amazing. This is like such a huge honor for me. So today's the day, like I said though, I'm most excited for. Today we're gonna be going into actually creating your lead magnet, your one pager and it's gonna be a lot of fun.

But before I get too deep into that, I spent time yesterday looking through all of the tens of thousands of comments and questions, I also talked to a lot of you guys who were on and who had questions and stuff like that. So I wanna do a couple of things just kinda help and make sure that we're bridging this gap before I dive deep into the fun stuff I've got prepared for you guys today. Does that sound good? Okay, so the first thing I wanted to do, a lot of people, especially people who're kinda in different types of businesses were asking me about like how does this work Russell? Like I understand I need leads for my business. You talked about email list, you build a big list, you can send emails to but like, how does this work for my specific business? And so I wrote down a couple of different ones I wanted to kinda give some case studies and examples for, okay.

So the first one I talk about, this is for like a traditional business. It's like a brick and mortar company. So I got a couple of good examples of this. One of them, one of my friends actually told me this story, he lives down in Florida and he is a guy who is like me, builds big email lists and stuff. And one night he went to order pizza, this is pre-COVID stuff, so you could still go and hang out and eat with people. And he goes to the pizza place and he sits down and he's waiting for the pizza guy to finish cooking his pizza and give it to him. And it's the local shop, so it's not like a big chain, it's just like a local dude who has got a pizza shop and having a lot of fun. And he starts asking my buddy like, "So what do you do for a living?" And he's like, "Oh, I'm an internet nerd, and this is what I do." And the guy was like, "Well, how do what you do work for me? Like I don't understand, I'm a pizza place. How do I use the internet, like how does actually work for me?" And so my friend came back to him and said, "Okay, well, let's do an experiment."

He said, "Right now how are you getting leads? How do you get new people coming into the store?" And he said, "Well, word of mouth, we've got a yellow page ad, we were in some newspaper ads." They had some things they were using to drive leads in. And he said, "Okay, what I want you to do for the next 30 days, is we're gonna do an experiment. Okay, so for the next 30 days, when people come into your store is I want you to give them a lead magnet." He's like, "What's a lead magnet?" He said, "Well, in your case, a lead magnet for your pizza place is give people say, if you give me your email address I'm gonna give you a free topping, I'm gonna give you a free drink or something." And he's like, "Find something you can give them in exchange for their contact information." And the guy is like, "Okay, what am I gonna do with this like just right now for 30 days just get their contact information, I'll come back in 30 days and I'll show you step two in the plan." So the guy is like, "All right."

So he put up a little sign that said, "Give me your email address, put your business card in here and we'll give you a free," I can't remember, "Free topping or something." And so the guy did that for 30 days. And at the end of 30 days, my friend came back to his place and the time he had 600 email addresses that got collected in the last 30 days. And my friend said, "Okay, now I'm gonna show you the next step in this process. These people came in, these are all leads, but these leads, we're gonna put them into an email list. Okay, we've got 600 leads." So he took them, he went and he set them into an email list. And we'll talk about how to do this actually on day number four. But he uploaded all these leads to an email list, and he said, "Why don't you use every single day at four o'clock, when people are still at work, they'll be getting ready to think like, "What's my dinner plans?" And he's like, "I want you to send them an email. And all the email is gonna say is, "Hey, it's four o'clock. and a lot of you guys are thinking about what you're gonna have for dinner, if you want, I can have a pizza ready for you in the next hour. Just call this number right here and I will have your pizza ready and you can come drive by and pick it up on your way home."

So that's what he told him and said, "Every single day at four o'clock send that same email. You can tweak it if you want, but just regardless, send out the same email every single day." So the guy was like, "Okay, I'm gonna do that." And then my friend said, "I wanna test something though," and he's like, "I need you to set two phone numbers, it's gonna show you like, how much more valuable this is and all the other advertising you're doing." And the guy said, "Okay." So he had all the other advertising would go to one phone number. So the yellow pages, the radio ads, the newspaper, everything would go to one phone number. Then the email list went to a separate phone number, and I want you to track over the next 30 days, every day send out this email, and then I want you to see how many leads or how many customers came in from your email list versus all the other types of advertising you're doing.

So then, okay, so he did that and he starts sending emails once every single day, every single day, four o'clock, send the same email send the same email, the guy didn't even edit the email. He just like copied and pasted it every single day. And after 30 days my friend came back and said, "Okay, what are the stats?" And the guy said, "It's crazy." He said, "My company has been so busy." He's like, "My best customers keep coming back." Before they'd come once or twice a quarter. Now, they come back once or twice a week to buy from me 'cause I'm putting these messages out in front of them. He said, "I did the math." He said, "Right now for every one phone call I'm getting from all my other advertising efforts, I'm getting four phone calls from my email list." And that's the power of it.

So that's how it works for traditional local business. I had another friend who runs a gym. And he was actually my trainer for a couple of years and we're hanging out and we were lifting weights and he was telling me how to do stuff. And he's like, "So how would your internet stuff work for someone like me, I've got a gym?" I was like, "You know what?" And he was like "My Facebook ads, how's it gonna work?" I'm like, "Well, you can do that but let's go with the low hanging fruit." I'm like, "Do you have a list?" He's like, "What's a list?" I'm like, "Okay, do you have any leads?" He's like, "Kind of, not really." I said, "Okay, well, do you have dead files?" He's like, "What's a dead file?" I'm like, "A dead file is someone who came into your business at one point and that you have their contact information. They either trained with you, they didn't and they left, but you have their contact information, their email, right?" He's like, "Oh yeah, I've got tons. I have a whole filing cabinet full of those." I said, "Okay, this weekend, we're you to grab all those and put them all on an Excel sheet like the name and email address of all the people. And on Monday, I'm gonna show you guys the magic trick. I'm gonna show you magic trick." He's like, "Okay."

So that weekend he went through his dead files, he put everyone's name, email on the list. He came back and on Monday I was like, "Well, how many do you have?" He said, "I had a little over 300 people." I said, "Okay, let me show you a magic trick. I'm gonna fill up your gym completely off nothing but your dead files." And he's like, "How does that work?" I said, "Watch this." So I took his 300 names, we put them in email list and I sent an email to that list. I said something, it was towards the new year. I said, I think the subject line I tried to get it, he wouldn't let me do this. But subject line was, "Are you fat again?" He was like, "I think it's gonna offend some people." I'm like, "Okay." We wrote an email basically saying, "Hey, one time you came in the gym, but you're no longer here. Right now, we got a special offer where you can come in like do free training session and blah, blah, blah, blah, blah." He sent the email to just the dead files. The 300 some people who come in at one point.

From that, he got 60 new clients to call him on the phone, come in and do a session and completely filled up his gym. And I came back to him like two or three weeks later, I was like, "Hey, ready for step two." He was like, "No, he's like, my gym's filled. There's nothing else like all my sessions are filled. I can't do anything else." All from just an email list. Can we just understand this is the power of your traditional business, how these email lists work. Oh, just to get the wheels spinning 'cause everyone's like, "Oh, I don't wanna a pizza place, Russell. Or I don't run. I don't run a gym. This works in any business.

We had a girl that used to live by us. And I think she was 14 and 15 years old. And she was a babysitter. And I don't know about you guys, but for me it's like every weekend, it's like, "Oh, I want to go dance with my wife and I need to call a babysitter." And like all these things, it's like, ha, so frustrating. So we found this one babysitter, she was awesome. But the problem was she was in high demand. So like, and I didn't know why at the time it was like we'd get her one time and it would be hard to get her back and forth. And then one day when she started doing it was crazy, every Friday at about noon we would get a text message. This text message went out to us and probably 10 or 15 other families who she used, who would babysit. And she would text, excuse me. She said, "Hey, this is so-and-so." Excuse me she said, "I'm open to babysit tonight and tomorrow night, if you're interested text me back, first come first serve." And I get that text every Friday at like noon. And as soon as I came in, I'm like, "Oh." And I try to reserve my time. And she was booked up every Friday, every Saturday she had babysitting lined up every single week for the first, like it was insane because she had this list of five or six families, 10 families, whatever it was that she babysat for.

And every week she sent the message out reminding them like, "Hey, I can babysit tonight." We're like, "Oh, thank heaven, I'm not gonna call a babysitter. I can like, this is great." And like that fast, she fill up her schedule just from her tiny email list of like 15, 20 people. So that's kind of how this process works. Oh, I'm gonna show you guys an example. Another one, a lot of people are like, "Well, I'm a network marketer, I'm a network marketer. How does this work for me?" So network marketers, a lot of times people in network marketing or affiliate marketing like this doesn't work because I don't have my own product, Russell. I don't have my own frameworks, I don't have these things.

And I'm gonna show you guys about frameworks a lot today. But just think, for example, let's just say one of the network marketing companies I'm really familiar with is Proven. I do a lot of work with those guys and Proven is a product that helps people get their body in ketosis. So it's like, what if let's say that that's your product? That's the result that your company offers. So like what if you went and created a lead magnet it's gonna show that here's my number one recipe and how to get my number one keto recipe or here's 12 ways to get in keto faster or whatever. You make a lead magnet like that and you start driving traffic. I'm gonna show you guys here and you get a list of 10, 50, 100 people, 500 people, who are all downloaded your one-pager, your lead magnet, about how to get your body in ketosis or whatever it is. And now if the product you sell, is it something that's related to getting people in ketosis. Now, you can send emails to that list and say, "Hey, we have a special promotion happening. Hey, we have a sample going on. Hey, we have this thing." And you send emails lists to get people excited. This works in any company.

I think about doTERRA is another company. doTERRA Essential Oils. What if I made a one page or a lead magnet? It's like, "Hey, here's six essential oils to help build up your immunity during COVID-19." That becomes a lead magnet. I send out, people start opting in and building this list of people who are learning essential oils. Now, I've got a list of my dream customers. Now, you send emails, getting them to sign up and become a distributor underneath me. See how this works like there's so many use cases and so many ways. Again, you'll see more ways to here in a minute. E-commerce, let's say you're e-commerce, so you're like, "Hey, I'm an e-commerce, Russell. I don't understand this whole list building thing."

Well, let's just say, let's pick your e-commerce store, let's say you are selling camping stuff. So let's say e-com and your market is camping. So let's say I sell camping gear. I sell tents, I sell, I don't know, mess kits, I sell camping stuff. I don't even know what camping people do. I'm not a camper. But let's say I've got those camping e-com store. What if I make a lead magnet that's like, "Hey, the six best places in the United States to go camping or the five things you must have to be able to go camping." And sleep , talking about camping stuff. My dream customers, people interest in camping buy that or excuse me, opt-in to give me the email address. I build a list of 1,000, 2,000, 5,000 people interested in camping. And now it's the emails like, "Oh, by the way, have you seen my new camping thing, have you seen this, have you seen this?" And you can sell them the products in your store. So again, it works for every business.

You have to kind of think a little bit about how to bridge that gap for yourself so hopefully some of those examples will get the wheels in your head spinning. I just wanted to start that way 'cause I know some of you guys a lot of people were like, "This is awesome, Russell. That's not gonna work for my specific business." It works for every business. I promise you that. If your business needs leads, it'll work for it. You just got to think outside the box. Like what is the lead magnet I have it's going to get my dream customers to come to me. So that's the first thing I want to share to kind of bridge the gap. Now with that, we'll start diving into the frameworks I wanna share with you guys today. Are you guys ready for this?

We're gonna go, I think I got three frameworks I'm gonna go deep into that I'm excited to share with you guys. Anyway, I think you're gonna love them. So the first thing I want to start with, I kind of touched upon this yesterday, but I wanna go a lot deeper in it. So every single business, I don't care what business you're in. The first thing you have to ask yourself, step number one it's always figuring out who. Who is your dream customer? Who is the person that you've been called to serve? A lot of these people are like, "Oh, businesses is business." Like no, no, no. Businesses are all about serving certain group of clients. My business, I'm obsessed with helping entrepreneurs. So my dream clients are entrepreneurs, people who are starting their own businesses. People who want to change the world. That's my dream client. I have a very clear picture of who that person is.

So my first question for you is, who is your dream client? Not like who's the random person who sees your ad and comes into the door. Who is your dream client? Who is the person that if you could work with them all day long, you do it for free because you love that person so much. That's what you gotta be thinking through. Who is your dream client? That's the first step in here. And you have to become crystal clear on who that person is. If you don't know who they are it gets really hard to attract them. If I'm like, "Oh, I'm just trying to get customers. I don't know." If you do that, you're gonna attract random people off the street. But if you know exactly who you are looking for, it gets really easy to attract that person. And I could go on for days. In fact, if you read the "DotCom Secrets" book, the very first section, I talk a lot about this. Like who's your dream customer, you gotta figure out who that person is. So that's the first step, who's my dream customer.

The second thing it says that every business is in the job, I don't care what business you're in, your goal is to figure out who your dream customer and then get that person a certain result. Like that's the goal. So I don't know who is. And the second question is, here's this big journey they're going on up the mountain. And the second thing is what is the result that I am getting for them. Now, in most businesses there's a lot of different types of results. Right now I think like what's a certain result that you can get for your dream customer. So think about, it's like let's say your dentist. So my dream client are people local area who want straight teeth, that's my dream client. What's the result I get for them? I help them get straight, clean white, beautiful teeth. That's the result I get somebody. If you are a masseuse, who's your dream client? It's somebody who's trying to get in good shape, someone who's trying to get their body in shape and things like that. There's your dream client. What's the result you're getting for them? I'm getting out of pain, helping them to be more relaxed and help do whatever the thing is.

There's a result I have for them. If you are any business, like for example, right now before I started this whole 5 Day Challenge, my question was who are my dream clients? My dream clients, people are trying to figure out how in the world to get leads for their business. What's the result I wanna get people? I want to show them exactly how to build out a lead magnet, a squeeze page funnel, and drive traffic so they can start getting leads, like that's the result I wanted to give people when they started on this path. So for you those are the two first questions, who's your dream client? And what is the major result you're trying to get for them? And now you stop for a second, say, "Okay, that's the major result I want to try to get for somebody." So then the question is, what is the step-by-step process to get them the result? You've been on this path before. You've already gotten this result. If you haven't gotten this result, you're not in the business of getting people that result. That way if you haven't achieved the thing you're trying to promise people you're going to help them with, you shouldn't be in that business.

So if you're trying to help them get result means you've already gotten that result for yourself. So the question then is, well, what were the steps for you to get the result? What was the first thing you had to do to get towards that result? What was the second thing you did? What was the third thing you did? What was the fourth thing you did? What was the fifth thing you did? What were all the steps you did to get that result? So think for a second, what were the things? Here's a 5 Day Lead Challenge, guess what my results were? For number one I had to create a lead magnet. Number two, after lead magnet I created a lead funnel. After lead funnel I had to create an email sequence to build a relationship with the list. I thought I'd launched my funnel, get traffic coming in. And then so these were the steps I had to do to get leads into my business. So before I did this whole training I sat down saying "What's the framework I need to teach people? What are the step-by-step process that I have to show people to do to get the same result that I got." So I take those step-by-step things and I create what I call a framework. And a framework is just the step-by-step process.

In framework say step number one, you do this. Set number two, you do this. Step three, four, five, six. And like I walk some people through the actual framework. You call it a framework we call it the recipe. Like this is the recipe. If my results to make a cake, what's the first step making cake. What's the second, what's the third, what's the four? It's not difficult to make a cake when you've got the recipe. Your job as a business is to help people. Your basically you're creating a recipe to get your dream customer a certain result. That's all it is. Every business, I don't care what business you're in. You offer people result and you have some kind of framework, some kind of proprietary framework or recipe or process or something you take somebody through to get the result. That framework, that process is what I'm gonna call your framework, like I call them a framework. But it's a framework. It's a step-by-step process. This is the thing that becomes your lead magnet.

And I'll go deeper 'cause people are like, "Well, what?" I do a lot of results, what's the right one? I'll show you guys that here in a few minutes but this is the first key is the framework. As I do in notes here today, I was mapping out some businesses I wanted to share examples for anyone, 'cause again, people always like how's this work for my specific business? So here's a framework. So let's just say your dentist. Your dentist, your dream client is somebody who's trying to get straight white teeth. That's the result they want. So what's step-by-step process? Step number one, you've got to brush your teeth twice a day, morning, night. Step number two, you've got to floss. Step number three, you've got to use mouthwash. Step number four, you gotta use teeth whiter. Step number five, you gotta come to the dentist. Step number six, and you have a step-by-step process to get in that result. So if you're a dentist that's the framework. That becomes the lead magnet to get somebody to come in.

Let's say you are selling a ketogenic diet or you're network marketing program is selling ketogenic things. So let's say your dream clients are people trying to lose weight. You lost weight, how'd you do it? Here's a step-by-step process I used to lose weight on the keto diet or the paleo diet or the whatever you're thing is. Here's my step-by-step process. That becomes the framework now that you're going to share with people. Oh, I was going to show you some examples. So some of the products I've created throughout the years.

My very first product ever created somebody hasn't heard about this one was my how to make potato gun. All this was me saying, who's my dream clients? Somebody who wants to make a potato gun. What's the result? I'm going to use my potato gun. How to make potato gun? What's the step-by-step process? Step number one, you got to go to Home Depot and buy the pipe. Step number two, you got to cut the pipes to slice. Step number three, you got to get the glue. Step number four, and basically I wrote here's the framework of the step-by-step process to create a potato gun. I sat there with a video camera and I recorded myself teaching step one, two, three, four, but this was just a framework of how I made a potato gun. That's it and that became a product I could then sell or I could use as a lead magnet or I could use for a coaching program, whatever it is. But this framework is a step-by-step process to get a certain result. There's the result.

Let's see, if you've read any of my books, all my books, these t's like "Dotcom Secrets" are all the frameworks of all the sales funnels, how to build sales funnels. Expert secrets is the frameworks on how you tell the stories to convert people inside your funnels. Traffic secrets are my frameworks to get traffic. If you look at one of my books, "Network Marketing Secrets." These are all my frameworks. If my dream client's a network marketer, the result is how to use funnels to get leads for network marketing. This book was my step-by-step framework to be able to do that. "30 Days", this is one of our products called And what I did is I interviewed 30 people and I asked them this question, I said, okay let's say you're going to a brand new complete newbie. Somebody who didn't know anything. So there's my who. And their goal is how did I build a business in 30 days using nothing but ClickFunnels? What would I do?

And I had 30 people write a chapter saying, "Okay, well this is what I would do. My step would be step one, two, three, four and this is the process I would go through to get that result. I have 30 different people each write a chapter in here, telling me what their step-by-step result would be to help somebody who's brand new to the launch funnel inside of ClickFunnels in 30 days. I took all these, put them into a book and became a product. I could take one chapter out of this and that chapter could be lead magnet. Like let me show you how Liz Benny, her 30 day plan to go from beginner to startup. However, give me your email address, I'm going to give you Liz Benny's plan. I think one of those out in that framework is something that can become lead magnet. All right.

So what a framework is. Does that make sense, you guys? And so all you guys have frameworks Everything we use has a framework. So I wanna start thinking like what are your frameworks? What could your frameworks be? 'Cause everyone's got them. So let me start thinking through that. And I'm going to show you guys in a minute how to pick the right framework 'cause my guess is you have more than one. Mostly guys have more than one result. You can get somebody. But the key there is you're creating a framework.

Now, one thing that I'm excited for today you guys will learn about in your homework is how do you make that framework tangible? A lot of us have a framework. Oh, I have a process, how do I turn that into a lead magnet? How do I make it a tangible thing? How many of you yesterday downloaded the one pager I gave you? The one pager is my new favorite tool. As you can tell, I'm obsessed with. Every day of this challenge, you are getting a one pager and then I'm giving you a bonus one this weekend I created two. The one pager literally all it is is it's taking this framework you created and it's making it tangible. It's tangible where somebody could actually take it. They can give you their email address, you can give them something. So one pager is a way to take your framework and then turn it into something you can give people. And again, your homework summit tonight is gonna a chance to actually take your framework and you're gonna build out one page or so. When it's done, you've got this amazing one pager here where it's got your entire framework built out. Like I said you guys got one yesterday.

One of my one-pagers yesterday is an example. I'm gonna give you another one today and you'll see it as an example of an actual framework. In fact, back in the house, guys let's pull up the framework for today. So this is the framework I'm gonna be giving you guys tonight for your homework and I'm not gonna go through it now. But if you scroll down really, really quickly, this is basically thinking day two's framework the step-by-step process and it's all in here. So I took my framework and I made it tangible by turning to one pager. Now, I'm gonna give all you guys. So my goal for you guys is the same kind of thing, is you're gonna take this framework you're creating or make it tangible by turning into a one pager then you can give somebody when they give you their email address. All right. One other thing. Oh yeah. One other thing as well as we're talking about frameworks, this is happening more than I think most of you guys realize, more than I realize. And it's, I want you guys to see it.

If you watch the way that I teach or the way the products I sell, the things I'm doing all the time, they're always frameworks. Everything I'm doing is a framework and "Dotcom Secrets there's probably 30 different frameworks I share. Expert secrets is probably 22 different frameworks. Travel secrets is like 40 frameworks. They're just different frameworks I'm teaching people and they're all in there. How many guys know what's these right here? This is the manual for Unleash the Power Within. So this is interesting. So 10 years ago I went to Unleash the Power Within, Tony Robbins event, actually probably 12 years ago now.

First time I met him in person was in this event was really, really cool. And as I went through this four day event I remember just being blown away. I was like, "This is the most amazing thing in the world." Like, I don't know how Tony does this. How's he gonna stay for 50 hours straight without any notes and teach all of this kind of stuff. And like has these trans these things where he's transforming people's lives like was just the most amazing thing. I felt like almost like "The Wizard of Oz." Like how is he doing this? I have no idea how he's making this whole thing happen. It was so cool to see. And so that was kind of the thing. And then 10 years later, 12 years later, UPW went virtual, And so I wanted my kids to experience this so we signed up, my wife, my kids, we all did together. We got the workbooks and we sat down and Tony got onstage. Virtual stage, day number one, he started teaching.

And as he was teaching, really quickly, I was looking at his whole teaching through a different lens than I typically did. In the past, 10, 12 years ago, the first time with UPW I was just like, "This is amazing. I don't really see what happening." Now, 12 years later I've had enough experience. I was like, "I want to study not so much what he's teaching, but how he's teaching. Like, what's his process? Like how does this actually work? And day one, he started teaching and all of a sudden he started teaching and he broke out his very first framework and he start teaching his very first framework. There was a result he was trying to teach us and he walked us through his first framework. And I was like, "Interesting."

So what I did is I opened up my notebook and the very first page here I wrote down the framework. The framework was called three levels of mastery. The result that Tony was trying to get everybody at UPW is let me show you how to master something, how to gain mastery. He said there's three steps to it. Step number one is this, step number two is, and step number three is this. He spent like 45 minutes teaching three levels of mastery. And I was like, "Cool." And then he all of a sudden, he went to the next framework. He said, "Okay, next framework." He didn't say it this way. Next thing is the three mandates of leadership. I'm gonna teach you guys the result, how to become a leader.

He said there's three mandates of leadership. Step number one is this, step two is this, step three is this and he went on. I wrote down that. There's a second frame he taught three mandates of leadership. And all of a sudden Tony went from there to the next one. He said, "Okay, I'll teach you guys my success cycle." Boom the result, how to be successful. Here's the step-by-step process for the success cycle. And then he went on the next one and it was the three decisions that changed your life. He said, "Here's the result, I'm going to show you guys how to change your life." Here's the three decisions, boom, boom, boom. Then he went, the three patterns of focus and meaning. How to change the meaning in your life. How to change your meaning, you change the meaning change life. Here's the three patterns of focus. And then the two primary fears. You're struggling, you have these fears. Here's your primary fear, how to break them. Number three, the three ways to grow a business, boom, boom, boom. The two ways to master skills, the three forces of creation, the three chunks of practical psychology. The three things that cause suffering, the tried, the three molders of meaning and then the six human needs.

And I watched it. That was day one, one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, eight, nine, 10, 11, 12, 13, 13. So day number one at UPW, Tony went through 13 different frameworks. This is how Tony is able to get up and speak for 50 hours without notes. He's like, "I have my frameworks, I know what they are and I'm just gonna go through them in order." Step number one, I'm gonna teach you guys the three levels of mastery. Step number two, the three mandates of leadership. Step number three, the success cycle and on, and on, boom. That was day number one, UPW.

Day number two, he had a whole another set of frameworks. Day number three, a whole another set of frameworks. Day number four, a whole another set. All you guys have frameworks to do the thing that you do. You just didn't know what it was. First time I watched Tony speak I was so mesmerized. I didn't understand and all of a sudden, the second time I felt like it was like "The Wizard of Oz." Like I saw the guy behind the curtain like, "Oh, he's just he's got a whole bunch of frameworks that are amazing and he's teaching them like that that's the secret." A lot of guys like "No, I think people see things, no you don't." You went to dental school and somebody taught you a result. You learned the skill set and you came back and now you follow the step-by-step framework to get people's teeth cleaned or you're an orthodontist and you know how to get the results like get people see straight. That's what I do, no, no. All you did is you went to college, you learned a framework, you came back and now you apply that framework to get people see straight.

Every business you're in that's all it is. You have a dream customer, they want a result. You know how to give them that result. You went through the process, you paid the price. At one point you did it either through school or through learning for somewhere. Somehow you learn that thing and now you're helping through the process. That's it, that's the game, you guys. You have to understand that you have these frameworks. And so that is the key to building out lead magnets is the key to creating products, is the key to creating services, is the key to creating everything is understanding that you have frameworks and start looking for them.

So I to show you that 'cause I want you to see like that's what everyone's doing, that's what I'm doing, that's what Tony's doing, we have our frameworks we teach them, we show them. So my frameworks come in training like this So I take my frameworks I develop them into software. Some people create framework, they turn those frameworks into supplements. Here's the supplements to take, to get the result I want. Some people doing the coaching, we do consulting Some people do with actual physical products like every single business is that. Think about a restaurant, what's the result in the restaurant? My dream client, somebody's hungry, I'm going to feed them this food. They're gonna feel happy. What's the step-by-step process? They come in, we feed them this, we do this, we take it. And here's the process we go through. So all you guys have frameworks. The value you have is your frameworks.

So when you start thinking through that through a different lens and somebody's like I don't have frameworks yet. I promise you do. You just haven't started identifying. This is your job to start breaking down like what are my frameworks? What are the things I know how to do? When I create my potato gun DVD I didn't know it was a framework. I just knew how to build a potato gun. So I made a product teaching it. Looking back I was like, "Oh." I built the frame. I built a potato gun so I had a result. I just wanted to replicate so I walked into the process now everyone can build a potato gun. There's a recipe it's really simple to do. All right. So this is the key. You guys understand that?

So next question is like Tony had 13 different results and frameworks for day one. Like what's what frameworks should I be using? That's the big question. So let me come back. And so what I want to talk about is there's this path of you taking your dream customer on a journey and there's different results you can give somebody. There's like big results. Like if you look at my mission, my mission is to help entrepreneurs like you to grow their companies through sales funnels. That's the big result. Like that's the ultimate result I want to get for somebody. There's a lot of sub results underneath that. And so what I did the other day I was kind of mapping this out as I was preparing to teach you, how do you break this down in a way it's simple for people?

So think about like for you with your clients, there's the ultimate result. So this is the thing, ultimate result. So for me my ultimate result is gonna help you grow your company through sales funnels. The problem typically with an ultimate result it's a big goal, it's awesome. But guess what? It's typically not a very sexy hook. If I was like, "I'm gonna teach you guys how to grow your company with sales funnels." Like, "Is that hook good?" It's like, "Oh, it's okay but it's not like great." Typically our ultimate result we're trying to get somebody is not like the sexiest most exciting thing in the world 'cause it's so broad, it's so big, it's just not that tangible. 35,000 people who would not have registered for this event, if I was like, "Hey, if you sign for this 5 Day Event I'll teach you how to grow your company with sales funnels." You're like, "Ah" So the ultimate results like this is what we're trying to take people. This is typically not what we're actually selling.

Underneath this ultimate result, there's a whole bunch of what I call core results that we offer people. So you come down here and there's different core results. I'm gonna list a couple of them here and every business has these core results. So for me, like, for example, if my goal is to grow your company through sales funnels, so how do I do it? There's a lot of ways to do that. Well, one way, one core results that I could do that by teaching you guys how to build and launch a webinar, that's one way. Make sense. Another way I could do is like let me show you how to drive traffic into your funnels and that if you learn to drive traffic that'll lead to your ultimate result.

Oh, another one is I'm gonna show you how to write copy, how to tell your stories. Another one is gonna be whatever. So I have these core results here. So this is the ultimate result. These are your core results, right here so you can see it, core results. That's the second thing here, so these are the core results. Now, typically you'll get in what most businesses, the core results, these become like your actual products. So I have a product teaching people how to grow a company with a webinar. Perfect webinars secrets, I teach people. Here's how to write a webinar and how to do sales page and how to do your webinar funnel, how to drive traffic, how to do leads, how to close the sale, like I have a cold course that teaches that.

And so some people are coming here and like, "Oh, I want to learn about build a webinar that's way sexier." Then they coming here they're gonna buy the thing on webinars. Which ultimately is gonna help them to grow their company with sales funnels 'cause webinar is the type of funnel or traffic. That's the traffic secrets book. Traffic secrets, like if you have a funnel you need to get traffic to drive to grow your business. So I have this book, traffic secrets that teaches people how to get traffic which ultimately helps them with the ultimate result of trying to get you, which is how to grow your company's sales funnels. 'Cause traffic is one piece of that, copy is one piece that always things are piece of that. So think about your business. Like what is the ultimate result that you offer your clients? The end goal, the end-all be-all.

I want to help people to transform their life I want to help people that whatever they thing might be. So now, break it down. Like, what are the four or five things they have to master or learn? What are the things that are the core results that they're gonna have to learn to be successful with this? So for me, typically, and by the way you can see this here, magic inside my books. First thing I have to learn is how to master funnels. I'm sure you've learned how to master copy inside the funnels. Number three, how to learn to get traffic. So like, if you were writing a trilogy like I did for your business, here's the ultimate result. What are the different books or products or things that are gonna help ultimately, help people to get that ultimate result? And again, I want you brainstorming through this and you're gonna be doing your homework down here. So I'm gonna have you say, "Here's the ultimate result, here's the core results."

Now, the next step after that because this is where we're actually gonna be selling something. And actually when you guys decide to join the one funnel away challenge, actually next week we're doing one funnel challenge. We're starting over from scratch. I'm doing it live just like I'm doing this live. I'm gonna do it live for 30 days. It's a 30-day challenge. And in the 30-day challenge when we focus on taking one of these and actually building out an entire funnel to sell something. This challenge about generating leads. The next challenge is about actually selling something. So the one funnel away challenge I highly recommend you guys when this challenge is over to sign up for that one.

Again, I go live on Monday but I'm going to teach, we're taking this and how to make a sales funnel selling one of your core results you offer somebody. But I'm gonna take more step further. So for your primary lead magnet, lead magnet, you're bringing in, I'm not using this as my lead magnet. I'm gonna go one more tier deep. So under webinar, it was a bunch of these splinter results. So I'm gonna call these splinter results or frameworks. Every step has got 'em. Some would call it splinter/frameworks. I hope, sorry, my handwriting's horrible. But on the one page, guys, you're able to see my actual handwriting. So these are the splinter results. So if you look at this, my ultimate result I'm trying to get people to grow their company with sales funnels.

One of my core results is like I'm gonna show you how to build a webinar funnel 'cause if you have a webinar funnel successful, you're gonna be able to grow your company with a funnel, a webinar funnel. So then inside of webinar if like what are all the pieces? What are the core things? I should look, well, to be successful the webinar, number one, you have to learn how to like actually write a webinar presentation. So that's the core result or excuse me, a splint result is I gotta teach you this one, write this one in black. This is how to actually write your webinar. So for me, my framework here is called the perfect webinar, perfect webinar. That's the framework. Over here, you have a webinar presentation that's awesome. But you also, if you've got the presentation you also need the webinar funnel. If you have the funnel, you also got how do you drive traffic. So there's traffic inside here. There's a bunch of different these sub results. And one of them, one of the frameworks in here is how do people actually show up? If you will actually show up to webinar. So these are all these core. These are all of these splinter frameworks that they have.

Now, your splinter frameworks, these are the key, this is what becomes your lead magnet. The further down you go on this, the sexier the thing becomes because it becomes more and more and more and more specific. The more specific it is, the sexier it is. Your lead magnet wants to be so sexy that people are going crazy, they have to get it. I showed you guys yesterday double your dating, what was the lead magnet? The kiss test, how to find out if, when you're on the doorstep, how to find out if she's ready to be kissed or not. The ultimate results for this person to get married and fall in love. Down here, it's like how to find a girl, down here is the kiss test. The kiss test is sexy. That's the thing like, "Oh, I need to know that framework. I got to figure that thing out." So for you it's like, "What is this, like what is the thing that's the most sexy, exciting, intriguing?"

Someone's like, "I need to know that thing, what is it?" So for the example I'm gonna show you guys tonight in your homework is I decided to pick this right here. I said, "Okay, the one I'm gonna pick is this right here, how to actually show up the webinar." So I took that over here. I said, "Okay, how do you get people to show up the webinar?" What's my framework for that? And I had seven steps. So here's my framework. Step one, step two, step three, their seven steps. Here's seven things I do to get to make sure if you will actually show up for the webinar and then they're prepared to buy from you. And I turn it into a framework. And then from there I turn it into a one pager, one pager. And that became my lead magnet. And somebody saw yesterday, notice was on your homework. Do you see it? I did it ahead of time. Run your homework yesterday, some you saw that.

If you clicked on the second of the three lead funnels, the second one was called, what secret webinar hacks. You clicked on that and you saw this framework. It was the seven things that I do to make sure people actually show up to our webinar and buy. And somebody has opted in that and you got it. You got the one pager of this thing. That was sexy, people who are trying to figure out this whole webinar things like, "Oh, how does this work." Like, "Oh, how do you people show up?" Like, that's a good question. Like, I don't know how to get people to show up. That's the sexy hook, that becomes the lead magnet. Someone's gonna say, "Hey, I'll give you my email address that I need that piece, I need that nugget, that thing you've got like that kiss test, how to show up to a webinar or whatever that thing is." Like, "I need that thing." They give their email address and now you're able to exchange it for them. So that's the core. That's how we make these things sexy. We're pulling out the lead magnet here from the splinter results. And so that's the big secret.

So what I want you guys thinking about in your business is what does this look like? And for all guys can be different. You guys start thinking through it. From a high level, what is the ultimate result you're trying to get for your for your clients? What is that? The ultimate result, that is the thing that's up here on the top of the thing. This is the ultimate result. Now, you break down, you say, "Okay, what are the core results?" There's going to be three, four, five, 10 different core results that all lead to this. And each of those is its own journey, it's its own result.

There'll be four or five mountains you got to get to before you scale Everest. So what are those other mountains? What are these other results you get for somebody? Those are the core results. And then from the core results, it's like, Okay, let me do one more tiered lower. What are all the things that go into the core result? Here's the different frameworks I have, there's four or five frameworks for that. I'm gonna grab this one that becomes the sexy, so that's how it's gonna work. If you think about this, let me go back to my books for a second.

So say "Dotcom Secrets", for example, so my ultimate results help you grow company's sales funnels. This book right here is the underground playbook to grow your company with sales funnels. So this becomes a core result. You buy this book, it's gonna teach you guys the core results about building a funnel. With that core result inside of here there are how many secrets? 28. There's 28 secrets. So for me each secret is a framework. So I could grab, I look at all my 28 frameworks, like which one's the most exciting? There's a whole bunch in here. There's the secret formulas, hook story offer, there's the value ladder, there's attractive character, there's funnel hacking, the seven phases of the funnel, there's followup funnels, there's lead squeeze funnels, survey funnels, summit funnels, book funnels, cart funnels, challenge funnels, VSL funnels, webinar funnels, product launch funnels application funnels, curiosity-based headlines scripts, who, will, why, how scripts, star story solution script, OTO script, there's a perfect webinar script, the product launch script, the four question closed script, the set or closer script, there's click funnels, funnel stacking and funnel audibles. So that's the 28 frameworks inside this book.

So I will look at this. Which one of those 28 frameworks is the most exciting? I'm like, "Okay, what's the one that can be most exciting?" I'm curious for you guys, which one was the most exciting? Would with a secret formula whoever wants secret formula? I could take the secret formula and that becomes the framework that I'm gonna give away, turn into a lead magnet. Or I could take funnel audibles. Somebody goes like, "Oh, what happens if your funnel flops? What do you do?" Boom. I can take the funnel audibles, one. Take the step-by-step framework I have for that one. Turn to one pager, make up a landing page and boom that fast I've got a lead magnet. So start thinking about your business that way. What are all the frameworks of the sub frameworks, the splinter results they're inside of the core thing you're trying to teach people. And in there is the magic. I'm looking, what's the sexiest things to get people to raise their hand, find that thing, pull it out.

Look at here's the step-by-step process. And then we're gonna turn into one pager tonight and this will become a tangible thing that now you can exchange for an email address. Does that makes sense? All right. I'm excited. I got one more thing I want to share with you guys today and I'm gonna give you your homework assignment. So the last thing I wanna share with you guys, I know that a lot of you are coming into this world. You didn't come here as an educator. You came here because you really good at getting this result. And now you're like, "Man, for me to create a league man I've got to educate people, I've got to give them a framework and teach it in a way that gets them excited and make them wanna continue this journey with me. And you're probably nervous. And so I wanna share with you guys a framework that's going to teach you how to actually teach your framework. And this is something I use over and over and over again. And it's my framework for how to teach frameworks.

And so I'm gonna show you guys how this process works because as you start creating a framework you're gonna need to know how to do this. So step number one, you take your framework. So here's your framework. You've got your thing and here's your steps. Step one, two, three, four, five, however many steps you got and I don't care. It could be two steps, it could be like some of Tony's here were the three levels of mastery, three mandates, the two primary fears, the two master skills. So your framework doesn't have to be 80 steps. It can be two steps. It doesn't matter if you have your framework. So now you have this framework. How do you teach this?

I remember when I first started developing my own frameworks, I know it was called that time but I remember I was learning this stuff. I was putting it out in my notes. I was like, "I'm gonna teach this." I got invited to speak at a seminar. I remember I got there to seminar I was so nervous, I was so awkward. Somebody hasn't seen the video I had my tie on and my glasses on, a shaved head I was trying to be very business-y. That's what business people do I thought. And I got there to start teaching. And first thing I do is, "Okay, I've got this framework. I know exactly how it changed their lives. I've gone on this path, I got a result. I'm going to give them the result, I'm going to shove it down their throats. I said, "Okay, here we go." I came in, I start teaching the framework. All right, guys, my name is Russell Brunson, step number one, how to be successful, what do you do? Step number two, and I went through my framework. And this framework is something that I had spent years learning and understanding and mastering. It was so important to me.

I remember I met this event teaching two or 300 people, as I'm teaching people I started looking around and the audience is like nodding off. People are falling asleep, people getting up and the walking out of the room. I remember being so frustrated thinking like they don't know like what I'm giving them. Like this is so valuable. I remember there's a scripture in the New Testament where Christ talks about not casting your pearls before swine. And literally that's how I felt. This is this pro I spent two or three years mastering, learning and understanding this result. I know how to do. I'm trying to give it to people. I feel like I was casting my pearls before swine. How frustrating is that for you as an educator? I was ready to quit. I was like, "This is dumb." Like none of you really understand what I'm giving them. Like they understood what I had to learn and understand. Like I literally had to bleed to learn these things for them and they're just like walking away from them. I was so frustrated.

So I did the first event I was like, "That was horrible." I got invited another event, same thing I come in it changes people's lives. Here we go, step number one, Step number two, step number three and people were passing out. I go to the third event and I'm just so discouraged. I'm like, "This is dumb." Like I feel like I'm just wasting my time, wasting their time. I get on stage and start teaching it. I go through the first thing, the second thing, some guy stands up and walks out. I get so mad. I slam my hand down on the desk and everyone sits up. I remember like being kind of shocked I had everyone's anyone's attention. And then the angry Russell came out and I said, "Do you not understand what I'm about to give you guys I'm trying to share this. Somebody just walked out, half of you guys are sound asleep, let me explain to you what I had to go through to understand, to learn this." I started walking through, I had to buy this course and this course, and this course, and I did this, I did this. I lost money here, I have some bankruptcy, I did this. I started going through all the story about how I learned and how I earned this framework. I went through the process and when they were done, when I was done telling that story, I was like, "Now you guys want to hear this?" And they're like, "Uh-huh, we're ready." I said, "Okay, step number one is this boom." And guess what? Nobody moved. Nobody got up, nobody left, nobody fell asleep because now they respected the pearl that I was trying to give to them.

The first step when you are teaching your framework, step number one is you have to tell the story about how you learned it or earned it. If you do not tell the story about how you learned or earned it, they will not respect what you are about to give them. This is the pre-frame that gets them prepared to be worthy of the thing you're trying to give them. This increases the perceived value. Now they're like, "Oh, my gosh he went through all this pain and suffering and torture to get this thing for me, I'm gonna pay attention to it now." So step number one, you tell them the story about how you learned you learned or earned it.

Step number two, now here's where you teach them the strategy. The strategy is the overarching thing. What I'm doing today, this is strategy. This is me mapping out. Here's the strategy of how to do it. I'm teaching this strategy so you understand the concept. Let’s say I'm an army general and I got always these warriors about to go to war, and if I don't tell them the strategy first, like, "Hey, you go over here, you go over here." And start giving them the tactics about where they're gonna go. People were like, "Why am I going over here? This makes no sense." Most of them aren't gonna follow you. You want people to follow you into war.

The first thing I do is explain to them here's the strategy, here's what we are trying to do. When they understand the strategy, now it's like, "Hey, here's the tactics, you go over here, you go over here." Like, "Okay, I'm going over here because I'm part of this. I understand the strategy." So next thing you do is you have to share them the strategy. Do you guys notice that every single day is I'm going live here, what am I doing? I'm teaching you guys the strategy of that part of the framework. I'm not going to the tactics. The homework does the tactics. The homework is like, "Let me log into one pager and do thing." Let me log into ClickFunnels and show you step one and set like, okay, here, I'm showing you the strategy. If you believe in the strategy, then you're gonna go and do anything it takes to go and fulfill on the tactics. If I just give you the tactics though, you're gonna be lost.

So I teach you the strategy. After you understood the strategy, then number three now here's where you give them the tactics. The tactics are like, "Okay, let me show how to do it." Step number one, you gotta go do this. Step number two, like tactics are college. If you're dentist it's like let me teach you how to clean teeth or how to do the thing. The tactics are like the actual, the deep dive, the step-by-step, here's step one, here's step two, here's step three. We're showing them the thing. Tactics are less sexy, but they're the things that people need to be able to the job done. And then the fourth thing after the tactics, then the last thing here , excuse me, is then we show them case studies. Like let me show you how this works in other people's lives 'cause this gives them belief of like, "oh, my gosh, this does work. I see how it works now in practical application" So this is my framework for how to teach frameworks.

So for you guys, when you go tonight and you're like, "Hey, I need to build a framework." You're gonna go build out your framework, your step-by-step process. You going to put it into one page. We have like the things in one page, they've got all this stuff they need but then you got to teach them this framework. You gotta make a video of you showing here's how I learned or earned it. Here's the overarching strategy. Go in the one page down below and fulfill all the tactics. And in some cases, people have done it. This is how you do it. If you look at any chapter in my books, this is what I do. "Dotcom Secrets", chapter one, guess what I do? The secret formula, first thing I do I start with me telling the story about how I learned or earned this concept.

It was 11:27 a.m. on a Monday morning, no matter what I told myself, I just couldn't get out of bed. I tell the story about how I learned or earned the secret formula. Then I told them the strategy, then I walk up through the tactics and they share a case study about how the whole thing works. That's chapter one. They go chapter two, what's chapter two, the value ladder. What do I do? I first tell the dentist story of how I learned or earned it. Then I walked through the strategy. I walked through the tactics or a case study, that's chapter two. I go to chapter three, guess how I do it? Boom. How I learned or earned it, teach the strategy, show them the tactics, do a case study. That's book one, book two, book three. That's how this whole process works over and over and over and over and over again. That's my framework for how to teach frameworks. I do it in a book, I do it in a course. I've done it today for crying out loud. I just come in here like, "Hey, guys let me go and show you guys how to build the framework." How many stories have I told you about how I learned or earned these different pieces? The strategies, things like that. That's the principle.

So this is where we have to start learning how to do. And that is kind of, I think that's the last thing I want to share. All right. How you guys feeling? Are you excited so far? I want you guys to actually pull up the one pager, scroll up really quick. So this is the one pager we're gonna be giving you guys right now. The guys in the background, if you guys can scroll it up so I can see the very top of the page here, that'd be awesome. Hopefully we get them. There we go. So this is the one pager I'm gonna give you. Now, this one pager just you guys are fully aware in all transparency. This one pager is my framework for how to create a lead magnet. I just taught you the strategy. I've told you is how I learned or earned it. I tell you guys the strategy. This framework is gonna be the tactics. And so what's gonna happen. You're gonna see here's the strategy right here. Here's how you create one pager account and then it's gonna walk you through the tactics.

Step number one, who is your dream customer? I taught you the guys the strategy behind that. The tactics you start typing in, your typing what is it gonna be? Step number two, what's the ultimate results. Step number three, what's the core results. Step number four, pick one core result in the three five splints results. Step number five, pick your splinter result. In the seven or six, you're gonna go to one page and actually do it. And I got my second framework down here. This the framework, how to use frameworks? You're gonna fill it out like how did you earn this framework? You're gonna share with people. Explain the strategy, walk through tactics, show the case study. So this one page is going to give you the tactics of how to fulfill on everything we've talked about today.

I want to walk through these so you can understand what we did say was strategy, this is tactics. A lot of people confused like what's the response tactics and strategy. Here, I'm helping you cast the vision of like, "Oh, this is what we're doing." And then over here now, now we're getting to work. Now, we're doing the things. Just go back to the very top real quick. The other thing is that every single one page has a video. This video right here is me doing the tactics. You're gonna see me click on the button or when you click play on this, you're gonna see going. I actually go into a one pager. I build the thing out. I show you like here's step one, here's step two like this is lit, just like yesterday, this is me in my house doing the homework assignment with you. So you can see me doing the tactical like doing every single thing. Here's step one, here's step two. And so literally you can just watch me and just model it.

And so for you guys what I recommend doing is going into one pager as you do this, you take whatever framework you decided, you're gonna plug into one pager, and this video teach kind of how to do that. And then when it's done, you need to record yourself teaching it and you don't have to, you can take videos away in one pager but I highly recommend if you can make a one pager and plugging a video of you teaching this right here. And literally like, this is my one pager for how to make waffle dough at home or whatever. It's about one pager about how to get more clients into my massage cling. This is my one pager about how to publish your music as a band. This is whatever your thing is.

Create one pager and then the video is basically you can go through this. This is Russell, let me tell you a story about how I learned and I earned this framework for you. And some people ask, "What's interesting to learn?" Learn the stuff that you learn by trial and error or excuse me, learning, you learned from somebody like from a teacher or a mentor or you read a book or a course or whatever. I talk about learning and I always give credit where credit's due. If I learned something to somebody else I always tell people that. And that earned it is like I earned it through my own blood, sweat and tears. So how did you discover this framework that you're sharing with them? Tell that story. And then explain the overarching strategy, just what's happened, this is why it's so cool. Here's the tactics. And then actually do the assignment with them. Go through the one page like here's step one, here's step two, do that. And show cases of how you've done that people in past. Record that video and then plug it in boom, right there. And it's simple, easy to do.

Some of you guys who've never done a video before, this will be kind of scary and it's okay 'cause right now nobody's gonna see this besides you. You can get your iPhone click record like, "Hey, my name's Russell." And just go through this as well. It doesn't need to be professional or anything, just teach the framework. And that video of you teach the framework gets plugged right here. And now when they come here, they got the framework they've got the video teaching them, showing them this here. And then down below you got the actual one pager that's gonna be the framework for them. And so that's kind of the game plan. And so this right here, this one page is gonna teach you guys how to actually build your one pager, your lead magnet in one pager, which is kind of cool. Now, one page deciding is just went live today. This is a new software product. There's probably gonna be some bugs and some issues.

Like yesterday you guys all downloaded the one-pagers from yesterday. And we had, I think it was like, I can't remember eight or 9,000 people download it one in one minute. And from that they have like two or 3 million hits to the database. And it was the first time we'd ever actually launched this before. And it kind of crashed a couple times, so you guys may have seen that. So this is a new product. It literally went live today. There's gonna be some issues and things, let us know we're working on making it better but it is insanely cool. As you will see, all my one-pagers for this training have been built in it and he doesn't have a chance to build it. We all set up so you can create your very first one pager for free. So if you're like, "I don't have any money, Russell." That's cool. Just you follow the process, the software that you create your first one for free.

So you get one lead magnet is completely free. You can build it, mess it up, delete it, start over until you've got it perfected and understood. And now you've got a tangible thing. You've turned your framework from just a random framework into something tangible. Now, this framework, this core concept that I have, now it's a framework now I can actually give this analysis a tangible thing. I can give somebody this in exchange for their email address. And that's the secret, that's the power. So under it now I'm gonna have my team put the link down below for you guys get your day number two homework assignment. And links there it is right there, magnet. It'll redirect to this page right here. After the page, you can save it into your one page account and then go and do the assignment. Watch the video, do the things, fill it out, brainstorm, fill in the forms.

I don't just like my dream clients this like think through it, spend some time. Go deep in this, by the time you're done, if you finish this assignment, but time is done, you're gonna have your first one pager. I promise you the very first time it can be frustrating. It's new, it's like, in fact, it's funny. I built six one pagers this weekend for this training. I built day one, day two, day three. Day one I built it I was like, "This is kind of cool, but it looked ugly." And then day two I got better. Day three I got better. By day four like my one-page looks so awesome. I was like, "Oh, I hate day one now." So I went back to day number one, I deleted the whole thing, I started over. And now day one is yes, I actually looked awesome. And I redid day two, which just say now day two looks awesome.

And I keep like, as you keep doing this you'll get better and better and better. But even like looking at my one-pagers look at the one I gave you yesterday, look at the one I'm giving you guys yesterday. And like, this will give you ideas like, "Oh, what you could do like, oh, I could do that. I could try that." And you can just kind of play with it a little bit. And that's kinda how it works. So again, the link down below, magnet. We'll give you the one pager, spend some time today and tonight actually creating a one pager. We need that because tomorrow, day number three in my process to help you guys get the result of getting unlimited leads, day number three is now we got to build your lead funnel. And so if you build your lead funnel, we have to have the lead magnet. So build lead magnet today. Again, you can edit it in the future. You can change, this does not have to be perfect. Just kind of play with it, put it in there. And then tomorrow we build lead funnel.

We'll be taking this lead magnet you build, we'll be plugging into the funnel and now you'll have something you can like send people to, they'll give you their email address. You'll get in the lead magnet and your business start growing. That sound good? I hope this helps you guys. I had so much fun today. I said this was the day I was most excited to teach. I hope that you've got tons of value, information. Hope you guys understand all these pieces. Now, your game plan is to go get the one pager get started on it and then we'll see you guys back here tomorrow, same time, same place to go into day number three of the 5 Day Lead Challenge. Thank you guys so much for participating, for showing up. Do not be late tomorrow. We're going to go again and we'll see you guys all tomorrow. Thanks everybody.


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